Revenge Season 3 Premiere

revenge_season_3_by_myrmorko-d5rsu9f (1)Emily is back in the game and now she has a deadline for her revenge. Can she take the Grayson’s down in time before Jack reveals her secret?

I can understand Jack being mad for Emily lying to him, but Amanda was a willing participant in Emily’s scheme. Of course I’m sure Jack didn’t want to believe that, if Emily even told him. How can he not realize that when Emily stopped him from killing Conrad that she was protecting him from taking a life and going to jail. Emily has done her best to protect Jack every step of the way.

As happy as I am that Nolan is free, that happened entirely too quickly and too easily. I feel that there was whole lot of story that could have happened there. How did Emily react when she found out Nolan was arrested for terrorism? What were her first actions? What happened there? What on earth has happened over the past six months?

Charlotte obviously didn’t have the baby and the loss of the baby and Declan has certainly made her bitter. But why is she so mad at her mom and not at her father? Does she not know that the explosion her father orchestrated was the one that got her boyfriend killed?

My biggest question is why does Aiden want revenge against Emily? She chose revenge over him for now, not another person. So what happened over the six months that has made Aiden join forces with Victoria?

I think this was Emily’s coldest move yet. Huntington disease is a serious and very harsh disease. Is this disease not enough to destroy the family?  Conrad lost his position as governor and the rest of the family is devastated. If this is not the end game what is?

Season three has just started and we know in two months time Emily will be shot, but by who? She’s in a wedding dress, is it Daniel? Something is going to go horribly wrong.


The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Preview

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5Last season Elena died, dealt with transitioning into a vampire, lost her brother, turned off her emotions and then was forced to turn them back on again. It was a very different season and where is season five going to take us?

Caroline and Elena are off to college, Elena and Damon are finally together, Tyler is allowed to come back, Bonnie is dead and Stefan is on the bottom of the ocean and Silas has taken his place. And lets not forget that Katherine is now human.

At the end of last season Bonnie died bringing Jeremy back to life and made him promise to tell Elena and Caroline that she was spending the summer with her mother. How are Elena and Caroline going to take the news? Will Jeremy be able to hold out all summer not telling them?

Now that the sire bond has been broken and Elena’s emotions are back on she chose Damon. Now what? Elena’s going off to college and Damon is staying in Mystic Falls. What does this mean for their relationship?

Rebekah and Matt went off on a summer world adventure together, what will happen when they return? Sparks are somewhat flying between them, but with The Originals starting will Rebekah be part of The Originals cast or The Vampire Diaries cast?

Klaus is off to New Orleans, but they have a new enemy to face in season five. Silas is another doppelganger, and he is Stefan’s doppelganger. Silas has locked Stefan in a safe and thrown him into the bottom of the ocean. How long and who will figure out that Stefan is not Stefan? Silas can get into all of their minds and make them see whatever he wants. What is he going to do to the town of Mystic Falls and its residents?

First it was the vampires from the tomb, then it was Klaus and the rest of the original vampires, the original witch and the ultimate vampire she created out of Alaric, then vampire hunters and now Silas. Silas certainly seems to be the scariest of all of them, but Klaus seemed quite scary in the beginning too.

What will season five bring? The season premiere is Thursday on The CW at 8/7c.

Check out the preview for the season premiere:

Revenge Season 3 Preview

revenge_season_3_by_myrmorko-d5rsu9f (1)Revenge really heated it up last season, but then again it never cooled down. Everyone got in on the game. Emily, Nolan and Conrad got deeper, while Daniel and Jack got in on the game too, everyone with a different end game.

Nolan lost his love, Padama, and Aiden revenged his sister, but it didnt make the pain go away and Jack lost Amanda. None of the men in Emily’s life had it easy in season two.

After a very busy season, the two part season finale had so much going on.

We found out that Conrad is the initiative and other business men and he knew about the bomb in his building. It was planned to make the Grayson’s richer than they were before. The initiative is made up of business people profiting from tragedy.

Conrad also became Governor. Kind of reminds me when Dan became governor of Tree Hill. Dan played on his mistakes with Nathan and got all choked up, it was all written in his speech. Conrad also had emotion in written in his speech, he had a moment of silence for Declan, who died in the bombing that he orchestrated.

Declan lied to Charlotte before his surgery. He said he was fine, so she wouldn’t have horrible memories to remember him by. Nolan desperately wanted to help Declan and was willing to pay anything to do it, but all Declan needed was time, and he didn’t have enough. Victoria couldn’t bare to tell her daughter that she had lost her love, her baby’s father. It’s times like these that we truly see Victoria’s heart.

Victoria knows that Emily doesn’t love Daniel, but she hasn’t a clue what Emily is really up to. In some ways Victoria is right, her Emily are a lot a like. In other ways they are not. Victoria turned her back on the man she loved, while Emily is trying to revenge her father. Though Emily may lose a lot in the process.

She already lost her father and now Nolan is being framed. What is Emily doing to do when she finds out? She was so worried about Aiden getting framed, now the person closest to her is the one framed. Nolan and Emily are family and would do anything for each other. What will she do to get him off the hook before he ends up like her father?

What actually happened between Aiden and Daniel in their fight? Daniel arrives at his father’s party with blood on his shirt and Aiden is not heard of again. He’s in the promos for season three, does that mean he survived?

The biggest thing to happen in the finale was Emily telling Jack that she’s Amanda. He was about to shoot Conrad and Emily came clean. What will Jack do with this information? He was very angry when Nolan saved him from the explosion. He wanted to know how Nolan knew and Nolan came up with a good story, but Emily has been lying for two years and let him believe that he married and had a child with his once childhood friend. How does someone forgive that?

Season two was just as fast paced and exciting as season one, what is season three to bring? Will Emily succeed in her revenge and which man will she end up with? Jack, Daniel or Aiden?

Season three premieres Sunday, 9/8c on ABC.

Check out the preview for the premiere:

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Premiere

86507-greys-anatomy-fans-can-rest-easy-chief-webber-is-safe-there-he-is-righAs Grey’s Anatomy goes into its tenth season, Shonda Rhimes delivers us the best episodes yet. After nine seasons there still seems like there are a lot more stories to be told.

At first I was surprised that Richard made Meredith his next of kin, but Richard has always saw Meredith as family and in the end it was Meredith’s decision that saved his life. But it’s not just Meredith and Richard that are family, they are all family. Catherine made me so mad when she wanted to take Richard to another hospital. There will be no other hospital that has so many people who love Richard and will be trying their best to save him.

I think Jackson still has feelings for April. I don’t think he would be so mad if he didn’t. I do agree that April is terrified. But thinking you are never going to find someone and then have someone propose to you in the way Matthew did  and then having the only other guy you loved almost die is very scary. I’m not sure where her heart truly lies, but I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this.

Derek went through the ringer this episode. He tried to save his prized pupil to no avail and he’s stuck right in the middle of Callie and Arizona trying to shield his daughter and their daughter from the screaming. And this is what I’m taking about that they are all family. Derek is helping and even Cristina is helping. Everyone is there for each other. Something that interns are just now learning.

Shane is blaming himself for Heather’s death. I can’t blame him. If he had followed his orders Heather would still be alive. I don’t know if going out into the mud slide is the way to get rid of his guilt, but the interns are all behind him.

Season 10 is off to great start. Check out the preview for next week:

Nashville Season 2 Premiere

nashville-season-2-posterWe can rest easy knowing that Rayna is ok, but what is to become of her an Deacon? The love that they have can’t be erased, but what does the future hold?

There was a lot going on in this episode, I’m not sure where to start?

Deacon was punishing himself for what happened to Rayna by saying he was the driver, while his niece, Scarlett, was trying desperately to post his bail. She wasn’t wrong to believe in him, he hadn’t committed the crime and he was beating himself up for what part he did play in the accident. But now Deacon will have to apologize to Scarlett for the way he was treating her and try to explain himself.

At the beginning of this episode I was disgusted with Juliette, she was using Rayna’s tragedy to help promote her new album. It makes me wonder how many other singers do dedications like that and are just promoting themselves. I hope this isn’t that common. But as she walked down that dark path she found herself feeling for Rayna’s family. I don’t know if it was the reminder of her resent loss of her mother or seeing Rayna in the hospital. I just hope she doesn’t make public that Maddie is Deacon’s daughter. This will be a true test to Juliette’s character.

I had a feeling that Scarlett would say no to Gunnar. They hadn’t been dating that long, marriage is a big step. Her inviting him to sing with him definitely shows that the feelings are still there. She is choosing to work on herself and maybe that is a good choice. Avery chose music over everyone, until he came to his senses, and Gunnar was becoming someone else for his music. Through all that Scarlett is the one with the most success. She probably wants to stay down to earth on this journey and as the two men in her life have shown, that is not easy.

Could Lamar really have had something to do with his wife’s death? He couldn’t really have meant to kill his wife?

Season two has begun and I’m looking forward to the music and to see how the characters deal with the music and their tangled relationships.

Bones Season 9 Episode 2

Season_9_fanWas anyone else’s first thought when Cam’s identity was stolen Pelant? My question is why didn’t anyone on the show think it? Yes I do know that identity theft is more common than we’d like to admit, but how many people have an enemy that can get into any computer system. It might not be Pelant, but it sure screams Pelant.

This episode of Bones was a breath of fresh air. Yes the chemistry of the show is different, but this episode seemed to take the new chemistry and work well with it. Everyone coming together to help Cam. This is what is so great about shows that have been on for a long time, the love that the characters have for one another.

Poor Sweets can’t shake Pelant off. He was totally not on his game this week. I hope his leave of absence doesn’t mean a leave from the show. Sweets is like the surrogate son of Brennan and Booth and I enjoy when he is on screen. He’s so smart and funny. When shows get this far actors tend to leave or think about leaving. Which makes sense, you can’t play the same character forever, but losing Sweets would be bad. When we first lost Zack I was sad, but Sweets sort of replaced him. Who would replace Sweets? I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to be better than Zack or Sweets.

Should we find it disturbing that Brennan is comparing her and Booth to murderers? The couple was extremely happy together, but still.

Last week when we found out who the killer was it was anti-climatic. This time it wasn’t. The evidence led closer and closer to the murderers and it didn’t just jump to it. Which is what so many episodes have been doing in the past season. It was interesting that the couple confessed right away and didn’t even see a problem with it.

The humor in Bones returned this week. Could Bones be retuning to the show we fell in love with?

It’s so nice to have story arcs with the characters again. And I hope that Cam’s identity theft leads right to Pelant.

Check out the preview for next weeks Bones:

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Preview

86507-greys-anatomy-fans-can-rest-easy-chief-webber-is-safe-there-he-is-righLast season changed everything. Lexi and Mark died, Arizona lost her leg and Derek almost wasn’t able to operate again. On top of all that the hospital almost closed.

Now Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Arizona, Callie and Jackson own the hospital. Their settlement wasn’t enough to buy the hospital, they needed more funding and Richard went to his girlfriend and Jackson’s mother, Catherine. This is how Jackson became a part owner as well, well more of the full on boss. If you remember the rest of them didn’t like that so much, but Jackson proved himself in the end.

The end of season nine was very intense, which is typical in Grey’s Anatomy fashion. Meredith went into labor as the storm was coming in, Alex tried to tell Joe he loved her, but a tree interrupted him, Bailey still wouldn’t get into an OR, Matthew proposed to April in a very elaborate way, Owen was considering adopting Ethan and Arizona cheated on Callie.

So where did we leave off?

Bailey was able to get back into the OR when Meredith was in surgery and bleeding out on the table. Bailey still wasn’t ready, but her friend needed her. So she double gloved up and does what she does best, general surgery.  Meredith and her baby, who she named Bailey, are fine. He did get rushed to the NICU after birth and entered a room of chaos with the other babies.

With the power out and no extra batteries the ventilators where losing power and the doctors and interns where having to manually ventilate, but there wasn’t enough doctors and the parents started to panic. Derek said that there was enough people to ventilate and  Joe came to the rescue and said that it was easy to do and she would teach them. And Arizona said to Alex if you’re going to take credit when your girls go crazy, you have to take credit when they are great.

Arizona was too busy to even think about sleeping with Lauren, until the lights come back on and Callie spots Arizona’s ring on Lauren’s scrub top.  Apparently they put on each other’s scrub tops. This starts a huge argument between Callie and Arizona and it all comes back to the plane crash and Callie cutting off Arizona’s leg. Arizona doesn’t believe Callie lost anything in the plane crash, but Callie says she lost Mark and apparently she lost Arizona.

If enough wasn’t going on in the storm to begin with, a bus crashed and goes up in flames as it approaches the hospital. The doctors go and help the people and Jackson gets caught behind trying to help a little girl. The bus blows up and everyone, especially April, thinks Jackson is gone, but he emerges with the little girl. April loses it. She later tells Jackson that she wants him and won’t get married if he gives her a reason not to.

April wasn’t the only one to confess feelings, Alex finally tells Joe he loves her.

Cristina also lets Owen go. Cristina doesn’t wants kids, Owen does. Cristina has all she needs between Owen and surgery, but Owen needs the kid. So Cristina walks away.

As the storm comes to an end, Richard is unconscious in the basement with signs of electrocution and no one is sight.

Season ten starts on Thursday and there are so many questions. Will Richard survive? Will Arizona and and Callie work it out? Is this really the end of Cristina and Owen? Will Jackson give April a reason not to marry Matthew? And most importantly is this the final season?

Grey’s Anatomy is just as good, if not better than when she show began. Shonda Rhimes still keeps us on the edge of our seats and she still makes us cry each week. What will season ten bring? Sandra Oh is reportedly leaving the show after season 10. Can you blame her? Ten seasons is a long time to play one character. Friends lasted ten seasons and so did Beverly Hills 90210 and 7th Heaven took it to 11 seasons. The other actors are also contemplating their departure from the show. Could Grey’s Anatomy be coming to an end? For now we have to just get ready for another amazing season and see what the future brings.

