‘True Detective’ Review: Did They Get the World They Deserved?

I loved how Jordan and Ani had never met, but they formed a nice little family.

I loved how Jordan and Ani had never met, but they formed a nice little family.

About half way through the episode, I thought I was going to be very disappointed, but I ended up loving the ending.

Ray died because of his love for his son and Frank died because of his pride, but they both got their women to safety.

Everything was going to plan and each and everyone of them was going to make it out, but I knew that was never going to happen.

As soon as Ray stopped to say goodbye to his son, I knew that was going to be the end of him. They were waiting for him to do just that. It took him a few minutes to decide what to do. I think Ray should have continued to fight, he was buying time for his last recording to be sent and then he went out shooting, when he should have just continued. He may have gotten out. After all of that his message never sent. And we find out that he really was the father. If only his son could know the man he really was. He made a lot of mistakes, but in the end, the only thing that mattered, was his son.

I had a feeling from the beginning that Frank wasn’t going to make it. He was sticking around for way too long and had way too many enemies to get out with his life. I quite liked his death scene though. He was stubborn to the end. How he thought he was going to walk back to town with a gut wound I will never know. But he sure tried. On the way he had hallucinations of his life and Jordan was there to set him free.

I loved the ending because Ani and Jordan made it out and they were together. Ani had a son, probably from her night with Ray, and she gave a reporter the story of a lifetime. She hopefully got the justice Ray and Frank were seeking.

While I liked how the ending concluded, there was a lot about this episode that I didn’t like.

I didn’t like how Ray intercepted Leon. I get that he wanted a confession, but there was no way that was going to end well. He should have worn the wire, he was bluffing enough as it was. To have that poor boy sit and listen to all of that was stupid. He was bound to lash out.

I was also pretty bored when Frank and Ray took out the Russian mobsters. What was so great about killing a lot of men and getting tons of money.

I don’t think the finale had to be 90 minutes. They could have sped it up a bit and done the regular hour. It was just so dragged out.

There were things that I liked about this season and there were things that I really didn’t.

In the end I liked Ray’s character, but I got so tired of having to go back to hear what he said or just put captions on. He mumbled a lot.

I really didn’t like not knowing what time period we were in. I was so confused all the time.

I liked how Ani, Paul, Frank and Ray really didn’t win. There was no way to clean up the city. They tried and then they had to get out or die. Ani did try one last time to clear their names and get the truth out there, but we have to decide whether we believe that worked or not.

This was definitely a rocky season to say the least. There were good parts and bad parts. I like how the season ended, but I don’t see my self re-watching it.

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‘True Detective’ Review: No Way Out

This totally changed the game.

This totally changed the game.

HBO wasn’t kidding when they said you have to watch True Detective as a whole. Each week it’s gotten progressively better and now everything is connecting.

Basically in this episode everything came crashing down. Ani, Ray and Paul thought they came out of that crazy party with something, but the party blew everything.

They are completely on their own now. They’ve got no one to protect them and no way out. Pretty much everyone is corrupt and their boss, Davis, the one person who was trying to end the corruption, just got killed.

That was a crazy scene. Ray got in the car to update Davis on what they found and she was just sitting in her car dead. These three were trying to do the right thing and it could have ruined  their lives.

Ani is wanted for questioning for a security guard she killed just trying to save herself. Paul is also now dead and has left his unborn child without a father.

He really should have told Ani and Ray. He tried to, but it was too late. I was so nervous for Paul and even after he took out everyone, I was still waiting for someone else to pop out to kill him. And they did. A cop killed him. There really isn’t anyone they can trust, except Ani’s old partner. He helped her get her father and sister out of town, but will they ever be able to come back? With Davis out of the picture and Paul killed, what can they do to get out of the big mess they are in?

While Frank was trying to get himself out of his gangster ways, he was getting screwed, screwed out of everything. The only person he can trust is Ray, and Ray and Frank just had a stand-off last week. Ray finally figured out where Frank’s money went and what Blake, one of his men was up to. Then Blake filled in the other details.

I’m a little confused though. What time period are we in? I never felt like we really clarified what year it is. Whenever they talk about the past, I’m always so confused. I would like some justification on the timeline so I don’t get confused every time.

I think there’s a little too many players too keep up with. I love shows with so many different people, but I hate talking about people that we barely know, that we know more about in dialogue than we actually see.

There’s so much good in this season. I love the corruption and I’m biased, I love Rachel McAdams, but there’s so many loose ends. Maybe everything will get tied together in the finale episode. But at very least, can we firm up the timeline?

Next week it all comes to an end in a 90 minute season finale:

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‘True Detective’ Review: Everything is in Ruins

I was so scared at this part, but then I remembered, Ani is a bad ass.

I was so scared at this part, but then I remembered, Ani is a bad ass.

At first when Ani was going into the party, I thought she’s got this. Then when they gave her the Molly, I was very worried.

I thought something was going to happen in the party, but I wasn’t sure what and I wasn’t expecting more character development. Ani’s character is starting to take shape. While she was trying to maneuver her way around the party, a suppressed memory from her childhood came back. When she was young a man lured her into a VW bus by saying they would search for unicorns. It appears she may have been raped as a child and that makes total sense why she is the way she is with men.

The whole party wasn’t a lost cause though, she found her missing person. It wasn’t easy getting her out though. She may have killed a man. This scene really made me love Rachel McAdam’s character. She’s so high and can’t even see straight, but she still manages to fight her way out.

It’s scary to think you have to get high to work a case. She’s probably never done that before and probably didn’t know how she would react to it. I don’t know why one of the girls said it keeps you happy, because that just looked scary to me.

Paul was also able to get some contracts with a lot of signatures with a deal going down. So at least Ani didn’t suffer for nothing. Though she’s feeling very uneasy about the whole experience.

Ray got a little high this week, but that was all on him. He didn’t like having supervised visits with his son, so he went home, got some blow and alcohol and really just over did it. He was going so wild I thought for sure he would overdose. Instead he trashed his apartment and called his ex-wife. I don’t think that was the best state of mind to make a life changing decision like that.

As long as he solves his case he can get his son back, so why give up now? Is he really that terrified that his son is not his. That doesn’t even matter, the deal is, solve the case, get his son, whether it’s biologically his or not. I think he should still fight for his son.

I want to believe Frank when he says he thought the information was good. Especially after he got so upset over the girl being killed. He can clearly be a bad guy, but he doesn’t like to kill innocent people.

We almost found out who killed Caspere. We know it’s a thin, white, cop. So everything is corrupted. No wonder Ani, Paul and Ray are doing a special investigation.

Frank may have to be careful, he’s dealing with some dangerous people. They killed an innocent girl just to partner with him.

Only two more episodes left and things are getting very dangerous:

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‘True Detective’ Review: No One Cares

TrueDetectiveS2_KeyArt-692x1024Last week I knew there was something not right about that shoot out at the end of the episode. There’s a lot more going on with this case than meets the eye and the detectives assigned to the case didn’t even get the chance to discover what was really going on.

We have a few months time jump when we were reunited with the characters this week. Everyone one involved on the case has fallen very fall, even Frank. Ani’s sexual misconduct complaint has landed her in the evidence room, Ray quit and is now working for Frank and even Paul is no longer a detective. Frank still hasn’t been able to crawl himself out of his hole and has fallen even deeper in. He’s still trying though and it all comes back to Caspere. If he can find that missing hard drive, he’ll be home free.

Before he gets all of his money back, he’ll have to answer to Ray. In the first episode Frank appeared to be helping Ray out by tracking down the man who raped Ray’s wife. Apparently that was never the rapist. The real rapist was arrested for Ray’s wife and other victims too. Ray taking that man’s life has ruined his own life and his relationship with his ex-wife. Now Ray wants answers from Frank. How will he respond? It may not be the best time for Frank to have this conversation. His wife is in the bedroom and he probably doesn’t want his wife to know what he did. She’s not stupid though, but they are getting through a rocky patch right now.

We still may get answers. Ani, Paul and Ray have been put on a Confidential Special investigation to find out who really killed Caspere. Caspere’s diamonds are missing and the girl that went missing had pictures of them.

Ray wanted nothing to do with the investigation, until he was told they could get his kid back for him and now he’s all in. Especially now that he found out he didn’t kill the right man and his ex-wife is holding that against him, but she thinks he lied about the whole thing.

Ani is dedicated to finding the girl and what really happened to Caspere. She’s really not happy that no ones cares about all of these horrible things. Paul just wants to get out in the field again. Together they will try to give us answers.

This will be done all under the radar, so it will be interesting to see what obstacles get in their way.

There’s only three episodes left and everyone is in harms way:

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‘True Detective’ Review: Everything Comes Crashing Down

Everything just blew up in their faces.

Everything just blew up in their faces.

I knew the last scene was going to go horribly wrong. I could feel it, but I wasn’t prepared for just how bad the scene would unfold.

Ani is already on very thin ice. It could have something to do with the mayor of Vinci that she made mad or just for her poor choice in men. But either way she’s already suspended from her regular duties. Could this heist gone wrong have anything to do with taking her badge?

Either this pimp, Amarilla, carries a lot of artillery ready to run from the police or someone tipped him off.

As brustal as these guys were, killing the civilians that got in their way, I can’t imagine them actually killing Caspere in the manner the victim was found. Also as Frank said, what did this guy have to do with Stan?

There’s so many angles on this investigation that no one can actually do their job. Ani’s trying to. She’s hunting down her leads and getting in a lot of hot water for just doing her job.

I love Rachel McAdams in this role. I love her to begin with. But this week we got to delve deeper into Ani Bezzerides and she’s not as tough as she seems. When a witness was answering questions and confessed that her mother killed herself, that brought a lot of memories back for Ani.

Then having a formal complaint for sexual misconduct really shed some light on her character too. That deputy is an idiot, but Ani may have led him on too. She even slept with her partner once too. She can’t get close to anyone and she’s constantly pushing them away. Her partner tried to console her, but she pushed him away again.

But now it’s also revealed that she has gambling debts. So there really isn’t one squeaky clean cop on this show. I thought Ani was tough and a little bit more of a straight and narrow cop, but she has secrets too. Which is probably a good thing, a good cop is boring, especially in the landscape True Detective has created. I’m very interested to find out the fall out she’s going to have after the operation went so badly.

We were learning more about Paul this week and any conclusions we came to last week were confirmed. He did have a sexual encounter with his old army buddy and he just had another one, but he can’t remember it. He got so drunk he can’t remember his night and his bike ended up getting stolen because of it.

He confessed to Ray that he doesn’t know how to live in this world. He’s clearly still dealing from his time at war, but also spending a lot of time denying who his is. His ex-girlfriend gave him the perfect opportunity to continue to lie to himself. She’s pregnant, so he pops the questions. Now he doesn’t have to deal with who is. He’s in a bad place as it is, he’s not ready to start a family right now. This won’t end well, but is any storyline on season two going to end well?

Frank is back to his old ways and taking out his frustration on his wife. He’s going down a very bad path trying to dig himself out from the hole he’s in.

He’s desperately trying to get his money back, whether that’s going back to his old ways, or finding out who killed Caspere.

The Caspere case is closed, but Ani doesn’t think the murder is solved:

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‘True Detective’ Review: Maybe Tomorrow Will Reveal Answers

Is anyone safe in this town?

Is anyone safe in this town?

True Detective is getting crazy! Last week we weren’t sure if Ray was alive or dead and this week Ani almost gets run over by a semi. Two very close calls.

Who torched their car? Does it have anything to do with the case? Or even Ray?

I really wasn’t liking Ray. He was such a dirty cop, but this week I saw his vulnerable side and I actually feel bad for him. He didn’t mean to go down this path. He was defending his wife’s honor and then all of a sudden he’s in Frank’s pocket and the Vinci Police Department is so corrupt that he was too far gone before he could pull himself back up again.

He really loves his son too. He may not have the best ways of showing it, but he wouldn’t take 10 grand and just leave town, he wants to stay for his son.

Also seeing Ray with his father, you really got to see how much depth this character has.

Ani is a tough girl and she’s even hesitant to push him under the bus. She called him a burn out and I think that accurately describes him.

It looks like Vinci isn’t the only one that’s corrupt. I can’t believe Ani was told to make Ray think she’d sleep with him. It’s one thing for a woman cop to come to that conclusion on her own, but you can’t tell her to do that. There really isn’t any good guys here by the looks of it.

We assumed that Caspere’s murder was all about him, but maybe it had more to do with Frank. One of his men showed up dead in the same method as Caspere. It seems to me that someone is trying to send a message to Frank. It can’t be a coincidence that his man was killed in the same way. So this could lead back to the high speed rail. He would be cashing in on the biggest deal of his life right now if Caspere wasn’t murdered.

Frank is tough though. He still knows how to fight. He didn’t let his men fight for him when he was challenged. So much for that guy calling him a little man, Frank wiped the floor with him. I was really enjoying Vince Vaughn in this show, but he’s showing more and more layers to this character that I’m absolutely loving him.

Paul has a very deep seeded secret that he doesn’t want to talk about. His army buddy tried to bring it up and Paul just lost it. What could it be? Did he do something so horrible he doesn’t want to relive it? Or was it something more intimate that Paul isn’t ready to face yet? Whatever it was, it got him really mad, so mad that he pushed his friend to the ground.

Not exactly a moment the cop who is already on thin ice wants to be seen doing, but there was a guy in the shadows snapping pictures of him. Not sure who this mystery man was, but that wasn’t a good time for him to be watching.

Everyone’s dealing with demons next week:

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‘True Detective’ Review: The Night Swallows You Whole

An unlikely team with three different agendas.

An unlikely team with three different agendas.

I am a big fan of Vince Vaughn, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him better than in True Detective. His opening monolog for the second episode was incredible. You had no idea what he was rattling on about, until he got to his scars. Each of these characters have scars and now we know Frank’s.

He seems like a pretty well together put man for what he’s been through and as his wife said, how many more of these stories does he have?

I can’t imagine being locked in basement for several days at six years old having to fend off rats. No wonder he can hold his own in a corrupt society.

Frank was about to make the deal of a lifetime and make a ton of money, but with Caspere’s death, also went his money. Caspere had Frank’s entire life’s savings when he died and now the money is missing. This leaves Frank in a very bad position. He doesn’t have the money for his kick backs and he doesn’t have the money to join the table for the deal anymore either. He’s left in a very desperate state and he expects Ray to climb him out of it.

Ray’s so far gone he can’t climb out of his hole that he’s dug for himself. His ex-wife can’t figure out when it all went bad, but I think I can point to when he started working for Frank. Plus I’m sure killing the guy that raped his wife had something to do with his dark path. Ray wants to better himself, but it’s way too late now.

Ray once again did as he was told and now he’s laying, bleeding out, on the victim’s secret home. I had a bad feeling when he walked into that house alone. I was waiting for someone to hit him on the head with something, not shoot him. Maybe he was wearing a vest and he’ll be fine. I mean why promo Colin Farrell if he’s only going to be in two episodes. If he was a smart cop he would have called Ani before going in.

But Ani and Ray have different agendas while solving this case. Ani is told Ray is a dirty cop and she has to turn him. Ray is trying to make sure not too much of the truth comes out.

Ray surprised me though. He told Ani a lot with out really telling her what was going on. He asked her about why there isn’t a real task force put in place for this investigation and that he doesn’t think it’s suppose to work out. When she asked him how compromised he was, his silence really gave her his answer. Is he turning his back on his people and actually trying to solve the case? Or at least be honest to Ani about what his role in all of this is.

The preview for next week doesn’t show any Colin, so is he dead?

‘True Detective’ Review: These Cops Have Some Real Scars

True-Detective-Season-2-Rachel-McAdams-Character-PosterSeason two of True Detective starts out just as slow as season one, but doesn’t grab you in quite the same way. There are a lot more main characters and intwined storylines this time around.

Colin Ferrell’s Ray Velcoro is the first character introduced. He appeared to be a pretty good guy. But as the episode progressed, he wasn’t a good guy at all. He’s a detective for the Vinci Police Department.

He was introduced with his son and then fighting for extended visitation rights for his son. This seemed to be a good man. But then he was caught drinking on the job right before he put on a mask to kill a reporter.

Vince Vaughn’s Frank Semyon was introduced as a criminal, but with a good heart. He told Ray who raped his wife. Then flash forward and he seemed to be moving into more legitimate business with a casino and a potential high speed rail road.

Rachel McAdams’s Ani Bezzerides was very rough around the edges and a tough girl. That impression of her didn’t really change throughout the episode. She’s a detective for the Ventura County Sheriff’s office.

Taylor Kitsch’s Paul Woodrugh was a very complicated character. He was introduced when he pulled over an actress for speeding. Then he took a bribe of a blow job and ended up getting suspended. Paul then went to his girlfriend’s apartment, but appeared to take viagra before he had sex with her. Then he hopped on his motorcycle and was going more than 100 mph before coming to his senses.

Each of these characters seemed to have been through some hard times. Ray’s wife was rapped and his son may not even be his son. He refuses to take a paternity test, his son is just his son. That incident has sent him down a very bad path. After Frank helped him out in finding the rapist, he appeared to be in Frank’s pocket. He killed the reporter for Frank.

An expose in the paper about the Vinci police being corrupt has Frank and the police department on edge. Especially with the City Manger, Caspar, missing. Frank needs Caspar for his deal to go through and Ray is tasked with finding the City Manager.

Paul ends up being the one to find Caspar, dead. Paul has his own scars, but his are shown all over his body. Some are from the army, but one particular one is from before, but he doesn’t expand on that explanation.

Ani has a sister making porn and a father in a religious institute. She has some serious issues with authority, her father and men. Her mother also killed herself.

The scars of the characters are more interesting than the murder mystery on hand.

Caspar’s murder brings Ani, Ray and Paul together.

Next week Ani and Ray will be enlisted in solving Caspar’s murder and Ani will be in charge. Take a look at the promo: