The Historical Salvatore Manor Being Torn Down

ShinelessCrystal292 |

ShinelessCrystal292 |

Have you heard the horrible news? The Salvatore Manor in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is going to be torn down.

In real life the manor is called Glenridge Hall. According to Alloy Entertainment, the house could be torn down as early as this week. The home has an 86 year history in Sandy Springs that also hosts weddings and other benefits.

Creative Loafing, Atlanta, reported that Ashton Woods, an Atlanta based developer, will purchase 76 acres of land in Sandy Springs. The land is divided by Abernathy Road. The homebuilder plans to build on 47 acres north of the road with a heavily wooded parcel. On the south side of the road, Mercedes Benz USA plans to build a new 250,000-square-foot headquarters on 12-acres.

Creative Loading also said that demolition could take place anytime between April 1 and Sept. 5.

“In my 29 years working in historic preservation, this is probably the most unnecessary demolition I’ve ever seen,” Georgia Trust President and CEO Mark McDonald told Creative Loafing. “A lot of buildings demolished are in bad condition. This one is being torn down to develop the site. It’s very disappointing.”

Are you upset the center of ‘TVD’ is going be demolished? So much has happened in the Salvatore Manor. It’s been the headquarters for many plans, where Elena confessed her feelings for Damon and where Bonnie and Damon were trapped in 1994. And that’s not naming half of the scenes that have taken place in the house. What will the show do without the manor?

Plus it’s such an historical house, why tear it down? Melissa Swindell, director of historic resources and education programs at Heritage Sandy Springs, told Creative Loafing that the house and grounds are a historic gem and an important part of the city’s history.

There’s not much history in the U.S., so why tear down what little history there is? The country needs to preserve the history it has so future generations can enjoy it too. If the states keep making way for new things, there won’t be any history left.

The Salvatore Manor has been placed on the 2015 Places of Peril list from the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation. The website said the list brings awareness to historical sites so communities can help save them. A ‘TVD’ fan has started a petition to help save the house! Make sure to sign the petition to help save this historical landmark and an important part of the ‘TVD’ world.


‘The Following’: Joe and Ryan Reunion

Joe wants to 'us back' from Ryan before he dies.

Joe wants to ‘us back’, he tells Ryan.

I did not expect Strauss to get killed so soon. He’s got more students than Joe and I thought we would be chasing him down for a while.

Instead Strauss gets killed by one of his own students, his best student. I guess the student has surpassed the master. According to Duncan he’s a ghost. As we saw at the end, he has kids and a wife, so he is well hidden.

We didn’t get to see as much of Joe as we probably would have liked, but he did open and close the episode. Joe gave Ryan some good advice. He told Ryan that Strauss would reach out to a friend and he did. Does Joe know anything about Struass’ best student? I guess we’ll find out next week.

Ryan didn’t handle seeing Joe very well. He ran to the bathroom to throw up afterwards. I’m sure it didn’t help that his deal with Joe was to see him every day till he dies. Ryan thought he closed that chapter of his life, but apparently it’s still open.

Doesn’t it seem very convenient that the D.O.J. dropped the investigation and figured out the email was a fake? I’m happy they are still on the case, but that was all too easy, especially since they didn’t find any evidence. At least Gina did get suspended. Not that I wanted her too, but at least they didn’t completely brush it under the rug.

The next step was finding a friend of Strauss’ nearby. They searched through missing persons reports close by and found them two hours away in Beacon. That’s where Mike and Ryan started their search.

The Sheriff wasn’t so willing to help at first, but the young female cop was very willing to help. When Ryan and Mike showed her the missing persons reports they had, she thought a body they found matched one of the woman in their report.

She took them to the site the body was found. They couldn’t find anything else, but when the cop mentioned it rained that day, Ryan thought the body could have washed up there.

They found hanging baby dolls on trees while looking for a mass burial ground. A guy showed up with a mask, but disappeared when they chased him. They found their mass burial ground with bodies dating back 10 to 15 years.

One of the bodies was killed differently and had the fingerprints and teeth removed way after their death. Ryan thought this was their key. The identity of this body could lead them to Strauss.

The young cop’s uncle was behind the murders and was very worried. Duncan told Strauss that he killed before Strauss taught him how to cover his tracks and was very worried that body was going to lead to him and then to Strauss.

Strauss wasn’t worried at all and said him and Daisy couldn’t leave till they had their new IDs.

The body was revealed to be Fran Banks, wife of Duncan Banks. Ryan and Mike went to question him in the diner and when he knew they were on to him, he grabbed his niece with a knife. She threw coffee in his face and was able to get away and they caught him.

She couldn’t believe her uncle could kill all those people and he killed her parents too.

Duncan wouldn’t give them anything though. The Sheriff chimed in with some useful information. His father and Duncan’s father use to go hunting together and Duncan’s father had a cabin in the woods, a good spot to hide someone. You had to hike to get there.

During the episode we got to know Struass’ best student. He killed before Strauss met him and actually met Strauss during his first mass murder. Let’s just call him Ghost for now. Ghost went into an insurance office and killed everyone in there and got stabbed. This wasn’t his plan, this was another man’s plan. Ghost did the murder and framed it on the guy and faked a suicide. Strauss helped patch Ghost up and finish the task.

Ghost is also a master hacker, but he is very upset with Strauss. He doesn’t like that Strauss made him expose himself. He killed Strauss for that and disappeared again before Ryan and Mike could catch him.

Tom finds out about the truth of Ryan, MIke and Max's lies.

Tom finds out about the truth of Ryan, MIke and Max’s lies.

Ghost did let Daisy go though. Daisy and Mark are on the run. Though I think they care more about catching Mark than Daisy.

Max is recovering from being beaten and Tom is taking very good care of her, but he’s still spying on her. His spying has led him to find out the truth about Lily. He now knows Mike killed Lily and they covered it up. What will he do with that information?

Max is deeply hurt by Mike. He claims he would have done it differently, but Max thinks that means he would have killed Mark. Can Max ever forgive Mike after this?

Next week they hunt for the student and Joe has seven days till his execution. Is it bad that I feel sad about that? Take a look at the promo:

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‘Madam Secretary’: Mr. Secretary Saves the Day

Henry is going in alone.

Henry is going in alone.

Elizabeth has a brief moment where she’s cracking jokes in a speech for Society of Global aid, but when she’s done, a distraught father seeks her out.

Mr. Coomer is worried about his daughter, Crissy, who has been brainwashed by a cult. They’ve gone to Bolivia for a mass suicide, because the world is going to end.

Congressman Aimes told Mr. Commer to seek out the secretary. She wasn’t too happy with his methods. She shuts him down and takes over the case.

The Bolivia ambassador doesn’t want to help. The country is still upset about the D.E.A. coming into their country. The secretary has to find a threat against them in order to get their help.

Things are made even worse when Congressman Aimes takes things into his own hands. He had been denied travel to Bolivia, but he found a humanities group to sponsor him. He was taken hostage by the cult.

Potus and Russell are not happy about this. They are scared another official will get killed.

Elizabeth seeks advice from her religious scholar husband. He said they need to feel heard, so she suggests Henry call the head of the cult.

She takes the idea to Potus and Russell backs the idea. Potus takes it one step further. He sends Henry to Bolivia. Elizabeth is not happy.

Elizabeth sits in with Russell, the President and military operations as she watches her husband walk up to the compound.

Mr. Coomer’s daughter greats them at the gate, but Wesley has had a change of heart. Henry can only enter alone.

Henry agrees. Conrad is happy Henry got in, but Elizabeth is not happy with her husband.

They are able to get sound, but the snipers lose visual.

At first things are going well. Henry and Wesley are hitting it off. Russell is getting bored of all the religious talk, but all they can do it wait.

Henry drills Arthur after discovering he's dating his daughter.

Henry drills Arthur after discovering he’s dating his daughter.

Unfortunately, Wesley’s follower was not agreeing with Henry’s ideas and grabbed Henry with a knife. The sniper gets a slight visual, but doesn’t really see what is going on. Henry doesn’t use the code word, Alamo, so according to him things are okay.

When Elizabeth sees the knife she starts panicking, but the sniper doesn’t have a clear shot. When the sniper gets a clear shot he takes it. The follower is down. Henry desperately tries to get through to Wesley, but Crissy walks in. Wesley tells her the time is nigh and she runs to tell the others. This is when Henry yells Alamo.

The military comes in, but it is too late for 37 people. Henry and the Congressman make it out okay.

