‘The Originals’ Season 3 Promo is Here!

The Originals season three promo is here and appears to be all about Klaus.

Klaus always says he doesn’t want to be alone, but he loves acting alone and he loves to be feared. He may or may not be feared in season three, but he sure wants people to fear him.

Everyone seems to be alone. The only one that seems to be talking to anyone is Cami. And as we know from Comic-Con, Cami is now Klaus’ therapist. How many years of therapy will it take Klaus to over come a 1,000 years of emotional scars?

We do get to see a little glimpse of Elijah and he’s feeling pretty indestructible, by saying they can’t be killed.

Hayley appears in two clips, I wonder how long till the cures will be lifted from her?

Freya is only seen at the very end of the promo, saying they’ll all fall. This really disappoints me. She’s supposed to be a series regular this season, so I’m expecting to see a lot more of her.

This promo doesn’t really tell us much of what’s going on. Just that there’s a lot of family drama going on, but when isn’t there with the Original family?

There is a brief mention of a war brewing between the sire lines, but we don’t really get to see too much of that. We do get to see a little clip of Hayley fighting and guns pointed at Elijah, but unless it’s a special kind of gun, it’s not going to do much to him.

What actually worries me is the blood coming from Davina’s eyes. Is she still trying to bring Kol back? We know she wasn’t going to give up. She’s got more power now being the Regent, but can she handle that power?

Even with the promo telling us very little, I’m still very excited for this season. We know a lot of what’s coming from Comic-Con, so the promo gives you a little visual for that.

My guess is that they don’t want to give too much away, or maybe that’s just my hope. We know there will be a lot of flashbacks and this promo doesn’t show any of that. So there’s a lot to look forward to and this promo is really just a tease.

The Originals will return Thursday, Oct. 8 at 9/8c pm on The CW.


‘The Originals’: More Claire Holt in Season 3

crazzygirll1 | photobucket.com

crazzygirll1 | photobucket.com

I have some very good news for Rebekah fans, we’re going to get to see a lot more of her in season three.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Julie Plec said we are going to get see a lot of Claire Holt in the beginning of season three through flashbacks.

“One of the stories that we’re telling is that first 10 years of being a vampire after [the Originals] fled their raging father and their mother, and how they became the cultured, posh, fascinating people that they are today. And that’s how we introduce the Trinity: through that flashback storyline,” Julie told EW.

We are going to find out who Rebekah sired and how she sired her first vampire. Then jump forward to present day and she’s in just as much danger from the Trinity as her brothers are.

Julie also noted that the these vampires won’t bring the Originals together, but actually tear them apart even more, because you kill one Original and the entire line dies.

Elijah and Klaus are already at odds, so it won’t actually be that hard to tear the siblings further apart.

I’m so happy to know that Claire will be playing Rebekah again. She was my favorite Original from the beginning. Now she does have some competition though, because I’m loving Freya. Not that I can’t have two favorite Originals.

I like Cami and Hayley, but I was upset when Rebekah left because I didn’t like there just being male Originals. I wanted more females on the show. That’s why I was so happy when Freya showed up, but now it’s even better having Rebekah and Freya. This should make for a great third season.

The Originals will return Thursday, Oct. 8 at 9/8c pm on The CW.

‘Supernatural’ Gets Very Dark for Season 11

Dean was saved at the end of season 10 and it looks like Sam will need saving now. Can these boys ever not need saving?

Supernatural always amazes me at the new storylines and just how good the show continues to be after 10 seasons.

The season 11 promo looks very different from anything we’ve seen before. They’re dealing with a very new enemy, a very old enemy. This looks like the darkest Supernatural has ever gotten and it seems fitting, since they are dealing with the darkness.

What happened to Sam after the darkness was unleashed? He’s got black veins and blood coming out of his eyes in the preview! Is this because of the darkness or something else? The promo has me very worried about Sam. Looks like Dean will be returning the favor very soon.

In the moment Sam and Dean always do anything they can to save each other and then deal with the consequences, but they always feel guilty afterwards. Is it really selfish to do anything you can to save your brother though?

This time Sam is feeling so lost, he’s asking God for help, but he really hasn’t been much help to this point. So what does Sam think God will do for him?

Dean looks to be beaten a little in this promo, but he’s just doing the job. So maybe we can relax a little bit over Dean.

We can now confirm that Crowley is alive! I knew he would be, but it’s nice to know for sure. And he shows up quite a bit in the preview, which makes me very happy. He doesn’t have too many lines in the promo, but with his one line, we know his wit is back for another season: “terrible name by the way.”  I can’t wait to see more of my favorite villain.

Cass has a big part in the promo as well. Hopefully we will continue to get the bromance between Dean and Cass and Dean and Crowley.

I think Sam needs a character to have a bromance with other than his brother. I don’t see Sam and Crowley partnering up anytime soon. The only reason Sam is alive is because Crowley has a weak spot when it comes to Dean.

Whoever made this promo, ended it with just the right touch, with Dean answering the phone, “Ghostbusters.”

It looks like were in for a roller coaster of a ride for season 11. Lets hope there are some light and funny episodes in between the intense ones, so we can catch our breath.

Supernatural returns Wednesday, October 7 at 9/8c pm.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season Seven Promo is Here!

If you weren’t already excited for season seven of The Vampire Diaries, take a look at the promo and prepared to feel a little better about having no Elena this season.

We’re about to encounter a very different kind of enemy. An enemy that the gang is making deals with and since when did they start making deals with their enemies? There’s always some sort of plan to take the enemy down, even if the plan never usually works out well.

You were never supposed to be a vampire and a witch, but these were special witches. We saw how evil Kai was and now there’s more of them!

If the action and the heritics taking over Mystic Falls isn’t enough, we get a little peek at Steroline kissing! So we know we don’t have to wait long for this couple to start blooming. Of course I hope there’s a lot more than this one kiss to look forward to.

Plus Damon is back to his old ways. Not that I didn’t love Damon with Elena, because I did. But he’s sexy and naughty again and never likes to play by anyone’s rules.

Caroline and Kat are the only two leading ladies this season. Kat is ready to fight back and Caroline is seen kidnapped!

With more screen time for these to lovely ladies, I hope they get really good storylines. Kat hasn’t had a very good storyline because she’s been trapped in another dimension, but now she should get a killer storyline. She’s very powerful and I’m sure she’s still angry at what happened with Elena.

I’m most looking forward to more Caroline and the progression of Steroline. Caroline has always been my favorite female character and I was always disappointed when she wasn’t in an episode. Now is the time for the writers to utilize her more.

I love Damon too, so I’m looking forward to sexy, naughty Damon. October needs to get here quicker.

What are you most looking forward to when TVD returns?

No End in Sight for ‘Supernatural’

f8bb89305b0c03cc751b797240e080dfI thought season 1o would be the last for Supernatural and then here we are getting ready for season 11. Now the CW announces there is no end in sight for the Winchesters. How long can this show possibly go on for?

At the Television Critics Association summer press tour the CW President Mark Pedowitz said: “If the numbers hold and the [producers] want to do it, we’re in. We’re very excited that the guys want to keep on doing it. They bring fresh enthusiasm every week.”

Supernatural could go on past the 11th season if the devoted fans keep watching and the boys keep wanting to come back.

How long can the story go on for? We’ve been to hell, heaven and purgatory, battled demons and angels and lots of other monsters. We’ve also lost many beloved characters. Now we have a new evil to battle in season 11 and we just keep on going.

I really enjoyed Dean turning into a demon and wish he could have been a demon a little bit long. It was fun watching him deal with the mark and Sam trying to find a cure. I’m very excited for season 11 and I’m hoping for a lot more Crowley.

I want to keep enjoying the boys, Cass and Crowley, but I don’t want the show to go on past its prime.

Do the writers and producers have any idea how they want to end the series? Is everyone going to end up dead or will the boys actually get live happily ever after? I guess the ending depends on what happens between now and then and how long the show goes on for.

When the show does come to an end, I hope the network gives the writers plenty of notice or the producers decide it’s time to end. I’ve been watching Sam and Dean since day one. That’s 10 years out of my life and I’m about to dedicate another year to the Winchesters. After spending that much time with Supernatural, I want there to be a proper ending.

Here’s to another great season of Supernatural!

How long do you think the show should go on for?

New Faces for ‘TVD’ and ‘The Originals’

the-vampire-diaries-season-6There will be a lot of new faces on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals when the two supernatural shows return in the fall.

There are two more heretics joining the female heretics, Valerie, Nora and Mary Louise.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Justice Leak (Powers) will play Malcolm, who doesn’t like to be told no. He’s the eldest of the heretics and is described as the golden child. EW said: “But when he’s alone, he has the sneering, aloof air of somebody who’s been alive a very long time—with no fear of death.” Justice will make his debut on TVD in the season seven premiere.

Jaiden Kaine (Zoo) will play what sounds to be a very interesting character, Beau. He’s described as a “scary, solemn and dangerous man,” according to EW. His vocal cords were slashed and he can’t speak, but makes up for it by being very powerful. He’s also very loyal to his heretic family. Jaiden will also make his debut in the season premiere.

TVD is getting more new characters besides the heretics. Tim Kang (The Mentalist) will play Oscar, who has a surprising connection to the Salvatores, EW reported. He’s been living a Zen lifestyle off the grid for months. All of this ends when a “supernatural intervention turns him into a feral killer.”

Todd Lasance will join the cast to play Julian, a feared and legendary immoral. It sounds like Damon may have some competition next season. Julian has a “reputation for excelling in earthly pleasures.”

Depending on who you ask, he’s a creep or full of charisma. He’s always on the run leaving chaos behind him and attracts a lot of dangerous followers. He only fears being forgotten, which is unlikely.

Todd and Tim will make their debuts in episode three.

The Originals is also adding three new faces for season three.

Lawrence Kao (The Walking Dead) will play a handsome and stubborn witch, Van. He’s always stayed out of the coven’s politics, but after tragedy strikes he finds himself sucked into the war. Lawrence will first appear in episode two.

Oliver Ackland (Satisfaction) will play a vampire who has a complicated history with the Originals. Tristan was born into wealth and power, which has inflated his ego. EW said: “With those he loves, he can be equal parts warm and caring, obsessive and co-dependent. But with his enemies, he is cruel and completely merciless.”

Oliver will also appear in episode two.

The Originals is also getting another female character: “a beautiful and enigmatic vampire.” Rebecca Breeds (Pretty Little Liars) will play Aurora. She likes to draw men to her, but she can also kill those same men without even thinking about it. Rebecca will make her debut in the season premiere.

Which new character are you most looking forward to meeting?

TVD  and The Originals return back to back on Thursday, October 8, 8/7c  on the CW.

‘The Originals’ Cast ‘Veronica Mars’ Star as Vampire Hunting Detective

Kristen_Bell | photobucket.com

Kristen_Bell | photobucket.com

Calling all Veronica Mars fans, Jason Dohring is heading to New Orleans to hunt vampires.

The Veronica Mars alum who played Logan Echolls on the UPN/The CW just signed on for a recurring role on The Originals, The Hollywood Reporter said.

Jason will be playing Detective Will Kinney that THR described “as smart and confident with a very clear sense of right and wrong, who is out to bring the forces of evil to justice.”

Will doesn’t know what’s going on in New Orleans, but he has his suspicions.

It doesn’t sound like Jason will be playing a bad boy like Logan, but it should be nice to see him in a new role and going up against the Mikaelsons. He’s going to have to be a pretty tough cop to go up against the original family. Or could he be teaming up with them?

Jason will make his debut in the season three premiere.

At the San Diego Comic-Con executive producers Julie Plec and Michael Narducci told fans that the vampires the Mikaelson’s first sired will be coming to town with “an ax to grind.”

So the Mikaelson family will have more than one enemy to worry about in season three.

Get ready to meet the new detective and the sired vampires when The Originals returns on Thursday, October 8, 9/8c on the CW.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Casts the Three Female Heretics

il-logo-della-serie-the-vampire-diaries-186328We may have lost Elena last season, but we’re getting three more ladies this season on The Vampire Diaries and they’re all villains!

When we left off in season six, Lily was being reunited with her family, the heretics. We are going to get to personally meet these vampire-witches in the season seven premiere.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Elizabeth Blackmore (Legend of the Seeker), Scarlett Byrne (Falling Skies, Harry Potter) and Teressa Liane (Neighbours) have signed on for recurring roles on TVD.

Elizabeth has been cast as Valerie. Variety said she’s having trouble adjusting to life in Mystic Falls and doesn’t follow Lily’s plan. She’s very revenge driven and starts “a dangerous chain of events that will change Mystic Falls.”

Scarlett will play Nora, who’s a cute tomboy with “a sly sense of humor,” Entertainment Weekly said. Nora is not interested in coexisting with the residents of Mystic Falls. She’s more interested in wreaking havoc on the city.

Nora will team up with girlfriend Mary Louise, played by Teressa. She’s girly and feisty, but she also “has a strong point of view which she isn’t afraid to express, with equally strong magic,” EW reported.

During the San Diego Comic-Con executive producer Julie Plec described the new villains as “nasty, nasty, nasty girls.”

“The challenge for the writers for season seven is constantly topping the villain from the previous year and we thought Kai was one of the best villains we ever had on the show,” executive producer Caroline Dries said at Comic-Con.

“So by bringing in Lily’s family it’s these six villains who do magic and their vampires. It’s the first time we ever see our characters try to go up against them and just kind of react and be like ‘oh we don’t know what we’re doing, This is very, very, very hard.’ So It’s going to be really exciting, gruesome and violent when we start,” Caroline added.

Get ready to meet these three scary ladies when TVD returns Thursday, October 8, 8/7c on the CW.

‘The Originals’ Comic-Con: Everything You Need to Know About Season 3

fdc762638e98a037b63ee3352422c210Executive producer Julie Plec was nice enough to give fans of The Originals at Comic-Con a little taste of what’s to come in season three. She brought a video that recapped the first two seasons and introduced three new villains at the end.

We were supposed to meet these villains at the end of season two, but Julie said when they saw the season finale they thought it was better to end on Klaus’s emotional moment. “Sort of just t-ing up there were new enemies to come.”

Executive producer Michael Narducci said they’ve discussed how the Mikaelsons have been around for thousands of years and have probably sired vampires along the way. We know that when an original vampire dies, their sire line dies with them. Season three will be about what those vampire’s perspectives are about the continued existence of the Mikaelson family.

When we left the Mikaelsons in season two, they had just gotten rid of their parents and aunt. “Now they get to experience what it’s like to be so called parents themselves of the first line of sired vampires. So the children are coming to town with an ax to grind,” Julie said.

Not only are there new enemies coming, Klaus and Elijah are very estranged at the moment, but they still have to work together to take care of little Hope.

Joseph Morgan (Klaus Mikaelson) thinks that when The Originals returns that Klaus will be a bad father.

“I think he kind of knows he’s messing it up, but he’s trying at least. You gotta give him that. Even if he’s warping the mind of his young daughter before she’s uttered even a syllable,” Joseph said.

While Klaus and Elijah will try to take care of Hope despite their differences, Freya will also be there to help take care of the powerful baby.

Riley Voelkel was a new addition to the cast this season and Michael said, “Riley owned it.”

“She felt to me like a Mikaelson right form the beginning. Very strong, very intense and 25% bat s–t insane and a very, very great addition to the family,” Michael added.

Julie said Riley just fit right into the cast and they really wished she could of come with them, but she was at home in Atlanta with her mom.

There has been a lot of new additions over the first two seasons, but not all of them have stuck around.

“A typical day we’re sitting there thinking about how much we love our actors and our cast is phenomenal. We’re just kind of chilling out and then the angel of death walks in and says, ‘I feel like killing off so and so’ and then we figure that out,” Michael said, as he looked at Julie.

“They have a big roulette wheel with all of our names on,” Joseph said.

“I do. I do,” Julie joked.

Julie said the best death scenes are the ones they don’t want to do. The ones that hurt.

Julie was originally determined not to kill off Aunt Jenna from The Vampire Diaries, but then someone presented Jenna’s death in a way that was so terrible, she loved it.

There are other times when an actor wants to leave.

“Just from a logistical point of view, Daniel Sharman, who was so wonderful as Kol,” Julie started to say and the crowd screamed.

Daniel got a new job, so they had to write him off. Julie did say we will see Kol again next season, this time as Nathaniel Buzolic. We’ll even see him right away in flashbacks.

Davina isn’t going to stop trying to get her boyfriend back.

Danielle Campbell (Davina Claire) thinks Davina and Kol had a special connection, which is what made them able to do so much magic together. He’s the first person who’s understood her and is very important to her.

Davina has changed a lot in only two seasons.

“I think as an actor, I love it. It’s what you really want. I’ve gotten to experience so many different arcs and I’ve really gotten to grow with the character,” Danielle said.

Cami has gone through a lot of changes since The Originals started too. She came back to New Orleans not know anything about the supernatural world and now she’s the last remaining legacy of her family. And she has a very complicated relationship with Klaus.

Leah Pipes (Camille O’Connell) said Cami saw her twin brother plunge into darkness and she sees that darkness in herself. She also may see some of that darkness in Klaus that she’s repressing.

“I think there is an untapped darkness in Cami that we potentially will be seeing some of,” Leah said.

“I think that at the same time Klaus sees that darkness in her and sees someone highly intelligent who’s vulnerable and human and fragile. And yet sees him with sympathetic eyes and looks at him not as a monster, but as a complex soul. That’s something that he doesn’t necessarily get all the time and doesn’t necessarily think he deserves completely. So there’s some attraction there,” Michael said. 

“She sees the good him,” Leah added.

“Yeah, perhaps,” Michael replied with a hint of a laugh.

“There’s silence in the audience. No one liked that,” Leah said and the panel laughed.

There’s a lot of powerful ladies on The Originals and we should hopefully see some great scenes with all of them together in the coming season.

“There’s a good faction of writers in our writers room who really believe that the female relationships and friendships are as strong and as important to the show as the supernatural stuff and as the bromance and the romance. They fight really hard to find ways to put characters together. We figure out ways to develop those bonds,” Julie said.

The big romance on the show is Hayley and Elijah of course.

“He’s going to be holding a lot more coats out in the wilderness for her,” Daniel Gillies (Elijah Mikaelson) said.

“The coats are going to become exponentially smaller and smaller. It’s just going to be a tiny jacked. Just going to be a thong. Not even. A false mustache. He’s kinky,” Daniel joked.

Daniel got serious and said that Elijah has “monumental patients and I think he’ll just wait it out,” he said.

He said Elijah will always be there for Hayley when she needs him.

Joseph interjected: “Though his patients with Klaus has run out.”

“Well that’s a thousand years of it. He’s only had like what, two years,” Daniel replied.

“I think he’s going to remain devoted to her through whatever. And to the child,” Daniel added.

When Charles Michael Davis (Marcel Gerard) was asked about his character’s failed relationships he replied: “Wait, we’re talking about my personal life now?”

He hopes that Rebekah will come back in any body.

“You say that now and then she shows up, ‘Hello Marcel. I’m finally back in my new body. 86 years old. Give us a kiss, you devil you,” Joseph said in a fake old lady voice.

Charles joked and said he liked were this was going and Joseph said he would be playing the part “in a sort of Monty Pythonesque” way.

All fans constantly want to know when the next crossover will be. Michael isn’t such a fan of crossovers. He said he’s a producer and writer on The Originals, so he has his own characters to focus on. Then he waits “for my fearless leader to tell me, actually Mike, I have The Vampire Dairies and The Originals and we’re going to do a crossover with both of them and we’re going to bring in the people from Containment too, because I am God,” Michael said.

“And there you have it,” Julie concluded.


The cast were able to make a wish for their characters:

Leah Pipes:

I’m a human, so I just want to stay alive.

Phoebe Tonkin

I think my wish for Hayley would be that Hope can live a normal happy existence. I think that’s what she would want the most.

Daniel Gillies

I think for Elijah I would want, other than his girlfriends not being incinerated. (“Oh, come on,” Joseph said.) I’m saying I’m not letting that go easily. I’m actually wishing for something dark. Sort of would wish for a great division between the brothers before conciliation. (“So that’s how it’s going to be?” Joseph said.)

Joseph Morgan

I wish everyone would just do what Klaus says because he’s always right. He knows what he’s doing. It’s for the greater good. Come on, get on board with his plans and everything will be alright in the end. Not everyone will be alright in the end, but everything will be alright in the end. (Crowd laughs.)

Julie Plec

I just destroy wishes.

Charles Michael Davis

I wish Marcel would crossover. (“Whoa,” Julie said.)

Danielle Campbell

Davina’s a witch and I think it would be really cool if she could fly. So whether it’s a broomstick or something else. I still think it would be really cool.

Yusaf Gatewood

Mine’s pretty selfish. I hate shaving, so I wish we could work something out so Vincent can grow a huge beard. (“No, we can’t” Julie answered.)

‘Supernatural’ Review: Does Anyone Survive?

Once again a Winchester was stopping at nothing to save his loved one.

Once again a Winchester was stopping at nothing to save his loved one.

Ten seasons and this was the craziest season finale of ‘Supernatural’ yet.

I am so thankful the CW renewed the show for another season, because I could not live without knowing if any of the characters survive! Who knows what that darkness did to Sam and Dean when it hit them and Cass is in the process of killing Crowley! This is just all bad! All the main characters left are in peril and now we have to wait all summer to find out their fate. This is the reason, I hate summer.

Sam is always going to save his brother no matter what. He goes to some pretty serious lengths to protect his brother. I was waiting to see how far he would go this week and he almost gave up his life to save Dean.

That really surprised me. Even in Dean’s darkness moments, I would never have guessed Dean would give up Sam’s life. Fortunately, it was all just a trick to kill Death. But why kill Death? What good did that do? I’m a little confused about why he killed Death. The visit from Death did teach us what would happen if Sam succeeded in removing the Mark, the Darkness would be released. To be fair Sam didn’t know that would happen and the spell was already in motion, so Sam couldn’t have stopped it. He did tell Cass to do the spell no matter what.

Could Rowena have gotten out of those chains the whole time or did the spell supercharge her magic? She’s been alive a long time, so I knew she was powerful, but I never expected her to be this powerful. We have two evils to worry about next season, Rowena and the Darkness.

I’ve always been the person who likes later seasons in series. I like when we know the characters and the writers can really have fun with them, like Cass and Crowley working together. You don’t see this much. I love these two guys. They have such great one liners and they are such fun characters. They are two characters I want to see until the end of the series. So the writers better not be writing either of them off the show.

Dean has been getting worse with each episode, but this week he hit rock bottom. He was so insensitive with people he was questioning, with the police and even just stood their and let a fellow hunter die. The Mark had taken hold. He then trashed his motel room. Things were not looking good. He wanted to die, unfortunately, but fortunately for us, he can’t be killed. I really thought he reached rock bottom when he was willing to let his brother die. I just couldn’t believe Dean would do that. It was just a cruel little joke the writers were playing on us.

But now what? The Mark is gone and the consequences seem severe. It seems like they basically released hell on earth. The Winchesters are no strangers to cleaning up their messes.

Even know these boys mess up a lot, they are not evil. Their work has twisted their souls for sure. I don’t think either of them will live happily ever after. I have no idea what the end game is. There may have been numerous end games over the last ten years, but the story keeps progressing.

All I have to say to the writers is, DON’T KILL OFF CASS AND CROWLEY! I know Sam an Dean are the show, but these two are great assets to the show too!

I’m nervous, but excited to see what happens to Sam and Dean. Obviously the writers can’t kill the Winchesters off, there would be no show. So I’m just going to keep pretending our boys our fine to get me through the long summer.

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