Barry Sloane Leaves The Hamptons for ABC’s ‘The Whispers’

LOGO_Whispers-onairWe may not be seeing Aiden in The Hamptons next season, but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost Barry Sloane for good. He’s been cast in ABC’s new show ‘The Whispers’.

Barry, 33, will be taking his investigative skills over to a new show to play a defense detective investigator. He won’t be dealing with socialites or revenge anymore, now he’ll be dealing with aliens.

There are so many shows and films about aliens, but in this new drama, when the aliens invade earth they seek help from children. The kids are more than happy to help, not knowing who these unseen enemies are.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Barry will play a former FBI agent, Wes Lawrence, now working with special projects for the Defense Department division. He investigates military threats that are not made public. Wes is sent to investigate in the Algerian desert where he finds out we are not alone. He will have to deal with politics to get the world to take action.

The English actor will be joining Lily Rabe (‘All Good Things’, ‘American Horror Story’), Milo Ventimiglia (‘Heroes’, ‘Gilmore Girls’), Derek Webster (‘Stargate’, ‘Independence Day’), Brianna Brown (‘Knocked Up’, ‘General Hospital’), Catalina Denis (‘Brick Mansions’, ‘Sleepless Night’), Kylie Rogers (‘Space Station 76’) and Kyle Harrison Breitkopf (‘Catch a Christmas Star’).

Unfortunately it will be a while before we see Barry again, the new series, ‘The Whispers’, won’t be premiering till midseason.

‘The Whispers’ was originally titled ‘The Visitors’. Check out the trailer:


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