‘Gotham’ Review: Let the Rise of Villains Commence

It's a new day in Gotham.

It’s a new day in Gotham.

Season two of Gotham is like a completely different show. All of the characters are in very different places from where season one left off. Gordon and Bullock were demoted down to uniform and Bullock quit and became a bartender. Oswald is the top crime boss and Selina is working for him! It’s definitely ‘a new day’ in Gotham, as Gordon said.

How exactly did Loeb demote Bullock and Gordon? They’re like the best detectives the GCPD have. Of course the whole city is corrupt.

How far down the rabid hole will Gordon go to save his city? He did a favor for Penguin and ended up killing someone in the process. Not that it wasn’t done all for the greater good. Essen is now Commissioner and she’s a much better person for the job. Unfortunately, people had to die to make this possible.

Did we really think that Gordon could stay on the right side of the line while he cleaned up the city? He’s going to have to make some sacrifices if he wants to succeed. This may end up being his new girlfriend Lee. She loves him because he has a very straight moral compass, but he’s not acting like that Gordon.

Oswald will have to be careful. There’s a new man in town and he wants to unleash a bunch of lunatics on to the city. Maybe Gordon will have wished he let go of the badge. We know he won’t, but it looks like a very scary road ahead of him with the Arkham patients that were kidnapped.

Was it just me or did Barbara actually look good in that stripped dress? She was really pulling it off right?

Barbara is a much more interesting character now that she’s crazy. She was so boring before. I’m very excited to see what she ends up doing to the city. Will she go after Lee? She’s got a split personality just like Ed has.

Ed is now talking to himself. He completely snapped. I would have liked to seen more of him in the episode. That was always my complaint last season, we didn’t get enough of the Riddler. I really like his character. If it is going to be the rise of the villains, there should be more of Ed.

Jerome has really gotten my attention. He was briefly in the first season, but he seems to be a main fixture for the second. I’m looking forward to getting to know the Joker more. And not just because he’s an iconic villain.

Bruce was looking so grown up. It’s only supposed to be a month in the future, but that month has totally made him grown. Of course that might have just been everything he experienced last season too.

We are finally in the Bat Cave and his father has left him a message: “You can’t have both happiness and the truth. You have to choose.” Thomas hopes he’ll choose happiness, unless he has a true calling. So this is where Batman begins.

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