Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 9

April loses her faith.

April loses her faith.

We picked up exactly where we left off, with Meredith watching Derek leave. Derek packed his bag and went straight to the airport and Meredith threw away their marriage post note. And as we watched the present, we saw them put their vows on post it in the past. It was a very heart breaking moment, but then Meredith seemed like she was absolutely fine. She interviewed a nanny and went right into surgery, like nothing was wrong. It wasn’t until she sat down and she let it sink in what had happened, that she finally fell apart.

Meredith wasn’t the only one in denial in this episode. April was very much in denial. She can say all she wants that what she needed was to have something she could fix, but no one should be in surgery after they find out their baby has no hope. Meredith was starting to find a little hope in her relationship, but April broke down and lost her faith in the process. Can she find her faith again?

Meredith gains some faith back in her relationship.

Meredith gains some faith back in her relationship.

Dr. Herman was also very much in denial. She had given up all hope and hated Arizona for giving her a glimmer of hope again. But choosing to wait and not let Amelia operate right away is a bad idea. I know she’s desperate to pass on her knowledge, but what about living? Meredith and April finally let their tragedies sink in, but Dr. Herman is still very much in denial.

I absolutely love Bailey. While she wasn’t in this episode very much, she still had some great moments on screen. She desperately tried to get the boy to give her his parents information. Bailey was so frustrated. Then she gave the boy some tough love and he broke. She’s always been great at the tough love. As Alex said, she’s been bugging him and keeping on top of him since the beginning. He says it’s annoying, but nice. But it was also nice seeing Alex tell Bailey it was his call. Everyone has come such a long way. I still remember the first day of their internship and it’s almost hard to believe how far they’ve all come.

Next week Jackson and April will prepare for the test results that will determine their future. Take a look at the preview:


The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 12

The big merge finally happened, but with a big surprise.

The big merge finally happened, but with a big surprise.

For a moment I thought Sheriff Forbes was really gone. We knew it was coming, but even when it appeared to be so, I wasn’t ready for it. Then just as we were settling into the fact that she was gone, she woke up, but I don’t think she’s a vampire, but how did she wake up?

There are very few people Damon cares about and Liz Forbes is one of them. For anyone who says Damon doesn’t have a heart, they would be wrong. He cares strongly for certain people and takes big risks to save them. This was a particularly big risk. He let Kai out to siphon the magic out of Liz. Not entirely a bad idea, but Kai is still a psycho. Was it Damon’s plan to let Liv and Luke merge or did he have something else up his sleeve?

No one could have saw Luke merging with Kai. Luke didn’t know if it would even work, let alone if he would beat his brother. Did Luke believe he was powerful enough to overcome Kai or was he just desperately trying not to kill his sister?

I liked Luke. Granted he got in the way a lot when Liv was trying to help the vampires, but I liked him. I didn’t expect him to die so soon. There’s been a lot of merge talk, but I also didn’t expect it to happen soon.

Now Kai is more powerful than ever and will be the new leader of the Gemini coven. What will he have in store for his family? What will he have in store for Elena and Damon? They’ve come up against some pretty powerful enemies in that past and Kai is more powerful than any of them. At leas he is now, because Luke was a powerful guy. Does this mean Kai can still steal magic, now that’s a scary thought.

I think Caroline is the strongest of her friends. Stefan, Elena and Damon have all turned their emotions off at some point, not that Caroline can’t join them, but for now she has yet to give up. Even now with her mother dying and her making Liz worse, she resorts to doing something she can control, planning the funeral. Not that planning a funeral for your mother, who hasn’t died yet, is what she should have been doing, but dealing with that much grief as a human is hard enough. As a vampire it must be very painful. The point is she could have turned it all off and she didn’t.

Though the hard times aren’t done yet and Stefan will need to be there for Caroline. Sheriff Forbes made him promise.

Elena and Damon finally kiss!

Elena and Damon finally kiss!

There were great scenes between Caroline and her mother and Caroline and Stefan this week. I love Caroline and I like that this storyline gives Candice Accola a lot to work with. She’s trying to deal with her mother dying and whatever there is between her and Stefan is growing with each episode. It’s really great to watch.

And finally Elena and Damon kissed. It turns out just getting to know Damon again and almost losing Liz, made her realize how she felt.

For the last thing, when are we going to get back to saving Bonnie?

Apparently that will be next week. While Bonnie is on the verge of breaking, everyone scrambles to save her before it’s too late. Take a look at the promo:

‘Parenthood’ Reels You In as it Tells the Story of Everyday

parenthood_phood_ad2_www-pizquita-com_0021When I first watched ‘Parenthood’ it didn’t immediately jump off the screen at me. I actually didn’t get through the first episode, but on the second time around I was hooked.

