The Top 5 Looks From ‘PLL’ Season 6 So Far

Spencer: Nora gown by Walter Mendez, Emily: Michael Costello fall 2015 collection dress, Hanna: Sherri Hill fall 2015 collection dress, Aria: Kesten fitted cropped tank and Tina floral-print ball skirt by Alice and Olivia.

Dances are always great on PLL for all the fashion!

The first part of season six of Pretty Little Liars is over and with it they brought a lot of great fashion, as usual.

We may have a long wait for new episodes this winter, but we can still re-watch every episode to recount all the ‘A’ clues and all the great fashion!

I always say that Aria and Hanna are my favorite fashionistas on PLL, and it shows in my top five best looks from season six so far. Sadly Spencer and Emily didn’t make my list, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love those liars too. I just love everything Aria and Hanna wear!

5. Hanna, episode 6

I’m obsessed with the floral Orsola moto jacket by Guess that Hanna wore in this episode. I fell in love with this jacket as soon as she appeared on screen. The Malone silk cropped top by Rebecca Minkoff with tulip-style overlay really added another element to this look.

4. Hanna, episode 5

Hanna looked so grown up in this episode and totally changed my mind about fruit printed clothes! She wore a pineapple print full cotton skirt by MSGM and a black blazer. I loved that her necklace and classic saddle flap crossbody bag matched with the pineapples. I love coordinating like this.

3. Aria, episode 4 

I’ve never been a fan of rompers, but when I saw Aria in the animal print romper by MinkPink, I totally changed my mind. I love tigers, but I liked how the romper mixed the tiger print with the zebra print. It was just so cute that I liked it without the jacket.

I also loved the long-sleeve white and black colorblocked cropped jacket she wore by Rachel Roy. I would so wear the jacket with jeans too.

2. Hanna, episode 8

I love when Hanna wears dresses and I think the dress she wore in this episode definitely ranks as one of my favorite dresses of all the seasons. She wore a snake print shift dress by Sam Edelman and a razor buckled belt by Alexander McQueen. I love how Hanna seems to always add a belt to her dresses. It’s steps up her look and I like the purple, green and black in this dress.

1. Aria, episode 9

For the most part I wanted to keep the prom dresses off this list, because then the list would be of all the prom dresses. But I loved Aria’s cropped top and skirt. It was great for the dance, but I feel like she could wear this outside of a school dance too. It really helped that I felt she was channeling Ariel in this look, even if Lucy Hale says it was Snow White. The altered cropped top and  floral-print ball skirt are by Alice & Olivia.

What are your favorite looks from season six so far?

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‘PLL’: All the Fashion from the Enchanted Forest Prom

All dressed up and no where to go.

Spencer: Nora gown by Walter Mendez, Emily: Michael Costello fall 2015 collection dress, Hanna: Sherri Hill fall 2015 collection dress, Aria: Kesten fitted cropped tank and Tina floral-print ball skirt by Alice and Olivia.

I was so excited for the ‘Last Dance’ episode because of all the fashion! The girls managed to go to their prom, but either way they had some pretty amazing dresses. I wish my prom dress was that pretty and creative. I wish my prom was that gorgeous too. How much did it all cost?

I know Lucy Hale posted a picture on Instagram of her dress captioned, ‘Snow White’, but I really think she’s channeling Ariel in this dress. Snow White makes sense too, but when I first saw a sneak peek of the dress, I thought, The Little Mermaid.

If you want to recreate Aria’s look, you can come pretty close. The top is a Kesten fitted cropped tank by Alice & Olivia, but it’s altered. Whether you recreate Aria’s Snow White/Ariel look or create your own look, the Alice & Olivia top is on finale sale for $79.20!

The skirt is also by Alice & Olivia. The Tina floral-print ball skirt is also on sale for $418.

Spencer’s dress was actually inspired by Ariel. This gorgeous blue Nora gown by Walter Mendez will be a little harder to get your hands on, unless you have the money to spend. The Nora gown costs $1,695. This was an absolutely stunning dress, but the least creative out of the four liars.

