Katherine Heigl Won’t Return to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’


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If you were hoping to see Katherine Heigl back on Grey’s Anatomy, I’m sad to say that it’s never going to happen.

TVLine writer Michael Ausiello wrote an article about three months ago asking Shonda Rhimes and Katherine to make up and give fans “closure to the Alex-Izzie love story” and in particular, closure for him. He brought his plea to ABC’s Television Critics Association press tour.

He couldn’t even get through his pitch before she gave a solid, “No.”

She shook her head and said: “I’m done with that story. I’ve turned that idea over in my mind a thousand times and thought about how it would go. And I don’t think so.”

The reason I would love Katherine to come back to Grey’s Anatomy is very different than Michael’s. I believe the Izzie-Alex love story came to an end, but I love her character and I like the actress and would love to see her appear again before the series is over. We can’t have George come back, but Izzie could. I mean even Burke came back briefly. I would love Addison to come back too.

Putting my fan feelings aside, how could Shonda conceivable bring Izzie back? As she said, she’s thought about it, but it wouldn’t work. She may have a point. Unless she wants to upheave Jo and Alex’s relationship, what point would it be to bring her back even for a couple episodes? Izzie’s on the outs with everyone. I guess it would depend on the bigger picture and how Izzie factored into that. For now I can dream.

I hoped that despite Katherine and Shonda’s bad blood, the actress could guest star at some point, but that was a false hope. There’s a lot of characters I love on the show, so I can live with Shonda’s decision.

Michael isn’t giving up yet, he said he’ll bring up the matter again before season 13.


Shonda Rhimes Opens up About Killing McDreamy

GAS11PosterI was never outraged when Derek Shepherd was killed on Grey’s Anatomy, but a lot of people were. There was a huge petition to bring him back, but the truth of the matter was, he wanted to go.

Showrunner Shonda Rhimes finally opened up about her decision to kill off McDreamy at the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Tuesday.

“The decision to have the character die was not a difficult one. What were the options? Derek was going to walk out on Meredith and leave her high and dry and what was that going to mean? That was going to suggest that their love was not true, that the thing we said for 11 years was a lie, and McDreamy wasn’t McDreamy. For me, that was untenable. Meredith and Derek’s love had to remain Meredith and Derek’s love. So as painful as that was for me as a storyteller, the only way to preserve what felt true to me was that Derek was going to have to die in order for that to remain honest. I really couldn’t have the idea that he turned out to be a bad guy who walked out on his wife and his kids, [and have that turn] out to be a true story. To me, that was the only way to make Meredith and Derek’s magic remain true and remain frozen in time.”

Even if you are still sad that Derek died, Patrick Dempsey wanted to leave the show and Shonda is right, their whole love story would have been ruined if Derek just walked out on Meredith. The integrity of their love story is intact. And we can still relive every moment of their great love story. Don’t the best love stories end in tragedy? This just makes their story one of the greats.

It’s like the way Julie Plec wrote Nina Dobrev off The Vampire Diaries. Nina wanted to move on with her career, but fans want an ending to the love triangle, so now she’s in a deep sleep. I hope that Nina will come back for the series finale, because then there can be a real ending.

You may not have been happy with the storyline of Derek dying because of a not well trained hospital, but you tuned into watch him die. According to Entertainment Weekly, Grey’s saw a ratings surge with 9.4 million people tuning in that night. The fans just love the drama.

There’s been some great episodes where the characters have been in danger and this one was one of them. It was so tragic and sad.

EW reported that ABC President Paul Lee stood by Shonda’s decision.

He said: “It was great, wasn’t it? It was great to see Grey’s Anatomy so relevant and taking the national conversation in its 11th season. It was a difficult decision. Patrick obviously has lots of interests outside. He’s very big in motosport. Shonda decided that was the way to go.”

Grey’s featured a lot of national conversations in its 11th season. One of them was Ben coming to terms with his brother having an operation to become a woman.

Paul said he’s seen where the show is going next season and it reinvents itself. He believes the new direction will breath new life into the show.

“She really is a remarkable showrunner and we have no reason to expect that Grey’s Anatomy won’t go on for many years to come,” Paul said.

According The Hollywood Reporter, Ellen Pompeo’s contact is up at the end of the season, but Jessica Capshaw (Arizona) just signed a new three-year contact. She will remain on the show through May 2018.

As the show continues, how many central characters will choose to leave? And how will Shonda handle all of their exits?

Grey’s Anatomy will return on Thursday 24 at 8/7c on ABC.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Cast New Doctor: Martin Henderson

Piper-Mom | photobucket.com

Piper-Mom | photobucket.com

A couple weeks ago I told you ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was searching for a new hot doctor, well now they have found him. Shondaland has cast Martin Henderson to join the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Martin, 40, starred in Shonda Rhime’s short lived ‘Off the Map’ and in the Australian ‘Secrets and Lies’.

An ABC rep confirmed the casting to TVLine, but wouldn’t give any further details.

What will this guy’s specialty be? Do the writers think he can fill the void left by Patrick Dempsey?

Kelly McCreary appeared on the show in the season 10 finale playing Maggie Pierce, the new heart surgeon. Kelly never replaced Sandra Oh, but she did bring something special to her role and I did end up liking her character.

I think that’s the most we can hope for from Martin. He will never replace Derek, but he can bring something new to the cast and show.

Will Martin’s character have a love interest? That’s certainly where the show thrived in the beginning. Who could that love interest be? Stephanie and Maggie haven’t settled down yet, so they could be easily paired with him. Or Callie, who is playing for both teams again. Just don’t put Meredith with him because then he will really feel like a replacement for Derek and it’s way to soon to pair Meredith with anyone.

I’ve seen Martin in ‘The Ring’ back in 2002 and ‘Smokin’ Aces’ in 2006. Both were completely different characters. He played the ex-boyfriend who got sucked into the mystery in ‘The Ring’. I liked his character and was upset when [spoiler alert!] he was killed off. In ‘Smokin’ Aces’ he was a little bit crazy, but that probably had something to do with his the bullet wound on his hand and the hyperthermia. He was a part of a team trying to get Aces before anyone else did.

After seeing the New Zealand born actor in these two roles, I’m very curious to see what he has in store for us in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

According to TVLine, we won’t have to wait long to meet the new doctor, he will appear in the season 12 premiere on Thursday, September 24 at 8/7c.

Do you like who ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ picked for their new sexy surgeon?

Jason George Promoted to Series Regular on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Once upon a time Jackson didn't think the Plastics posse was cool either.

Please bring back the Plastics Posse!

If you are a fan of Ben and Bailey on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, you’ll be very happy to hear that Jason George has been promoted to series regular. We’ll be seeing a lot more of Ben next season. And just in time too. Bailey is going to need her man when she’s trying to be the next Chief of Surgery.

Entertainment Weekly reported the news and Jason also shared the news on Twitter.

Ben has been reoccurring on ‘Grey’s’ since season 6. He started as an anesthesiologist. He dated Bailey, married her in a very ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ way, with the wedding being interrupted by tragedy. Then he moved to California for a residency program and then came back for Bailey!

He’s definitely one of the hot doctors on the show and we can use all the hot males we can with the loss of McDreamy, but is he worthy enough of a nickname like that? I think he is. McDreamy and McSteamy shouldn’t be the only ones on the show, especially when they are both gone now.

I’ve really enjoyed Jason’s scenes with Jesse Williams (Dr. Jackson Avery). Jackson really wants to get the Plastics Posse started again and I really hope Ben joins! Come on Ben, Jackson and Mark were a great team and you two could be too!

What kind of storyline do you think Ben will get? I love him and Bailey, but I want to see him grow as a surgeon too!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Will Give Us Another Doctor to Swoon Over

280.16x9‘Grey’s Anatomy’ isn’t waisting anytime to give us more eye candy, but is it too soon to replace McDreamy? Are fans ready to let another surgeon into their hearts?

According to TVLine, “Shonda Rhimes & Co. are searching for a ‘name’ actor in his late 30s to late 40s to portray the series-regular role of a doctor. Among the requirements of said performer: He must be good-looking, charismatic and believable as a surgeon.”