The Grey’s Anatomy two-hour season 10 premiere starts Thursday, 9/8c on ABC.

Check out the preview the season 10 premiere:

Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) is leaving:

Nashville Season 2 Preview

nashville-season-2-posterSeason one of Nashville was filled with great music, break-ups, couples, family drama and even death. It was a great first season and on Wednesday the crazy ride will continue.

Will Rayna survive the car crash and will Deacon ever forgive himself? If you remember Deacon fell of the wagon at the end of the season because he found out that Maddie was his daughter. He showed up to the memorial for Juliette’s mom drunk and driving. Rayna was driving him home, but couldn’t stop Deacon drinking. They were fighting and Rayna lost control of the car and the car fliped over.

Gunnar was going down a dark path at the end of  season one and ends up in jail. He tries to apologize to Scarlett, but she’s done with him.  Scarlett starts hanging out with Avery again and sings with him on stage. Gunnar proposes to Scarlett, but we don’t get an answer from Scarlett. What do you think she will say?

Juliette wins the CMA award and finds out that her mom was trying to protect her when she died.

Juliette’s ex-boyfriend, Dante, had made a sex tape of her and threatened to release it. Jolene called Dante saying she’ll pay him the $2 million in exchange for the SD card. Both Dante and Jolene had been using. Jolene shoots Dante and dies of an overdose.

Teddy is in a bit of a mess at the end of the season. He’s being investigated by the US Attorney’s office on the Cumberland Plaza project. His ex-mistress, Peggy, is also pregnant.

Season one left a lot of things unfinished, but season two is right around the corner!

Season two of Nashville will premiere Wednesday, September 25, 10/9c on ABC.

Check out the preview for the season two premiere: 

Here’s some of season one’s music, while you’re waiting for the news season: 

Nothing in this World will Ever Break my Heart Again 

Wrong Song

If I Didn’t Know Better

Looking for a Place to Shine

Bones Season 9 Episode 1

Season_9_fanThe first episode of the new season was better than most of the episodes from season eight, but it still wasn’t up to the Bones’ standard.

The highlight of the episode was the tension between Booth and Brennan.

If we look back over all of the couples in TV land, Lorelei and Luke, Peyton and Lucas, Rachel and Ross etc. They can’t last forever, there has to be tension or break-ups between them before they end up happily ever after.

If there is no conflict or tension in a show, there is no show. There hasn’t been a lot of conflict or tension between the character’s of Bones in a long while. Angela and Hodgins are very happy together and until Pelant’s threat, Booth and Brennan were very happy. There use to be a lot of sexual tension between these characters and Booth and Brennan use to fight a lot, remember Angela said it was hot?

Despite Brennan not finding out why Booth won’t marry her, they’ve pretty much patched things up. Hopefully this will lead to an angry Pelant and more of Pelant. If not where is the show going?

It was nice seeing Angela yell at Booth. She loves Brennan so much, but for once Angela is wrong, well kind of wrong. She’s right that Booth is lying, but doesn’t see what is really going on. Even Cam was getting involved trying to give Booth advice. All of them are just really rooting for Brennan and Booth to work this out.

There was something that really upset me about the episode. I’m fine with commentary about other TV shows, but not promoting another TV show. Hodgins mentioned the new show Sleepy Hollow. Come one now, just because Bones gets a lot of viewers does not mean they should promote another show. This is not right and shouldn’t happen.

Next week Booth and Brennan go undercover at a marriage retreat. Check out this preview:

Bones Preview Season 9

Season_9_fanBones is coming back for a ninth season on Monday. As many fans will agree, the show just hasn’t been the same since Brennan and Booth had a baby. While we are all happy that they are together and have a child together, the chemistry of the show is just not the same. But we keep watching because we love the characters.

So many shows have gone past their prime and I hope Bones is not one of those shows and I hope that season nine will have some good surprises.

When we left off last season Pelant had threatened Booth saying he can’t marry Brennan or he will kill innocent people.

Brennan was heartbroken when Booth tells her he doesn’t think they should get married and used her own logic against her. After all these years Brennan finally wants to get married. Booth is also heartbroken having to say this to her and he can’t tell her why.

Pelant is the toughest opponent they’ve ever faced and while they saved Sweets from getting murdered, they still haven’t been able to catch Pelant.

The squints, Sweets and Booth have never faced an opponent they couldn’t beat and the writers really need to delve deeper into this storyline. I hope to see much more of Pelant. And despite the lack luster season eight, I am looking forward to season nine.

Bones season nine will premiere Monday, September 16, 8/7c on Fox.

Check out this video to preview season nine: 

Also check out this preview of the premiere: