‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Amelia Prepares as Nicole Races Against Time

Nicole was about to go under the knife when the episode ended.

As the episode came to an end, Dr. Herman was preparing to go under the knife.

We heard about the innovative surgery that Amelia was going to perform on Nicole, and then the episode ended right as she’s going into surgery. We are left with such a big cliffhanger.

I hope the writers are going to show the whole surgery. I’m sure it isn’t going to go smoothly. I’m okay with that though. I want to see Amelia push boundaries and figure out what to do under pressure. I want to see her succeed. I don’t want her to be the other Dr. Shepherd or the wrong Dr. Shepherd. I want her to get out of her brother’s shadow.

When Amelia was in L.A. she could stand alone, but now that she’s back in Seattle, people think of Derek first. Even Callie had to bring up Derek. I understand she’s worried about Arizona, but Amelia is an amazing doctor. Don’t be messing with her confidence right before she goes into surgery, ask medical and technical questions.

Amelia is really stressing out about how to not just save Nicole, but make sure she’s all still there when she’s done. This is the hardest surgery she’s ever done and it’s never been done before. I think she should have called Derek and talked it over with him. I get that she doesn’t want to be seeking advice from him. But I think a brain storming session of the two Dr. Shepherds would be amazing. Imagine what could come out of that conversation. They are both brilliant doctors.

Amelia spent the episode talking about what she's about to do.

Amelia spent the episode talking about how she would tackle her innovative surgery.

Amelia is about to do her best to save Nicole’s life and Nicole hasn’t exactly been easy to work with. She’s not a good patient. But as she lay down for the surgery, she was ready. Not for the surgery, but ready to die. Nicole seemed confident in Arizona’s skills and ready leave her legacy behind.

It was fun watching Nicole and Arizona saving babies and having a laugh. Arizona needed that and so did Nicole. Nicole was so stern and mean when we first met her and Arizona had a heart of a child when we were first introduced to her. Nicole needed to have some fun and Arizona needed to get back to her roots.

It must be so difficult working under such time restraints. Nicole had to teach Arizona in less time than she expected. She wanted to share all the information she could, so Arizona could carry on saving babies.

The one thing that can be bad about having so many characters in a show, is that you can’t utilize them in every episode. Alex, Meredith and Maggie were only seen once and it mostly consisted about sex and grooming.

Nicole was racing against time to get to as many surgeries as possible.

Nicole was racing against time to get to as many surgeries done as possible. And pass on her knowledge.

Owen and Richard were seen a little more. Owen brought Amelia a coffee, but she didn’t need any distractions. Which is understandable when you are trying to tackle a tumor like Nicole’s. Owen’s a little worried about Amelia. And I’m sure her talking about her doubt didn’t help, but he did say she could talk to him.

Richard has confidence that the surgery will go well, but says it will be a learning opportunity even if it doesn’t.

Callie actually got some rare screen time with Arizona, where she told her how worried she was about her. At first I thought it was just jealousy, but as I saw Callie’s face in the lecture, it was a lot more than that.

I’m really nervous about the surgery too. Not that I don’t have complete faith in Amelia, because I do. But even the best of surgeons can face unforeseen complications and sometime’s they just can’t save their patient. It’s not going to be an easy surgery. I’m looking forward to watching Amelia work, but I will be on the edge of my seat for the entire surgery.

Next week Amelia will perform the procedure and there’s no telling if she can pull it off. Take a look at the promo:


Julie Plec’s ‘Cordon’ Casts Leads, ‘TVD’ Star

mrsDevilos | photobucket.com

mrsDevilos | photobucket.com

Julie Plec’s pilot is coming along. A lot lot of casting decisions  have been made and the show is starting to take form.

A face you will recognize is ‘The Vampire Diaries” psychopath Kai. Julie has cast Chris Wood to play Jake, Entertainment Weekly reported.

David Gyasi from ‘Interstellar’ and Christina Moses have been cast as the leads in ‘Cordon’. Kristen Gutoskie has also been cast.

David will play Major Alex Carnahan, but will go by the name Lex. He’s a police major in Atlanta and is a “loyal and good-hearted police officer.” Lex is responsible of maintaining the quarantined area.

EW reveled that Lex “must constantly choose between what’s right and what’s necessary.”

Christina will play Lex’s girlfriend, Jana. She’s capable, but also trapped inside an office high-rise. She becomes the leader and helps keep people safe.

Your favorite psychopath will be playing Jake, “a former renegade turned cop.” His first instinct is to save himself, but he finds himself helping others too.

This sounds like a very different role for Chris. So I’m guessing Kai won’t be sticking around Mystic Falls for too much longer. He’ll have new problems to deal with soon.

Now we have character descriptions and faces for the characters. ‘Cordon’ is really starting to come together. Julie has seen success with ‘TVD’ and ‘The Originals’. I’m sure fans are expecting a lot from this show. It’s a different world and a different set of characters. It should be interesting to watch how the show plays out.

Stay tuned to hear more updates on Julie’s new show.

‘Chicago PD’: Antonio Takes it to that Ledge

Antonio goes to the edge to keep his cover.

Antonio goes to the edge to keep his cover.

Another exciting episode from the writers of ‘Chicago P.D.’, with Antonio going undercover. It’s been an intense few episodes and this one carried on with that trend.

A Chicago police officer went missing after not checking in. Antonio was tapped to pick up his identity he had undercover for vice. Apparently he had worked with someone on the crew.

Voight was worried about Antonio going back undercover after last time. I wish we could have gotten a little more of a taste of what Antonio almost losing it means. He’s such a good cop and I can’t imagine him being on the ledge.

He did have me worried though when he pointed the gun at undercover officer Manning. I didn’t know if he was going to shoot or not. He was trying to keep his cover, but he didn’t have very many options. I was waiting for the team to come in, but it wasn’t until the gun was pointed at Antonio’s head that Voight and the team came in. Voight even took a bullet.

It broke my heart watching Erin break-up with Jay.

It broke my heart watching Erin break-up with Jay.

Voight wasn’t the only one to get hurt this week. For one, Manning was beaten badly for ripping off the criminals. Something he tried to hide after he was brought back in. Olinsky was smashed in the head with a gun and had a gun in his face. It was a brutal case that kept us on our toes. It’s hard to be the one on the outside trying to decide if you have to move in or not. Voight was able to hold strong, the others were ready to move in when Olinsky had a gun in his face.

One of the most surprising storylines of this episode was Burgess and Roman dealing with a squatter. First of all it doesn’t look like Burgess got promoted, yet. Which was a little disappointing. Anyways, Burgess and Roman responded to a call, but never expected what they would find.

A couple couldn’t get their Airbnb tenant to leave. It turned out this occupant was someone who had sued numerous police officers at Roman’s old district. Mr. Freedman was not a fun man to deal with.

At first Platt said the couple had to go through the eviction process, but Burgess being the sweetheart that she is, tried to get the man out. All that ended up with was another potential lawsuit.

"Here's to ploughing through anyways." - Erin to Gabby

“Here’s to ploughing ahead anyways.” – Erin to Gabby

Roman then had a great idea. There were some ‘Chicago Fire’ crossovers this week. First there was Mouch. Roman went to him so they could get into the apartment. Mouch brought a warrant to inspect the apartment to make sure it was up to code. Sure enough there was something not to code, but no one would have guessed what they would find behind it, his dead wife. So they finally got Mr. Freedman and the nice couple could get their home back.

Through all the intensity of the episode, Voight kept dropping hints that he knew about Erin and Jay. Jay was all ready to come clean to Voight, but Erin wasn’t ready for that and broke it off.

They care for each other so much, I just want them to make it work. Erin doesn’t want to disappoint Voight after all he’s done for her.

Gabby also made an appearance this week. Her and Erin spoke about making a relationship last with someone you work with. They toasted and Erin said: “Here’s to ploughing ahead anyways.”

Jay is taking the break-up very hard. He sat drinking a beer with his old Rangers buddy, Craig. Craig hasn’t done so well since getting a medical discharge and ponders how Jay is doing so well. Jay says he isn’t do as well as Craig thinks. I’m wondering how this break-up will affect Jay going forward. I also want to know what happened to Craig and Jay in the Humvee. If Craig sticks around for more episodes, maybe we’ll get someone background on Jay’s past.

On the next ‘Chicago P.D.’ they will have to go through the F.B.I. to get their man. Take a look at the promo:

‘Nashville’: Everyone was Picking Up the Pieces After Edgehill Fell Apart

The band is back together!

The band is back together!

Edgehill came crumbling down and everything was for sale. There were a lot of artists up for grabs. Rayna and Bucky had different opinions on who they should sign.

Rayna decided to make Bucky her A&R guy. She trusted him completely and sent him off to get new artists for them. He asked her what they were looking for, but she was convinced they had the same vision, not to so much.

I’m so happy that Layla is getting a better storyline. She has something to say now and Highway 65 is the best place for her. I actually think Jeff being her manager is a great idea too. When Jeff was head of Edgehill he was soulless, but there’s something about Layla that brings his love of music out. He really has her best interests at heart. He doesn’t like Rayna, but he knew that was a good place for her.

I admired Layla’s determination to stay all day and wait. Though, if it wasn’t for Jeff giving her that last little push, she would have left. For whatever reason, these two are a great team.

I actually felt bad when Luke let Jeff go before they even began their company. I was more surprised at my reaction. He’s been horrible since he appeared on ‘Nashville’, so why am I feeling bad for him? Things ended up working in his favor though.

Teddy was so worried, he walked right into a trap.

Teddy was so worried, he walked right into a trap.

There was a lot of music this week and the best was when Scarlett, Gunnar and Avery got back on stage. Are they actually going to make this a permanent thing? Avery is back in the studio again, so what does that mean for the band? Scarlett really needs this. She’s at her best on stage with them.

If they are going to sign anywhere, they should check with Rayna first before going anywhere else. This is just my bias talking, because I want Rayna to have all the best artists.

I also want Scarlett to open up to Gunnar. Deacon can’t be mad at her for opening up to someone. I mean without even knowing what the problem was, Gunnar was able to cheer her up. I want them to end up together in the end, but I’m enjoying what great friends they are right now.

I’m also excited to see her new relationship with Caleb. He’s really been there for her while Deacon is struggling. It was about time someone told her that Deacon’s situation is not her responsibility. She’s taken on his cancer like it’s her own. She needs to live her own life too.

In the end it wasn’t Scarlett who got Deacon to make a decision, it was Will. Will came to Deacon for advice on where to sign and this helped Deacon make his own choice. He was having such difficulty with the decision, neither was a sure thing, so he took it out on Avery. He just wanted to have control somewhere. After he made the choice he was able to go back into the studio and help Avery and Sadie with Avery’s vision.

Rayna was definitely the better person when Luke and her ran into each other for the first time.

Rayna was definitely the better person when Luke and her ran into each other for the first time.

Will chose to sign with Luke because Jeff was on board, but what will he do now that Jeff is out? He hasn’t signed on the dotted line yet, so technically he could still get out of it. I think Will should have taken Deacon’s first suggestion, sign with Highway 65.

There’s a lot of music and business deals being made, but Juliette isn’t doing much of anything lately. Hayden Panettiere has been nominated for two Golden Globes for her role as Juliette, but the storyline isn’t speaking to her talent at the moment. She spent the episode feeling fat and struggling to feel comfortable in her own skin for a Vogue photo shoot. Hayden has so much more depth than this, so it’s sad that this is all the writers are doing for her. Now that the actress has given birth, hopefully Juliette and Avery’s baby will be coming soon and then the writers can give her a better storyline.

At the moment Sadie has been the one with the strong storyline. Laura Benanti is just doing an amazing job. She finally opened up to Rayna about her ex-husband and Rayna helped her close that chapter in her life, well hopefully. Rayna threatened Pete after the settlement was closed. I don’t understand why Pete would hang around after he gets his money anyways. I’m looking forward to hearing more music from Sadie, she has a lot to say. 

Teddy was freaking out for the entire episode and he just ended his own career. He tried so hard to get a hold of Jeff and finally sat down with him. Jeff has no intentions on outing him, but that doesn’t mean Benton won’t. I don’t see why a big business man has any reason to gossip about Teddy’s transgressions, but it scared Teddy so much that he went to Natasha’s house. She is being watched and now Teddy doesn’t have to worry about Jeff or Benton, he just exposed himself.

Next week things are looking good between Rayna and Deacon, but will he tell her? Take a look at the promo:

Excited to See Brian Austin Green in a New Show

BookWyrm_photos | photobucket.com

BookWyrm_photos | photobucket.com

I was a huge fan of ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ and it’s still one of my most watched shows. David Silver was one of my favorite characters and I loved the David and Donna relationship.

Brian Austin Green, 41, has been cast in a comedy pilot on FOX, Deadline reported. This made me very excited. And this is before I even knew what the show was about.

Brian will be starring with Liza Lapira (‘Super Fun Night’) and Jenna Elfman (‘Dharma & Greg’) on Dana Klein’s untitled project. The show follows Ellen (Jenna) as a working mom who is in “competition with her perfect stay-at-home sister-in-law Amy” (Liza), Deadline said.

Brain will be playing Jack Stanley, Amy’s husband. He likes to break the rules and isn’t disciplined at all, except when it comes to his wife. He’s terrified of his wife.

Brian has been jumping around TV shows ever since ‘90210’ ended. He guest starred on ‘Smallville’, and also appeared on ‘Desperate Housewives’, ‘Wedding Band’ and ‘Anger Management’. I really enjoyed him on ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’. None of these roles were ever as good as his portrayal as David though.

David kept trying to make a music career, he was on the radio, he dealt with a drug addiction and depression. Brian got to really delve into this character over the ten years the show ran. The actor has a lot of depth to him and none of the roles he’s taken on since has been able to tap into his talent, but at least he’s still at it. He’s bound to get another great role like David.

According to Variety, FOX gave the show a pilot order last month. Dana will be executive producing the show with Aaron Kaplan. they worked together on ‘Friends with Better Lives’. I loved this show and was really upset when CBS canceled it with out even airing all of the episodes.

There was a lot of comedies that didn’t make the cut last year, but ‘Friends with Better Lives’ was very funny and reminded me a little of ‘Friends’, because it was a show about everyday life. It followed a newly divorced doctor, a single woman, a newly engaged woman and a married couple with one kid and another on the way. It showed friends in very different stages of life and touched on the reality of the dating world. It was a great show that never caught on.

I hope this project has more success for Dana and Aaron. I’m looking forward to checking this show out.

Rizzoli and Isles Season 5 Episode 14

This was the machine that was supposed to cure all the diseases.

This was the machine that was supposed to be the cure all.

Jane and Maura had a challenging case this week when a foot, and only a foot, washed up from the ocean.

Then a torso washed up in the high tide and they assumed it was from the same person, but they had two victims.

To top that off, Maura found out that the second victim died of cyanide poisoning, luckily Maura and Jane wasn’t exposed for very long.

The torso gave Maura more evidence than the foot did. The steal rod in the spine told them who the victim was and they were able to talk to the victim’s parents. This led them to Dr. Murray. And that detail led them to a doctors office of sound therapy. Dr. Murray believed he could cure all diseases with sound.

They were able to talk to one of Dr. Murray’s patients, but he hadn’t seen the doctor yet, only the assistant.

Maura at work while Jane talks about how someone can cut up bodies.

Maura at work while Jane talks about how someone can cut up bodies. In a different context of course.

Maura may not think that Jane is listening when she talks scientifically, but she is. When Jane went to question the assistant, Bob, she smelled almonds, the scent of cyanide. Bob spoke to Jane and told her a story of a doctor that thought he was above man and went crazy when a couple of his patients didn’t respond to his treatment. Bob continued saying the doctor killed the two patients that didn’t respond. It was a pretty good story, but it was false.

Maura went to the hospital to find out how much cyanide was in Bob’s blood stream, but Bob had refused to get a tox screen. So Maura had Susie take samples from Bob’s vomit. It sounds really gross, but they discovered Bob had never been poisoned, he took almond extract so he would smell like he was.

Bob was the killer and he played the police. Frankie got to the hospital too late, Bob had already escaped. Korsak and Jane spotted Bob as he tried to take off in a squad car and caught him before he got away.

Lets not forget the new comic bases on Jane!

Lets not forget the new comic based on Jane!

Dr. Murray’s treatments had never worked. There was a placebo affect where they felt like they were getting better, but never did. Murray wanted to shut down, but Bob wouldn’t let him.

This was a very interesting case, but what I really loved was Jane being mistaken as a doctor. She even game some medical advice on headaches and rashes. Every time she got slight exposure to the cyanide, she had to wear scrubs. I think Jane really enjoyed pretending to be a doctor.

Then after Jane had gotten Chip fired for leaking, he came and thanked her. He hated being a forensic artist and was happy to get the push out the door. He created a comic based on Jane and it was published.

Plus Angela finally has a job. I was thinking why doesn’t Korsak just hire Angela, it just took the whole episode for it to happen.

Angela was feeling very depressed with the job hunt. According to her, unless your 22, you’re out of luck.

When Angela was trying to apply to more jobs while sitting in the bar, a beer shipment came in and Angel had to sign for it. Then she gave he woman advice about her boyfriend. Later she couldn’t get any service. So she went behind the bar and got her own coffee. This time a man was talking on the phone about proposing to his girlfriend. Angela taught him a thing or two about women and later the man came back with a friend wanting Angela’s advice. Angela wasn’t there but Korsak spoke to them.

When the 22 year old came back to talk to Korsak about the job, he informed her that the position was filled. Then announced Angela got the job. I saw this coming, but I really enjoyed watching it play out.

Next week Jane and Korsak run into a P.I. while trying to solve the case. Take a look at the promo:

How Will Sam and Dean Tackle the Mark of Cain When The Boys Return?

Dean is having a hard time keeping the Mark in check.

Dean is having a hard time keeping the Mark in check.

The Winchesters have died, gone to Hell and Purgatory, but the Mark of Cain seems to be their biggest challenge yet.

Dean died, yet again, and then became a demon. Something I thought the writers should have committed to a little better. I enjoyed demon Dean and I wanted to see more of him, but Sam was able to save him pretty quickly.

They had already figured out how to cure a demon, well not exactly for sure, but it was their only hope. The cure worked, but the mark didn’t disappear. Since then Dean has been trying to manage the mark, which hasn’t always been successful.

After Dean defeated Cain, he’s very shaky and Sam says he’s not doing well. So how can they defeat this?

I think Metatron knows something, it’s just getting it out of him that will be the problem.

Seeing as ‘Supernatural’ recently got picked up for an eleventh season, the mark won’t be the end of Dean. That doesn’t say how long he’ll have the mark though. The Lucifer storyline expanded two seasons. First there was releasing him and then there was defeating him.

Other than Metatron, I don’t see any other way of getting rid of the mark. I hope the writers come up with something good. They’ve gone through the Men of Letters’ books and files and haven’t come up with anything there, but after ten seasons they are still discovering new things. If Metatron isn’t the answer, then a new discovery will be the answer to saving Dean.

What do you think is the answer to saving him?

We’ll just have to wait and see when ‘Supernatural’ returns March 18, how Sam and Dean will tackle the mark. Remember the boys are moving to a new night, Wednesdays!

Calista Flockhart Coming Back to TV, Cast on Supergirl

zegez_photo | photobucket.com

zegez_photo | photobucket.com

Kitty was one of my favorite characters on ‘Brothers and Sisters’ and I was very sad when the show ended. I watch reruns and ‘Ally McBeal’ from time to time too. Now Calista Flockhart is coming back to TV.

Calista, 50, has been cast as a series regular for ‘Supergirl’, Variety reported.

She will take on the Kitty name again, but this time as Cat Grant. This Cat is “a self-made media magnate and founder of CatCo.” The lead character, Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist), works as Cat’s assistant. Variety also revealed that Cat started as a reporter before building “her company into a global powerhouse.”

‘Supergirl’ has received a series commitment from CBS, The Hollywood Reporter said. The show revolves around superman’s cousin, Kara. She was born on the planet Krypton and escaped before the destruction of the planet. Kara was taken in by a foster family, the Danvers, when she arrived on Earth. Her family cautioned her to be careful with her powers, but now at 24 she decides to start using her powers to help people.

I’m very excited to see Calista back on TV, even if it isn’t in a leading role. As Ally she was very funny and as Kitty she was very strong. I’m looking forward to see what her portrayal of Cat will be.

In ‘Brothers and Sisters’ she was a driving force in politics, from a radio show, to a TV show, to a communications director for a senator and book author. Lets not forget she was married to the ambitious presidential candidate, Robert McCallister. I think being head of a huge media company will suit her well.

I was already interested in the show because of the shift in male superheroes to female, but now that Calista has joined the cast, I’m definitely tuning in.

Missing ‘The Originals’? Here’s a Way to Fill the Void

She may not be in love with Jackson, but she chose him of Elijah.

She may not be in love with Jackson, but she chose him.

Hayley and Jackson were just married, Hope has finally come home, Kol is dead, again, and Dahlia is probably on her way to New Orleans. This is where ‘The Originals’ left us before the little hiatus. The Mikaelsons won’t be back until March 9. If you are missing the Original family, you can look to Netflix to fill the void with some supernatural shows.

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterIf you like the brotherly love, betrayal and saving each other themes of ‘The Originals’, ‘Supernatural‘ is a great show to watch. The show is on its tenth season and just got renewed for an eleventh. You can check out nine seasons on Netflix. Sam and Dean Winchester are hunters and brothers. You won’t get too many vampires and werewolves in this show, but you will get a lot of different kinds of monsters.

If you haven’t seen the show, now is a great time to start the Winchester’s journey. If you’ve seen it as many times as I have, here’s a list of episodes that highlights the highs and lows of the Winchester family: Season 2 Episode 2: Everybody Loves a Clown, Season 2 Episodes 21 and 22: All Hell Breaks Loose Parts I and II, Season 4 Episode 22: Lucifer Rising, Season 8 Episode 1 : No Need to Talk About Kevin and Season 8 Episode 23: Sacrifice. The Winchesters have had some rough times as siblings. They don’t have the “always and forever”, but they might as well have.

charmedIf you are really into the witches on ‘The Originals’, you should check out ‘Charmed‘. These sisters and witches know how to kick some butt. They’ve saved the world numerous times all on their search for love. Phoebe especially has bad luck in finding love, something Rebekah can relate to. I particularly like the episodes with Paige, but if you are a fan of Prue, watch any episode from seasons one through three.

Here’s a list of episodes that really shows their sisterly bond. Maybe we can get to see Freya and Rebekah bond in the future. Season 4 Episode 1: Charmed Again Parts I and II, Season 4 Episode 21: Witch Way Now?, Season 5 Episode 14: The Day the Magic Died, Season 8 Episode 13: Repo Manor and Season 8 Episode 22: Forever Charmed.

Tvd01_1280X1024If watching brothers and sisters, monsters and witches, still doesn’t fill the void, you could always watch season three and four of ‘The Vampire Diaries‘. We get introduced to Klaus at the end of season two and then the rest of the family in season three. You could also relive season one of ‘The Originals‘ on Netflix. Hulu also has the last five episodes, so if you are behind, now is the time to catch up.