The possibilities are endless! Why not bring back one of the doctors from ‘Private Practice’? Sam (Taye Diggs) is good looking and he already played a surgon on ‘Private Practice. Better yet bring in Jake (Benjamin Bratt) because then Addison (Kate Walsh) can come back! The last we saw them they got married, so Jake would have to bring his wife with him.

If we can’t get those two, why not Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, Joshua Jackson or James Van Der Beek? They are all very good looking men! If Scott Foley doesn’t work out in ‘Scandal’, why not bring him over to ‘Grey’s’? I could totally see any of these guys in white coats and scrubs.

Even if Shonda finds a very hot looking guy, will he be accepted by the fans?

When Maggie Pierce was first introduced I wasn’t so sure about her addition. I thought adding another sister of Meredith was ridiculous and of course she was a heart surgeon, so she was replacing our beloved Cristina. Those were some big shoes to fill. Now I don’t believe she ever really replaced Yang, but Kelly McCreary made the role her own and made a home for herself at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She’s even getting close to Meredith. It took a while, but I came to like Maggie. She was a great addiction to the cast.

Can Shonda do it again? It will take a good actor and good writing for fans to let another doctor into their hearts. Is Shondaland up to the task?

We’ll have to wait and see who they cast. And what speciality will this surgeon have?

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Review: Everyone Finds their Home

They dance it out.

They dance it out.

After eleven seasons ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is still incredible. This season finale was one of it’s best. It had the most exciting surgery yet and a lot of emotion.

Couples were coming together and they were ending. Jo and Alex are finally taking that next step. They are finally getting a place together and starting their life. Meredith had to knock some sense into Richard and Catherine, but she got them down the isle. April and Jackson are going down their own paths now and Amelia got to hear Derek’s voice one last time. It was a very emotional episode.

I really like where Meredith is. She’s bonding with her sister. Maggie didn’t want to tell Meredith about her parent’s divorce or her mother’s affair. Looks like Maggie’s life isn’t as far off from Meredith’s after all and Meredith can help her through it. I absolutely loved that she danced it out with Maggie and Amelia. As mush as I love Alex being her person, Alex needs to put Jo first and Amelia, Maggie and Meredith seem like a nice little threesome. There’s something that feels so right about Meredith and Amelia moving into her old house. It’s where everything all began.

I’m very glad that Richard and Catherine finally worked out their issues. They are both very intelligent and competitive people. They both have to be right. Does this mean Catherine will be sticking around?

Are April and Jackson leaving? April is going back to the army but Jackson said he won’t be there when she returns. Does he mean in person or in the marriage? I like Jackson and I don’t want to see him leave. I don’t really want to see April leave either. I really enjoyed this tough new April. The army has made her a great surgeon and she was a big part of that man surviving in this episode. She gave him a chance and then the whole hospital pitched in to see it through. They accomplished the impossible.

I liked that Meredith let the guy see his baby before they started. It gave him a reason to fight. It was such an emotional moment.

We got one last glimpse of Derek before we say goodbye forever. Amelia got one last glimpse too. It was a great message. Derek had changed. He was no longer that brain surgeon with the big ego. He was a father, a husband and a brother. He knew what is priorities were and that is a nice way to remember him.

I wasn’t sure how ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ could go on without Cristina and here we are a season later and it’s been a great season. I know that ‘Grey’s’ will continue on without Derek. I know there are more stories to tell. I wasn’t sure what I thought about Meredith having another sister, but I absolutely love Maggie’s character. I was happy when Amelia became part of ‘Grey’s’ and I’ve enjoyed watching her become as good, if not better, than her brother. As long as the stories continue to be this good and they keep making me cry, laugh and be on the edge of my seat, I will continue to watch.

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ABC Renews ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Nashville’

greys-anatomy-eleventh-season.32035 ABC has renewed ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Nashville’. With how well ‘Grey’s’ has been doing it was no surprise, but ‘Nashville’ was a worry with it’s declining ratings.

Fans are still upset after Derek Shepherd’s death, but the show will go on without him. The storylines have been really good this season, even without Cristina Yang. Derek wasn’t in too many episodes either, and the story kept moving forward.

Derek’s death has propelled the story on even more. Now Meredith really does have to figure out how to be the best surgeon and mother without him. Amelia is also dealing with Derek’s death. Derek’s death and Meredith running away, prompted April to go into the army and study surgical field techniques. This has only made her a better doctor, but has distanced her from Jackson.

The tragedy also inspired Owen to go back to the army and to step down from chief. Now someone else will get the honor of running Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Plus there is tension between Jo and Alex. She wants to go on an adventure, while he’s finally putting down roots. Derek’s death has definitely had a ripple affect. So it wasn’t a surprise that ABC wants another season of Shonda Rhimes’ show.

nashville___poster1_by_emreunayli-d6llccb‘Nashville’ looked like it could be in danger of being cancelled, but luckily ABC has decided to renewed the show for a fourth season. There’s still more stories to tell and so much more music!

Gunnar and Scarlett are finally making it work as a duo. Plus, we can’t really end the show without these two together.

Juliette has such an interesting storyline at the moment with her postpartum depression. Avery is trying desperately to help her.

Will is about to come out of the closet a lot sooner than he expected and his career is just starting to heat up.

Let’s not forget Ryana and Deacon are finally together, Teddy trying to get himself out of a big mess and who can say no to seeing Maddie and Daphne sing more! I’m really looking forward to another season of these talented musicians.

Are you looking forward to another season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Nashville’? Will you even watch ‘Grey’s’ with out Derek? What would you like to see next season?

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Review: Tragedy Hits and Time Stops

Will they do the impossible?

Will they do the impossible?

This week we were back to real time and back to what ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ does best, tackle big tragedies. This one was really big. A tunnel collapsed and there was mostly causalities, but finally live victims started coming through.

These tragedies also have a way of ruining wedding days. This time it was Richard’s wedding. They weren’t exactly doing things conventionally. Jackson was a bridesmaid and Bailey was the best man. But will we ever get to see Richard and Catherine actually walk down the isle? These two have had such a tough road. Both are brilliant surgeons, who don’t agree often. This time they didn’t agree over a very experimental surgery that had never been done on humans before. “Grey’s’ has done some experimental surgeries before, but never this experimental.

Alex, Jackson, Owen, Richard and Catherine stood their arguing while a teenage boy was dying. Catherine and Jackson said no, but Alex and Richard said yes. They only needed two surgeons to sign off, so they went for it. They got really, really lucky. When Owen suggested it, he failed to mention that its only been successful on pigs. And for a moment it seemed like all was for nothing, but they got his heart going again.

This wasn’t the only crazy surgery going on. April, Maggie, Amelia and Meredith had their own miracle they were working on. A man was trapped in a car. They did what they could and then April sent them back to the hospital. Maggie kept thinking they could have done more and this triggered something in Amelia. She never got the chance to save her brother or to even say goodbye. She attacked Meredith very angrily about this. She blamed her for not getting to say goodbye. This in turn made Meredith break down. We’re still seeing the affects of Derek’s death and he lives on through the show because of that.

April decided that all hope wasn’t gone and she brought the man to the hospital in the car. So they could give him a chance. Now there’s going to be a crazy surgery for the season finale.

We go into the finale with questions. Are Jo and Alex actually breaking up? They seemed so perfect, but since Owen and April got back from the army, Jo thinks it would be cool to go too. Alex said he’s put down roots and he doesn’t want to uproot them.

Also what did Maggie’s mother tell her? What is wrong? It doesn’t sound good.

Things have changed a lot this season and next season there will be a new chief. Richard is recommending Bailey, but Catherine wants to pick the new chief. Who will actually get the job?

After 11 years we got to go back in time a little. We got to see the new interns come in and flashback to when Meredith, Alex, Cristina, George and Izzie started. But these interns are not like Meredith’s class. One came in on an ambulance acting like a full blown doctor and later confessed he was only an intern. Another almost paralyzed a woman. Not exactly inspiring.

How will this crazy season end? Take a look at the promo:

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