Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Episode 13

86507-greys-anatomy-fans-can-rest-easy-chief-webber-is-safe-there-he-is-righIt’s been a long wait to find out who April chose, but we finally know, Jackson.

Was there ever really any doubt? Maybe there was doubt in the beginning of the episode when she ran off and we thought they weren’t going to be together. I didn’t see them getting married though. I guess they were right to get married, since now relationships are not allowed.

But what does that mean for Joe and Alex? She’s not ready to get married, but they won’t be allowed to be together if the board passes the rule.

I know that Stephanie was hurt, but she didn’t need to file a complaint. Jackson did a horrible thing to her, but other relationships have worked. Alex and Joe are great together and Meredith and Derek found each other that way too. Stephanie should be angry, but not punish other people.

I was worried at the beginning of the episode that Callie and Arizona were going to break up again, but I think a new house is a good step for them. There’s too many bad memories in that old place.

Shane is having a tough road back. I don’t know if Owen is being right in being so hard or going too far. Izzy made a horrible mistake and she was allowed to come back. But if he’s tough and wants to be a surgeon he will pull through.

I don’t know why Ben didn’t try to transfer to Seattle in the first place. I’m glad he’s done that now. I’m sure Bailey and Richard had a hand in that, not to mention he seemed to be doing great in his other program. Bailey is a lucky woman. She has an ambitious guy, but when it came down to it, he still chose his family.

I wonder if Derek hurting that boy had anything to do with why he became a brain surgeon. Does that mean he won’t be able to be apart of the brain mapping? At least he told Meredith right away. He didn’t try to hide it. If Derek does take on the brain mapping, what does that mean for them? Will Meredith have to cut back on research?

It’s really nice to see Meredith and Cristina getting along again. I hated seeing them fight, but after ten years it was bound to happen. Even Lorelei and Rory Gilmore had their period when they weren’t talking.

We have 11 more weeks of uninterrupted Grey’s episodes. Check out the preview for next week, the no dating rule is implemented:


The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 14

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5I am so relieved that Stefan and Caroline finally figured out that Katherine had stolen Elena’s body. Now they can figure out a way to save her. If only Matt could remember, but he managed to get the message out and Stefan figured it out. Matt is a very brave sole. Nadia could have killed him.

I feel bad for Nadia, all she wanted was some mother and daughter bonding time, but Katherine wants nothing to do with that.

It was nice to see Tyler and Caroline working together. I don’t think he will ever get past her sleeping with Klaus though. I’m still happy it happened. It wasn’t a realistic relationship, but we all have had our bad boy crushes and I think Klaus tops them all. Over on The Originals he’s proving why he’s the evil Mikaelson sibling, granted he got hurt, but Elijah was betrayed too and he doesn’t want revenge on Rebekah.

Someone needs to tell Damon that Elena is not Elena and then maybe he will start fighting. He would do anything to get Elena back. At the moment he feels like Elena has turned her back on him, but she wouldn’t do that. I mean he killed her brother and she still forgave him. He needs that motivation to get through this.

How will they save Elena? Can she be saved? TVD just got picked up for another season and I would not be happy if Elena never came back.

Check out the preview for next week, they try to figure out how to save Elena:

Chicago P.D. Season 1 Episode 6

downloadErin was reminded who she use to be this week and she let it get under her skin. She was going to go to her high school reunion to prove she had become something better than she was, but she has.

She pulled herself up from nothing and now she gets bad guys off the street. She got a rapist of the street this week before he could hurt anyone else. That’s probably a lot more than what her fellow classmates can say.

Voight new something was up with Justin, but I think it was much worse than he could have imagined. What did Justin do? Did he kill someone and how is Erin supposed to get him out of it? I hope Erin calls Voight and doesn’t try to help Justin all by herself.

Kim was a real asset this week. She was a key part of solving the case. I don’t know why she only gets respect in the Intelligence Unit.

I really want Jay and Erin to get together. I know Voight has said no, but they make such a cute couple. They have to get together at some point.

It was another intense episode this week. Every case has been intense so far, but how will the case of Justin being involved in murder be?

Check out the preview for next week, Voight has to choose between his career and his son:

Nashville Season 2 Episode 15

132839GROUPpre-1378848420Rayna’s only memory of her father will now be all the bad he has done. He was involved in her mother’s death and tried to kill the father of her children. Right after she finds out the truth, he dies. That’s a lot of hate and anger to have for someone who is no longer there. I don’t know how Rayna held her emotions in so long.

I don’t think Teddy will ever forgive himself for letting Lamar die. He was so mad at Lamar for taking his wife from him, that he just let him die. Now he’s beating himself up over it. He see’s what it’s done to his daughters and Rayna and he hates himself for it. He wanted Lamar to pay and in that moment he let him.

I love Juliette’s character. She has grown and become so strong. She lost her career and now she is fighting for it, but being true to herself. And she even found time to be there for Rayna and they haven’t had the smoothest of relationships. Juliette has made a lot of mistakes, but she’s learned and is becoming a very strong woman.

Zoey had two big breaks in two days, all because she seized an opportunity. She really is trying to make things happen for herself and it’s great. Gunnar needs to support her more. I’m glad Deacon gave her the chance.

I feel bad for Scarlett though. She’s off living her dream, but she’s so busy she can’t spend time with her uncle. She’s missing out on his success and her friends’ success. So now she’s covering up that hurt with sleeping with Liam. She should have just wrote a song about it. Her friends and Deacon would love to be in her shoes. They always say it’s lonely at the top, and Scarlett is finding that out. Not that she’s at the top yet, but she’s working her way up.

Check out the preview for next week, Rayna is not happy when she finds out about Liam and Scarlett:

Supernatural Season 9 Episode 14

Official-Season-9-BTS-Poster-supernatural-35284426-796-771Sam and Dean do really need to get over this brotherly squabble, as Kevin said his mom is taking a ghost home and they still have each other. They’ve been through everything together, so I don’t understand why they can’t get through this.

The story had a little bit of a happy ending. Linda was saved and gets to say goodbye to her son.

So Crowley was telling the truth, she was alive. I’m not sure how Crowley is going to feel when he finds out she’s gone, but he has no reason to keep her anymore anyways.

Kevin seemed to figure out how to reach them pretty quickly. I don’t know if that has anything to do with heaven being closed or if Kevin is just that good. Metatron said that heaven can’t be opened again though, so will there be a way to open it again?

Cass is a much better leader than that Bartholomew and I’m glad the angels are starting to realize that. Maybe under Cass’s leadership they can figure out a way to open heaven again.

Did Matatron even think about the souls of the people that would die after heaven was closed? The spirits can’t all stay on earth. That would mean a lot of spirits would turn evil and there would be more of them for hunters to take care of.

Check out the preview for next week, the Ghostfacers are back:

The Originals Season 1 Episode 14

OrigianlsKlaus has done a lot of unforgivable things to Rebekah, but  I don’t think Klaus ever thought Rebekah would do the same to him.

For years Klaus wondered how Michael found them in New Orleans, and now he knows, Rebekah had a witch summon him.

While I’m sure Klaus is very hurt, why couldn’t he just let Rebekah be happy? Why couldn’t he let Rebekah and Marcel be together? All Rebekah has ever wanted is to fall in love and live happily ever after, but Klaus stopped her happiness every chance he got. It was alway about what he wanted, not his siblings. So why should he be so surprised that Rebekah tried to take that happiness for herself. But if you did notice she tried to get out of it. She didn’t want to hurt her family.

So where does this leave the Original family? Elijah has stopped Klaus from killing Marcel and making Rebekah suffer, but Klaus will hunt them down, Katherine knowns that all to well. Will Klaus ever be able to forgive them?

Celeste seems to be getting exactly what she wants, brother against brother. Poor Elijah thought that their family was just starting to act like a family again. It’s no surprise really that something else has pulled them apart. Klaus was always daggering someone. But is this the last straw? Will their family be torn apart forever?

Check out the preview for next week, Rebekah and Marcel go on the run:

Hulu Earns Rights to Nashville, All Seasons Now Available

nashville-headerHulu has just earned the rights to make full seasons of Nashville available to Hulu Plus subscribers.

If you are a Hulu Plus member you will now be able to watch all of season one, Variety reported. This is made possible because of a multiyear licensing pact with Disney/ABC Television Group.

According to Variety, Disney is actually one of Hulu’s parent companies. Camcast’s NBCUniversal and 21st Century Fox are also parent companies of Hulu. Variety said: “But Hulu so far has not seemed to enjoy preferential treatment in jockeying for subscription VOD rights against the likes of Netflix and Amazon.”

If you are one of those people that watch shows online the next day you might have noticed that ABC has started restricting next-day access to new episodes. I found this out the hard way when I went onto ABC to watch Revenge. If you are subscriber to a participating pay-TV affiliate or a Hulu Plus subscriber, then you will have access to the latest content. If you don’t have one of the TV affiliates or are not a Hulu Plus member, then you have to wait one week to get access to the new episodes.

Hulu Plus is only $7.99 a month and gives you access to exclusive and expanded content on multiple devices.

Nashville will return February 26th at 10/9c on ABC, but if you are a Hulu Plus member you can re-watch season one while you wait.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Sandra Oh to Star in Film with Melissa McCarthy

tenozan |

tenozan |

If you are beginning to feel sad about Sandra Oh’s departure on Grey’s Anatomy, this might lift your spirits. She will be starring in a film being released this summer, alongside Melissa McCarthy.

Melissa and her husband, Ben Falcone, wrote the film, and Ben directed it.

Tammy is about a woman who hits the road with her grandmother after catching her husband cheating on her and loses her job. Melissa plays the lead role Tammy. Susan Sarandon will play the grandmother and Kathy Bates is playing the grandmother’s lesbian friend.

Sandra Oh News reported that she will play Kathy’s character’s girlfriend.

downloadThe trailer for the film was recently released and does not feature Sandra, it mainly features Melissa.

Tammy is scheduled to be released July 2.

I know fans will miss the heart surgeon, Cristina Yang, but at least Sandra leaving the show does not mean saying goodbye to her, only the character.

Check out the trailer:

TVD’s Paul Wesley is Directing, Premiering Film at Film Festival

AmeliaSwa |

AmeliaSwa |

Paul Wesley’s career is in high gear with a directing debut on the show and a film to premiere and compete at the  2014 South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival.

According to BuzzFeed, Paul will be the first cast member of TVD to direct an episode and it will be episode 18 of this season.

Paul said to BuzzFeed: “It’s an honor and the cast couldn’t be any more supportive, which I feel truly grateful for.”

He had to earn this honor by spending a year shadowing directors, going to meetings and sitting in the editing room, BuzzFeed reported. He actually told the executive producer, Julie Plec, early on that this was something he was interested in doing.

“Directing is something that I’ve been passionate about for a long time [and] I’ve had many, many lessons over the last 15 years and many mentors. But the thing that I have most discovered over the last year is that it is entirely a team effort. Every single person on set, from props to focus puller to director of photography to the actors themselves, is crucial. And everyone is there to create something truly memorable that will be captured on film for eternity. You have to trust in your team entirely and do everything you can to incentivize everyone to be the best they can be,” Paul said to the website.

Stefan will have a role in this episode, so Paul will be acting and directing, BuzzFeed reported. He said that he has a good friend that recently starred and directed a film and that he was on set to experience if firsthand.

Tvd01_1280X1024Could Paul be talking about his upcoming film where Shawn Christensen wrote, directed and starred in the movie? The film, Before I Disappear, will be premiering and competing at the South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival this year.

According to Indie Wire, the film will be competing in the Narrative Feature Competition and is based on the 2013 Academy Award winning short film, Curfew, that Shawn wrote and directed. He will play the leading role Richie, and at the lowest point of his life he gets a call from his sister that he hasn’t heard from for a long time. She asks him to look after his 11-year-old niece, Sophia.

Paul went to Twitter when he found out the good news about his film: “Thrilled that our film ‘Before I Disappear’ will be premiering and in competition at this year’s @sxsw.”

He will play Gideon and in the meantime you can catch him on TVD when the show returns February 27 at 8/9c on the CW. This episode is number 14, ‘No Exit’, so there is a little time before Paul will have his directorial debut, but look for it later this season.

CW Renews The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Originals

MV5BMjA4MjAxNTY1OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjk3MDIwNA@@._V1_SX214_While The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and The Originals are taking a break for the Olympics, news came in that all three shows will be coming back next season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Vampire Diaries will return for a sixth season, Supernatural will be back for a tenth season and The Originals will return for a second season.

The CW president, Mark Pedowitz said in an official statement: “This season we’ve had great success with our new hit series, The Originalspaired with Supernatural, giving us our best Tuesday nights in years. The Vampire Diaries is number two in its time period in the young adult demos, … we now have strong nights on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I’m very pleased to announce early pickups for all five series and let our fans know they’ll have more great drama to look forward to next season.”

images (1)The CW also renewed Arrow and Reign.

The Vampire Diaries is still the CW’s highest rated show and has regularly out performed two of the big four networks, ABC and NBC, this season, The Hollywood Reporter said. TVD averages a 1.8 rating among 18-49 year olds.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, TVD’s spin-off, The Originals, has also seen great success this season. The show is now the network’s number two with a 1.7 rating with adults 18-49. Supernatural has also seen a three year high in ratings. This is the only show left from the WB. If you forgot, the WB and UPN joined forces in 2006. The Hollywood Reporter said that “Supernatural is up double digits from last year”.

TV shows don’t usually get official renewals until May, but it shouldn’t be a surprise that these three shows have been renewed.

the-first-poster-for-the-originalsThe Vampire Diaries hit 100 episodes this season and has been the CW’s top show for a while now and has a very loyal fan following. One Tree Hill had a loyal fan following and although it lacked in ratings, fans were able to keep the show on for nine years.

The Originals took a lot of fans from TVD with it when it previewed the show in season four of TVD, not to mention it’s CW’s number two show.

As for Supernatural, according to, Mark recently said that Sam and Dean will be around as long as they want to be, ” as long as the show’s ratings hold steady” and their ratings are not just holding, but doing well.

Fans should be pleased with this news and can look forward to new episodes after the Olympics. The Originals and Supernatural will return on February 25th and TVD will return February 27th.