It reminded me a lot of ‘Brothers and Sisters’. These siblings were really close and going through everyday problems. The big difference between these two shows was that ‘Parenthood’ is more grounded in its drama. The writers tell a story of everyday family problems and the characters suck you in.

Lauren Graham (Sarah Braverman) was my biggest draw to this series. I absolutely loved her in ‘Gilmore Girls’. Once again she was playing a single parent, but this time around she was a lot more flawed. Sarah goes through a lot in just one season and there’s so much potential for growth.

Another great thing about this show is the various stages of ‘Parenthood’ these siblings are in. While Sarah is dealing with starting over with her two kids, Adam Braverman (Peter Krause) and Kristina (Monica Potter) are dealing with their son. Max (Max Burkholder), being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. They are also dealing with their teenage daughter (Sarah Ramos) having her first boyfriend.

The two oldest, Adam and Sarah, certainly have a lot to deal with, but the youngest of the Braverman clan also have issues.

Julia Braverman-Graham (Erika Christensen) is a working mother. She’s a lawyer and loves her job, but she also cherishes the time with her daughter. She finds herself competing against a stay at home mother in her daughter’s play group. She wants to be a successful woman and also super mom. This woman also flirts with Julia’s husband, Joel (Sam Jaeger). This makes things complicated, especially since she’s the mother of their daughter’s best friend.

The youngest, Crosby (Dax Shepard), is still doing his laundry at his parent’s house, but his world gets turned upside down when he finds out he has a five year old son.

‘Parenthood’ is finishing up its six season run on Thursday night. If you haven’t checked this great show out yet, you can watch the first five seasons on Netflix.

I’ve only seen the first season and I’m really excited to dive into the rest of the series.

‘Parenthood’ also stars Craig T. Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia as the parents, Zeek and Camille. 

Showrunner Julie Plec Making Directorial Debut

mrsDevilos |

mrsDevilos |

It only took six seasons, but showrunner Julie Plec is now making her directorial debut on ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

According to Entertainment Weekly, she waited so long because she never wanted to direct before.

“I was convinced I would be dreadful at it,” Julie told EW. “I directed a school musical in college and it was being so terrible at directing that made me realize I was such a good producer and that put me on my first career path. [Laughs] Then I had to remind myself that I also thought I would absolutely positively never be a writer because I thought I was a terrible writer for years.”

She also said that she tried writing and found out she actually was good at it. Or “at least intermittently good.”

Julie feels that after all of her years of producing she’s prepared for directing now, EW reported.

She told EW that in television the showrunner gets to call the shots. They choose casting, hair and make-up, art direction and they edit each episode. She also said the producer talks through each scene with the director “in terms of what you want for tone and character journeys and emotion and sometimes even lenses and shots and how you want the camera to move. You can be that specific when you’re collaborating with the director.”

She spoke with the producers and some of the actors about taking on directing.

“Everybody seemed really excited to see what I could do behind the camera. So I’m gonna dive in and see how it goes,” she told EW.

Julie seemed to ease right into the director’s chair.

According to Wetpaint, Candice Accola (Caroline Frobes) took to Instagram posting a picture of herself with Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) and Julie on Julie’s first day directing:

“Girls hang on set with bad ass executive producer, writer, & DIRECTOR @julieplec! #girlpower.”

Julie also tweeted after she finished directing the episode: “For the record, directing is ridiculously awesome.”

According to Wetpaint, Julie directed  “Let Her Go”, season six, episode 15 and she also wrote the episode.

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 11

Dean is having a hard time keeping the Mark in check.

Dean is having a hard time keeping the Mark in check.

Charlie was back from Oz and having problems of her own.

When Sam first spotted a video of Charlie beating an innocent man, he didn’t know what to think. But through it all Dean said there had to be a reasonable explanation for it. Even when reading Charlie’s case file from when she was a kid, and it had some pretty dark stuff in it, Dean believed Charlie to be a good kid.

Dean’s always been the one to go with his gut and Sam is all about his brain and facts. Dean was right in the end. Things had been pretty interesting for Charlie in Oz. The war was bad and Charlie split her self in two to save Oz, the good her and the evil her. In essence the evil her is still her, but we all have good and bad parts of ourselves.

I think Dean fighting evil Charlie was one of the scariest fight scenes to date. Not that it was an incredible fight scene, but just because we didn’t know if Dean would lose control. For most of episode he was eating extremely healthy. I applaud his effort, but how is changing his diet going to keep him form falling off the edge? The one change I thought that was good was that he stopped drinking. Though that was the first vice he almost caved too. He was so close to taking that shot, but then duty called.