Just under two weeks till the Mikaelsons return. What will you be doing to fill the void?

Gotham Season 1 Episode 17

One of the biggest shocks of the night was Alfred getting stabbed.

One of the biggest shocks was Alfred getting stabbed.

An old friend of Alfred turns up on their doorstep and Bruce invites him to stay. The future Batman has a really good heart, but good hearts don’t survive in Gotham.

He wants to take on his parents company and find his parent’s killer, but he has ruffled some feathers and his future company may be planning an attacking on him. I know all of this will just help create the Bat, but this poor boy doesn’t deserve all of this pain.

I’m assuming Alfred will pull through. I mean the writers can’t kill him off, seeing as he’s Batman’s right hand man.

What kind of trouble is Mr. Payne in? So much trouble that he had to spy on Alfred and Bruce for money? Or has he just never shed covert operations from his resume?

The one nice thing that Mr. Payne provided was background on Alfred’s character. Though I think you can move on from being a ‘lethal war dog” as Reggie called him. But it’s nice to see who Alfred use to be and what he’s become now. Now I just want to know how the transformation happened. Was it Bruce? Alfred did say he’s a better man for knowing him.

Alfred being stabbed was one of the biggest shocks of the episode. I’m not sure which was more shocking, Alfred or Fish pulling her own eye out and stepping on it.

When negotiations weren't going well Fish decided to take her own eye out, so the doctor couldn't have it.

When negotiations weren’t going well, Fish decided to take her own eye out, so the doctor couldn’t have it.

Negotiations weren’t going the way Fish hoped. For one she wasn’t allowed to talk to the boss, Dr. Dullmacher. We’ve heard this name before, way back in episode two. Cat had been kidnapped by the doctor’s men.

Fish was forced to talk to only the manager of the facility, who we never got a name for.

The manager wants to take Fish’s eyes or kill all of the people in the basement, so Fish took out one of her eyes and stomped on it. Now no one can have her eye. That was just crazy. Was there not another way out? Now she only has one eye and will she even survive after collapsing? Will they take her other eye? Did Fish not even think about what she was doing?

Does Butch know what happened to Fish? He said she got what she deserved.

Butch has been working with Oswald to get the club back up and running. Between the bad entertainment and running out of alcohol, the club is not not doing well. Maroni is in charge of the alcohol and is not giving Oswald his orders. Maroni can’t kill him, so he’s doing the only thing he can.

Butch pulled through to help Penguin and they toasted to new beginnings. As Butch was pouring Oswald another glass, he was shaking. So Oswald brings up Fish, but he appears to be over Fish. Butch is not completely the same since the brainwashing, but does he know anything about what happened to Fish?

Red hood was introduced, but it wasn't a good introduction.

Red hood was introduced, but it wasn’t a good introduction.

The writers introduced another villain and it wasn’t exactly exciting. Three different men wore the red hood and the crew meant absolutely nothing to us. It was just another case for Gordon and Bullock to solve. And it was really over shadowed by what Fish did and the Bruce and Alfred storyline. Maybe the biggest problem was there was too many storylines going on.

There’s been a lot of great introductions, but the red hood wasn’t one of them. It could appear as just another case. There’s not much that separates it to show a future villain in Gotham. First Gordon said that the red hood could live on forever, because people can keep putting on the hood. Then at the end a young boy puts on the hood and the villain lives on.

Another storyline that was lacking this week was Barbara. Is there any point to keep putting her on the screen? No offense to the actress, but her storyline seems pointless. It appears that Cat and Ivy have moved in with her and now she wants to give them makeovers, especially Cat, but why? It doesn’t make any sense. It’s fine if the writers want to bring her back later, but they shouldn’t feel like they have to keep her around when there’s nothing going on with her.

Ever since she left Gordon, her storyline has gone down hill. Hopefully the writers have something in store for her soon.

Next week Gordon is looking into Alfred’s stabbing. It looks like Gotham is about to get even darker. Take a look at the promo: