Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Episode 19

0000066105_20100415153721 (1)Usually when there is a big disaster the episode is really, really intense. This episode wasn’t that intense, but it was still a good one and it made me cry, yet again.

April has made a big step in her relationship, even though she didn’t mean too and I think she still has feelings for Jackson too.

She had a patient that she felt god brought her and her husband together, but then April loses her patients and couldn’t understand why these two were brought together just to be torn apart. When April is telling Matthew about her patient he says, “I love you too”, which wasn’t at all what April was saying. So now she’s inadvertently said, “I love you”, to her boyfriend, that I don’t think she even loves. This was pretty funny, very, very bad, but funny.

I wonder what she will do now. I don’t think there’s any way to fix it. Note to self, don’t assume that the person is saying that they love you unless they actually say the words.

Meredith is going to find out if she will get Alzheimer’s. This is scary. What would you do if you knew you were going to get sick? I hope she’s ok.

Everyone asked Bailey to map their genes, but Meredith was the only one that had the best argument. How can you say no to wanting to know if you will be around for your kids. The preview for next week makes me think that she could get Alzheimer’s. We will just have to cross our fingers and wait and see.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 18

tvd-season4-exclusive-wallpapersby-dave-the-vampire-diaries-tv-show-32477502-1024-768 (1)Silas is even scarier than I thought. Klaus has been pretty much untouchable. Other than him being afraid of Michael, and that was more daddy issues than anything else, nothing has scared him, until Silas.

Silas can take the form of anyone and make Klaus think he’s dying. This worries me. I think now is the time for Klaus and everyone to join together. As a team together, they might be able to defeat Silas.

I was as mad as Caroline at Klaus, but he isn’t searching for Tyler. Ok, yes, he won’t Tyler back to town, but at least he’s not trying to kill him.

I’m not sure who I’m more scared by at the moment, Silas or Elena. She just snapped someone’s neck?! I think Elena is going to be worse than Stefan. She’s so far gone. I don’t know what is going to bring her back. Her feelings for Damon and Stefan are obviously gone. What would make you want to turn on your humanity again when there’s nothing but pain? The Salvatore boys are going to have to step up their game.

For a moment I thought Rebekah was going to human again. Rebekah is my favorite Original. I don’t want her to be human again. I like her the way she is.

It was nice seeing Elijah again. I can’t believe he’s still in love with Katherine though. Maybe there is some of Katerina in her after all. She did give up the cure.

What does that mean for everyone else? Who’s going to get it? Will they give it to Silas? Will Rebekah get it? Who would have thought that he Originals would end up with the cure.

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Nashville Season 1 Episode 15

x300Scarlett and and Gunner finally got together and now the writers are wanting to tear them apart again. What is Scarlett going to do? Will she take the solo record deal? I can’t imagine her doing that and her and Gunner are better together, not that Scarlett didn’t perform well by herself.

I’ve liked what the writers have done so far, but I think offering Scarlett a solo deal is not the right thing to do, story wise. I’ll have to wait and see where they take this.

This was an intense episode. Gunner was in a really, really dark place after the death of his brother. I couldn’t believe how mean he was being to Scarlett and that he didn’t show up to the show case.

I was wondering what threw Deacon of the deep end. Now we know. He finally admitted that he still loves Rayna. He might not have said it straight out but he still admitted it. I just wish him admitting it didn’t send him off to another girl. I know that’s technically the healthy thing to do, but Rayna’s single now. Yes she will need time after her divorce, but Rayna and Deacon are made for each other.

I hope Nashville gets renewed for season two and I hope the writers make Rayna and Deacon end up together. The only problem is will he ever forgive her for not telling him that they have a daughter together?

I understand that Avery is mad that the record company messed up his sound, but burning thousands of dollars worth of masters is not the right way to handle it. Lets see if this will make him a better man. I wonder what his plans are now.

Juliette is finally owning up to her mistakes, like inviting the world to her concert. How did she think that would end up? I’m glad Deacon noticed Mattie so he could get to her before she was stomped on.

I think Mattie got off really easy considering. A guitar might not be the best present after her lie, but it might help in the long run.  I think Mattie will make some good music. With Rayna as her mom and Deacon as her dad, it’s in her blood.

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Supernatural Season 8 Episode 18

supernatural-season-8-poster-thumb-315xauto-46367 (1)This was a very interesting case that the Winchesters were investigating this week. How the writers keep coming up with interesting stories well into the eight season is amazing. I mean there’s only so many supernatural creatures.

This is not the first time that the boys have come across amateur hunters, but this was the most interesting time.

I knew something was up when the vampire was begging for his life and saying he was innocent. Vampires usually don’t do that. I didn’t guess it was a newbie vamp, but I knew something was wrong.

If the vampires the teenagers were killing were not newbies, I think they would have been killed. Krissy wasn’t good on the details. She didn’t notice the blue van, even I noticed the van. Granted I’ve been watching this show from day one. I’ve picked up on a thing or two.

I understand the need for good future hunters, but tricking them into becoming hunters is not the way do it.

Things are very chaotic on Earth, Heaven and Hell. And who knows where Cass is in the spectrum of everything. I think I would be worried too. Not as far as training teenagers to become the future hunters though.

No one is ever going to be as good as Sam and Dean. Victor may think praying on the young and making them seek revenge is the best way. Sam and Dean are naturally good at the job, but it’s also well in their genes. I don’t think another hunter will be as good as them.

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The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Episode 11

The_Carrie_Diaries_TV_Series-233306192-largeCarrie certainty doesn’t do spring break like any other teenager. Not many 17 years olds would want to spend their break doing an internship, but Interview is not your typical internship.

I was disappointed not seeing Larissa in this episode, but her spirit was there through Carrie.

Interview doesn’t seem to work like a normal work place. Who has to pick up Andy Warhol’s wig and get it to him, what an errand to have to run? Carrie is fitting into Manhattan a little too well. The likely hood of her requiring the wig and then getting it to him when she ins’t Larissa was slim to none, but she pulled it off.

Carrie was able to pretend to be Larissa and was given free clothes and was almost home free before a psycho girlfriend accused her of sleeping with her boyfriend. Which doesn’t surprise me at all. How many boyfriends do you think Larissa has slept with? Carrie was able to secure the package, of Andy’s wig, but ran off in a thousand dollar couture outfit. What about her outfit she was wearing? I mean don’t get me wrong a thousand dollar outfit is better than anything I have in my closest, but I would still want my clothes too.

This was only her first day of her spring break.

Mouse and West are realizing their feelings for each other, but I realized them a couple episodes ago. I’m interested to see where this is going to go.

Walt is finally opening up. And he’s found his first crush.

There’s only one more episode left of this first season  before the season finale and no word yet if The Carrie Diaries will be getting a second season. I hope the show gets another season. This first season hasn’t been perfect, but the writers have peaked my interested and I want to see more of Carrie, Larissa, Maggie, Sebastian, Walt and Mouse.

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Bones Season 8 Episode 20

tv_bones12 (1)This season has had very few episodes that I’ve truly enjoyed. And at the beginning of this episode I thought it would be another dull one.

So many shows have had an episode where they tape the cast for reality TV, and this time Bones was one of them. With a slight difference, it was for a documentary, but essentially the same thing. I for one hate reality TV, there are very, very few reality shows that I’ve watched. It feels like they’ve run out of ideas when the bring the reality idea into a scripted show.

This episode turned out to be very good, but it nothing to do with filming for a documentary

The case was much more interesting and intense then they have been. I think most of the cases have been so straight forward lately and this one was more intense.

The victim turned out to be an undercover cop and a rouge cop at that. The other interesting thing about the episode that it didn’t have anything to do with drugs, it was diamonds.

The show felt like it got back to its roots and I was interested in the case. Brennan was her funny usually self. Clarke had to be brought in for the video because he was more likable. The whole point of the video was so the Jeffersonian could get donations. Brennan was watching the footage at the end of the episode and thought she looked like a mean lady. Well I guess she could come across that way, it you don’t know her. It’s always funny watching other people try to communicate with her.

At first Clarke was liking the limelight but came to the conclusion that he preferred the quiet of science. In so many ways Clarke and Brennan are different, but in some ways they are the same. they both have a love for science and bones.

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 17

images-11I’m not even sure where to begin this week. There was so much that happened. I guess I’ll start with the Initiative. I knew they were very good but I didn’t know they were one step ahead of Nolan and Aiden. I did have a feeling that they would take Padma when the exchange was happening. Since when have the Initiative agreed to an exchange?

So the Initiative have a very dangerous program and two people they are probably going to kill. I mean what reason do they have to keep Padma and her father around anymore.

I think that was the Falcon in the car authenticating the program.  I’m worried that the Initiative have the Falcon on their side now and he’s better than Nolan. Aiden and Emily are very good at what they do, but they seem to be out matched by the Initiative. What’s the next move?

Eli wasn’t the problem that I thought he could be. It felt something like out of Emily’s playbook when Eli got up on stage and told the truth about Mrs. Haywood. Usually Emily would use someone else to out someone, but Eli did it himself. Either way he took out someone from Emily’s past and found out where her father’s letters were. The letters may be destroyed, funny enough by Emily herself, but at least she found out something from the letters. Victoria has another son. Why doesn’t this surprise me?

Poor Daniel, he thinks that the Initiative has targeted Emily, but in reality it’s just his mother trying to scare him and break his connection with Emily. I know I shouldn’t find this funny, but I do, I really do. Only Victoria would unnecessarily scare her own son.

Jack is getting in on the game, well in and so is Declan. That was so smooth Declan steeling Kenny’s son’s phone. I think Connor Paolo had plenty of practice scheming on Gossip Girl as Eric, but this is nothing like Blair and her minors dealt with on the Upper East Side. Declan and Jack are in way over there heads. Emily has tried so hard to keep them out of it, but they’ve been sucked in anyways.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Episode 18

0000066105_20100415153721 (1)Meredith, Christina and Jackson are adjusting to being owners of the hospital as well as doctors.

I think this is perfect for Bailey, none of them have ever been able to say no to her. Now she can get anything she wants. She has more pull with the owners than any other doctor in the hospital. I don’t think anyone realizes this. Hunt once pointed out that no one says no to her in season five, but I think that was only because he was an outsider at that point. Now he is one of them.

Alex needs tell Jo how he feels. Everyone else can see it. It was enjoyable watching him prank the OB/GYN, especially when Richard got involved. But that’s not going to win him the girl.

This episode was much more light hearted than most Grey’s episodes. It was funny and Calie and Arizona are finally moving on. If I was Arizona and had a first class Orthopedic surgeon at my disposal, I would use them. It’s nice to see them getting close again.

It’s a boy! Well I’m a little disappointed, I wanted Meredith and Derek’s baby to be a girl.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 17

tvd-season4-exclusive-wallpapersby-dave-the-vampire-diaries-tv-show-32477502-1024-768 (1)So we might get to see Jeremy, Alaric and Lexi again, which would be great, but we might also see some other people we’d rather never see again. The final ritual has been done. I never would have guessed Caroline would be the one to do it.

I understand that her gut reaction was to save Bonnie. Elena’s gone off the deep end and Tyler is gone for good. I pondered last week if Caroline would be the next to turn off her emotions and now she’s killed 12 people. How is she going to handle that? How does anyone handle that.

I’m really worried about Caroline, she wasn’t doing well at all before, and now things are much worse.

I thought for a moment that Klaus was going to comfort her and then he was just an ass. Yes he’s evil, but that doesn’t mean he can’t show Caroline some compassion. He’s in love with her and broke her heart when he vowed to kill Tyler, the least he can do is comfort her at the moment.

Bonnie doesn’t remember anything since the island. How is she going to feel when she realizes she just helped kill 12 people? Not to mention that Jeremy is gone.

Silas has now got Klaus in his pocket as well. Things are getting pretty bad in Mystic Falls.

While this is happening Elena and Rebekah have teamed up to find the cure. Never thought I’d see the day when these two would be a team, but it’s interesting.

I can’t believe how well she tricked Damon. Stefan was right to say not to underestimate her. I think when she switches her emotions back on she’s going to have a lot of regret.

As far off the rails as Elena has gotten, I’m much more concerned about Caroline at the moment.

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Bones Season 8 Episode 19

tv_bones12 (1)Hodgins loves doing experiments and he milked it as much as possible this week.

I lost count of how many experiments he did in this episode. He brought me back to the days of Zack and the wild experiments that they would do together.

Sweet’s moved out of “mom and dad’s” house. That was funny. Did those girls really think that Booth and Brennan were Sweet’s parents? Are they even old enough to be his parents?

I think Sweets always felt drawn to them. After he was done working with them and said their relationship wasn’t an interference with their work, he made an excuse to spend more time with them, the book.

I think Sweets, Booth and Brennan have always been like family, but them living together confirmed it. And Booth and Brennan were very sad to see him go.

Bones’s focuses on murder’s, but in some way we become the scientists while watching this show and forget that this  is a person they are investigating. Were so wrapped up in Hodgins’s  experiments and what Brennan finds on the bones that we can forget the human element to the show. The part where they find justice for the victim.

Angela is very good at bringing the human element back in. This episode she reconstructed a letter that was to the victim’s old friend and was able to mend things between them even after death. It’s really nice when Angela can do that.

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