Charlie was pretty scarred after this ordeal. Not just physically, but emotionally too. Each part of Charlie had killed someone and Dean came really close to killing her. If Sam hadn’t of intervened when he did, Dean would have probably beaten Charlie to death.

But Charlie being Charlie has forgiven Dean and moved on to trying to save him. Sam saved her and now she’s going to help him save Dean.

It was nice having Charlie back, even if it wasn’t the normal girl that we are use to. We got to learn more about her background and the darkness that’s in her.

Next week we get to see Dean as a teenager, not in a flashback, but when he gets turned back into his younger self. Take a look at the preview:

Gotham Season 1 Episode 13

Fish was one 'tough cookie' this week.

Fish was one ‘tough cookie’ this week.

Gordon hasn’t been back two minutes and he’s already ruffling feathers. I know he wants to save his city, but the depth of corruption is really bad. It’s not going to be easy. As we know from the Batman movies, he still hasn’t succeeded.

I’m not sure if you could call this a win. He was able to arrest the murderer, but he made a lot of enemies by doing so. On the other hand he’s also earned some fear. I’m not sure Gordon knew exactly what he was getting himself into when he asked Oswald for help. He said he didn’t want anyone to get hurt and technically no one did. But he wasn’t there to see the process either. This is new territory for Gordon.

I haven’t exactly been a big fan of Fish, but she is one tough girl. And she also has a little heart too. She is really worried about her right hand man, Butch. He put his life on the line to save her and now he might be dead or at least on his way to dead. There is also a lot more to the relationship between Fish and Bullock. Up to this episode it seemed like she was just his informant, but they seem to be friends.

Bullock is an interesting guy. He’s been at the precinct for a long time and knows a lot about the corruption, he also is friends with people like Fish, but he seems like a pretty good cop. He may not be as straight as an arrow as Gordon, but he’s not a dirty cop either.

It was so nice to see the little Batman back. It’s been a while since we’ve seen him. He so desperately wanted to find Cat, but when he did, it wasn’t what he hoped for. Cat really likes Bruce, but I think she’s scared. I don’t know if she really saw the face of his parents killer, but she doesn’t want to be tied to it anymore. Who can blame her, she’s only a kid. But poor Bruce had to face his first heartbreak. This may be more of what makes him become the man he has to be though. The tears soon turned into determination.

I really like Oswald’s character, but his storyline was a little predictable this week. Not that he knew that Fish escaped, but it was a little early to be celebrating. He is a double agent after all. There really isn’t a good time to get drunk on champagne when you have to keep your cool.

Next week starts a two night event where Gordon will go after a new threat. Take a look at the preview:

State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 10

The President and Charlie are having a little pre-celebration.

The President and Charlie are having a little pre-celebration.

At the beginning of ‘State of Affairs’ I wasn’t the biggest fan of Nick, but the more we’ve got to know him, the more he’s growing on me. He’s really deep in enemy territory and by the looks of it, he’s not coming out of it. If he makes it out alive, he’ll have to answer to for the things he’s done along the way. It’s not easy gaining the trust of a terrorist to defeat the terrorist. And Nick is working hard to see the op succeed.

On the home front Charlie has her own problems to deal with. They may have taken down seven young people tied to the terrorist group and found their bombs, but it turns out the professor was one them all along. The FBI and the CIA couldn’t see through him.

Gantry knows a little too much about the CIA and I’m not sure what he wants to do to the agency. He certainly wants to do something. And Kurt has the information for him do to it. Will Kurt give it up?

I thought there might be a little more to Senator Green and Marshall. I didn’t understand why Patyon had gotten so mad before. Marshall was just seeking answers about his son. Payton couldn’t give them to him because they were highly classified. It’s not easy being married to the most powerful person in the country. There will be sometimes when they can’t tell you everything. So it turns out he slept with Senator Green. There has been this tension between the President and her husband, especially when it came to Senator Green. I just didn’t know what it was. But if she’s going to hold her presidency together, they will have to work out their issues.

Next week Charlie and her team have to work fast to stop the attack. Take a look at the preview:

The Originals Season 2 Episode 11

A great flashback for Marcel to WWI.

A great flashback for Marcel to WWI.

I’ve been a fan of Marcel for a while now and this was a great episode for his character. We learned a lot about him and just how strong he really is and just why he was able to keep things in New Orleans going so smooth for so long. He’s a great leader.

