Penny Dreadful Season 1 Episode 7

penny-dreadful-vanessa_ivesDid Chandler perform and exorcism on Vanessa? I didn’t know he knew how to perform one. The pain that Vanessa endured during this episode was horrible. And Sir Malcolm wanted to take advantage of the situation to help find his daughter. While I understand it, it wasn’t right. All Vanessa has tried to do his help and now when she needs help, Malcolm put his own needs ahead of hers.

Chandler and Victor helped all they could. I don’t think any of them really knew what they were dealing with or how to deal with it. But they kept watch over Vanessa and did the best that they could.

We got to know Victor better this week. Apparently he’s addicted to morphine, but just what kind of pain causes him need to use such a powerful drug? Was it to do with his asthma as kid and because he got addicted to narcotics, he has to use a more powerful drug to deal with the pain now?

Throughout the episode Victor’s monster was outside watching and waiting. He wanted him to know that he was there and the writers wanted us to know he was there. The monster has threatened everyone’s lives. He wants his bride and Victor has yet to deliver.

After only seven episodes the season finale is next week and there is a lot to wrap up in such a short season. Victor needs to create a bride. Vanessa has found Mina and now they must go get her and Brona is on the brink of death. Next week we will see how much of the story gets wrapped up and what we are left wondering for next season:


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