‘Nashville’ Review: Does Time Really Change Things?

Juliette announced she's back in a big way.

Juliette announced she’s back in a big way.

If Beverly gives Deacon her liver after taking that money, Scarlett and Deacon are really better off without her.

Rayna spent the entire episode pleading with Beverly to save Deacon. Beverly holds real resentment over Rayna. She thinks she lost her shot at the big time because of Rayna. Which probably isn’t true, she just didn’t have what it takes. As Scarlett knows, it takes a lot.

It was very emotionally watching Rayna desperately try to save Deacon. It hit me really hard when Beverly said, “you save him” to Rayna. She was trying to save him, but Deacon’s own sister wouldn’t lift a finger. Scarlett would have given her liver, but she wasn’t a match, so then she begged her mother. She tried to get Caleb to ruin his integrity. She was doing everything.

It didn’t help when Juliette broke down crying when Deacon told her. It was a very emotional episode and it was looking like Deacon was going to die. But with a million dollar check, I have my hope back. There’s no way Beverly will turn down the money, but will Rayna tell Deacon the truth?

Deacon had a difficult day himself. He walked in on his daughter in a very compromising position. He handled it all pretty well though. I wasn’t so sure about him sending Juliette in, but that was a great idea! She wasn’t going to lie to Juliette and she was able to talk to someone about it other than her parents. Though Rayna will still want to talk to her.

But what is up with Juliette? She can be good with Maddie, but she can’t do it with her own child? Did she forget she had a baby? Who did she think was watching her daughter all day? I was shocked with her telling Bucky to go to hell, but really that is typical Juliette. She had an amazing comeback performance that I’m sure will get everyone talking about her and remembering her. But why can’t she connect with her daughter?

Layla is trying to get noticed too. And I think I agree with Jeff, I don’t like Jade. She’s being such a bad influence on Layla. She was kissing up on some star because people would want to know who she is. That’s not who Layla is, that’s not what he music is about. Her music is pure and meaningful. What’s she’s doing isn’t. Jeff has tried to convince her and now he’s crossing the line. He’s sending out a tweet that’s sure to get Jade kicked her off the tour. But really it’s for her own good. He’s protecting her. But will she forgive him?

Kylie was back and begging for Gunnar’s forgiveness. I don’t like that she’s all of the sudden showed up. Yet another thing to tear Scarlett and Gunnar apart and we know there’s something there. She would have told Caleb who her friend was, if there wasn’t anything there.

Looks like Teddy might get away with his crimes, but what price will he after to pay?

Next week Avery confronts Juliette and it doesn’t look good. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Chicago PD’ Crossover Review: Intelligence Lost One of It’s Own

Nadia stayed strong. She knew Erin and Voight would catch him. They were just too late to save her.

Nadia stayed strong. She knew Erin and Voight would catch him. They were just too late to save her.

This was the best crossover yet! All three shows implemented characters very well. And the case didn’t just start at the end of ‘Chicago Fire’, it really started within the episode.

It all started with a burn victim that had also been rapped. Olivia Benson came to Chicago pretty quickly, because it was too close to cases she worked over ten years ago. The guy was back.

For a moment it looked like the killer could be Jay’s brother, but Will was more than willing to answer any questions. It was Jay that didn’t want his brother to say anything.

It looked suspicious because Will knew one of the other victims and now he’s in Chicago when another murder happened. But Will didn’t do it, so he was fine with helping the police.

They quickly moved on to Yates. Roman and Burgess brought him in claiming his car was involved in a hit and run. He was smart though. He knew what they were really up to.

He asked to meet Erin so he would have an alibi for his next murder. But he wasn’t happy with Intelligence, so he took Nadia.

Yates was a very busy man. He attacked two more women when he arrived in New York. He killed one and the other one had brain damage. Then he went to propose to his girlfriend. She didn’t believe a word the police said.

They had no evidence linking Yates to the crimes. The best case they had was Nadia, so they took him to trial.

It was interesting seeing Voight, Erin and Jay in the court room. We never get to see them when the case is going on.

The case was quite exciting. Yates was smart and knew Nadia use to be an addict and a prostitute, so he waisted no time in painting that picture for the jury. He also claimed she wanted to get out of town because Voight was forcing himself on her. He was creating reasonable doubt. He also tried to pin it on Jay’s brother.

Things were looking bad and Voight wasn’t happy. He voiced his grievances with the lawyer. Olivia seemed to know how to turn the tables. They didn’t really do much, they mostly let Yates paint himself into a corner. But the doctor on the stand did prove that Nadia’s injuries weren’t from multiple sexual partners. Then Yates got really weird. He wanted to know how Nadia felt right before death, or how much she felt and how much she could comprehend what was going on. He showed the jury his true colors and they convicted him.

I was proud of Voight for playing this case by the book, especially seeing one of his own was taken. But he couldn’t leave it without having some words with Yates and terrifying him. You don’t take one of Voight’s and get off the hook. He threatened Yates and made sure he was always looking over his shoulder.

I didn’t even know Voight liked Nadia. Or maybe because Erin cared about her so much, he cared too. But then again he did take care of Roman and he doesn’t exactly like him either. When you are under Voight’s roof, you are one of his.

It was sad that Nadia had be taken when she was planning Erin’s surprise 30th birthday. Not to mention she was so close to becoming a cop. She had really changed her life around. She was one of the kick ass women on ‘Chicago P.D.’ and now she’s gone. She will be missed.

Next week Intelligence has to catch a bomber. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Supernatural’ Review: Cass Pays His Debt

Dean gives Claire a hunting book, to at least prep her for what she's getting into.

Dean gives Claire a hunting book, to at least prep her for what she’s getting into.

Cass has been beating himself up since he discovered he ruined Jimmy Novak’s family after he promised to protect them. He was finally able to make that right.

Claire must have had a soft spot for Cass or just had him there as a back-up, since she had his contact information for her emergency contact. It’s what let Cass back to her and to her mission to find her mother.

Why doesn’t it surprise me that her mother didn’t really just leave her. It is the world of ‘Supernatural’ after all. What looked to be just a troubled teen, turned into an actual case.

Claire’s search had led her to a so called faith healer, but as Sam and Dean have discovered, those don’t really exist.

Dean and Cass went to talk to the man that Claire had found, Ronny. So I don’t completely agree that in this instance the Mark was shinning through. It isn’t the first time Dean has used excess force on a witness and that was even before he had the Mark, but it’s understandable why Cass and Sam were worried.

Sadly Ronny gettting killed gave them more information than just talking to him.

The ‘Supernatural’ writers have found yet another monster to feature on the show. Ten years in and they still come up with new villains. This villain was an angel, but it was a particular kind of angel that we’ve never met before. A rouge one, a Grigori. Cass thought they were all extinct, but apparently not. They pray on humans taking their souls and according to Tamiel, they been doing it since the beginning of time.

He wasn’t an easy angel to kill. He had a different kind of angel sword and he was tough. It took Cass, Sam and Dean fighting with him and then Claire getting a second to strike to take him down.

Claire has had her first monster kill and she seems to like the idea of hunting. Did Sam and Dean make it sound so cool? Or maybe her mother getting killed, like there’s did, is what has made her chose this possible path. Dean tried to talk her out of it, but to be honest, after her life so far, does she have any better options?

The best part of this episode was when Dean and Claire were playing miniature golf. We’ve never really seen Sam and Dean have any fun that isn’t the girls and booze kind. It was strange, but nice to see Dean doing something normal.

Next week Charlie is back and her and Sam are back to saving Dean. Take a look at the promo:

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Joe Carroll Gets a Petition to Bring Him Back

calleighspeedle | photobucket.com

calleighspeedle | photobucket.com

Just after ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ killed off Derek Shepherd and fans started a petition to bring him back, ‘The Following’ killed off it’s legendary serial killer and a petition has popped up to bring Joe Carroll back.

The petition landed on Primetime Addiction‘s Facebook page from a fan this afternoon. The petitioner said: “the writers made an epic mistake, and ultimately, if this mistake isn’t made right, they have killed their own show.”

The petitioner also said: “There is no “The Following” without Joe Carroll.”

The show certainly became popular because of the chemistry between Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy on screen. It’s been a crazy ride, and it’s not really over yet. Joe is still haunting Ryan. So we should still be seeing James for a little bit longer.

The petition has a goal of 1,000 signatures and I’m sure they would need a lot more than that if the network and the writers were to listen. We’ll have to see if fans react as fiercely as the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans have.

Back in October at NY Comic Con, Kevin, Shawn Ashmore and EP Marcos Siega, said the show was going to be different this season, but they promised they would give the Joe and Mark chapter a proper ending.

The big question is can ‘The following survive without Joe? Can Theo take the reigns and be the epic serial killer now?

Of course Mark is still on the loose and Mike hasn’t gotten closure yet, not that Ryan has gotten any closure either.

What do you think, is there a show without Joe Carroll?

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Demand Shonda Bring McDreamy Back

crystal82188 | photobucket.com

crystal82188 | photobucket.com

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans are outraged that Derek Shepherd was killed off. There is even a petition on Change.org to bring back Patrick Dempsey. Sadly for these fans, Patrick is gone for good.

The actor spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his departure and why fans are upset: “I think any time an original cast member has left, there’s always a void that will never be filled. Shepherd is a beloved character. People don’t want to lose him. He’s been in their lives for over 10 years. But it goes on, and it will evolve.”

The petitioner, Courtney Williams, wrote on Change.org: “This is important because you cannot have people invest a DECADE into a character and then you just terminate them like that!”

Clearly she’s never watched ‘Game of Thrones’, granted the show hasn’t been on the air as long as ‘Grey’s’, but the writers know how to tear your heart out.

Almost 90,000 people have signed the petition so far.

Fans weren’t as outraged when Sandra Oh left the show, or maybe that was because she always as the opportunity to make a guest appearance. I understand that fans will miss McDreamy, but I think the petitioner went a little over board when she said:

“It’s like you’ve killed the President of Grey’s Anatomy! The Fans are ready to serve you papers and charge you with the Patriot Act! You HAVE TO BRING DEREK BACK! NOW! IMMEDIATELY! What is Meredith going to do?! What is Zola and baby Bailey going to do!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? Did you NOT think about the kids?!”

It’s sad that we said goodbye to Derek, it really is, but your life will go on and Meredith and her kids story will go on. It will even give them conflict, which is what a story needs.

These are some dedicated fans though. They have stuck with the show a long time and are now fighting for a character they love.

It’s sad when characters we love leave. I’m devastated that Nina Dobrev is leaving ‘TVD’, but these actors have to make these decisions for their careers and their family. I cried when Derek was killed off and I will cry on Elena’s last episode.

For ‘TVD’ it’s hard to picture a show without Elena, the show has revolved around Elena, Stefan and Damon. But for ‘Grey’s’ Anatomy’, the show has evolved to more than just Meredith, Cristina and Derek. I wasn’t sure how the show could go on without Cristina and here we are at the end of another season and the story has been thriving. There will be life in ‘Grey’s’ after Derek.

‘Gotham’ Review: The Conclusion of The Ogre

This was a scary scene. I thought for a second they were killing off Barbara.

This was a scary scene. I thought for a second they were killing off Barbara.

It’s almost sad that Milo Ventimiglia’s storyline has come to an end. I was enjoying his character. His story didn’t end exactly how I was expecting it to. I was expecting someone to end up dead, but not Barbara’s parents. And I definitely wasn’t expecting Jason to turn the tables on Barbara and ask her who to kill.

What was in that water? When she stood in front of her parents she seemed to barely be there. She hardly batted and eye when Jason and Gordon were rolling around on the floor. This was a traumatic experience for Barbara and I almost expected it to lead Gordon back to her, though I’m glad it didn’t. I’m enjoying Lee and Gordon together.

I really enjoyed Harvey going into the Brothel. As he walked in he seemed to fit the part only too well. Till he actually got into the club and he was feeling out of place. Too bad getting Harvey into the club is going to cost Jim a lot, but what will Penguin want in return?

I love Penguin. He’s a genius. Instead of killing Maroni, he sets Maroni on Falcone. He never meant to kill Maroni in the first place, he meant to start a war. No wonder he becomes the villain he does. Oswald is sitting in his club sipping champagne as Maroni and Falcone fight it out to the death, but will they both die in this war?

This leaves a lot of trouble for the G.C.P.D. though. They now have to deal with the shooting war. Usually the police are quick to stay out of it, but I guess because it’s become a full blown war, they have to get involved.

Bruce learned some interesting things this week. I thought that Bunderslaw might have caught Selina stealing his key. It wasn’t really a surprise that the safe was empty. Bunderslaw was waiting for him, to have “the talk” with him. According to him Bruce’s father and grandfather knew all about the illegal activity going in the company. Bruce’s father was against it at first, but came to accept it.

Bruce also got to meet Lucius Fox, the man that will help him with his gadgets when he become’s Batman. Lucius had a different story to tell Bruce. His father was a good man and kept the best parts of him hidden. He was a true stoic. And we start to see part of the origins of Bruce’s playboy public tendencies.

Once again the bond between Alfred and Bruce grows. Selina told Bruce not to tell anyone and he tells Alfred. He tells him the whole truth. And now Bruce’s father goes up on the wall. He’s still determined to better his company, his legacy. It’s incredible watching Batman’s story unfold.

The first season is coming to an end next week. Gordon will fight for the city. Fish is back and Bruce discover’s his father’s secret. Take a look at the promo:

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‘The Originals’ Review: A Great Battle is Approaching

Aiden would have been happy that his best friend and boyfriend pushed him off to the afterlife.

Aiden would have been happy that his best friend and boyfriend pushed him off to the afterlife.

So is Dahlia not the evil witch that Freya painted her to be and how she’s been perceived so far? She wants to protect Hope and help her hone her craft, but without Hayley. It seems Klaus has taken after his aunt. He’ll easily sacrifice Hayley for his daughter.

Maybe if she approached them with the truth to begin with and didn’t want to tear Hope away from her mother, they could have worked all of this out, but now a big battle appears to be on the horizon.

Hayley tried to get away from the Mikaelsons. She said goodbye to Elijah and Rebekah agreed that was the right thing to do, but she’ll be needing Rebekah and Elijah on her side very soon.

This was a twist I didn’t see coming and I like it. Dahlia is more interesting and devious than we thought. Before she was just a powerful villain. Ester broke her heart when she chose Mikael over her, one of the very men that pillaged their village. Ester also turned her back on magic, that is until she needed her sister to help her have kids.

Is there no way that Hope could hone her skills without Dahlia? She is in a city with a lot of powerful witches. So maybe I’m a little biased because I don’t want Hayley to be killed. She’s become such a strong character and she’s becoming a great Queen to her pack.

Her advice came in one of the unlikeliest of places, Marcel. She hasn’t always been on the friendliest terms with Marcel. He told her that she can’t be their Queen and a friend. If she’s willing to let her pack die for her, she has to live with it. Hayley’s been on her own for so long, she’s never had to lead and make those hard decisions.

Her first major decision may not have been perceived well at first by the pack. She invited Josh to Aiden’s funeral. It was great that Josh was able to be there and I was hoping from the beginning of the episode that he would be there. It was very fitting that Jackson and and Josh pushed him off into the water. It was a perfect funeral for Aiden.

Things may be getting very interesting for Davina. Vincent suggests she become the leader of the coven. If she does she’ll have access to the power she’ll need to bring Kol back.

I’m not sure how Davina would be as a leader. Her people are Josh and Marcel and she’s close with Rebekah. Not exactly the people the coven would like her to be close to. I think she’s a great young witch and has a lot of potential, but maybe not ready to take over the coven.

Next week Klaus goes after Hayley. Take a look at the promo:

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‘The Following’ Review: Joe is Nevermore

Joe's last words: "Quoth the raven, nevermore."

Joe’s last words: “Quoth the raven, nevermore.”

Is Joe Carroll really gone? Has his story really come to an end? Well his reign of terror may be over, but Ryan is very much haunted by him. His dreams have become hallucinations and I love it.

You can’t just expect Ryan to let go of Joe, not after everything Ryan had to go through to catch him. He had to get inside Joe’s head and he had to kill a lot of people and lose a lot of people on the way. Ryan really had to get intimate with Joe to catch him and their relationship blossomed into something very bizarre. That messes with your head.

Joe may be haunting Ryan, but he’s gone from the world and this episode gave him a great farewell. He wouldn’t be Joe if he didn’t stop his execution, but he didn’t stop it so he could escape, he postponed it because he wanted Ryan to attend and wanted to make sure  his legacy was in tact. I don’t know what sort of legacy Joe was hoping to leave behind, whether it’s just a memory or if he believes Ryan will carry on his legacy.

Ryan scared me a little bit. He went a little crazy on those prisoners, granted they were ruthless prisoners, but he may have taken it a step too far. He definitely hit the one guy over the head a few too many times, but he did get the hostages out, mostly safely. Fear, adrenaline and fighting for your life can make you go a bit crazy while protecting yourself, so maybe nothing to be worried about, but the hallucinations and drinking are something to worry about.

Joe got to die with the satisfaction of believing Ryan and him are very close, soul mates even. Joe got what he wanted in the end. And left with one finally quote from his favorite author: “Quoth the raven, nevermore.” It ends his time on the show nicely. He was a great villain, one that you actually love and hate to see die. He was ruthless, but charming and he was very entertaining to watch. It’s been great watching Ryan and Joe interact on screen and it was fitting that they had one last episode together.

Joe may be haunting Ryan, but Ryan still has Theo to worry about. Joe was nice enough to give Ryan a clue about Theo before he left. What that clue means is unclear, but that’s one step closer to catching Theo.

Will Ryan be able to take down Theo in his state? Ryan’s always been protective of his family and now we know Theo has a sister. Will Theo’s sister being in danger change up his tactics? Will Theo really try to kill Ryan? Theo finally cracked Strauss’ code, where will the location lead them?

Next week we’ll see the madness in Ryan. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Madam Secretary’ Review: Victory or Mistake?

When 'Madam Secretary' returns will she returns they might the right call or a big mistake?

When ‘Madam Secretary’ returns, will she think they might the right call or a big mistake?

‘Madam Secretary’ has had a great first season. It’s been exciting, mysterious and intelligent. The show makes you think about current political issues by having the Secretary have to encounter what’s going on in the real world. The season finale continued with that theme, but more controversially than most storylines have.

In the season finale President Dalton and the Iranian President signed a treaty, similar to the one that’s in negotiations in real life. In the show parts of the C.I.A. planned a coup in Iran and it almost happened. Elizabeth ended up right in the middle of it.

Now that the deal is signed, Elizabeth is questioning if they did the right thing. It was Jay that made her question everything they’ve done. He was fighting tirelessly to stop the stoning of a gay man in Iran. He came up with the perfect plan of a prisoner swap, but the Iranians wouldn’t sign off on it. They wanted the stoning to happen, because it was good optics.

Jay even got that thrown in his face when he tried to stop the protests from happening outside the White House during the treaty signing. It made him question, what they are actually fighting for? Why are they working with the Iranians?

Now Elizabeth is about to go into interrogate her friend and she’s afraid she’ll realize they made a huge mistake.

She told Jay that she had to weigh a nuclear bomb in the U.S. with that man’s life. That’s a hard choice to make. Even if you think it’s easy to just to pick saving more lives.

In the season finale Elizabeth was also faced with executing her friend and she had to lie to her friend’s husband in the process. Add this to her PTSD, it’s no wonder why she’s having doubts about the deal.

While Elizabeth has proven to be very smart and cunning, she’s also proven to be human. Her C.I.A. training has come in handy to get deals done. ‘Madam Secretary’ has been more of an intellectually exciting show than an action packed show, but it still proves to keep you at the edge of your seat.

This was a very interesting season finale because the mission and conspiracy since the beginning have come to an end. Sure there’s still Juliet to interrogate, but the treaty is signed and she’s in custody.

The cliff hanger doesn’t leave you wondering if someone is going to live or die. It doesn’t leave you wondering if the mission will be completed. It ends with Elizabeth questioning what they’ve been fighting for and it leaves you questioning the deal with Iran. Even if you still fall back on your current beliefs, you probably did question what you think about the deal in comparison to the show.

It’s a shame that younger people don’t watch this show, and I’ve said this before. The demographic for the show is older, but younger people should tune in too. It’s not a play-by-play narrative of what’s going on in politics today, but it does deal with the same issues that are being dealt with today. If you know what’s going on in the world, the show can make you think about it by giving you compelling storylines. If you don’t know what’s going on in the world, the show might prompt you to discover what’s happening. With the Presidential elections next year and the primary race already underway, there’s no better time to know what’s going on and to have an opinion about it.

‘Madam Secretary’ is a great way to introduce young people to politics. You’ve got a strong woman fighting for diplomacy, exciting storylines and real issues.

Here’s the preview for the season finale:

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‘Revenge’ Review: Will Victoria Win the War?

Victoria wasn't going to lose the war. She ended with a big statement and a lastly legacy only a few people will know.

Victoria wasn’t going to lose the war. She ended with a big statement and a lasting legacy only a few people will know.

There’s no official word yet if ‘Revenge’ is coming to an end, but the story seems to be heading in that direction.

Last week Victoria killed herself in Grayson Manor and you knew it had to be more than just a suicide. At first it appeared as if that was all it was, but then Louise and Margaux found forced entry into Victoria’s home and blood. This made Louise immediately accuse Amanda. Then when Amanda couldn’t get a hold of Mason, she gave the cops her car to find finger prints of Mason, they didn’t find any. They found hair follicles and blood, that Mason planted there.

Victoria was working with Mason to make it look like Amanda killed her, just as Amanda tried to do on her wedding night.

I’m feeling uneasy about this ending. While I love that Victoria sacrificed herself to win the war, I wanted Emily to live happily ever after and it’s seeming harder and harder for her to do that.

Jack just found out that Amanda chose him and was going to her, as she’s arrested for Victoria’s murder. Victoria is making her pay for what she did to the Grayson family. Only Victoria started this whole thing with framing Amanda’s father. It just an endless cycle of revenge. When will it stop?

Leave it to Victoria to send a message from the grave. A very poetic one at that. I’m worried that this revenge story will end in tragedy, but was it ever going to end any other way?

This episode was enjoyable as the series presumably plays out to the end, but for a lot of it, it just fell into place. You knew Louise would blame Amanda and it was very predictable that she would make scene at the club. She just did that with Nolan trying to get a confession.

There were some surprises. I wasn’t expecting Nolan to be dumped, because his new boyfriend is getting a baby. That was heartbreaking to watch. Nolan finally gets to move on from revenge and he has the perfect guy to do with it, but it’s just bad timing.

Though it looks like his revenge days are not behind him yet. As soon as he finds out Victoria framed Amanda for her suicide, he’ll be back on the mission. How will he clear Amanda’s name?

I thought it was off that Mason had a cold and I was a little nervous what they would find in Amanda’s car, but she didn’t do it, so what were they going to find? I wasn’t expecting Mason and Victoria to be working together. They are pulling all the Emily Thorn tricks and throwing them in her face.

Margaux and Louise were quick in jumping to murder and now Margaux is fighting back. Do either of them know or realize that Victoria did commit suicide and she framed Amanda? Will they care?

The suicide note was definitely from Victoria, so why are they so quick to jump to murder? Would Victoria have left Margaux a note if Amanda killed her? Louise and Margaux want to believe Amanda did it, they don’t want to see the truth and what Victoria is capable off.

A nice fan moment this week was when Jack found out Amanda picked him. He had no idea that Amanda tried to stop him from leaving. He had a little smile as he realized that he was finally chosen.

Next week Amanda is determined to prove her innocence and believes Victoria is still alive. Take a look at the preview:

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