Marcel was able to hold his vampires together, even through hallucinating from werewolf venom. That is pretty impressive. We’ve seen the affects of a werewolf bite plenty of times before, and it’s never pretty.

But where did Finn take Marcel and his vampires? I think Klaus should be a little bit more worried about Finn ripping the secret from Marcel than Hayley telling Jackson. I believe Jackson would keep their secret. Marcel on the other hand doesn’t really have a choice. We saw Davina erase all the compulsion from Cami and Finn is a lot more powerful. I actually think it wouldn’t hurt to have a few more people protecting the baby. Finn will be a tough one to beat.

From time to time Elijah has done some bad things. He’s threatened Elena’s life and then apologized for it. He was always the one in the originals family that you could trust. Now the bad deeds of his past are haunting him, but doesn’t that still mean he’s noble Elijah. He’s done some horrible things, but he feels remorse for them. Unlike Klaus, who feels remorse for very little.

It was a smart move on Elijah’s part though. Between him and Klaus they broke Finn’s spell. He may have had to confess to some hard truths, but in the end he freed them.

What will Jackson do when he learns the truth? What secrets is Jackson hiding? As Hayley said though, some secrets are not her own. The one she so desperately wants to hide is a shared secret. But what will Klaus do now that he knows that Hayley will tell Jackson?

Next Monday Klaus is on a mission to protect his secret and Finn is determined to find out what that secret is. Check out the preview:

Paul Wesley’s Second Take at Directing is a Success

Caroline brings her mother false hope.

Caroline brings her mother false hope.

Paul Wesley took his second go at directing and there was a lot going on, but very little Stefan.

The Kai situation took a lot of the episode. Kai was torturing Elena and Alaric and Liv were helping Jo try to prepare to face Kai. Then Damon was trying to save Elena.

I absolutely loved the torture scenes with Kai and Elena, not that I like seeing Elena suffer, but I thought Paul did a good job. Kai is coming off as such a likable villain. I just thought the way these scenes were shot were great. Kai’s just casually talking to Elena in the Grill and in the school. Paul got the right close-ups, Kai was always so calm and Elena actually had fear in her eyes, which doesn’t happen too often for vampires.

It was thought that this might be a great episode for Caroline and Stefan, since the last one was great for Elena and Stefan. There wasn’t too many Caroline and Stefan scenes, but their last one made up for it. He just held her hand and was there for her. There was definitely that moment when you thought maybe they would kiss, but it wasn’t time yet.

My other favorite scene was between Caroline and her mother at the end when she gives her mom her blood. Even if it wasn’t flashing back and forth to the patient dying, it was still a very good scene.

Paul has a good eye for catching great moments between characters. Not to say that the action wasn’t good, but the best moments in this episode was the ones between two characters and the moment they were sharing.

Revenge Season 4 Episode 14

Nolan saving his bride kind of took center stage this week.

Nolan saving his bride kind of took center stage this week.

Emily got the chance to become Amanda again and she really gave it some serious thought. But in the end she can’t go back to being Amanda Clarke after being Emily Thorn for so long. Eleven years is a very long time to take on a different identity.

Though Emily may not have much of a choice if Margaux chooses to release the video of her and Jack talking about what happened to FBI agent Kate. Would Margaux really tarnish Jack’s name like that? That may be even more than tarnishing his name, that may put him in jail. She looked undecided in the moment, so we’ll have to wait and see what she decides.

I was definitely not expecting Emily to go to Ben in the end and kiss him. The worst part about it was Jack seeing it. I guess the writers are wanting another love triangle in the show, now that Aiden is gone. They don’t want the audience just to assume that Emily will end up with Jack.

The one thing I really liked about the Lolan storyline this week was how it reflected Nolan’s character. He has complete faith in people, even when they don’t have faith in themselves. But I’m still asking the question, what is the point of this storyline?

It was nice to see Emily back in action again. She got Louise to remember what happened all those years ago and Nolan was back at his best with uncovering hidden documents. Nolan and Emily are always a great team.

It’s nice to see Victoria back to her old ways. It seemed so strange for her to back down from clearing Daniel’s name. I mean she hates to lose. But she took her defeat gracefully and now she’s back to being Queen of the Hamptons. A little rocky start, but she’s using her knowledge and power to grow her foundation in Daniel’s name.

Who is Natalie? She seems to know Victoria. And who was that call from at the end? They said there was a death in the family.

Just a little note. Did anyone notice Margaux’s glass during the reception? Every time the camera cut it was at a different level.

‘Revenge’ will be back March 8 and Jack will finally confess how he feels about Emily. Take a look at the promo: