‘Nashville’: Season 4 Brings a Whole lot of Drama

There’s only one week till Nashville returns and the previews shows everyone picking up right where the left off.

There is no sign of Deacon in the preview at all! Rayna says something about doing a lot of letting go lately. Either Deacon didn’t want to stay with Rayna after the surgery or he’s the one that really died. The only thing that gives me hope is the new poster for season four. It shows Juliette, Rayna and Deacon. Why put him on the poster if he dies? So maybe we can stop worrying about him. Maybe just worry about our favorite couple, Rayna and Deacon.

Things are either going to get even more complicated for Gunnar and Scarlett or maybe they can finally get back together. She tells him she has a boyfriend, but he says she keeps ending up there with him. I love these two together and I hope this will be leading them back together.

Juliette looks to be coming to her breaking point. She’s having a ball with guest star Steven Tyler, but then she’s crying in the bathroom and Rayna knows something is seriously wrong. Avery is just hoping she’s happier without them.

A lot of questions are left unanswered in the promo. But when has a Nashville preview ever led us to the right conclusions? There’s always a whole lot of drama and this promo of season four promises just that.


Here’s a Recap of Where the Characters of Nashville Left off in Season 3

So close! They can't deny their feelings anymore, they weren't even on stage.

So close! They can’t deny their feelings anymore, they weren’t even on stage.

It’s hard to forget the last moment of Nashville in the season finale, Caleb tells Rayna he has some bad news. All I could think of was, no it can’t be Deacon!

We still don’t know if Deacon flatlined or if it was Beverly. Is it horrible that I’m hoping it was Beverly?

That was the big cliffhanger of season three, but there was a lot of other things going down too.

Juliette was getting ready to go on tour with Luke, despite her postpartum depression. She totally lost it at the end of the season. She recorded her album in 36 hours and when Rayna, Bucky and Glenn were worried about her, she fired everyone and went to Jeff. Jeff then took her to Luke and he signed her.

Avery was desperately trying to reach his wife, but all Juliette cared about was her career. She threw a snow globe at the wall when Avery wouldn’t give her their daughter to hold, but she was in no condition to hold the baby.

We saw a little glimmer of hope for Scarlett and Gunnar at the end. She wrote a song about Deacon and Rayna and the two sang the song together, and almost kissed! Scarlett was even crying. There’s definitely still feelings there, but she’s about to move in with Caleb and he’s heading to Texas with Kiely. Maybe they will change their plans. We can only hope.

Teddy was having to answer for all of his mistakes. He wouldn’t build a case on Tandy and jeopardize Rayan’s business, so he’s being taken to prison. Teddy is seen on TV being arrested, but his girl’s miss this because they are hearing some very bad news. If Teddy being arrested wasn’t bad enough.

Jeff and Layla’s relationship has been rocky since the start and it continues to be shaky. Jeff cut her off from everything. He even gave himself power of attorney in the contract that he had her sign. Layla finally gets a message from Rayna being worried about her and starts seeing what is really being said about her.

She discovers that Jeff sent the tweet out at Jade’s party. His answer to all of this is that he just doesn’t want to lose her. Maybe it’s true. I could believe he doesn’t know how to be in a functional relationship.

There was one thing good that happened in this episode, Will finally came out. It was a roller coaster of a ride for him though. Luke was not happy at all when he found out. Will wanted to still maintain that he wasn’t gay and it didn’t help that his father was in town.

Will set up a press conference to set the record straight. Kevin said Will was not gay and Will was going to continue with the same story, but he changed his mind when he got on stage. He decided to tell the truth. His father was furious, but he was finally able to be himself and tell Kevin that he loves him. But Kevin never said it back!

That’s where all the characters left off in season three. Nashville will return Wednesday, September, 23 at 10/9c pm on ABC.

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Review: ‘Nashville’ Leaves Us With A Big Question

What is the bad news?! Are you seriously going to make us wait?!

What is the bad news?! Are you seriously going to make us wait?!

The writers are just so cruel. They are going to make us wait all summer to find out if Deacon is still alive. I understand cliffhangers, but this one is just cruel.

Caleb has some bad news. So either Deacon is dead or he’s rejecting the liver. Either answer is not good. We can’t have another season without Deacon, so he has to be okay. He just has to be. Is it Beverly? Is she the one that doesn’t make it? Is it horrible for me to say that that’s what I hope that bad news is?

This was a roller coaster of an episode. Juliette has absolutely lost it. She’s fired her manager and signed with Luke and Jeff. Can she even jump ship from Highway 65? Won’t there be legal repercussions for her? She still has a contract with Rayna.

If Rayna didn’t have enough to deal with already, she now has to deal with her ex-husband getting arrested, which they miss because they are getting news of Deacon. Rayna will also have to deal with Juliette. When Juliette does get better, how will she feel about her actions? Going to Luke is in bad taste, not to mention unprofessional. The only reason Rayna wasn’t pushing to get things done was because she knows what it’s like to have a newborn at home. She was giving Juliette time to be with her little one. Most mothers would appreciate that. It wasn’t like Juliette was actually being mistreated. To top that off she goes to Jeff, the man that almost destroyed her and Avery’s relationship. No wonder Avery is upset.

Jeff is strange. He claims he was afraid of losing Layla, so he sent the tweet and made her sign her life away. It’s just crazy. He was being so good with her and then all of a sudden Jade comes into the picture and he reverts to the Jeff I don’t like. I was really liking Jeff for awhile. He had hit a low point, but he really cared about Layla. He was being a better man. Now, not so much.

Teddy is being a better man. He was trying to get himself out of a bad situation, then that meant hurting Tandy. He was hesitant about it, but continued on, until he found out that might ruin Rayna as well. He’s finally taking responsibility for his actions, but this still affects Rayna and especially Maddie and Daphne. Please say Deacon is alright. Maddie can’t lose two fathers in one day.

I am so proud of Will. He didn’t have to come out. He could have just stuck to the script. That couldn’t have been easy with his father right there. Plus knowing as soon as he said it, his father would disown him again. But on the upside, Will was finally able to tell someone he loves them. I really like Kevin and I think they are really good together.

I wasn’t happy with Luke when he was upset that Jeff never told him that Will was gay. That wasn’t for Jeff to tell him. I think that if Will had signed with Rayna, she would have reacted with more compassion. I really lost a lot of respect for Luke in that moment. He gained some of it back when he side it was too bad because Kevin’s a good guy. That was better.

I still can’t believe we have to wait all summer to fine out Deacon’s fate. It’s going to be a long summer.

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‘Nashville’ Review: Is the Best Behind Them?

This was an episode of music. So many performances!

This was an episode of music. So many performances!

Beverly walks through the door and says she wants to help Deacon live, but then she gives Rayna an evil eye. What will she want in return? Rayna to leave Deacon? If she won’t take a million dollars it’s either her leaving Deacon or a whole lot more money. The money she believes she would have gotten if Rayna didn’t steal Deacon away.

Assuming ‘Nashville’ gets renewed for season four, I don’t think Rayna and Deacon will be together. That doesn’t say that this couple isn’t the end game. But as you know with TV show couples, they can’t end up together before the show is over. This seems to be the writers way of tearing them apart again. And clearly making us hate Beverly even more. I hope Scarlett completely disowns her mother, if my predictions are correct, because Scarlett doesn’t need that negativity in her life. Or maybe Beverly will ask Rayna not to sign her daughter. There’s another plausible possibility too. Either way, Scarlett doesn’t need this mother, she has Deacon, who has been more of a parent to her even with his drinking.

I said it over an over again that Scarlett and Gunnar should sign with Highway 65 and it’s finally coming true! There was really no other option. Rayna is trying to build a record company with talented artists and Scarlett and Gunnar are that. It’s a shame that Avery couldn’t join them, but he has some more pressing matters to deal with.

I called it again. Juliette has postpartum depression. I’m very happy about this actually. I think after we weak storyline Hayden Panettiere had while she was pregnant, she’s really getting good content to work with now. Juliette is very stubborn and doesn’t believe anything is wrong with her. But clearly there is. She can’t connect with her daughter and as the doctor said, she’s hyper focused on her career and that is a symptom. Juliette is also not happy that their accusing her of being sick. It does seem off that she’s also writing off Deacon’s cancer and not even understanding what’s going on with Rayna.

Will’s about to come out of the closest a lot sooner than he would have liked. It’s amazing he’s been able to stay under the radar this long, of course Jeff was a lot of help to that. Now pictures are about to come out in the tabloids with him and Kevin. Luke doesn’t look too happy about this. How will Luke approach Will? Will is just starting to get a long with his father again too, though as Kevin said, it doesn’t mean anything. Will is just so desperate for his father’s approval he’s accepting false love.

Jeff is turning back into the Jeff I do not like. He’s lying to Layla about sending the tweet, he’s lying to Bucky about the publicity that he’s creating for Layla. Lies and more lies. Maybe his heart is in the right place, but he’s going about it all the wrong way. I thought Jeff was good for Layla, I thought he cared. And now Layla has gone and signed a contract.

Why is it that Teddy’s extracurricular activities always seem to loop back around to his family? He’s been given a pass, but he has to takedown a senator. He thought his ex-father in-law was the one involved, but it was his former sister in-law. He may be in the clear, but will this hurt Tandy?

Next week is the season finale and things are not looking good for Deacon. Please say we don’t lose him! Take a look at the promo:

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‘Nashville’ Review: Does Time Really Change Things?

Juliette announced she's back in a big way.

Juliette announced she’s back in a big way.

If Beverly gives Deacon her liver after taking that money, Scarlett and Deacon are really better off without her.

Rayna spent the entire episode pleading with Beverly to save Deacon. Beverly holds real resentment over Rayna. She thinks she lost her shot at the big time because of Rayna. Which probably isn’t true, she just didn’t have what it takes. As Scarlett knows, it takes a lot.

It was very emotionally watching Rayna desperately try to save Deacon. It hit me really hard when Beverly said, “you save him” to Rayna. She was trying to save him, but Deacon’s own sister wouldn’t lift a finger. Scarlett would have given her liver, but she wasn’t a match, so then she begged her mother. She tried to get Caleb to ruin his integrity. She was doing everything.

It didn’t help when Juliette broke down crying when Deacon told her. It was a very emotional episode and it was looking like Deacon was going to die. But with a million dollar check, I have my hope back. There’s no way Beverly will turn down the money, but will Rayna tell Deacon the truth?

Deacon had a difficult day himself. He walked in on his daughter in a very compromising position. He handled it all pretty well though. I wasn’t so sure about him sending Juliette in, but that was a great idea! She wasn’t going to lie to Juliette and she was able to talk to someone about it other than her parents. Though Rayna will still want to talk to her.

But what is up with Juliette? She can be good with Maddie, but she can’t do it with her own child? Did she forget she had a baby? Who did she think was watching her daughter all day? I was shocked with her telling Bucky to go to hell, but really that is typical Juliette. She had an amazing comeback performance that I’m sure will get everyone talking about her and remembering her. But why can’t she connect with her daughter?

Layla is trying to get noticed too. And I think I agree with Jeff, I don’t like Jade. She’s being such a bad influence on Layla. She was kissing up on some star because people would want to know who she is. That’s not who Layla is, that’s not what he music is about. Her music is pure and meaningful. What’s she’s doing isn’t. Jeff has tried to convince her and now he’s crossing the line. He’s sending out a tweet that’s sure to get Jade kicked her off the tour. But really it’s for her own good. He’s protecting her. But will she forgive him?

Kylie was back and begging for Gunnar’s forgiveness. I don’t like that she’s all of the sudden showed up. Yet another thing to tear Scarlett and Gunnar apart and we know there’s something there. She would have told Caleb who her friend was, if there wasn’t anything there.

Looks like Teddy might get away with his crimes, but what price will he after to pay?

Next week Avery confronts Juliette and it doesn’t look good. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Nashville’: The Calm Before the Storm

The liver was just false hope for us fans!

The liver was just false hope for us fans!

I guess we should have never thought it was going to be that easy for Deacon to be cured. The writers gave us hope and then they took it away.

I was worried about Deacon from the beginning of the episode. He was coughing. Then he got the call about the liver and I thought everything would be alright. Well I thought that for a second. Then I thought, it’s too early in the episode for good news, something bad is coming.

He had a fever of 100.5 and had to take tests to make sure he was up for surgery. Turns out it was just a sinus infection, so it was back on. Then when they took the liver out of the other guy, they found cancerous legions on the person’s lungs. They wanted to be safe, so the surgery didn’t happen.

Scarlett is not handling this well. When Deacon had to take tests, she asked Caleb to persuade the surgical team to operate anyways, even though he could reject the liver if something was seriously wrong with him. Caleb said no. Scarlett later apologized to him for that.

The one good thing that came out of this was Scarlett asking Deacon and Rayna how they continued singing even though it was so complicated. Rayna said, them being so complicated is what made the music great. So Gunnar and Scarlett are no longer looking for a replacement, they are just going to be a duo. Before Scarlett got the text from Deacon to go to the hospital, she was ready to give up on the band. No one was as good as Avery, so she wouldn’t pick one.

Gunnar is finally in the loop about Deacon. It’s about time she told him. She needs more people to lean on. I wish Rayna had someone to lean on. She was praying for guidance at the end. Rayna has to be strong for Deacon and Maddie.

There may be more going on with Juliette than meets the eye. She’s so terrified of losing her career that she’s fighting too hard for it. She made a scene at the charity event when she told Jade that she doesn’t belong in Nashville. Avery wants to be let in, but Juliette says she doesn’t understand what’s going on. Could this be postpardarm depression?

Christina Aguilera’s character, Jade, is trying to break into country music. She wanted to do a duet with Luke to help convince her label that she should do a country album. He told her he didn’t have time, but would bring her to a charity event with lots of people in the industry. First Luke introduced her to Will and then Layla sat down and interrupted their conversation. Jade was very impressed with Layla when she opened for her concert. Jade told her she was hoping she would be bad because she didn’t want Jeff to be right. Jeff was not happy to see them talking.

Christina Aguilera could totally do country.

Christina Aguilera could totally do country.

The biggest event of the night was auctioning off a performance on demand. Bucky was bidding on Juliette to perform, so she could get back on stage. But Jade decided to bid on Layla after she heard Juliette talking down to Layla in the bathroom. It was a very heated battle. Juliette even made Avery bid after he showed up to support her. In the end Jade bid $500,000 and Layla won. Juliette was so mad that she said some harsh words.

Jade was upset, so Luke took her to the Bluebird to restore her faith in country music and even got her up on stage. She sang his old song, ‘Shotgun’.

She continues with flattery and ends up pulling Luke into her room. Is Jade being a fangirl just so happy to meet her idol, or is she not as innocent as she seems? Jeff seems to know more about her than he’s letting on. He told Layla she uses people and then throws them away when she doesn’t need them anymore. Can we get more details?

This made Layla realize that his feelings for her are true. Will said Jeff only likes her when she’s making him money, but Jeff was willing to give up a lot of money when he told her not to tour with Jade. Sure it could be wounded feelings as well, but what exactly happened between them?

This led Layla to go back to him. Can they have a professional and personal relationship?

Will may have found a real boyfriend. He’s been fooling around with Kevin, but now he wants to get more serious while he’s figuring it out. He hated seeing Kevin at the charity event with another guy. Kevin is completely fine with him figuring it out. They are just so cute together!

Daphne felt a little hurt when her mother and sister ran off to the hospital to be there for Deacon. She really wanted to perform. So Teddy asked Luke to fill in for Rayna and have Daphne sing with him. It seemed a little awkward at first, him inviting her up. But her performance took away all the awkwardness.

It’s a shame she doesn’t feel more included with Deacon and Maddie. She’s asked Teddy if she can move in with him, but it’s just a matter of time until his indiscretions come back to haunt him.

Next week Juliette is back on stage and Maddie is caught in a compromising position! Take a look at the promo:

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‘Nashville’: The Secrets are Starting to Unravel

They are finally going to be a family!

They are finally going to be a family!

Deacon is finally being honest about his cancer and that’s making Maddie be honest too.

She was sneaking around with Luke’s son, Colt, and wasn’t talking to either of her parents. She was being so rude to them too. Once Deacon decided to be honest to himself and the world, Maddie opened up.

He even told Luke about his cancer. That was a hard moment. Luke went from hating Deacon to feeling for him in that moment. He’s even willing to do anything for Deacon. It’s amazing how the C-work brings everything into perspective about what is important.

Luke told Deacon to beat this thing because he has a lot to live for.

Deacon is finally moving in too and the girls are happy about it. I think it was right of them to wait for the girls to suggest it. That wasn’t what they were really waiting for, but it’s nice that the girl’s suggested it. Deacon will feel happier about moving in that way.

It was nice to see Maddie smiling again. Her world is about to be turned upside down again.

Natasha played Teddy. She worked with the F.B.I. to set Teddy up. She wore a wire when he brought the money. What will they do to him? Maddie has one dad dying, she doesn’t need her other going to jail. He promised her he wouldn’t leave.

While Teddy is making bad choices, Avery is making right choices. He worked so hard for the journalist to see them as a band and now he’s leaving the band. Juliette isn’t embracing motherhood, she’s running from it. She hired a nanny without consulting Avery and flew to L.A. without telling him too. She wants her career more than her daughter, Cadence.  Avery now has to sacrifice his career for their daughter.

Will Gunnar and Scarlett continue? They were both watching the video of them singing together on repeat. Caleb is worried about them, and so he should be. Scarlett doesn’t want a duo, but it would be a shame for them to break-up completely. Is there any way to make this work?

Will might be making something work. He tried to prolong his time with Kevin, but instead, insulted his song writing. Gunnar suggested he bring whiskey to Kevin and apologize. Plus invite him to the band’s gig. Will did all of that, but wasn’t able to talk to Kevin at the performance.

Will left in a hurry and Kevin stopped by. Will was finally honest. Kevin suspected, but didn’t know Will was interested in him. Kevin is interested too!

Layla finally came clean to Rayna about Jeff being her manager. Jeff got Layla an opening spot for Jade’s concert. Christina Aguilera guest starred at the pop star who use to be engaged to Jeff. It looks like she hurt him bad. It wasn’t easy for him to talk to Jade. Jeff has done a lot of bad things, but when it comes to Layla, he’s good her career. Maybe Rayna will see that eventually.

Christina was amazing. Her performance was amazing! It was like a Christina concert. And she will be back again next week!

Next week Deacon also gets a liver! Take a look at the promo:

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‘Nashville’ The Hardest Days Seem to be the Longest

Welcome to the family little Barnes-Barkley!

Welcome to the family little baby girl Barnes-Barkley!

Juliette and Avery’s baby is finally here, but we’ll have to wait till next week to see what name fans voted on for the little girl.

Juliette’s hormones were in overdrive this week. She was having tantrum after tantrum. She canceled her baby shower because no one, except her employees, were going to show up. Even Rayna had to cancel. She didn’t think anyone cared about her and blew up at her manager, assistant and even Rayna. When Rayna blew up at Juliette, her water broke.

She thought she was being punished because of the pain and the fact that Avery wasn’t there. He was on tour with Scarlett and Gunnar, but he stopped the bus and got off as soon as he received word that his daughter was on the way. He made it just in time for the birth of their child.

Avery is so grown up now. He’s managing Juliette’s hormones, dealing with Gunnar and Scarlett’s quarrel and not to mention, becoming a father. He’s come a long way.

If only Scarlett and Gunnar could get it together. I still hope that they will find their way back to each other, but it sounds like Scarlett was hurt more than she let on by Zoey and Gunnar’s relationship. It seemed like she accepted their relationship. Gunnar claimed it would have never have happened if she wouldn’t have turned down his proposal. She turned it down because he was in a bad place, but waited for him to come back to her for the right reasons. He moved on to Zoey and now she’s moved on too.

Avery had to leave the two of them to do the next show and told them to work it out. Scarlett decided that meant not talking to him. So Gunnar decided to make her listen through a song and such an incredible performance. I don’t care what Scarlett says, the chemistry is still there, she’s just too hurt to admit it.

The magic is clearly still there between Gunnar and Scarlett.

The magic is clearly still there between Gunnar and Scarlett.

Rayna had a hard night telling her children that Deacon has cancer and then she wakes up to a major crisis to handle. As we saw last week, Sadie shot her ex-husband Pete. The episode opened with Sadie and Luke being interrogated by a detective.

Things weren’t looking good for Sadie. There were no witnesses, she had an unregistered firearm and recently went on TV saying she wouldn’t let her ex-husband get away with what he’s done. The evidence didn’t look good, even though she didn’t shoot him intentionally.

Later in the episode the detective called Sadie to tell her the D.E.A. wasn’t going to press charges and the firearm charge had been lowered to a misdemeanor. I was actually a little surprised that they made a decision so quickly, after they said it was an ongoing homicide investigation.

It turns out Luke lied to the detective and said he was a witness. He told Sadie it was the right thing to do.

Sadie is in a bad state. She told Rayna she has to sort herself out and she’s going home to do it. Luke was surprised to hear she was leaving town. It’s almost like he expected them to act on the feelings before the incident.

Now Luke is being bombarded by press about what his relationship is with Sadie.

While Rayna was dealing with Sadie and Juliette, Deacon was trying to get Maddie to talk to him. She locked herself in Scarlett’s room and called Teddy to come get her.

Deacon was not happy that Teddy showed up. Deacon confessed to Teddy that he has cancer and Maddie wouldn’t talk to him about it. Teddy for once respected Deacon as a father and gave him some good advice, and even talked to Maddie about it.

Maddie finally opened up to Deacon that she’s angry, not at him or anyone, she’s just so angry. Deacon said that her shutting him out would be worse than cancer.

After dealing with Maddie, he now has to face his cancer again. It’s time for him to get an M.R.I. and see if the tumor has grown. I’m really sacred it has.

Maddie made her other father promise he wouldn’t get sick and Teddy tells her he’s not going anywhere. But that’s only if he can cover up his mistakes. He has to get the money for Natasha, so she can leave town or he’ll lose everything. He blackmails Harris to get the money. Can he really sweep this under the rug?

Next week Christina Aguilera is heading to ‘Nashville’! Take a look at the promo:

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‘Nashville’: Rayna Can’t Keep Away from Deacon

They had to fight it out before they could break through.

They had to fight it out before they could break through.

Rayna and Deacon are finally together, but not in the way we all envisioned. They are going to fight this cancer together, even if it’s to the end.

Deacon didn’t want Rayna to stand by him, because he didn’t want her to watch him die. They argued and it was heartbreaking. Rayna broke one of his guitars when he said nothing mattered. She said her heart was broken when he didn’t believe enough in them.

Through everything Ryana never gave up and finally Deacon kissed her! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, just like many other fans. I enjoyed their intimate evening together, but it was short lived. They had to tell Maddie.

For a brief moment Maddie was so happy that her parents were finally together, but then Deacon told her about his cancer and she broke down crying. I wasn’t looking forward to this moment. I’m glad it didn’t last very long.

On a happier note, the band is on tour! Avery is having some separation anxiety. He was constantly calling Juliette to check up on her and the baby. It was so sweet when he sang to the baby through face time though. I’m glad Avery and Juliette are so happy, they deserve it.

Scarlett was having her own anxiety. They were heading to Chicago, to the very arena that she had her breakdown at. It was occupying her mind and bothering her more than she would like to admit. Then Gunnar set the band up on Twitter, most of the comments were great, but some people were really cruel about Scarlett’s breakdown.

She responded to the woman and more people started lashing out. It was awful. Scarlett said she just tried to explain what really happened, but no one wanted to hear it. So Gunnar said she’s probably not saying it the right way and they wrote a song and debut it that night.

The song was amazing! She killed it up there and hushed all the haters.

There was a nice moment between Gunnar and Scarlett, but Caleb came to surprise her. Avery told Gunnar to act quickly if he wanted her back.

Gunnar acted, but he was too late. Scarlett went to see Caleb at his room. Though I think she’s moving a little too fast. It was sweet that Caleb flew up to Chicago after one date, but she shouldn’t sleep with him. Maybe it’s just me wanting Gunnar and Scarlett to get back together. I like Caleb, but he’s no Gunnar.

Will you follow The Triple Xs?

Will you follow The Triple Xs?

Scarlett wasn’t the only one being strong, Layla has come a long way. She had a little moment when she was being jealous over Jeff and a woman he slept with a few times, but in the end, she chose herself.

I think Jeff does care about her, but can he really commit to her? As Layla said, their manager and client relationship works and they should just stick with that.

If Jeff really wants to change, I think he should fight for her. Otherwise he will be right, that he’s got nothing left to lose if Natasha tells the F.B.I. that he was one of her clients. Teddy is determined to take Jeff down with him if he goes down, but Jeff has fallen pretty far already.

Teddy is floundering. He’s working with Lamar’s guy and I think he’s go to dig himself a bigger hole. He’s trying to get a couple $100,000 to set Natasha up, but he has no way of getting the money, so he’s going to do whatever it takes. Even if that means ruining someone else. I can’t believe what he’s become.

Will is another one who has floundered from time to time, but now he’s doing better. He just wrote an amazing song and he reached out to Kevin. He had walked away when Kevin said he didn’t want to work with him because Will was uncomfortable with him. Will went back and told Kevin he may understand what he’s doing  through and Kevin agreed. I’m glad he’s slightly come out to someone else. That’s a start. Maybe he can figure out how to be comfortable with himself in the spotlight.

Sadie took her past and brought it out in the spotlight and it backfired. I knew Pete would come after her. And I knew he would get shot.

It was such a light episode for Sadie. There was a connection between her and Luke and when he asked to walk her to her car, I wish she said yes. He turned up after she shot Pete. She was just trying to protect herself, but it still doesn’t look good. She won’t be able to put this behind her after all.

Next week Juliette’s baby is coming! Take a look at the promo:

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‘Nashville’ Perform at the Grand Old Opry Again

How great was it too see the band perform!

How great was it too see the band perform!

The stars of ‘Nashville’ put on another concert at the Grand Ole Opry and invited Reba McEntire to perform too!

The cast are amazing every week, but they are even better live. Clare Bowen (Scarlett O’Connor), Sam Palladio (Gunnar Scott) and Jonathan Jackson (Avery Barkley) opened up the night with “Borrow My Heart”. These three have great chemistry together. It’s a shame that they won’t be able to perform together on their eight city tour. Sam will only be in New York and L.A. and Jonathan will join the tour in Chicago. 

It would be incredible to see all three of them perform live, but we’ll have to settle with the great performance they put on at the Grand Ole Opry. Their band is just starting to take off on the show. It was such a good idea to open the show with them. I felt like Scarlett, Gunnar and Avery were performing. They brought the great chemistry from the screen to the stage.

Next up came Sam and Clare. I’ve loved these two since episode one. We don’t get to see just the two of them perform too often anymore. It’s a shame they never got signed together. The only other couple to have such great chemistry while singing are Ryana and Deacon. You could even call them this generation’s Ryana and Deacon. There’s still feelings there and I’m still hoping they will find their way back to each other and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

Jonathan had an incredible solo performance. We haven’t seen him perform by himself since his failed record deal. And he’s so much better now. I was not expecting so much soul to come from him. He performs so great with Juliette, Scarlett and Gunnar, that I’d forgotten that he’s a great solo artist too. I think the ‘Nashville’ writers should have him perform by himself more often. If you are in Chicago you will get a chance to his this amazing man perform and hopefully he will have a solo.

Chris Carmack (Will Lexington) and Aubrey Peeples’ (Layla Grant) performance made me very upset that Will and Layla have broken up. They sound incredible together. We probably won’t get to see these two perform together too much. I want to see Layla perform more. She’s a great performer and now that she’s found her sound she’s even better. Bucky is moving her up on the priority list, so I’m looking forward to seeing her sing more often. 

Everyone came back on stage for the finale!

Everyone came back on stage for the finale!

I had no idea that Charles Esten (Deacon Claybourne) had co-written a song. No wonder “I Know How To Love You Now” was so perfect! When I heard the song on the show, I thought it was the perfect song for Deacon to be singing to Ryana.

Charles sang his song with his co-writer, Deana Carter.

Sam mentioned during the behind the scenes parts that he writes in his downtime, so maybe we can hear some original music from Sam soon!

Lennon Stella (Maddie Conrad) and Maisy Stella (Daphne Conrad) are born stars. Lennon looked stunning on the stage and Maisy’s voice is so mature for someone so young. Eventually Rayna is going to have sign her girls, she can’t let all their talent go to waste. 

Chris Carmack (Will Lexington) and Will Chase (Luke Wheeler) should definitely perform more together. And not when Luke is the star of the show. Chris has a great presence on stage just like his character Will. I love the song “If I Drink this Beer”. It’s a great love ballad for men. It’s slightly sappy, but adding the beer part makes it more manly and something guys can relate to. 

The second to last performance Reba came out and and sang, “Going Out Like That”. I’ve never seen her perform before and she almost stole the show. The ‘Nashville’ stars are quite good performers too.

It was a family affair for the finale. Scarlett, Deacon and the Conrad sisters came out and thanked the song writers and sang “Friend of Mine”.

Jonathan, Sam, Aubrey, Chris, Will and Deana came out while they were singing and joined in.

This is a great preview for the eight city ‘Nashville’ tour. Are you excited for their tour yet? I am.

‘Nashville’ returns next week and there’s a lot coming, including Christina Aguilera. Take a look at the promo:

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