Penny Dreadful Season 1 Finale

penny-dreadful-ethan_chandlerThis had to be the best episode yet. A lot of the story lines from the season are finished, but they have opened up way for different stories.

Will Vanessa seek to have an exorcism? She’s been asked the question of does she want to be normal? In adolescence that’s all we want to be is normal, but normal doesn’t amount to much. So will she be ok with just being normal?

We knew there was something Chandler was hiding. Now we know why he has such a temper. This was a tough episode for him. He lost his beloved Brona and his father sent men to bring him home. Either his father doesn’t know him very well or the two men really did just underestimate Chandler. They never stood a chance bringing him home. But where does this leave him for season two? It seems that he doesn’t like what he does when he is a werewolf. Not that I could blame him, but it’s not something he can control. It will be interesting to see how the writers interpret the lore on werewolves.

Victor’s creation is getting his bride after all, but we all had a sneaking suspicion it would be Brona. She was dying the whole season after all and somehow it felt like she was sticking around. But what will Chandler think when he finds out what Victor has done with Brona’s body?

As for Dorian, he seems to have fallen really hard for Vanessa. Not something you would expect him to do. The scenes with Vanessa and Dorian this week were amazing. You could feel the awkwardness between them, it felt so real.

What will season two bring us?


The Last Ship: A lot of Action, Little Character Development

This is a much better poster than the one that is all over New York. All it has is a Navy ship and Eric Dane.

This is a much better poster than the one that is all over New York. All it has is a Navy ship and Eric Dane.

The action really started this week, but as shots were flying around, the only person I was truly worried about was Chandler and considering he’s the main character, I knew he would make it through. I don’t feel like we’ve really gotten to know enough about the other characters to get attached to them.

That would be my only complaint for this new series, that there hasn’t been enough character development yet. The action is exciting and the story line is intriguing, but what about all these characters? Who are they and why should I care about them? Because they are going to find a cure to to save the world? That’s why I should care about the story, not the characters.

Another familiar face in this new show is Tex (John Pyper-Ferguson) from ‘Brothers and Sisters’. He wasn’t one of my favorite characters on the show, especially after the divorce with Sarah, but a first glimpse at his new character made me pleasantly surprised. I don’t really know who this man is, but the fact that he’s the last man standing on Guantanamo Bay, intrigues me.

I’m hoping that next week there will be a little more character development.

Check out the preview for this new show:

‘The Last Ship’ Has Potential

This is a much better poster than the one that is all over New York. All it has is a Navy ship and Eric Dane.

This is a much better poster than the one that is all over New York. All it has is a Navy ship and Eric Dane.

I didn’t think much of ‘The Last Ship’ posters, it didn’t really tell me anything about the show, but the fact that Eric Dane was starring in the show intrigued me. I’ve missed him ever since he was killed off of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. So I took a look at the preview and the show had so much more to offer than what the poster suggested.

The new series is about a virus that has spread rapidly across the world. Eric’s character, Captain Tom Chandler, welcomed scientist, Dr. Rachel Scott (Rhona Mitra, ‘Shooter’), on to his Navy ship, so her and her partner could search for samples of the virus to find a cure. Chandler had no idea what they were really doing, he thought they were researching birds.

His crew was sent on a mission to the arctic and were radio silent, when they made contact again, the virus had spread and the president and vice president were dead.

Now it is up to them to stay alive and find a cure and they have no idea when or if they can ever go home again.

That’s pretty much the gist of the show. But just as you think you know all the basics, the writers throw in a little twist at the end.

We get introduced to a few characters, but we only really get to know Chandler and Dr. Scott.  But I guess if the writers or the network are hoping to at least stir a little interest in the show with Eric, it was probably successful.

The series has a lot of potential, if done well. The coming episodes will shed more light on if the show is worth investing in.

Check on the trailer for the new show:

Covert Affairs Season 5 Premiere

Covert Affairs Season 5 USA Piper PeraboWhen we last left Annie Walker she was heading home and she wanted to go home. Now it’s four months later and her whereabouts during that time are a mystery.

Wherever she was had to have something to do with the episode she had. Her heart was racing really fast and she couldn’t breath. She had to inject herself with some kind of medicine. At first I thought maybe it was a heart condition, but it appears to go deeper than that. Being a CIA operative is a stressful job, even more so when you fake your death and go dark. So whatever her condition is, it’s understandable, but she’s not really fit to be in the field anymore. That probably terrifies her. I don’t think she knows how to do anything else.

But why not tell Auggie? Why keep the relationship professional? She was ready to go home to Auggie and now she just wants him as her handler. We may have not gotten a big cliff hanger at the end of season four, but we have one now.

Season five starts with an attack on their agency and Annie, Joan, Auggie and Calder trying to find out who was behind the attack.

Arthur also has a great job opportunity, but does this man offering Arthur the job have anything to do with the recent attack? There’s definitely more than meets the eye with this man and it’s seems odd that Arthur would take the job. He has served his country and even if a lot of people may not have not agreed with his methods, he does what he believes is right for his country and his people. It makes me wonder if he doesn’t have any other motives about taking this job.

As suspenseful as an attack on the agency and the mission that follows it is, the bigger draw to this season is what happened to Annie over the last four months.

Check out the preview for next week. They try to hunt down the one man that can lead them to who is behind the attack:

Rizzoli and Isles Season 5 Episode 2: Goodbye to Detective Frost

Tameisha1 |

Tameisha1 |

It was a very emotional goodbye for Detective Frost and no one wanted to say goodbye. They had lost a partner and a friend and we have lost a character we loved.

His absence was felt in this episode, which I’m sure it will be for many more. Frost is no longer there to make us laugh or deal with the technology side of the case. He’s just gone.

Lee Thompson Young was a big draw for me when I started to watch ‘Rizzoli and Isles’. I loved him in ‘The Famous Jett Jackson’ and he was great as Detective Frost. He’s been a big part of the show since the beginning. Jane and Maura may be at the center, but there are a lot of great supporting actors around them, and Lee was one of them.

So where does the show go from here after losing such a great character? The writers did well giving Lee a good send off. I wasn’t sure how they were going to handle his exit from the show. I think the funeral and the preparations for the funeral was done very well. They all had difficulties with their parts because no one wanted to say goodbye. It was a very nice eulogy that Jane gave him and it almost felt it was for the actor as well as the character. And the postcard at the end was a nice touch. It was nice to have something from Frost in this season when we know we will never see him again.

tumblr_mlcp5wBxiI1s07uamo1_r1_250It was hard to say goodbye and I can’t imagine how Lee’s family is feeling and how the cast is coping. We may have lost a character, but they have lost a loved one.

I’m sure most of the characters wish they could have blocked out the memory like Jessica Doe, aka Lily Green, did. She went through a horrible ordeal and her mind made her forget. It wasn’t an easy case to solve, especially since they didn’t believe the girl really had amnesia. But they worked the case and the truth unraveled and Lily finally got her memory back, though she didn’t want to remember it.

Check out the preview for next week. Jane may not be able to keep her pregnancy secret for long:

Penny Dreadful Season 1 Episode 7

penny-dreadful-vanessa_ivesDid Chandler perform and exorcism on Vanessa? I didn’t know he knew how to perform one. The pain that Vanessa endured during this episode was horrible. And Sir Malcolm wanted to take advantage of the situation to help find his daughter. While I understand it, it wasn’t right. All Vanessa has tried to do his help and now when she needs help, Malcolm put his own needs ahead of hers.

Chandler and Victor helped all they could. I don’t think any of them really knew what they were dealing with or how to deal with it. But they kept watch over Vanessa and did the best that they could.

We got to know Victor better this week. Apparently he’s addicted to morphine, but just what kind of pain causes him need to use such a powerful drug? Was it to do with his asthma as kid and because he got addicted to narcotics, he has to use a more powerful drug to deal with the pain now?

Throughout the episode Victor’s monster was outside watching and waiting. He wanted him to know that he was there and the writers wanted us to know he was there. The monster has threatened everyone’s lives. He wants his bride and Victor has yet to deliver.

After only seven episodes the season finale is next week and there is a lot to wrap up in such a short season. Victor needs to create a bride. Vanessa has found Mina and now they must go get her and Brona is on the brink of death. Next week we will see how much of the story gets wrapped up and what we are left wondering for next season:

Barry Sloane Leaves The Hamptons for ABC’s ‘The Whispers’

LOGO_Whispers-onairWe may not be seeing Aiden in The Hamptons next season, but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost Barry Sloane for good. He’s been cast in ABC’s new show ‘The Whispers’.

Barry, 33, will be taking his investigative skills over to a new show to play a defense detective investigator. He won’t be dealing with socialites or revenge anymore, now he’ll be dealing with aliens.

There are so many shows and films about aliens, but in this new drama, when the aliens invade earth they seek help from children. The kids are more than happy to help, not knowing who these unseen enemies are.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Barry will play a former FBI agent, Wes Lawrence, now working with special projects for the Defense Department division. He investigates military threats that are not made public. Wes is sent to investigate in the Algerian desert where he finds out we are not alone. He will have to deal with politics to get the world to take action.

The English actor will be joining Lily Rabe (‘All Good Things’, ‘American Horror Story’), Milo Ventimiglia (‘Heroes’, ‘Gilmore Girls’), Derek Webster (‘Stargate’, ‘Independence Day’), Brianna Brown (‘Knocked Up’, ‘General Hospital’), Catalina Denis (‘Brick Mansions’, ‘Sleepless Night’), Kylie Rogers (‘Space Station 76’) and Kyle Harrison Breitkopf (‘Catch a Christmas Star’).

Unfortunately it will be a while before we see Barry again, the new series, ‘The Whispers’, won’t be premiering till midseason.

‘The Whispers’ was originally titled ‘The Visitors’. Check out the trailer:

Spotlight On: Candice Accola, More than just Vampire Barbie


gonexundercover |

We may know her as vampire Barbie on ‘The Vampire Diaries’, but there is much more than meets the eye to Candice Accola.

Candice, 27, was born in Houston, Texas and has racked up quite a few credits before landing her role as Caroline Forbes on ‘TVD’.

You probably missed it, but she guest starred on ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘Supernatural, she even had a very small part in ‘Juno’.

Before ‘TVD’, she landed a role in an indie horror film in 2008 that was featured in numerous film festivals. ‘Dead Girl’ was the official selection of the AFI Film Festival and was also featured at the Fantastic Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival and the Sitges Film Festival.

To add to her success, Candice won Teen Choice’s TV Female Scene Stealer in 2012 for her role as Caroline. She does like to capture your attention when she is on screen. I may be a little biased though, because she is my favorite female character on the show. Although, that might say a lot for the actor, seeing as there are some episodes where she’s no where to be found.

Along with her award in 2012, she was also starring in a web series, ‘Dating Rules for My Future Self’. The character she played was nothing like Caroline and she spent almost the entire time on screen in the short webisodes. She even produced two of the episodes. The show was very funny, and in a way helpful, to weed out all of our dating problems before you have them, well try too. If only our future selves could talk to us.

That’s not all this busy lady has been up to, she released an album in 2006,  ‘It’s Always the Innocent Ones‘, that can be purchased on iTunes.

Things have been a little quieter for Candice since 2012, but she’s still grabbing our attention on ‘TVD’ and luckily the writers have not decided to kill her off yet. What would Elena and Stefan do with out their best friend?

Check out the trailer for ‘Dead Girl’:

Here’s the season 2 promo for ‘Dating Rules from my Future Self’:

‘Game of Thrones’ Hooked Me From Episode One

Season_1_PosterFor whatever reason I was never in a hurry to watch ‘Game of Thrones’, maybe that was because it was HBO. It wasn’t the easiest show to access. But I finally sat down and watched the first season and I was very impressed with what I found.

I was told that it takes about eight episodes to get into the series, but for me I was hooked after the first episode.

The show reminded me of medieval England. I know it’s a made-up world, but it really had a feel of medieval England and that really intrigued me. The characters also really interested me and when Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) pushed Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) out the window, I was left with no words. I just couldn’t believe how anyone could attempt to kill a young boy just to keep their secret. It really gave a tone for what the rest of the season would be like, and maybe the series, but I haven’t got that far yet.

I loved the character development in just one season and to be able to do it in ten episodes and with so many characters is amazing. I think Dani Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) went through the biggest transformation of the season. She started as this young vulnerable girl and she ended a woman, ready to be Queen.

‘Game of Thrones’ has so much drama, intrigue and betrayal and the war hasn’t even begun yet. It makes me wonder what’s to come.

My favorite characters so far are Dani, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Arya Stark (Maisie Williams). Dani for her growth throughout out the first season, Jon for his loyalty, personality, braveness and lets face it, he’s just plain good looking, and Arya for her want to fight and her hatred of all girly things, but she still hates to be called a boy.

There were couple of surprising deaths in the first season, but nothing too major. I was actually happy to get rid of one of the characters.

The first season has let me enter a whole new world and I look forward to season two.

Check out the trailers for season one:

Rizzoli and Isles Season 5 Premiere

tumblr_mlcp5wBxiI1s07uamo1_r1_250I think with the opening of season five, what was on everyone’s mind, was how the writers were going to deal with the absence of Lee Thompson Young.

The actor who plays Detective Frost shot himself in the head back in August. An article in the Daily News revealed that Lee, 29, had suffered from bipolar disorder and had been taken medication for it. There was traces of Lithium and Quetiapine Fumarate detected in his blood, but no alcohol or drugs in his system.

In the beginning of the premiere when a police officer was asking for Frost, all that was said was that he was on vacation and would be back tomorrow, leaving you wondering, how would we be saying goodbye to Detective Frost.

It wasn’t till the end and the look on Korsak’s face that said Frost was gone and that Rizzoli and Isles would never be the same.

Frost may not be in the title, but he’s a big part of the show and it will be sad to not have his character anymore. Lee was a good actor and he will be missed.

Another reason why the show will not be the same anymore is because Jane is pregnant. What she decides to do is not clear yet. She broke up with Casey at the end of season four because he wanted to continue working in the army and she wanted to continue being a detective, but now there is a baby.

Jane’s hormones are going crazy and for her first case since she found out, she had to deal with a missing baby. By the looks of her interaction with the baby, Brian, that she rescued, she may decide to keep the baby. But what does that mean for being a cop?

Check out the preview for next week. We will get to say our goodbyes to Detective Frost: