Supernatural Season 10 Episode 4

supernatural-season-10-poster-fullThe boys were trying to take a break, but got restless and jumped back in the game way to quick. Do they even know how to actually take a break? They’ve been hunting so long, it seems to be what they do for fun now.

They thought this case would be easy. A quick job, but it was anything but. They ran into Kate and thought she had started killing people, only to find out it was her sister doing the killing.

The case was probably a little bit too close to home for them. Two sisters, one evil and the good one trying to save the evil one. That sounds very familiar to me. Sam wanted to work with Kate and help her sister, but Dean just waned to kill them both. In the end Kate did what she had to do, but I don’t think Sam and Dean would have been able to be as strong as her. They’ve saved each other countless times and they never give up. They would rather die than see their brother die.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions, like how to get rid of the Mark and how do they both move on from the things that they’ve done. But it was nice to get back to normal cases. Since the end of season nine things have been a bit crazy. The writers gave fans time to catch their breath this week and go back to what made the show great, a monster of the week.

‘Supernatural’ will return November 11 with the 200th episode special event, with singing:


The Originals Season 2 Episode 4

tumblr_nc2hg0enW31rjjkjjo1_500After all Hayley’s faith that Elijah can take care of himself, his own mother has taken him and she plans to cleanse him. But what does that mean? Is she putting him in a different body, some sort of spell, what?

Hayley is very different this season, but as we’ve seen in the past, the characters have been very different when turning into a vampire. Tyler was very different, well a little bit more like his old self and not the self that Caroline fell in love with. It will take time for Hayley to find herself, she’s trying to protect her pack and is still grieving over having to give up her daughter. To top all of that off things with her and Elijah are weird, but it’s clear she still cares for him, why else would she get so mad at him?

I don’t know how I feel about possible feelings between Elijah and his mentee. I’m still routing for Elijah and Hayley. I do like that he’s teamed up with his kind and is teaching them though. Elijah is the best teacher you could have.

I wasn’t sure what to think when Ester and Michael were coming back, but the writers are doing great with this storyline. For the part of Michael, Klaus has a lot of issues with his father and as Cami says, killing him is not going to solve them. I was surprised though that Michael took out the blade so quickly, guess Klaus will be dealing with him again soon.

It’s not necessarily the Ester part of the mother and brothers coming back that I’m enjoying, it’s the Kol part. It’s Kol and Davina. I think he may be starting to fall for her or he’s really good at making her think he is. I actually hope he is falling for her, then we can watch him struggle with what his mother wants and what he wants. He’s already kept Michael a secret from his mother and Finn. I think Kol could be a very interesting character on ‘The Originals’. I always liked him on ‘The Vampire Diaries’, but he never played a very big part.

I’ve always liked Josh’s character and I’m glad he’s trying to date now. I never expected his first date would be a wolf though and neither did her, but Aiden and Josh look really cute together. This could even help things between the wolves and the vampires or at least make for an interesting romance.

Check out the preview for next week. Nina Dobrev guest stars, but not as Elena:

‘Gotham’ is Finally Starting to Heat Up

gothamSpoiler Alert: Don’t continue if you haven’t see the latest episode of ‘Gotham’. Gordon was really stuck. He couldn’t come clean about not killing Oswald because he risked getting killed himself, but Montoya was on his trail to take him down. She was really convinced that Gordon was the horrible, dangerous man she believed him to be. Imagine her surprise when Oswald walks in. Not only was she wrong about Gordon, she’s now put his life in danger. He’s probably the only good person on GCPD.

Harvey was once a good boy scout cop too, but a case ten years ago changed all of that. By the looks of it he had much the same idea as Gordon, make Gotham a better place. But it looks like enthusiasm got his partner seriously hurt. Now Harvey plays by the rules, no heros in Gotham and he works with the criminals who run the city, well he corporates with them.

‘Gotham’ took a long time to really get going. It wasn’t until episode four till it really got started. Now the show is revving up. The cases are much more interesting and Batman like, plus now that Gordon’s secret is out, how much trouble is he going to be in? He pretended to play the game but lied, he was almost killed by Fish once before. Will she forgive him now? Will Falcone? If Gotham wasn’t a scary place before, things are about to get worse for Gordon.

Barbara will be happy that she was right about Gordon all along, but she might start to understand why Gordon has been hesitant to let her in. Gotham is a dangerous place, much worse than Barbara could ever imagine.

What did Selina take from Bruce? She really is a lot like the Catwoman she will one day be and Bruce is becoming the Bat. He didn’t run, when he probably should have, but maybe he was right, he had no one to be taken from. Either way the boy is way to young to be this brave.

Check out the preview for next week. Gordon will have to fight for his life, now that his secret his out:

Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 6

RA_MADAMSEC_NEWSThis was a very powerful episode. Elizabeth has proven herself to be bold before, but never as bold as she did this week.

In the previews it showed that she went off script in her speech and chaos ensued, but we didn’t know why she went off script. She took a stand and it almost ruined her career. But the greater the risk, the greater the reward and she saved a lot of people by just changing her speech.

I’m not surprised that Nadine is loyal. I just had a feeling that she was, but that makes me sad for Nadine, not truly knowing the man she was having an affair with. What will Elizabeth find when she investigates Marsh? Will it be what she fears?

Blake is a very loyal employee, but he would make a horrible spy. He’s just too sweet. But at the same time it was so funny to watch him unfazed by Elizabeth going off script. He said just for the record I didn’t know that was going to happen. He seems to know Elizabeth better than the rest of them do, or appreciates her more. The others were all freaking out. I think you should be happy your boss is standing up for what’s right. Besides the speech that was written for her was horrible. It was so boring and not in tone for who she really is.

Each week things are getting more and more exciting and next week one of Elizabeth’s daughters will be missing. Check out the preview:

Revenge Season 4 Episode 5

revenge-season-4-poster-tagline-victoria-emilyWe waited the entire episode for Emily to be reunited with her father. Charlotte took David to see Jack and his so called grandson and we waited for Jack to tell him the truth. Then David went to see Nolan and we still waited for the truth to surface. I guess both of them wanted Emily to be the one to tell him.

Now that David is back in his old house, it will be harder for Victoria to poison him. But he may have figured out he can’t trust Victoria. He certainly has come to a conclusion that his daughter was wronged. This is not what Emily wanted. She wanted him to heal so she could reveal herself to him.

Could the guy taking home Charlotte be the man that tried to kill David? He got really interested when she said she was Charlotte Clark and not a Grayson.

Ben must not know Jack at all if he thinks that Jack could kill Conrad. Jack just doesn’t have that in him. He is very happy that Conrad is dead, but he still doesn’t have the stomach to actually commit murder.

Louise might actually be crazy. Is she working with Daniel just to get to Victoria? Did she actually fall for him? She was way too upset after finding out Daniel has a girlfriend. This is something that is waiting to blow up in Daniel’s face.

I knew the writers would wait a while before reuniting Emily and David, but each week they make us think that Emily will be face to face with her father again. Then each week Victoria gets in the way of that. This time though it wasn’t just Victoria that got in the way. Emily took a step back and started seeing the picture a little more clearly and saw how fragile David is at the moment. But wouldn’t finding out his daughter is alive help all of that?

Check out the preview for next week. David punches Nolan and goes live on TV to shock the world:

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 5

10649784_10154699956245647_1131909485054450708_nCallie and Arizona are one of the beloved couples on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, so this was a hard and good episode to watch.

I said that the writers need to give these two a break, but in a way they did. Callie has set herself free and is laughing and enjoying life again. Arizona is the one that’s left out in the cold. It was a big switch from the beginning of the episode when Arizona wanted a break and Callie wanted to keep working on the relationship.

I think they both learned a lot during the 30 day break, and it wasn’t what they expected. Arizona wants it all. She wants to keep in touch with her old patients while taking on this new fellowship, but she can’t do it all. Especially in such a specialized field. She did say her career was important to her and without Callie and her drowning marriage, she can put more focus on the fellowship.

Callie opened up to Meredith and had so much fun, but maybe if they weren’t in the same place, it wouldn’t have been as fun. But Callie has realized what she wants, she wants to love herself. She was so wrapped up in the relationship she couldn’t breathe. She was holding on so tight she created an argument with Arizona that wasn’t there, but maybe it was. By setting herself free she could breathe again and be herself again.

The last few episodes the writers have focused in only a few characters. ‘Private Practice’ did something very similar in the finale season. They focused in on one character per episode and in someways I liked it and in others I hated it. I lived the closeness we got with that character, but I missed the other characters as well. There are so many characters on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and a lot of different story lines going on at the moment. Is this going to be the trend for season 11 or will it be different from week to week. I think I like the way ‘Grey’s’ is doing it better. There’s more characters that seem to be involved from week to week, but that might be from working in a hospital, there has to be more involvement.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ returns in two weeks. Check out the preview. April is having to play nice with her mother, while Derek wants Meredith to play nice with her sister:

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 4

the-vampire-diaries-season-6It was really getting annoying watching Elena tell Stefan that he can’t forget about his home, that he needs to deal with his brother’s death and he can’t just become someone else. Stefan is dealing with the loss of Damon the only way he can.

In someways I’m surprised that Stefan told Elena that she erased Damon from her heart and mind, but he was never asked about it beforehand. Watching her acting like it was so easy to move on was really frustrating, not everyone is just going to erase the pain and memory. It’s really about time someone knocked Elena off her high horse. She can’t go around and tell everyone to move on, when she didn’t go through it herself.

When a new girl arrived in town I knew there had to be something to it. I wondered who her mother was. I didn’t expect her mother to be someone Damon killed 20 years ago. But how did she survive? If her mother was dead, how did she make it? We saw Stefan walking away from the hospital room, did he have something to do with how she survived?

Matt wanted Tripp to trust him and he did just that. He now knows where Tripp took Enzo, but whether or not he wants to save Enzo is another story. Who killed Tripp’s wife? One of the Salvatores I’m sure or one of the other Mystic Falls vampires.

If everyone’s compulsion has worn off, then a lot of people now know about vampires and the secrets of the town that the live in. If they can ever find a way back home, will they be welcomed? Will a lot of them be hunted by Tripp now?

So somehow Damon and Bonnie got stuck in someone else’s hell. Kai’s hell. A murderous witch. What’s he going to do when he gets out of this hell. I guess it was just a bad coincidence that it was also the day that Damon did something horrible.

Check out the preview for next week. Caroline has to teach Stefan’s girlfriend control now that she’s a vampire:

Nashville Season 3 Episode 5

Nashville-Poster1When Juliette took the stage at the end, I had this bad feeling that something bad was going to happen. I had no idea what, but it was just a feeling. I didn’t expect her to stop breathing and pass out. Is the baby ok? Is she doing too much and putting too much stress on herself?

I know Zoe wanted to step in and help out, but I don’t think taking over was the best of ideas. I feel like Juliette is going to fire her. Which is a shame, because she just got her big break.

When Gunnar’s first love came to town I knew there must be a reason. I wasn’t expecting him to have a child. Is it just me or are there a lot of kids popping up out of nowhere. Deacon found out he had Maddie, then Juliette got pregnant and now Gunnar has a kid. How is Zoe going to react when she finds out?

I really don’t like that Teddy and Rayna are fighting. This will make it easier for Teddy to say yes when Jeff tries to sign their girls. If Teddy think Rayan’s mad when she’s missing out on things, imagine how mad she’ll be if he lets them get record deals.

I know Avery has been really harsh on Juliette and given her no chance to tell him, but he deserved better than a text. What will Avery do? For one he needs to clean himself up. He’s been a horrible drunk lately and in no state to be a father.

It’s heartbreaking watching Will hurt himself the way that he is. It mustn’t be easy to admit who you are, but that can’t be as bad as lying to yourself. At least Deacon has found out now. He might be a good ally to have. He’ll need someone to lean on while on the road, and I think Deacon is a good person for that.

Check out the preview for next week. Avery steps up, but he might be too late:

Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 5

Chicago-PDThis episode did not turn out at all how I was expecting. When Voight’s safe gets taken, you assume he has something inside that he’s not supposed to have. He has gained a reputation for himself for being dirty, but it wasn’t the money or anything illegal he was desperate to get back. It was his wife’s wedding ring. Making Voight a lot more sentimental than he lets on. Or maybe the news of him being a grandfather has brought this new facet out in him.

So if everything was all on the legal side, why keep it in house? It would have made it a lot easier to find the two guys if he would have got the rest of the station involved. While everything was on the up and up, Voight didn’t exactly go by the book on the case. He has his place just out of town where he lives to take his suspects. He scares them into telling him the information. Not sure why feels the need for this, when intelligence has their own interrogation area and it’s pretty scary too.

I’m not sure what the whole point of Roman and Burgess’ little case was. They were just searching for a girl who stole her badge. What was the point of this little storyline? It seemed pointless.

Check out the preview for next week. They go undercover in a very dangerous case:

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 3

supernatural-season-10-poster-fullI’m actually a bit disappointed that Dean has been cured already. I was enjoying him as a demon. He was such a fun character. I’m sure Jensen Ackles has some fun playing a demon for a bit too.

I wonder how the brothers will be now. Dean is feeling pretty guilty for trying to kill his brother, but I really don’t think Sam will hold it against him. Dean was a demon after all. If he’s feeling that guilty about trying to kill Sam, how does he feel about killing that man, especially since he was going straight to hell.

I remember before the season started, I read something about the lengths that Sam would go to save Dean. To be honest nothing we had seen up to this point was too extreme, but the writers waited till this episode to tell us. Sam never meant for the poor guy to sell his soul so he could find Crowley and Dean, but he chose such a vulnerable man to use. That will definitely weigh on Sam for a while.

I never would have guessed that Crowley would have been the one so save Cass, or at least temporally. This grace will also fade away. This should be interesting when we find out what Crowley wants in return.

Is Abaddon back? Or is it someone else? I hope it’s a new evil. They’ve killed Abaddon, so I would like to be done with her. Sam and Dean have faced so many enemies, I’m looking forward to finding out who this new one is, assuming she is a new one.

Check out the preview for next week. The boys are back to cases: