The Reason Why Susie Was Killed off ‘Rizzoli and Isles’

"A kindred spirit."

“A kindred spirit.”

Everyone is wondering why Tina Huang was killed off Rizzoli and Isles and after a lot of searching, I have finally discovered the answer!

Tina told Talk Nerdy With Us exclusively:

“I knew pretty early on but of course I didn’t want to spoil it for the fans and that was a really difficult secret to keep under wraps. The Susie character is such a fun lovable character that Jan Nash (the show runner) is very, very sensitive about. She called me and we were all really upset to see this character go. At the same time I think the story opens the world up to interesting storylines for the other characters to go through that grieving process.”

Tina knew Susie’s death was coming in season six. It’s sad that Susie will no longer be making us laugh each week, but I understand the story has to be pushed forward somehow. It’s horrible when our favorite characters are killed off, but there is a purpose to it, even if it upsets the fans like this death has done.

Tina isn’t out of work though, according to The Huffington Post, she’s going to be performing in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

She told HuffPost that she’s been performing in Fairy Tale Theater: 18 & Over for a few years.

“It’s hilarious and has some raunchy fairy tales with lessons for adults like the Tale of the Bi-Polar Bear and the Co-Dependent Eskimo. I play multiple characters using costumes and puppets…PUPPETS!” Tina said.

Maura is very sad to see her friend and colleague pass away and I’m sure that will affect her moving forward. Frost’s death has been touched on and used in the storyline several times. Of course that could be remembering the actor as well as the character.

Are you upset that the writers chose to write Susie off the show?

Let’s say goodbye one more time to our lovable Susie:


‘Rizzoli and Isles’ Review: Farewell Susie

This was a really nice tribute to Susie.

This was a really nice tribute to Susie.

Susie was a very fun addition to Rizzoli and Isles and I’m sad to see her go, but the writers gave her a good send off.

In the preview last week we had no idea which one of them would be killed, but when the episode opened up, we knew it would be Susie.

It was heartbreaking to watch Maura hear the news about her friend and colleague and she did the professional thing, of stepping back. That couldn’t have been easy, but the reputation of the lab was at stake.

No one really thought Susie was dirty. She was the nicest person in the lab. But someone sure went through a lot of trouble to make her look dirty. They messed up though. They planted fake evidence. Did they really think Jane, Korsak and the lab wouldn’t try to connect the evidence to Susie’s cases? Even if she was actually dirty, a full blown investigation would have taken place to find out how many cases were tampered with. So that was their first mistake. The second mistake, which is an extension of the first mistake, was to underestimate the Boston PD. With a little help from Maura, they were able to figure out which case Susie was working on that got her killed.

I really enjoy personal cases. But this one was even more interesting. It was interesting because it was an extension of last week’s case. I thought the case felt unfinished. It was wrapped up way to nicely and there were hardly any witnesses or suspects questioned. Apparently Susie didn’t think the case was closed either.

The case went a lot deeper than they had originally discovered. An ambitious man wanted to be governor, but when his wife wouldn’t bank roll his campaign, he stole his wife’s painting. Then he tried to sell it.

Jane and Korsak are at the best when they paint outside of the lines. Neither guy was going to tell them the truth, but the detectives read people very well. Plus Jane and Korsak know each other so well that they don’t even have to discuss the plan beforehand, they just execute. And execute they did.

Jane got the fall guy to hear Langdon throwing him under the bus and the truth unraveled from there. It was a smart and sneaky move, but that’s why I love this show!

They never had a chance to grieve while they were trying to solve Susie’s murder and prove her innocence. But they took some time afterwards to remember her.

Maura made a nice speech that Susie would have loved. Only she would have enjoyed the detail Maura told. Maura had found someone just like her. Then Nina let everyone know Susie just a little bit better. There was a song Susie played on her ipod 468 times. It was a rock song, so unlike the girl we knew. But when Kent started dancing, they all did. I thought it was a great way to remember Susie.

Next week a woman is killed during a doorbuster sale.

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‘Rizzoli and Isles’ Review: Into the World of Art

Angela better just give up, Jane will find out who he is.

Angela better just give up, Jane will find out who he is.

This was such a cute episode. It’s a good thing Maura has such a good eye for art, or Jane could have gotten in some serious trouble.

Jane trusts Maura’s intellect more than Maura does. Of course Maura hardly ever says she’s 100 percent certain unless she can do the testing to back it up. An 8 out of 10 was all the certainty Jane needed to vandalize a fake painting to test it. It’s a good thing Maura was right. I figured she would be, but Maura was nervous and Korsak wasn’t happy either.

In the end that painting solved the case. There was a lot of investigating going on this week, but very little questioning of suspects. This was done more on looking up records than actual door to door work.

It was also very interesting with the FBI coming in. Most of the time shows depict the FBI and the PD bumping heads, which this episode started that way. But in the end they worked together to solve the case. Why is it that hard all the time? When it’s a murder who care who takes credit, just get the bad guy.

I have to agree with Jane though, it was a bit creepy that he was following her movements. Once they both started sharing information, he didn’t need to spy on her, they were just working together.

Turns out Jane is a better plumber than her brother. Angela wanted Frankie to fix the pipes because her husband made a mess of them in the first place. But apparently Frankie just handed his fathers tools. He never actually learned how to fix anything. He made the pipes worse before they were better. Then he had to call in a professional to do it.

Jane saw right through her brother though. She questioned him about how he fixed the pipes and it wasn’t long till he caved and told them the truth. Guess that’s why Frankie didn’t go into the family business. Looks like Jane could have if she wanted to.

Next week will we actually get to meet Angela’s new man? Jane was able to get his name, Ron, with the help of Korsak. We also know his daughter makes fried chicken. Angela shouldn’t be upset when Jane wants to know everything about her new man, when Angela herself is very protective over her children. They’re such a tight nit family.

Which is very much like the unit at the police department. So when one of their own is killed, Maura crosses the line and is suspended from duty:

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Maura’s Looks from Season 6 Episode 3

Jewel-neck pixel-print dress by Akris Punto

Jewel-neck pixel-print dress by Akris Punto

The costume designers broke with their trend on Rizzoli and Isles this week. Both of Maura’s look were very dark. There was no bright colors this week.

Dr. Isles’s second look was my favorite. She wore a jewel-neck pixel-print dress by Akris Punto. This dress if very Maura. It’s sophisticated and very high end. The dress can be purchased at Neiman Marcus for $1290. Lucky for you the dress is on sale for $580.50.

I’m still trying to get use to Maura’s bangs. It gives her a very youthful look, but her style is so sophisticated. The first couple of episodes the costume designers were dressing her to match with her new look. Now they are going more back to the staple Maura style, which doesn’t go as well with her new hair cut.

I also loved the maroon slacks she was wearing. She paired it with a black and beige patterned collard shirt. The doctor has been enjoying wearing slacks and a nice shirt in the last few episodes.

Maura fashionThe costume designers haven’t really done much with Maura’s fashion this season. Usually she wears a lot more sophisticated and high end pieces. The dress this week was the closest thing she’s worn this season that is like all the other seasons.

I’m a little disappointed with the fashion so far this season. I’m hoping it will start to improve.

‘Rizzoli and Isles’ Review: Pranks, Jokes and Disneyland

I think Thelma and Louise is the perfect film for these two to watch.

I think Thelma and Louise is the perfect film for these two to watch.

Rizzoli and Isles can get pretty exciting when they rescue someone. It’s nice when these ladies can save someone and not just give them justice.

But this week was all about the laughs, not that every episode isn’t funny, but this one was even more so.

It started with Maura going to her version of Disneyland, the body farm. As Korsak said, “plenty of dead bodies to play with, none of the long lines.” Maura was in her element! And she got to go not just once, but twice.

Angela was hiding something from the very beginning. I knew she was dating. It had to be about a boy. For Jane being a good detective it’s funny she couldn’t have figured that one out.

Jane did know that something was up and she knew because her own mother taught her how to know when someone was lying. That was pretty funny when Jane asked her mom how she knew Frankie broke her lamp. Then all of a sudden Angela realized she was caught.

I don’t care what Jane said, I like that Angela was ice skating. Though I am biased, since I did skate for nine and half years.

I thought it was odd that that was the secret, but Jane was not happy with her mom skating. Clearly Angela isn’t the athletic type. She almost drowned in the swimming pool.

Maybe there was some truth to it when she sprained her ankle, but it all came down to a boy. She wanted to do the things he was doing. It was so cute.

Maura solved two mysteries this week. First the mystery of why Jane was so upset with her mom and it wasn’t just because she was doing a sport. It was because they weren’t doing it together. Maura said there was something deeper going on.

Then of course she put the pieces together for the case. She figured out that the victims were being kept captive to fulfill his fantasy and when they broke the fantasy, he got rid of them. The evidence was never going to tell them that.

There were even more laughs when Frankie tried to play a prank on his big sis, but she knew all along. I’m guessing Frankie doesn’t get away with pranks very often. We’ll give him credit for effort though.

And lastly, Jane and Maura were getting ready to watch Thelma and Louise. Jane believes that this film about a female duo is an action flick and Maura believes it’s a chick flick. Either way they are so similar to the characters in the film, two very different women brought together by common ground.

Rizzoli and Isles will dive into the art world to solve next week’s case:

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Maura’s Conservative and Cute Looks from Season 6 Episode 2

Maura fashion number 2

Maroon silk blouse with light grey slacks.

I see a trend happening with Maura’s wardrobe! In the first episode of the season she wore two dresses and in the second episode she wore two outfits with pants. Plus the first one was more professional and sophisticated and the second one was more youthful and had the feel of summer.

In both episodes the first style featured dark colors and the second one was brighter. Will we be continuing to see this trend for the whole season?

The first outfit from season six, episode two was pretty conservative for Maura, but she looked great. The maroon silk blouse was a great color on her. She pairs the shirt with light grey slacks. This is extremely conservative for the fashion forward doctor. She likes bold dresses and while this color looks great on her, the outfit itself is pretty basic. But it’s something that we can all copy from her. If you can’t figure out what to wear for work this would be a great option. I just love the color of that shirt. Plus you can’t go wrong with light grey slacks.

Maura fashion 1

Black and white printed sleeveless neck-tie blouse by Proenza Schouler.

Maura’s second look was once again more youthful. She wore a Proenza Schouler black and white printed neck-tie blouse with bright yellow pants and a short brim sun hat.

This look screams summer, but it’s more of something you’d expect to see at a barbecue than at the office.

Maura’s second looks in the episodes this season have been a lot more casual than what Maura usually wears.

Even with the more casual look in the second episode, I really liked the look. She seems to be dressing for summer and I like it, even if it isn’t Maura’s usual style.

The first week the doctor went edgier with her first dress and a lot more basic this week. If it wasn’t for the colors in her styles this week, they wouldn’t have really been notable.

That’s an important thing to note, the color can really make the look.

What was your favorite look this week? Are you liking the change-up to Maura’s style?

‘Rizzoli and Isles’ Review: The Laws of Attraction

Bad news and more bad news. Just what Jane loves.

Bad news and more bad news. Just what Jane loves.

This week’s case did not start out good. It was bad, bad and even more suspects.

Questioning suspects didn’t lead to anything. The soon to be ex-wife didn’t know anything and didn’t appear to have any reason to kill him. The ex-girlfriend said she broke it off and gave Korsak and Jane a list of people who would want Mark dead. Just all the competitors in the fishing tournament. And the guys in the tournament cared more about how he was cheating and wanting to know how than wanting him dead. Clearly they would have beaten it out of him before they killed him, if they were the murderers. Even the guy that disappeared that seemed like the best suspect, didn’t even disappear. The tournament was postponed, he had no chance of winning, he entered another tournament. It was as simple as that.

When the ex-girlfriend had the list ready and waiting for Jane and Korsak, I thought that was a little weird. She was extremely helpful and when Mark’s name was brought up she seemed saddened, but not crying like the ex-wife. It was just all really strange.

None of the evidence was adding up to anything.

While Jane was working the case, she was also having to dodge Skeet. He was a fisherman in the tournament that had a huge crush on her. He kept showing up with gifts and asking her out. Finally she just said she didn’t want to go out with him. He said fine, but he could tell she was attracted to him by her dilated pupils, elevated respiratory levels and skin turning slightly red. She was actually just really uncomfortable.

That got Jane thinking though. They couldn’t figure out who was lying. Everyone just seemed to be innocent. Then she thought about how the wife and girlfriend spoke about Mark. The wife didn’t have dilated pupils and her breathing was even. The girlfriend’s breathing was shallow and she went really red.

On further investigation of her, they found that she officiated the six tournaments that Mark had won. Korsak and Jane told her that they could trace the note, the one that said don’t tell anyone or you’ll be sleeping with the fish, to her hard drive. She caved and told them everything.

The case wasn’t about fishing at all, it was about love. She loved the poet turned fisherman, but he was a “human fish repellent.” She cheated for him. He had no idea and when she told him, he wanted to come clean.

He was going to go back to his wife after he got the sporting goods deal and she was so angry because his success was all because of her.

At first I thought the whole thing was about money, seeing as the fishing tournaments had huge prizes. It all came down to love.

Skeet finally convinced Jane to go out with him, well kind of. They watched the sunset together on his boat outside to station. He renamed the boat after her: The Janester. She told him to call her next time he was in Boston.

Then Korsak and Maura were giving Jane a lesson in the laws of attraction, because apparently Korsak is an expert.

And Korsak is also an expert in betting. Frankie made a bet with him and was paying dearly. He had to carry a flour baby around for a day and treat it like a real baby. If something happened to it, he would have to continue caring it for another day. He left the first one in the car and the second one got crushed by the elevator. The last one went missing.

Angela was on a no white diet and she looked good! But no one would eat her treats. She found Frankie’s flower baby and made real treats with it! Frankie was done.

The new medical examiner, Kent Drake, is a mystery, even to Maura. She can’t figure him out. She never knows when he’s joking and he knows it and likes it. He’s going to be an interesting character to have around. How long till Maura figures him out?

Next week Maura goes to her version of Disney Land. Take a look at the promo:

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Maura’s Edgy and Youthful Dresses In Season 6 Premiere

Leather and virgin wool blend textured plaid dress by Hugo Boss.

Leather and virgin wool blend textured plaid dress by Hugo Boss.

‘Rizzoli and Isles’ is back and with it brings Maura Isles’s great fashion sense. The show may be about solving homicides, but you can always count Maura to still be in style while examining the bodies and who wouldn’t want her shoe collection.

My favorite Maura style from this week’s episode was the first dress she wore: a leather and virgin wool blend textured plaid dress by Hugo Boss. This was a very sophisticated dress and edgier than Miss Isles usually wears. It went nice with her new bangs for this season.

When I first saw the dress, I wasn’t so sure I liked it, until I saw the complete dress. It’s quite edgy for her, but she pulls it off. The contrasting fabrics is what really makes it interesting. At first glance you may think it’s a shirt and skirt. The plaid mixed with the wool compliment the leather nicely. Her bangs give the look a youthful appearance, especially with her hair pulled back into a pony tail.

Chefchaouen-print belted pleated dress by Akris

Chefchaouen-print belted pleated dress by Akris.

A more youthful style may be what the costume designers are going for this season. Sasha Alexander’s second dress was a Chefchaouen-print belted pleated dress by Akris, a Swiss high end fashion brand. This was a very youthful looking dress and not Maura’s normal style at all. The first dress was sophisticated with hint of youthfulness with her hair pulled back, but the second one just looks way too young for her.

The Akris dress is very casual and Maura doesn’t really do casual. I hope season six sees more dresses like the edgier Hugo Boss dress, than this childish dress. Or just going back to her usual style would be great too. It’s just not her style. She has sophistication everywhere she goes. She dresses to impress, not to feel comfortable.

Season six has just started, so we’ll have a lot more of Maura’s fashion coming our way. I can’t wait to see what the costume designers have in store for us this season! I’m always looking forward to seeing what Miss Isles wears. It’s even better if Jane has some sort of comment for it.

What was your favorite look of this week?

‘Rizzoli and Isles’ Review: The Platform for Season 6

Maura colored outside the lines by finding a loop hole for them to watch the autopsy.

Maura colored outside the lines by finding a loop hole for them to watch the autopsy.

It’s not often that ‘Rizzoli and Isles’ puts you right in the middle of a case, but this wasn’t your typical case.

When I heard the gun go off, I assumed Frankie was involved, but I had no idea of the case they were embarking on.

It all started just like any other case. They were called in when a body was found. The body was put in a dumpster, meaning the victim was killed somewhere else. They assumed it would have taken two people to dispose of the body because of the size of the rug she was wrapped in.

One of Jane Doe’s personal affects was a shirt that said, Internet Cafe. This led Jane to the victim’s place of work. Her name was Mona and she had quite her job, closed down her social media sites and cancelled all of her credit cards. Plus her co-worker told Jane about Mona’s boyfriend, Spike. That wasn’t his real name.

Nina found many calles made to Cecil, they assumed that was Spike and went to question him. This is where the case really got interesting and took a turn. Spike ran from them. Korsak, Jane and Frankie went after him right into the subway.

Another person had a gun when Spike ran past him and Frankie pulled his gun and shot the armed man. But then the gun disappeared. No one could find the gun and things weren’t looking good for Frankie.

Maura gave Frankie a sedative and sent him to the hospital to buy some time. He couldn’t talk to Internal Affairs until the sedative wore off.

The case was no longer about just finding Mona’s killer, it was about proving Frankie’s innocence.

One of Korsak’s connections told him that the security camera had a malfunction, it was blank, so there was no proof Frankie was telling the truth.

They may not have had the security footage, but they used social media. Luckily someone filmed the incident and they found a gun on the ground.

It’s great that they are using social media to solve the case. The writers haven’t been quite as fancy with using technology to solve the cases since Frost. Nina does all the tech stuff, but it’s pretty basic. Frost was very tech savvy and was very knowledgable about random things. Solving cases hasn’t been the same since he’s been gone, but this was a good step up for season six.

‘Rizzoli and Isles’ is definitely at it’s best when the case is personal and this was a personal case. Frankie was facing jail time. All he did was do his job and things got really out of hand.

The man Frankie shot, Sean, gave them more clues into what happened to Mona and led them to John Stanton, the mastermind behind it all. He’d been off the grid for two months. Jane won’t stop until she finds her man, especially when it means saving her little brother.

Because of Jane’s determination they were able to thwart John’s plan before he had a chance to hurt anyone else.

This was a very exciting case to start the season with. The episode got us right into the action. Will the writers have more episodes like this, where the show doesn’t start out with the murder? I think it was a good formula and the writers should think of more ways to break from the norm.

We even got to meet a new character, Kent Drake. It does sound like he should have some superhero power and he showed up to work in disguise. I think Maura will have some fun with this guy. He made himself more geeky to see how she would react and what she would react to. He was full on nerd and I thought he would be an interesting character, at least to give us a laugh. But he’s more interesting than he appeared. Will we get to meet the real Kent next week?

Next week Jane and Maura have to figure out who killed a fisherman. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Rizzoli and Isles’ Pays Tribute to Frost in Season Finale

"Here's to being an adult, it sucks." - Jane

“Here’s to being an adult, it sucks.” – Jane

‘Rizzoli and Isles’ ended the season with two episodes. The first was with a methodical sniper and the second with two angry wives and a lot of revelations.

The first case opened up with a man getting shot while arguing about a parking spot. The assumption at first was the man who stole the parking space did the shooting, but there was no gun and the wound couldn’t have been done by a hand gun. And that’s where this case got really interesting.

They went into the park to see where the shooter could have taken the shot. There was sniper streamers on poles and then Korsak found camouflage climbing pegs and a sniper nest.

Not long later there was another shooting, luckily this victim didn’t die. They found another sniper nest and this time the sniffer dogs led them to the sniper streamers and shell casing. They also found a lost man with serious mental problems. He thought he could turn into a werewolf. At first Maura thought it was a split personality, Schizophrenia disorder, but it turned out to be a tumor.

This lost man was their only hope and he no I.D. and no idea who he was. Jane gave him the name McGruff, after the crime fighting dog. Maura was able to get what little information McGruff could share with them, which wasn’t much, but he did get a look at the guy.


They were dealing with a very methodical killer.

With further investigation Korsak figured out that the second victim was the target and the first and planned third shooting, were to throw them off.

Maura had taken McGruff to the hospital for his tumor when she figured out what was wrong with him. Jane put a police guard on his door, because he was their only witness and could be a target.

The shooter did come to get him and McGruff got aggressive, like he did when he felt threatened. He also told her to run. Maura knew he had seen the shooter and called Jane. She also went after the shooter. She lost him and went to see if he took the stairs, he came up behind her and grabbed her. Maura was prepared for this though. She stabbed him with a scalpel.

He ran off, but Jane was able to cut him off. The investigation in this case was very interesting.

The second case started with a couple role playing. The husband was batman coming to save his wife, who was tied up and blind folded. He was knocked on the head and killed all while the wife was laying there handcuffed.

She seemed like the innocent widow. It was hard finding evidence of why this man could be murdered, till Jane found he had a second wife. Both wives seemed shocked that they weren’t the only one, but really they were both furious enough to kill their husband.

This episode had a lot more going on than just the case. In the first episode Maura became President elect for the New England Medical Officer’s committee. This was a great honor because she was the first in forensic pathology to be appointed this role.

Maura was name President of the New England Medical Officers committee.

Maura was name President of the New England Medical Officer’s committee.

The accomplish wore out fast when Jack told Maura that his ex-wife got a great opportunity with NASA, in New Mexico. He was trying to make it work with her and his daughter, but Maura knew the right thing to do was for him to move with his daughter and ex-wife. He couldn’t be away from his daughter, even part-time.

This led to the second episode where Maura was very upset. Jane was trying everything to make her feel better. She was willing to do everything Maura had said in the past to do, but she said would be boring. Nothing was working though, Maura didn’t want to do anything.

Then when Jane had to go check out a casino in Connecticut, she discovered the spa that Maura wanted to go to was right near the casino. She tricked Maura into going thinking they were going to go into the sweat lodge together, but Jane was really going to work on the case.

This was really good for Maura. She had some revelations while in the sweat lodge. She figured out what the murder weapon was and how to help Tasha, who had gotten into BCU, but didn’t get the financial aid she needed. She also figured something out about Jane, she just wouldn’t tell her. Lastly she realized that if an awesome guy like Jack can find her, another one can too.

Jane had her own revelation. She was sitting on a bench when she thought she saw Frost walking with his transformer. She ran after him, but kept getting stopped by cars and a closing elevator. When she finally caught up to him, there was no one there. The cleaning lady had moved his transformer on to Jane’s desk, while she was cleaning. The cleaning lady told Jane everything was going to be okay. While Jane was looking at Frost’s toy, she looked at photographs of the wives and figured out how to prove both women were behind the murder.

That wasn’t her real revelation though. She realized that she can handle anything that comes her way.

Angela also helped Korsak see that Kiki means more to him than just a life coach. He took her advice and is winding down their professional relationship, to open it up for more possibilities.

He also isn’t going to take the lieutenant test, because he likes working in the field.

The best part of the episode was when Korsak, Jane, Maura and Frankie gave Tasha a scholarship, The Barry Frost Memorial Scholarship.

I’ve really enjoyed how the writers have kept the memory of Barry alive after Lee Thompson Young took his own life. Lee was a great part of the cast and he’s been missed.

This wasn’t a typical season finale, but it was a nice way to wrap up a season.