Henry is beating himself up about not connecting with the deputy. He believes if he could have done that, more lives would have been saved. Elizabeth points out how many people he did save.

Unfortunately, Mr. Coomer’s daughter wasn’t one of them.

While Elizabeth and Henry are trying to stop a mass suicide, Stevie is dating her boss, who is 39 years old.

Elizabeth knew her daughter was seeing someone at work. She was staying late, going in early and dressing up. All the signs were there, but she wasn’t prepared for the man that came to pick up her daughter.

Arthur came to pick up Stevie, but she wanted to meet him, so her parents wouldn’t find out about him.

Henry opens the door to see them and invites him in. Henry gets in a pretty heated debate with him about micro loans.

Arthur is divorced and has an eight year old daughter and Stevie is surprised her parents are not happy about this.

Next week Conrad’s credibility is questioned. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Revenge’: Emily Thorn is no More

Emily Thorn is no more, Amanda Clarke has come clean to the world.

Emily Thorn is no more, Amanda Clarke comes clean.

Not only did Emily clear Daniel’s name, she also revealed who she really is, but was that maybe a step too far? Or was that her plan all along?

How much trouble will she get in now that she’s told the truth and will the media ever leave her alone?

Will Jack and Ben feel any of the fallout?

David and Jack are very happy that she’s revealed who she really is, but Nolan didn’t look too happy and I wish we got to see Victoria’s face when she told the world she was Amanda Clarke.

We did get to see Margaux and Victoria’s face when she told the world Daniel saved her. They were in shock.

Emily was feeling really bad about Margaux losing the baby and she wanted so desperately to clear Daniel’s name. She went to Jack to asked him to change his story, but he said he would think about it. Stevie rushes out and said he will do no such thing. She didn’t want Jack to be the collateral damage, again.

Stevie even went to David to get him to control his daughter, but as David said, they aren’t kids anymore.

Jack was feeling pretty good about his no. Even Nolan agreed it was a bad idea. Nolan told Emily to live the perks of a socialite. She deserved it. But she still couldn’t get rid of the guilt.

Instead of getting ready for Ben’s celebration party, Emily was getting out her frustration on her punching bag. Ben wasn’t too happy to hear she wanted to change her story on a case he closed. She told him he wouldn’t understand and he said he wanted to. He left without Emily, but assumed she would join him.

At the party Ben’s brother, Kevin, questions the relationship between Jack and Emily. Ben assures him that they go way back and are just friends. Emily’s face is on TV at the gala with Jack by her side. Ben kind of gets the wrong idea. Jack and Emily will never be just friends, but they didn’t exactly go to the gala on a date either.

I don’t know why Jack decided to stand with Emily, he seemed to be sure it was a bad idea. Maybe he felt as guilty as Emily did. His mother is not going to be happy.

Last week I thought Margaux purposely lost the baby, but it was just a complete accident. Though she wasn’t innocent. She had put a hit out on Emily and if it wasn’t for Margaux losing the baby, Emily would have a hitwoman to take care of.

Victoria and Margaux are shocked that Emily clears Daniel's name.

Victoria and Margaux are shocked that Emily restores Daniel’s name.

Marguax found the hitwoman and called it off. The assassin is not happy that her identity has been blown. Margaux told the woman if anything happened to her, an email would be sent to interpool letting them know her identity. She’s risking her own life because she doesn’t want to lose her soul.

Victoria wanted to get prosecutors on Emily, but Margaux said no. Of course what she didn’t tell Victoria was that Emily never pushed her.Margaux told her that Lyman ended up dead when he was running an errand for her. Margaux feels responsible for his death.

Victoria looks into the matter by going to see Ben. She claimed she wanted to make sure the case was closed properly. He told her that the case was already closed by him.

Nolan told Louise he would always be honest to her, but he wasn’t. He was only trying to protect her, but that has backfired. She was very fragile when coming home from her brother’s funeral and asked Nolan for a baby. Nolan absolutely freaked.

Last week Nolan started flirting with Tony and this week he lied to Louise about hanging out with him. Tony doesn’t want to be the other man though. Because it ended before it began, Nolan didn’t think there was anything to tell. Unfortunately, there was a picture taken of him with Tony and his friends. Louise knows he’s lying.

This doesn’t come at a good time either. Victoria paid her a visit and told her she’s trusting the wrong people. Now that Nolan’s lies keep piling up, could Louise change sides? The said thing is Nolan was pretty honest to her up until Tony. He didn’t tell her all of Emily’s secrets, but those weren’t his to tell.

Nolan finally asked for a divorce out of their fake marriage. It comes at a bad time, but it was always supposed to be temporary. I just don’t know what Louise will do.

‘Revenge’ will return April 12 and Emily will be feeling the fallout from telling the truth. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’: He Can’t Live Without Her

Derek comes home to explain.

Derek comes home to explain.

Derek came home. He rushed home in the middle of the night.

Meredith heard him out and went to the hospital. She mentioned to Alex that Derek was back, but wouldn’t go on.

Callie and Maggie tried to get information from Alex, all he could reply with was Derek came home. Callie and Maggie knew that couldn’t be good. They said he came home to apologize.

Through out the episode we got to see what happened between Derek and his fellow, Rene. It looked like it was all leading to one thing, sex. It almost went there too. They did kiss and then he pulled away and ran home. So Callie and Maggie weren’t wrong. He had cheated, he just didn’t take it all the way.

Is he giving up D.C. for Meredith now? He finally realizes that she’s more important, but is it too late?

Meredith was doing great without him and as soon as he comes home, her streak ends.

Alex knew she wasn’t right. He couldn’t get her to just talk about it though. She wanted to do a dangerous surgery, that could have potentially saved the boy, but Alex thought it was a bad idea and questioned her every step of the way.

Alex has grown up a lot. What would have blown up into a big argument years ago, ended with Alex hugging Meredith.

He said it was fine for her to take out being mad at Derek on him and she could yell at him and just be a mess, but don’t be a mess in the O.R. He also told her that it wasn’t her fault that the boy died, they both tried in there.

He was so adult about it. He’s nothing like the Alex we were introduced to over ten years ago. It still amazes me every week how much Alex has grown. He’s become a great doctor.

I’ve been saying for weeks that I want Jo to get a good storyline and the writers finally listened, while kind of. She got a good case.

She attended to a woman in the E.R. who had headaches all the time. It turned out it wasn’t a headache at all, it was a leech in her nose. The woman said she got nose bleeds but when she went to put a tissue to her nose, the bleed would go back up. Jo got to see this firsthand.

She went into investigate, but was not expecting what she found. She called it a critter. She tried to pull it out, but the woman started screaming for her to stop and then slapped her.

April had to step in. She started all sweet about how the leech made a home in her nose and then turned to grose and scary. The leech would eventually get hungry and start eating her brain, like Christmas dinner. The woman decided to let Jo take care of the thing. April told the patient to take a big sniff to open up the airway, to help get the thing out.

Jo decided to keep the thing a name it Herbie.

Owen was in a little distress this week. His mother came in after falling in the shower, but it wasn’t that that distressed him, it was the younger man that she was seeing. He was younger than Owen.

Owen got really protective over his mother. He didn’t think that this nice young man, John, could be genuine. This really hurt his mother and made him be mean to Amelia.

It wasn’t until his mother made John go and John stayed to make sure she was alright that Owen finally saw their relationship as real.

It turns out that fall was very lucky. While Mrs. Hunt was in the hospital her aneurysm erupted and it was good she was in the hospital when it did.

She's going to name him Herbie.

She’s going to name him Herbie.

Owen apologized to Amelia and they finally have sex and this time with no interruptions. Does this mean they are a couple? Or are they still working their way up to couple status?

Stephanie was on a mission, to get on cases. She had logged too many hours in neuro and had to make up in other specialties. She tried to bribe Ben with $50 for his case. He wasn’t giving up his case.

Bailey came to Stephanie very upset. But not for the reasons you might think. She said in her day the surgery would have gone for $100 and with inflation she should have at least offered $175. Sometimes it’s very surprising what you learn from Baliey.

Next week Derek is back to work and he has to work for his sister. This can’t end well. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Bones’: Celebrates Sweets

Sweets gives his birthday gift from beyond the grave.

Sweets gives his birthday gift from beyond the grave.

‘Bones’ is back and it was very bitter sweet. Sweets may be gone, but his spirit is still very much alive on the show.

Booth got a reminder on his phone to buy donuts for Sweets’ birthday, it was his 30th birthday.

Brennan doesn’t get too emotional very often, but she did on this particular day. So much so that Hodgins asked her what was wrong. She told them some scientific reason for her feeling, but then followed it with the reason, because it was Sweets’ birthday.

Hodgins was devastated when he realized Sweets didn’t make it to 30, but Cam said he made it to happy.

Remembering Sweets didn’t stop there. Avalon was back, thinking she was summoned by the other side to work on the case, but really it was Sweets reaching out to her.

When she tried to say what Sweets said to her, Hodgins got mad. He didn’t like Avalon using his friend like that.

Avalon spoke with Sweets, well so she said, it depends on whether you believe it or not. She was very confused with his message, something about driving his car with thumbs.

Angela decoded the message and said it was a thumb drive in his car. Daisy was about to sell the car that day. They rushed to Daisy to find the thumb drive before Daisy got rid of the car.

Sweets had a special thing of giving other people presents on his birthday. He would thank them for another great year. He had a present for Booth and Brennan that he finished before he died. Angela and Avalon were able to give Booth and Brennan their gift.

Sweets wrote a book about Brennan and Booth, a love story. He dedicated the book to them as well. It was so moving. And Avalon hinted at the fact that Christine’s imaginary friend, Buddy, was actually Sweets. It’s a really nice thought that Sweets is watching over Brennan and Booth’s daughter.

Booth also tapped into Sweets to help solve the case.

There was a body found in an old tree that had carvings of couples names on it. Aubrey looked up offenders that had done their crimes in public parks. He found someone, but Booth didn’t think this was the guy’s M.O.

Booth still bought the donuts for Sweets' birthday.

Booth still bought the donuts for Sweets’ birthday.

The victim was Justine, a psychic, a fraud. There were a lot of interesting suspects along the way.

They looked at her father twice. The first time to inform him, but looking into him found they had a strained relationship. The second time when one of the victim’s former girlfriends pointed it back around to him. Plus Justine hadn’t gone back to church to seek forgiveness, it was to find clients. Also his cane was a possible murder weapon.

When Brennan and Booth searched the victim’s apartment they found a cracked laptop screen with blood on it. They also found a lot of cash. Avalon walked in to help them solve the case. Booth and Brennan were not happy about this.

Avalon did her thing walking around the apartment and said there was a struggle. Brennan said they knew that from the laptop. Avalon claimed it was with a man. Brennan told her if she could give her a name she would be impressed. Avalon had a name, Anthony. Then the landlord filled in the pieces. An old associate, a physic, also a fraud and they had a falling out and an argument.

Avalon spoke to Aubrey to tell him how to spot a fraud and turn it back around on him. The talk actually helped. Aubry was able to prove Anthony was a fraud, but he wasn’t the killer.

The money left in the apartment came from a client, Alana. She gave the money to Justine willingly because she felt grateful for Justine protecting her husband overseas.

Booth is really good at reading people and he figured out Alana was more than just a client. They had an affair, but it had ended.

Avalon proved to be invaluably to the case. When they found something on the remains it lead back to the landlord and Avalon made the connection.

Apparently the landlord also had an affair with the victim. She through a malet at the victim. Justine also fought back. When the landlord left Justine was still alive though.

Then Justine had another lover’s quarrel with Alana. Alana slightly pushed Justine and she fell into the bikes. This slight blow was enough to kill her, because the the last blow was building blood in the intracaranial space until the final blow ruptured it and killed her.

Alana thought this made her innocent, but she covered up the murder. By dumping her body in the tree where they had carved their name on. Which is where the case brought along back to Sweets. He would have said the tree wasn’t a good dumping tree, unless you were in love and weren’t thinking.

In the end Alana was making a deal for probation and the landlord was being charged with manslaughter.

Dr. Fuentes was a little distracted through out the case. He was trying to smuggle medicine to Cuba, but he used the Jefersonian to ship the medicines to.

Cam was not happy about this. So Dr. Fuentes decided to leave. Brennan told Cam to bring her intern back because she would have done the same thing and she did exactly that. She used Booth’s contact at the CIA to smuggle the medicine to Cuba. Dr. Fuentes was so happy he hugged Brennan.

That put Cam in a very awkward position. But Dr. Fuentes pointed out that there was no evidence and Brennan agreed. So Cam let it slide, but warned them to hone their covert operations from now on.

Next week Brennan joins Twitter! Take a look at the promo:

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‘Chicago PD’: A Threat Assessment Turns Deadly

Ruzek almost crosses the line while trying find Felicia's killer.

Ruzek almost crosses the line while trying to find Felicia’s killer.

‘Chicago P.D.’ was going under cover to assess the threat level before the World Trade Conference.

They all brought back reports, but nothing that added to much. Olinsky ended up getting a little buzz from the group he was spying on.

The unit moved to go to the threat assessment meeting and on the way Ruzek got a message from a girl in the Black Grid, the group he had infiltrated. She sounded in trouble, so Ruzek and Olinsky went to check it out. When they got to the hotel there’s a big crash onto a car. It was the girl falling.

Her name was Felicia Hughes. It appeared that she’d been hooking, but it was a Foreign diplomat, so the C.P.D. couldn’t talk to him. The F.B.I. had control of the hotel and the man. The diplomat, Sorca, claimed to have nothing to do with the girl’s death.

Antonio spoke to one of his C.I.s that claimed she saw the girl with him, but it looked to be her first time hooking.

Sorca was clearly not telling them something, but they couldn’t get near him.

Voight asked his unit if they’ve heard of rendition. Jay said him and Mouse had and Voight said they were going to do it Chicago style.

They stop Sorca’s entourage and his people brought out their guns. They took him into custody, but didn’t take him down to the station.

They knew that Sorca was linked to escorting services, so this wasn’t his first time.

Mouse was able to crack his phone and found a blackmail email. Someone was blackmailing Sorca. He didn’t kill Felicia. Sorca and Voight came up with a story about what happened, when Voight took him into custody, he wanted to see Chicago.

Mouse tracked the place of origin of the email to a Janet Rutowski’s house. When they searched the house they found out it was the leader of Black Grid’s house, Matt, aka Mad Max.

The best place to catch him would be at the protest, but Ruzek informed them that they had cell phone jammers. No problem, Olinsky had them go old school, with old walkie talkies.

What did the note from Olivia Benson say?

What did the note from Olivia Benson say?

Ruzek couldn’t find Mad Max anywhere. Then they found more people with helmets and went after them. Burgess caught Mad Max.

Matt didn’t send the email though. Erin and Ruzek grilled him, but it wasn’t him. He wrote down all the people he was with that night.

They had no leads. Then Mouse and Jay came up with an idea. It was something they did in the military. They proposed emailing the blackmailer to meet up. Then the blackmailer would show up and they could take him.

They did just that. Antonio was the man for the exchange. Of course when intelligence moved in, the man drove off on his motorcycle, but on side walks. Ruzek managed to tackle him, it was another member of Black Grid.

It took some convincing to get the guy to confess. He claimed it was Sierra’s idea (her code name). Ruzek was insistent on him using her real name, Felicia.

He claimed she did it for the cause. She may have been in on it too, but she was still pushed from the window. He finally came clean and said they argued about his cut and he didn’t mean to push her that hard.

Ruzek was obsessed with finding Felicia’s killer. So obsessed that Burgess thought something happened between the two of them. She asked Roman if he ever had anything happen undercover with a girl. He didn’t really help, but said Ruzek was upset that someone he knew died and to let him run with it. She may have meant very little to Ruzek, but it still hurts when someone you know gets killed.

At the beginning of the episode Voight got a little present from Olivia Benson, but we never get to find out what the note said. Will this lead to another cross over? I know one is coming.

Jay’s brother came into town and Erin was very happy to meet him. Will isn’t being honest with his brother about what brings him to Chicago. He might come clean after Jay came home to find Will badly beaten. Does this have anything to do with the cross over?

Next week all evidence is pointing to Voight and he has to clean up the mess. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Supernatural’: Revenge was the Theme

Sam was smart to read the journal, her spirit was holding on to the painting.

Sam was smart to read the journal, her spirit was holding on to the painting.

Sam and Dean were on a new case, but Sam’s not so sure it is a case.

There were three suicides in two weeks and there didn’t appear to be any connections. Dean suggested the connection was they were all Catholics. Sam strikes that down, there are a lot of Catholics in Massachusetts, he said.

The episode opened with a man coming out of confessional, taking a candle stick and stabbing himself. Then later after a husband comes out of confessional and goes home with his wife. Lisa and Frank McCarthy go home and Lisa stabs her husband with a pair of scissors. A ghost like form leaves her body and Lisa doesn’t remember a thing.

Sam and Dean go to speak to the Priest of the church and he introduces them to Sister Mathias, the director of social services.

Sam slips up and calls Dean by his own Agent name instead of Dean’s. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before.

Mathias told Dean that there were rumors that Frank was cheating one Lisa and she has reliable sources.

There’s there connection: guys doing women wrong.

Earlier in the episode Mathias was seen talking to another nun. The nun was telling the director about her broken heart. She continues her story and this time we are shown Florence, Italy, in 1520. It’s clear that we’ve found our ghost.

Isabella confessed her feelings to Piero, but he is too in love with his art to love her. He cares for her only because she is his muse and brings great things out in his art.

She catches him with another woman and she kills him.

Dean decides to go into the confessional in hope of luring out the ghost. He tells the priest about Gina and all the other girls, and sex and lasagna. The priest suggests he might need to have more of an inner exploration as well as the hail Marys.

Dean goes deeper while in the confessional. He talks about how he doesn’t want to die yet and he’s afraid his death is coming a lot sooner than he expected. He always thought he would die while hunting, but maybe not this soon.

The ghost doesn’t take Dean though, she took the priest.

Sister Mathias overheard Sam and Dean talking and then she figured out what was going on.

Dean actually gets deep with his confession.

Dean actually gets deep with his confession.

She went to them and told them about talking to spirits all the time. Earlier she did say she didn’t believe in ghosts though, clearly she was lying.

She’s very comfortable around ghosts and said eventually they find peace. Isabella’s ghost showed up when her family’s estate showed up at the church. Right when the murderers started.

Isabella was convicted of witch craft after she killed Piero. Dean told Sam to burn the estate and the journal. Sam is hesitant to burn the journal, incase there’s more to it.

Dean went off with the sister to find the ghost. Sam gets ready to burn the contents of the estate, but reads the journal before he does it.

Apparently she cut off the tip of her finger and told Piero to crush it and put it into the painting. That’s so creepy. It was the painting, not the journal, they needed to burn. Sam burned the painting just in time.

Isabella had already killed the priest and taken Sister Mathias. The ghost almost stabbed Dean, but Sam was on top of things. If he had listened to Dean, Dean would have been dead.

While Sam and Dean were working on a basic case, Crowley was dealing with his mother.

Rowena wanted to speak to the great coven and get her powers back and Crowley brought his mother the head of the coven.

Apparently the great coven has been weakened over the years by the Men of Letters. The witch told Rowena that the American chapter ended in the 1950s, but two of the members survived, Sam and Dean.

Rowena hasn’t liked the Winchesters since she met them and she doesn’t like her son’s relationship with them. When she approaches Crowley about dealing with them, he told her that he will handle them, but he’s not killing them.

Rowena got some revenge for herself, she turned the head of the great coven into a hamster.

Next week Bobby is back! Take a look at the promo:


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‘Nashville’ Perform at the Grand Old Opry Again

How great was it too see the band perform!

How great was it too see the band perform!

The stars of ‘Nashville’ put on another concert at the Grand Ole Opry and invited Reba McEntire to perform too!

The cast are amazing every week, but they are even better live. Clare Bowen (Scarlett O’Connor), Sam Palladio (Gunnar Scott) and Jonathan Jackson (Avery Barkley) opened up the night with “Borrow My Heart”. These three have great chemistry together. It’s a shame that they won’t be able to perform together on their eight city tour. Sam will only be in New York and L.A. and Jonathan will join the tour in Chicago. 

It would be incredible to see all three of them perform live, but we’ll have to settle with the great performance they put on at the Grand Ole Opry. Their band is just starting to take off on the show. It was such a good idea to open the show with them. I felt like Scarlett, Gunnar and Avery were performing. They brought the great chemistry from the screen to the stage.

Next up came Sam and Clare. I’ve loved these two since episode one. We don’t get to see just the two of them perform too often anymore. It’s a shame they never got signed together. The only other couple to have such great chemistry while singing are Ryana and Deacon. You could even call them this generation’s Ryana and Deacon. There’s still feelings there and I’m still hoping they will find their way back to each other and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

Jonathan had an incredible solo performance. We haven’t seen him perform by himself since his failed record deal. And he’s so much better now. I was not expecting so much soul to come from him. He performs so great with Juliette, Scarlett and Gunnar, that I’d forgotten that he’s a great solo artist too. I think the ‘Nashville’ writers should have him perform by himself more often. If you are in Chicago you will get a chance to his this amazing man perform and hopefully he will have a solo.

Chris Carmack (Will Lexington) and Aubrey Peeples’ (Layla Grant) performance made me very upset that Will and Layla have broken up. They sound incredible together. We probably won’t get to see these two perform together too much. I want to see Layla perform more. She’s a great performer and now that she’s found her sound she’s even better. Bucky is moving her up on the priority list, so I’m looking forward to seeing her sing more often. 

Everyone came back on stage for the finale!

Everyone came back on stage for the finale!

I had no idea that Charles Esten (Deacon Claybourne) had co-written a song. No wonder “I Know How To Love You Now” was so perfect! When I heard the song on the show, I thought it was the perfect song for Deacon to be singing to Ryana.

Charles sang his song with his co-writer, Deana Carter.

Sam mentioned during the behind the scenes parts that he writes in his downtime, so maybe we can hear some original music from Sam soon!

Lennon Stella (Maddie Conrad) and Maisy Stella (Daphne Conrad) are born stars. Lennon looked stunning on the stage and Maisy’s voice is so mature for someone so young. Eventually Rayna is going to have sign her girls, she can’t let all their talent go to waste. 

Chris Carmack (Will Lexington) and Will Chase (Luke Wheeler) should definitely perform more together. And not when Luke is the star of the show. Chris has a great presence on stage just like his character Will. I love the song “If I Drink this Beer”. It’s a great love ballad for men. It’s slightly sappy, but adding the beer part makes it more manly and something guys can relate to. 

The second to last performance Reba came out and and sang, “Going Out Like That”. I’ve never seen her perform before and she almost stole the show. The ‘Nashville’ stars are quite good performers too.

It was a family affair for the finale. Scarlett, Deacon and the Conrad sisters came out and thanked the song writers and sang “Friend of Mine”.

Jonathan, Sam, Aubrey, Chris, Will and Deana came out while they were singing and joined in.

This is a great preview for the eight city ‘Nashville’ tour. Are you excited for their tour yet? I am.

‘Nashville’ returns next week and there’s a lot coming, including Christina Aguilera. Take a look at the promo:

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Bobby Returning to ‘Supernatural’ for One Episode

yuki_chan_Is_Insane |

yuki_chan_Is_Insane |

A lot of people have died on ‘Supernatural’, but one of them is coming back, at least for one episode.

According to Variety, Jim Beaver will be reprising his role as Bobby Singer for the episode Inside Man that airs April 1.

Sam and Cass need some help from someone in heaven and who else would they turn to? Bobby of course.

Bobby was a father figure to Sam and Dean and saved their lives a lot. Even if it was just setting them right on cases. In season three, A Very Merry  Christmas, Sam and Dean thought they were dealing with an evil Santa Clause. Bobby called them idiots and set them straight. They were dealing with Pagan gods. Technically Bobby didn’t even appear in the episode, but his presence was still known.

I’d never heard the word ‘igit‘ before Bobby called Sam and Dean igits and now I miss hearing him say that word. He better call Sam and Dean igits at one point in the episode.

Even when Bobby died he couldn’t leave the boys. He stayed as a ghost to protect them. He risked becoming the thing they hunt just to keep an eye on his boys. It wasn’t easy for Sam, Dean or Bobby to let go. After John died, Bobby was their only family.

There’s been a lot of loss on ‘Supernatural’. It was hard watching Ellen and Jo die. Jo knew she wasn’t going to make it so she wanted to give the Winchesters ahead start on the devil. Ellen couldn’t let her daughter die alone, so she stayed with her. That was a very tough and emotional episode to get through. Especially when Bobby burned the photograph of all of them.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as when Bobby died though. He was a great hunter and a great mentor for the boys. No matter what he always stood by them. Even when he was so mad at Dean for selling his soul for Sam.

When Bobby was possessed by a demon he still couldn’t kill them. He took back control of his body and stabbed himself before the demon was able to kill Sam.

Bobby always did whatever it took to save the Winchester boys. It will be great to have him back, even if it is only for one episode.