‘The Whispers’ Review: What Lies Beneath Brings More Questions

The answers are written in the tattoos.

The answers are written in the tattoos.

What is Drill? That is the big question. As Claire said, they’re not dealing with a who, they’re dealing with a what.

What kind of thing can contain a nuclear meltdown and give a child back his hearing. Henry was never supposed to get back his hearing and Claire, Sean and Henry should be dead after that nuclear meltdown. The laws of physics don’t seem to apply in Drill’s world.

The other big question is what happened to Sean. The amnesia isn’t a big thing. After a bad crash like he went through it’s not unreasonable to think he could lose his memory, but why is he getting visions and why is he connected to that big glowing rock? Maybe ‘What lies Beneath’ wasn’t the best name for this episode, because we didn’t learn anything about what that glowing rock is.

I get why the FBI want Claire off the case, but she’s actually producing some good leads. And I don’t like that she’s being watched. She doesn’t have anything to do with this thing. She’s just trying to protect her son and find answers.

She has figured out more than any of the other agents so far. So has Wes.

I really like Wes. He’s thinking outside of the box to solve this one, but with some help. Drill gave him the answers he needed to get back to Africa. But what does Drill want with Wes? Why are the two men in Claire’s life seem to be targeted by Drill? Scretary Formmer seems to think she has something do with this whole big mess.

What does Drill want with Wes? He’s now out in Africa and he’s found the rock, what now? Of course maybe the more pressing question is, is the glowing blue harmful?

Plus another issue is when will Drill strike with his contained nuclear essence? The woman said it would be the ultimate chemical attack, just when and where does Drill plan to use it?

Will Sean ever be able to remember who he was? He’s scared of even a possibility of a future. He clearly knows something we don’t.

Drill really targets his children well. They are so well placed. He’s very strategic. He doesn’t miss a detail.

Not only are the kids well placed, they are also very smart. Drill can get them to do a lot of things. It’s very scary how easy these kids are manipulated. They all think they are doing nothing wrong and they get a prize at the end of the game. If only they new how deadly of a game they were playing.

Next week Claire tries to talk to Drill.

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What the New Chapter of ‘Scream’ Should Change

MV5BMzk0OTMzMTc3N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzY0NTMwNjE@._V1_SX214_AL_Tuesday marks the beginning of a new chapter in the Scream franchise, but there are somethings they should do differently this time around.

It looks like they will be using technology heavily in the series. If you’ve seen the opening scene then you know the killer is filming his victim and sending her a video of herself before he moves in. This is really creepy. We know the killer is watching her and when she finally realizes who it is, she realizes he’s been watching her too.

In the fourth film they talked about filming and did film the murders, so I’m happy that the show is following suit.

The big thing I would change is Randy’s character lasting longer. I loved his character. I always secretly wanted Sidney to end up with him, realistically I know that was never going to happen, but he was so sweet.

I loved him because he was our expert movie geek. He knew all about horror films and he knew how to survive one, not that that helped him in the end. He was a lot of fun and I wished the writers kept him around a bit longer. The show writers should keep this character around longer this time.

The last thing I want the series to do differently is the killer. I really liked the surprise at the end of Scream 4 [Spoiler Alert!] when Sidney’s cousin turned out to be the killer. She wanted to be Sidney and she also wanted to become immortal through video.

Most of the killers through the Scream films were just out for revenge. It was fun when Mickey wanted to blame the movies, but the revenge angle was just a little boring by the end. The reason why Scream 4 was good was because of the surprise killer. I liked how crazy she was, kind of a throw back to Stu and Billy. Those two were very crazy. That crazy factor I would not change. I would really like the killer to be a nice big surprise at the end though.

Ghost face is back, are you ready?

‘True Detective’ Review: The Night Swallows You Whole

An unlikely team with three different agendas.

An unlikely team with three different agendas.

I am a big fan of Vince Vaughn, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him better than in True Detective. His opening monolog for the second episode was incredible. You had no idea what he was rattling on about, until he got to his scars. Each of these characters have scars and now we know Frank’s.

He seems like a pretty well together put man for what he’s been through and as his wife said, how many more of these stories does he have?

I can’t imagine being locked in basement for several days at six years old having to fend off rats. No wonder he can hold his own in a corrupt society.

Frank was about to make the deal of a lifetime and make a ton of money, but with Caspere’s death, also went his money. Caspere had Frank’s entire life’s savings when he died and now the money is missing. This leaves Frank in a very bad position. He doesn’t have the money for his kick backs and he doesn’t have the money to join the table for the deal anymore either. He’s left in a very desperate state and he expects Ray to climb him out of it.

Ray’s so far gone he can’t climb out of his hole that he’s dug for himself. His ex-wife can’t figure out when it all went bad, but I think I can point to when he started working for Frank. Plus I’m sure killing the guy that raped his wife had something to do with his dark path. Ray wants to better himself, but it’s way too late now.

Ray once again did as he was told and now he’s laying, bleeding out, on the victim’s secret home. I had a bad feeling when he walked into that house alone. I was waiting for someone to hit him on the head with something, not shoot him. Maybe he was wearing a vest and he’ll be fine. I mean why promo Colin Farrell if he’s only going to be in two episodes. If he was a smart cop he would have called Ani before going in.

But Ani and Ray have different agendas while solving this case. Ani is told Ray is a dirty cop and she has to turn him. Ray is trying to make sure not too much of the truth comes out.

Ray surprised me though. He told Ani a lot with out really telling her what was going on. He asked her about why there isn’t a real task force put in place for this investigation and that he doesn’t think it’s suppose to work out. When she asked him how compromised he was, his silence really gave her his answer. Is he turning his back on his people and actually trying to solve the case? Or at least be honest to Ani about what his role in all of this is.

The preview for next week doesn’t show any Colin, so is he dead?

‘PLL’: All the Fashion from Season 6 Episode 4

Aria: pink and black lace peplum top by RVN. Hanna:

Aria: pink and black lace peplum top by RVN. Hanna: blue and pink patterned dress by Open Ceremony.

Oh the fashion in Pretty Little Liars. The show should just be a catalog because everything these liars wear are great!

I loved the pink and black lace peplum top Aria was wearing in the last two episodes. Aria is my favorite fashionista on the show. I love her knew hair cut too. It suits her very well.

I love fit and flare dresses and I really loved Hanna’s blue and pink patterned dress. You can buy this dress online at Forward for $278.

Hanna is definitely dressing for summer, even though the liars are technically at the end of their senior year. After the dress Hanna was wearing floral shorts and a cropped moto jacket. This is such a great look. It can be very casual with flats or you can dress it up with heals! I would so wear this outfit and you can too! You can buy the Ellery shorts from Club Monaco for $79.

Emily’s plaid shorts and denim jacket with leather sleeves isn’t really by style, but Ems looks great! I would never think to mix plaid with leather, but it works. If this is your look, you can by the shorts at Shopbop for $346.50.

I’ve never been a big fan of the romper, but I love the one Aria wore on Tuesday night. She wore an animal print romper by MinkPink. I loved the romper without the jacket. I love white tigers and I like how the romper mixes tiger print with zebra print. Aria really dressed it up with that neckless. I don’t think she even needed to add a jacket to this look. It was fine as is! The jacket really dressed the look up too. I loved that long-sleeve white and black colorblocked cropped jacket! I would wear this jacket with a lot of things. Lucky for us we can buy the Rachel Roy jacket at Macy’s for $59.99.

Aria was really killing it this week. I loved the rose print skinny jeans she wore at the studio. The whole look was great, but I love these jeans and thankfully Amazon is selling them for $198. I liked the black ruffled top she was wearing too.

You must be starting to see why Aria’s my favorite liar for fashion.

I loved every single look of hers from Tuesday night. She never disappoints. No wonder why her mom comes to her for fashion tips.

What was your favorite look from ‘PLL’ on Tuesday night?

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Maura’s Conservative and Cute Looks from Season 6 Episode 2

Maura fashion number 2

Maroon silk blouse with light grey slacks.

I see a trend happening with Maura’s wardrobe! In the first episode of the season she wore two dresses and in the second episode she wore two outfits with pants. Plus the first one was more professional and sophisticated and the second one was more youthful and had the feel of summer.

In both episodes the first style featured dark colors and the second one was brighter. Will we be continuing to see this trend for the whole season?

The first outfit from season six, episode two was pretty conservative for Maura, but she looked great. The maroon silk blouse was a great color on her. She pairs the shirt with light grey slacks. This is extremely conservative for the fashion forward doctor. She likes bold dresses and while this color looks great on her, the outfit itself is pretty basic. But it’s something that we can all copy from her. If you can’t figure out what to wear for work this would be a great option. I just love the color of that shirt. Plus you can’t go wrong with light grey slacks.

Maura fashion 1

Black and white printed sleeveless neck-tie blouse by Proenza Schouler.

Maura’s second look was once again more youthful. She wore a Proenza Schouler black and white printed neck-tie blouse with bright yellow pants and a short brim sun hat.

This look screams summer, but it’s more of something you’d expect to see at a barbecue than at the office.

Maura’s second looks in the episodes this season have been a lot more casual than what Maura usually wears.

Even with the more casual look in the second episode, I really liked the look. She seems to be dressing for summer and I like it, even if it isn’t Maura’s usual style.

The first week the doctor went edgier with her first dress and a lot more basic this week. If it wasn’t for the colors in her styles this week, they wouldn’t have really been notable.

That’s an important thing to note, the color can really make the look.

What was your favorite look this week? Are you liking the change-up to Maura’s style?

Leslie Made Me a Believer in ‘Parks and Recreation’

parks-and-recreation-tv-movie-poster-2009-1020482255After seeing Jurassic World I really wanted to check out Chris Pratt (Andy Dwyer) in Parks and Recreation. I watched him in Everwood years ago and he was great in the new Jurassic installment.

Parks and Recreation may be over now, but with Netflix it’s never too late to get hooked on a show.

I also enjoyed Amy Poehler (Leslie Knope) co-hosting the Golden Globes, so it was really about time I check out her show.

In the first episode I wasn’t sure what to think. It was such a bizarre show. Leslie was so dedicated to her job and she’s got some pretty good ideas, but she’s also kind of clueless. She gets little respect in the office and from her mom.

Chris’ characters was basically like his Everwood character all grown up. I was a little disappointed after his Jurassic Park character.

I wasn’t hooked at all from the first episode, but I kept going. And I’m very glad I did.

The humor and the show didn’t really change as the first season progressed, but it really grew on me.

It’s kind of like a strange reality TV show. I’m not use to characters looking straight at the camera, but it added to the quirkiness of the show.

I get that no one cares about local government. I’ve never really thought about any redevelopment like turning the pit into a park. It’s a really good idea, but I can’t imagine actually going to the town hall meeting or doing anything to make it happened. I want this park to happen though. Leslie has somehow got me invested in this project.

She’s also got other people invested in the project too.

I really like Rashida Jones’ character Ann Perkins. She started out as a very angry civilian because her boyfriend fell in the pit, but now Leslie has changed her mind about government. Ann believes in government again or at least in Leslie.

Ann is also the only sane person on the show. Though considering she’s dating Andy, maybe she’s not that sane. Andy is a slob that sings in a band and well Ann is too old and too smart to be going through the rock star phase.

Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) is the worst boss ever. He does as little as possible and would rather do even less. But Leslie has even sparked something in him too. He stood up for her in a disciplinary hearing.

Leslie is not the kind of government employee to get in trouble. She’s a very straight arrow. But she has a big crush on Mark (Paul Schneider) and when it comes to him she doesn’t think clearly.

A hard rule is that they can’t accept expensive gifts. The office got a big gift basket and Leslie was keeping it in her office so no one opened it. But then Leslie and Ann were drinking with the boys and the beer ran out, but Leslie didn’t want the night to end, so she opened the basket and drank the wine.

She felt so ashamed for her actions and was punishing herself more than anyone else was. That would have been the end of it, except the 19-year-old intern, April (Aubrey Plaza), drank some of the wine, videoed it and put it on the website to create the park because she was bored. That’s when Leslie was really in trouble. 

The journey to turn the pit into a park is still going and I will definitely watch season two to find out if Leslie can pull it off.

You can watch the entire series on Netflix and Hulu.

The Rules of Surviving a Horror Film

MV5BMzk0OTMzMTc3N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzY0NTMwNjE@._V1_SX214_AL_Before we dive into the new chapter of Scream, we should take a moment to remember the rules of a horror film.

In the first film, in order to survive you must never have sex, never drink or do drugs and never, ever, say you’ll be right back.

In the second film the stakes were higher. In a sequel the body count is bigger and the death scenes are more elaborate, with more blood and gore. Dewy cut Randy off in the film so we will never know what the rule is for making a franchise.

Randy may have died in Scream 2, but he left his legacy behind for Scream 3. Once again he was our tour guide, this time for a trilogy.

In a trilogy you go back to the beginning and discover something that was never true to begin with. The killer is also super human. You can’t stab him or shoot him, you have to decapitate him or blow him up. He told us that any one can die, but the main characters managed to survive this one. Lastly the past is about to come back to destroy you.

So for one last time, lets let Randy be our tour guide, because really, Randy tells us the rules the best:

In Scream 4 the killers had adapted the new technology into their killing spree. They were filming the murders. This film was working under the remake rules: the unexpected is the new cliche and the kills have to be way more extreme. And now the rules don’t even include how to survive, basically it’s almost impossible to survive. Charlie said you have to be gay to survive, but as Robbie was dying, he said he was gay. So clearly that isn’t true.

Let the film geeks tell you themselves:

The new chapter of Scream is embarking on new territory. It’s a TV show, so what sort of rules apply for a horror TV show?

For one the show will start out with the murder going viral on youtube. So the killer is taking a cue from Scream 4 and filming his murders.

Since it’s a remake and a TV show, will that mean more deaths? Will there have to be at least one death per episode? Will any of the rules from the original four movies apply? Or will the writers come up with new rules for the new platform?

It’s a whole new chapter in the franchise, because there is no Stab movies and previous murders. It’s starting from the beginning all over again in a new town. The nightmare is about to start in Lakewood, which has it’s own troubled past that’s going to be exposed.

Get ready for the Scream TV show, premiering Tuesday, June 29 at 10/9c pm on MTV:

‘Rizzoli and Isles’ Review: The Laws of Attraction

Bad news and more bad news. Just what Jane loves.

Bad news and more bad news. Just what Jane loves.

This week’s case did not start out good. It was bad, bad and even more suspects.

Questioning suspects didn’t lead to anything. The soon to be ex-wife didn’t know anything and didn’t appear to have any reason to kill him. The ex-girlfriend said she broke it off and gave Korsak and Jane a list of people who would want Mark dead. Just all the competitors in the fishing tournament. And the guys in the tournament cared more about how he was cheating and wanting to know how than wanting him dead. Clearly they would have beaten it out of him before they killed him, if they were the murderers. Even the guy that disappeared that seemed like the best suspect, didn’t even disappear. The tournament was postponed, he had no chance of winning, he entered another tournament. It was as simple as that.

When the ex-girlfriend had the list ready and waiting for Jane and Korsak, I thought that was a little weird. She was extremely helpful and when Mark’s name was brought up she seemed saddened, but not crying like the ex-wife. It was just all really strange.

None of the evidence was adding up to anything.

While Jane was working the case, she was also having to dodge Skeet. He was a fisherman in the tournament that had a huge crush on her. He kept showing up with gifts and asking her out. Finally she just said she didn’t want to go out with him. He said fine, but he could tell she was attracted to him by her dilated pupils, elevated respiratory levels and skin turning slightly red. She was actually just really uncomfortable.

That got Jane thinking though. They couldn’t figure out who was lying. Everyone just seemed to be innocent. Then she thought about how the wife and girlfriend spoke about Mark. The wife didn’t have dilated pupils and her breathing was even. The girlfriend’s breathing was shallow and she went really red.

On further investigation of her, they found that she officiated the six tournaments that Mark had won. Korsak and Jane told her that they could trace the note, the one that said don’t tell anyone or you’ll be sleeping with the fish, to her hard drive. She caved and told them everything.

The case wasn’t about fishing at all, it was about love. She loved the poet turned fisherman, but he was a “human fish repellent.” She cheated for him. He had no idea and when she told him, he wanted to come clean.

He was going to go back to his wife after he got the sporting goods deal and she was so angry because his success was all because of her.

At first I thought the whole thing was about money, seeing as the fishing tournaments had huge prizes. It all came down to love.

Skeet finally convinced Jane to go out with him, well kind of. They watched the sunset together on his boat outside to station. He renamed the boat after her: The Janester. She told him to call her next time he was in Boston.

Then Korsak and Maura were giving Jane a lesson in the laws of attraction, because apparently Korsak is an expert.

And Korsak is also an expert in betting. Frankie made a bet with him and was paying dearly. He had to carry a flour baby around for a day and treat it like a real baby. If something happened to it, he would have to continue caring it for another day. He left the first one in the car and the second one got crushed by the elevator. The last one went missing.

Angela was on a no white diet and she looked good! But no one would eat her treats. She found Frankie’s flower baby and made real treats with it! Frankie was done.

The new medical examiner, Kent Drake, is a mystery, even to Maura. She can’t figure him out. She never knows when he’s joking and he knows it and likes it. He’s going to be an interesting character to have around. How long till Maura figures him out?

Next week Maura goes to her version of Disney Land. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review: It All Leads Back to Radley

A still think the liars are his/her dolls. What game will A play next?

A still think the liars are his/her dolls. What game will A play next?

If we were hoping for answers this week, we just got more questions. If Charles is dead, who is A? And why is he/she so fascinated with Charles?

I think Spencer is right. Charles has something to do with all of this. He may not be the complete key, but there’s a reason those home videos were in there. Of course it could be just A exposing the DiLaurentis’s family secret, but usually that comes with a threat.

Everything seems to come back to Radley. I think Radley is the key. The DiLaurentis faimly wouldn’t have even have relocated to Rosewood if it wasn’t for Charles being placed in that hospital and this all started with Ali. A fixated in on her and when he/she got rid of her, A started in on the other girls.

This A is a lot scarier than Mona ever was. Sure Mona tried to run Hanna down with a car, but that’s nothing compared to what the liars have gone through now.

It appears that A has put trackers in all of them, so they really can’t hide. Caleb isn’t the only one watching Hanna, but his device is only on her car, As is in them.

Did A expect them to escape at some point? He/she seems to have been prepared for that scenario.

Ezra was the voice of reason this week. He first told Spencer to tell the police everything they know. This was a good idea. The police finally understand what A is capable of, it’s time to give them the information to find him/her.

Second, Ezra tried to stop Spencer from eating the weed cookies. He’s right, the problem will still be there when it wears off and I think it will be worse. She’s already had a drug problem. She got addicted to pills twice already. Mrs. Hastings was right not to let Spencer have the prescription, but she should have substituted it with something, maybe therapy.

Busted! The liars are looking for answers, while everyone else is trying to keep them safe.

Busted! The liars are looking for answers, while everyone else is trying to keep them safe.

Spencer was on edge, so I wasn’t sure at first if maybe she should have just gotten the prescription to help her sleep. But when I saw her going through Aria’s trash, I knew it was a want and not a need.

Everyone is trying to deal with the trauma in their own way. Hanna is pushing Caleb away because he’s dealing with it by being way over protective. It’s not helping either one of them.

The girls aren’t the only ones to have gone through trauma. Their loved ones went through their own trauma when they had no idea where they were and what was happening to them.

Caleb and Mr. Montgomery are acting in very similar ways. They want desperately to protect Hanna and Aria and they are being a little over bearing.

Aria has been avoiding dealing with her feelings. Ezra wants Aria to write and Aria seems to have given up writing and taken up photography. She use to love to write. It’s awful that this tragedy has made her give up her love. Maybe her head is too dark a place to delve into at the moment. In photography it’s just what she see’s on the outside.

Emily’s dealing means helping Sara deal. Though I think Mrs. Fields is right, they are not equipped to help Sara cope. Emily was in that place for one month, Sara was in there for two years. That’s very different.

Is there anything more to be learned from Charles? I didn’t believe Mr. D from the beginning. Hanna and Spencer both thought he was lying and Charles was alive. Mr. D doesn’t appear to be lying though, but Mrs. D is known for her lies. That’s how Ali learned how to weave her lies.

Mrs. D did lie. Charles died, but she buried him, she didn’t scatter his ashes. If only Mrs. D was alive, maybe she could tell them something more, that is if she was willing to tell the truth.

We don’t know the full extent to what the liars went through, but it looks like we’ll be learning as the season progresses. We keep getting flashbacks of that place. We finally know what happened to Aria’s hair. I thought it was so strange that her hair was cut and highlighted, but now we know why.

Spencer seems to have the worst flashbacks so far. Her sleep deprivation has caused a gap in her memory. She woke up with blood on her hands and blood smeared across the floor. Did she hurt someone or is it as Hanna said, more mind games?

Ali learned one more truth about her late brother, he tried to kill her. What exactly was wrong with him and how does he lead back to A?

Next week the liars go back to Radley to get answers:

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