Ali’s dress definitely had a hint of Belle shinning through. I just loved the ball skirt. This would be the prefect dress for prom, if it wasn’t so much. You can buy the Alloy evening dress by Tarik Ediz in several colors for $1,390.

Could Hanna not have looked more gorgeous? She was playing Cinderella in this Sherri Hill fall 2015 collection dress and her prince came and found her. This fashionista looks good in just about everything she wears. I loved her eye make-up. It darkened up the fairy tale look and went great with the dark fairy tale theme of the dance. Even if they weren’t actually suppose to be there. Unfortunately, you can’t purchase the dress online, but you can look at the other Sherri Hill dresses. Leave it to Hanna to add a belt to this already great dress. She wore a delicate Tracery belt from Anthropologie and it just made the dress even more stunning.

I have left Emily for last because she had the most creative look of all of them. Em’s whole look was very much inspired by an evil queen. The Michael Costello fall 2015 collection dress may not be the most beautiful dress on its own, but add the great accessories and that eye make-up and she has the most creative look for the Enchanted Forest prom. The accessories are all by Marianna Harutunian. The earrings can be purchased on Etsy for $60, the crown for $250 and the nail tips for $48.

Now lets hope they don’t ruin this dresses too much when they go #FAcetoface with A.

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‘PLL’: All the Fashion from Season 6 Episode 8

PLL fashion

Hanna: d-ring high neck romper and a sheepskin leather biker jacket by Topshop, Spencer: gathered seam dress by Zara, Aria: Sidecca black and green ballerina printed halter double strapped dress

It was Aria’s big night on Tuesday and she looked great with the Sidecca black and green ballerina printed halter double strapped dress. She wanted to make a statement with her dress, that sadly got overshadowed by A once again. But I think she had the art gallery scene vibe going on, just like she wanted.

Aria’s style has been slightly different this season, but all of her pieces have gone great with her new hair cut. I don’t think she would have looked as good in this dress with her longer hair. Her new hair style allows her to change things up.

Spencer dressed up for the occasion too! She wore a gathered seam dress by Zara. This dress is still available and is on sale for $29.99. To really match Spencer’s look, make sure to top it off with a belt. Nordstrom carries a similar belt to the one she wore.

I would have thought Hanna would have worn a nice dress to support Aria at the gallery, but she wore a d-ring high neck romper and a sheepskin leather biker jacket by Topshop. It was a nice romper, but not quite appropriate for the occasion. I loved the biker jacket, but I have a thing for biker jackets. I don’t think it was the right choice for the art show though.

I absolutely loved the snake print shift dress by Sam Edelman Hanna wore with a razor buckled belt by Alexander McQueen. I loved the colors and the design. Hanna always looks great in dresses and I love when they all add a belt to complete their look. The dress doesn’t quite look the same without the belt.

She should have worn the snake print dress to the gallery.

The shift dress is on sale at Lord & Taylor for $71.40, the belt is unfortunately sold out.

I also loved the shirt Aria was wearing in the beginning of the episode. She wore a muscle tank with a beaded snake by Haute Hippie. The shirt was so simple and elegant.

Next week is prom, so stay tuned for a lot of great fashion from the dance!

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‘PLL’: All the Fashion from Season 6 Episode 7

PLL fashion 7:21Hanna had a very different look this week. She was very sophisticated up top and then very casual on the bottom half with ripped jeans.

I thought the jacket didn’t really match her usual style, but the shirt kind of made it a bit better.

The Agnette jacket is by IRO and is actually altered, the top is twister jersey and lace by Maje and the Jessica low rise jeggings are by Ditto.

I really liked the the Iris stripe cold shoulder top by Tanya Taylor Aria was wearing. I think she should have worn this with out the jacket the entire episode. Only because it’s such a cute shirt with the shoulders cut out and what’s the point of wearing a jacket over it when you can’t see that element of the shirt? If you like this shirt too, it can be yours for $197.78 at Nordstorm.

The Augie denim and leather jacket is by Bcbgmaxazria and is sadly no longer available.

I love Spencer, but I’m not always a fan of her fashion, but I really liked her look this week. The color looked so good on her. She wore a floral-print button-front dress by Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply with a lavender cardigan. She looked really pretty this week.

I also loved Mona’s look from this week. I don’t know what any of it is, but I loved that blue printed shirt and I especially loved those earrings!

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‘PLL’: All the Fashion from Season 6 Episode 6

Hanna fashion

Orsola moto jacket by Guess, Malone silk cropped top by Rebecca Minkoff, Watson boots by Jeffrey Campbell and Michalik bag by Aldo.

I’m just loving Hanna’s looks on Pretty Little Liars this season. Each week she’s proving why she’s one of my favorite liars for fashion!

This week she wore an Orsola moto jacket by Guess, Malone silk cropped top by Rebecca Minkoff, Watson boots by Jeffrey Campbell and Michalik bag by Aldo. The bag is no longer available, but you can still by the jacket for $138 on the Guess website.

I’m enjoying the floral prints this season, so I immediately fell in love with Hanna’s jacket when she appeared on screen. I also loved the pink crop top. I loved the color and tulip-style overlay flutters. Hanna has had some nice bright looks lately and with all the darkness on PLL with the storyline, it’s nice to having something to brighten up the mood.

My other favorite fashionista on the show, Aria, had two great looks this week, even if they were both darker. I loved her tie-dye faux leather moto jacket. This was a very edgy look, especially with the tore up tee she wore underneath. This is definitely not typically something I would wear, but I think my love of Aria floods over into her fashion too. I’m just biased when it comes to her, but she looks great in everything she wears. She’s just like Emily in that way.

If you were in love with Aria’s look this week or you’re just wanting to take styling tips from her, the jacket is by Blank NYC and can be bought on the brand’s website for $128 and the tee is by Free People and you can own it for $62.36.

Earlier in the episode Aria wore a cute Jacquard animal print pelmet skirt by Topshop and ladies it’s on sale right now for $35! PLL pieces sell out fast, so make sure to get it quick!

As much as I love Spencer, she’s my least favorite fashionista on the show, but she does know how to rock a shirt dress. She wore a Marigold shirtdress by Topshop that is sold out. I told you PLL fashion sells quickly.

The only negative thing I have to say about this dress is that it feels more like a fall dress because of the colors. The orange on it just makes me think of October.

Emily from time to time wears some amazing pieces that I love, but no matter what she wears, she always looks great in them. This week she wore Gabin leather short dungarees by American Retro. Overalls are supposed to be so over, but occasionally the fashion industry tries to bring them back. This is a very modern take on the retro look. I’m totally okay if the fashon world wants this version of dungarees to be in style. It’s just a simple, but cute look. And it’s also a little edgy. And guess what, they’re on sale on ASOS for $326.2o!

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Maura’s Looks from Season 6 Episode 3

Jewel-neck pixel-print dress by Akris Punto

Jewel-neck pixel-print dress by Akris Punto

The costume designers broke with their trend on Rizzoli and Isles this week. Both of Maura’s look were very dark. There was no bright colors this week.

Dr. Isles’s second look was my favorite. She wore a jewel-neck pixel-print dress by Akris Punto. This dress if very Maura. It’s sophisticated and very high end. The dress can be purchased at Neiman Marcus for $1290. Lucky for you the dress is on sale for $580.50.

I’m still trying to get use to Maura’s bangs. It gives her a very youthful look, but her style is so sophisticated. The first couple of episodes the costume designers were dressing her to match with her new look. Now they are going more back to the staple Maura style, which doesn’t go as well with her new hair cut.

I also loved the maroon slacks she was wearing. She paired it with a black and beige patterned collard shirt. The doctor has been enjoying wearing slacks and a nice shirt in the last few episodes.

Maura fashionThe costume designers haven’t really done much with Maura’s fashion this season. Usually she wears a lot more sophisticated and high end pieces. The dress this week was the closest thing she’s worn this season that is like all the other seasons.

I’m a little disappointed with the fashion so far this season. I’m hoping it will start to improve.

‘PLL’: All the Fashion from Season 6 Episode 5

PLL fashion

Hanna: Pineapple print full cotton skirt by MSGM, classic saddle flap crossbody bag by cooperative at Urban Outfitters. Spencer: Oversized stripe shirt by Topshop with a reflected buckle belt from Anthropologie and Jodhpur knee-high boots by Cole Haan.

My favorite look from Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars was Hanna’s pineapple print full cotton skirt and black blazer. What I loved about this look was that yellow chunky ball necklace with a faux diamond. Usually I’m not a big fan of printed fruit, but I just love that necklace and the shape of that skirt. I think Hanna looks great in skirts and dresses! That’s all she should ever wear.

If you love this outfit too, you can by the skirt at Lane Carwford. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find were to buy the necklace, if you find it please let me know!

Aria is another liar that looks great in dresses. She wore a rainbow stripe knit dress by Karen Millen. I like this dress because of the multiple colors, but they’re not super bright. It’s a dress that could be worn all year round.

Spencer has a thing for belts. She loves to dress up her looks with a nice belt. This week she wore an oversized stripe shirt by Topshop with a reflected buckle belt from Anthropologie and Jodhpur knee-high boots by Cole Haan. This look has been so popular the shirt sold out at Nordstorm, the belt from Anthropologie and the shoes from Amazon.

How the liars can continue to dress great week after week while stressing out I will never no! Of course it all comes down to the costume designers, but still! If I was still traumatized by being kidnapped by A and still looking over my shoulder, I wouldn’t be able to wear great clothes every day.

Sometimes it’s nice when Spencer dresses down, because it feels more realistic. Like when she was popping pills to stay awake, she wasn’t so put together then.

Ali had a very casual look this week, but it looked really nice. She wore Drop Shop underlay top by Bailey 44 that can be purchased at Nordstrom. It’s cute because of the underlay. It adds a nice element to the look, but looks very comfortable. The necklace she wore was very cute too.

What was your favorite look this week?

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‘PLL’: All the Fashion from Season 6 Episode 4

Aria: pink and black lace peplum top by RVN. Hanna:

Aria: pink and black lace peplum top by RVN. Hanna: blue and pink patterned dress by Open Ceremony.

Oh the fashion in Pretty Little Liars. The show should just be a catalog because everything these liars wear are great!

I loved the pink and black lace peplum top Aria was wearing in the last two episodes. Aria is my favorite fashionista on the show. I love her knew hair cut too. It suits her very well.

I love fit and flare dresses and I really loved Hanna’s blue and pink patterned dress. You can buy this dress online at Forward for $278.

Hanna is definitely dressing for summer, even though the liars are technically at the end of their senior year. After the dress Hanna was wearing floral shorts and a cropped moto jacket. This is such a great look. It can be very casual with flats or you can dress it up with heals! I would so wear this outfit and you can too! You can buy the Ellery shorts from Club Monaco for $79.

Emily’s plaid shorts and denim jacket with leather sleeves isn’t really by style, but Ems looks great! I would never think to mix plaid with leather, but it works. If this is your look, you can by the shorts at Shopbop for $346.50.

I’ve never been a big fan of the romper, but I love the one Aria wore on Tuesday night. She wore an animal print romper by MinkPink. I loved the romper without the jacket. I love white tigers and I like how the romper mixes tiger print with zebra print. Aria really dressed it up with that neckless. I don’t think she even needed to add a jacket to this look. It was fine as is! The jacket really dressed the look up too. I loved that long-sleeve white and black colorblocked cropped jacket! I would wear this jacket with a lot of things. Lucky for us we can buy the Rachel Roy jacket at Macy’s for $59.99.

Aria was really killing it this week. I loved the rose print skinny jeans she wore at the studio. The whole look was great, but I love these jeans and thankfully Amazon is selling them for $198. I liked the black ruffled top she was wearing too.

You must be starting to see why Aria’s my favorite liar for fashion.

I loved every single look of hers from Tuesday night. She never disappoints. No wonder why her mom comes to her for fashion tips.

What was your favorite look from ‘PLL’ on Tuesday night?

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Maura’s Conservative and Cute Looks from Season 6 Episode 2

Maura fashion number 2

Maroon silk blouse with light grey slacks.

I see a trend happening with Maura’s wardrobe! In the first episode of the season she wore two dresses and in the second episode she wore two outfits with pants. Plus the first one was more professional and sophisticated and the second one was more youthful and had the feel of summer.

In both episodes the first style featured dark colors and the second one was brighter. Will we be continuing to see this trend for the whole season?

The first outfit from season six, episode two was pretty conservative for Maura, but she looked great. The maroon silk blouse was a great color on her. She pairs the shirt with light grey slacks. This is extremely conservative for the fashion forward doctor. She likes bold dresses and while this color looks great on her, the outfit itself is pretty basic. But it’s something that we can all copy from her. If you can’t figure out what to wear for work this would be a great option. I just love the color of that shirt. Plus you can’t go wrong with light grey slacks.

Maura fashion 1

Black and white printed sleeveless neck-tie blouse by Proenza Schouler.

Maura’s second look was once again more youthful. She wore a Proenza Schouler black and white printed neck-tie blouse with bright yellow pants and a short brim sun hat.

This look screams summer, but it’s more of something you’d expect to see at a barbecue than at the office.

Maura’s second looks in the episodes this season have been a lot more casual than what Maura usually wears.

Even with the more casual look in the second episode, I really liked the look. She seems to be dressing for summer and I like it, even if it isn’t Maura’s usual style.

The first week the doctor went edgier with her first dress and a lot more basic this week. If it wasn’t for the colors in her styles this week, they wouldn’t have really been notable.

That’s an important thing to note, the color can really make the look.

What was your favorite look this week? Are you liking the change-up to Maura’s style?

Maura’s Edgy and Youthful Dresses In Season 6 Premiere

Leather and virgin wool blend textured plaid dress by Hugo Boss.

Leather and virgin wool blend textured plaid dress by Hugo Boss.

‘Rizzoli and Isles’ is back and with it brings Maura Isles’s great fashion sense. The show may be about solving homicides, but you can always count Maura to still be in style while examining the bodies and who wouldn’t want her shoe collection.

My favorite Maura style from this week’s episode was the first dress she wore: a leather and virgin wool blend textured plaid dress by Hugo Boss. This was a very sophisticated dress and edgier than Miss Isles usually wears. It went nice with her new bangs for this season.

When I first saw the dress, I wasn’t so sure I liked it, until I saw the complete dress. It’s quite edgy for her, but she pulls it off. The contrasting fabrics is what really makes it interesting. At first glance you may think it’s a shirt and skirt. The plaid mixed with the wool compliment the leather nicely. Her bangs give the look a youthful appearance, especially with her hair pulled back into a pony tail.

Chefchaouen-print belted pleated dress by Akris

Chefchaouen-print belted pleated dress by Akris.

A more youthful style may be what the costume designers are going for this season. Sasha Alexander’s second dress was a Chefchaouen-print belted pleated dress by Akris, a Swiss high end fashion brand. This was a very youthful looking dress and not Maura’s normal style at all. The first dress was sophisticated with hint of youthfulness with her hair pulled back, but the second one just looks way too young for her.

The Akris dress is very casual and Maura doesn’t really do casual. I hope season six sees more dresses like the edgier Hugo Boss dress, than this childish dress. Or just going back to her usual style would be great too. It’s just not her style. She has sophistication everywhere she goes. She dresses to impress, not to feel comfortable.

Season six has just started, so we’ll have a lot more of Maura’s fashion coming our way. I can’t wait to see what the costume designers have in store for us this season! I’m always looking forward to seeing what Miss Isles wears. It’s even better if Jane has some sort of comment for it.

What was your favorite look of this week?