Bones Season 8 Episode 19

tv_bones12 (1)Hodgins loves doing experiments and he milked it as much as possible this week.

I lost count of how many experiments he did in this episode. He brought me back to the days of Zack and the wild experiments that they would do together.

Sweet’s moved out of “mom and dad’s” house. That was funny. Did those girls really think that Booth and Brennan were Sweet’s parents? Are they even old enough to be his parents?

I think Sweets always felt drawn to them. After he was done working with them and said their relationship wasn’t an interference with their work, he made an excuse to spend more time with them, the book.

I think Sweets, Booth and Brennan have always been like family, but them living together confirmed it. And Booth and Brennan were very sad to see him go.

Bones’s focuses on murder’s, but in some way we become the scientists while watching this show and forget that this  is a person they are investigating. Were so wrapped up in Hodgins’s  experiments and what Brennan finds on the bones that we can forget the human element to the show. The part where they find justice for the victim.

Angela is very good at bringing the human element back in. This episode she reconstructed a letter that was to the victim’s old friend and was able to mend things between them even after death. It’s really nice when Angela can do that.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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