Finally a Better TV Rating System

logoNielsen has launched a new TV ratings system and it’s a social TV rating system.

The Nielsen TV Rating System has flaws. According to an article on How Stuff Works, Nielsen uses something called statistical sampling. They use a sample audience to calculate the audience for programs and then estimates the number of views for the entire population. If that wasn’t flawed enough, Nielsen counts the live watchers and same day DVR watchers, Split Sider reports. So if you watch a show on your DVR the next day or online, if you are one of the samples, the view is not counted.

downloadNow there is a new ratings system, a social TV system.

Steve Hasker, President, Global Media Products and Advertiser Solutions at Nielsen, said on the Nielsen website: “The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating is a significant step forward for the industry, particularly as programmers develop increasingly captivating live TV and new second-screen experiences, and advertisers create integrated ad campaigns that combine paid and earned media.”

“As a media measurement leader we recognize that Twitter is the preeminent source of real-time television engagement data,” he added.

Posted by Chloe Sladden, the Head of Media for Twitter, posted on The Official Twitter Blog: “As the experience of TV viewing continues to evolve, our TV partners have consistently asked for one common benchmark from which to measure the engagement of their programming. This new metric is intended to answer that request, and to act as a complement and companion to the Nielsen TV rating.”

Finally the industry is realizing in this technological age and busy lives we all live, we don’t all watch TV the same way.

So how does this new rating system work? According to the Nielsen website, the total audience of social TV activity on Twitter is measured to give a precise size of the audience of social TV. Nielsen has recently required, SocialGuide, a provider in social TV measurement. SocialGuide  measures a unique audience for each show, twitter accounts that send out at least one tweet for an episode, the number of times any tweet was seen and the total amount of Twitter accounts having at least one impression of one or more different tweets about an episode. SocialGuide captures data from U.S. programs on 234 channels in English and Spanish and more than 36,000 programs.

Obviously there are still flaws in this method, like if you don’t have a Twitter account or are not an active user. But the good news is that this is another way to calculate how many people are watching shows. Hopefully the shows we love will stop being canceled so early.

images (1)Back in December Nielsen announced its multi-year agreement with Twitter to create the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating system, on their website. This agreement is to “deliver a syndicated-standard metric around the reach of the TV conversation on Twitter, slated for commercial availability at the start of the fall 2013 TV season.”

Here are the  Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings for the week of September 30, 2013:

Rank  Program Date Network Unique Audience Impressions  Unique Authors  Tweets 
1 Scandal 10/3/13 ABC 3655.227 38434.402 178.508 712.877
2 Miley: The Movement 10/2/13 MTV 3185.221 13641.183 90.906 142.427
3 Saturday Night Live 10/5/13 NBC 3146.468 15700.444 101.932 175.773
4 The Voice 10/1/13 NBC 2619.769 5962.454 61.463 106.624
5 The Voice 9/30/13 NBC 2558.678 7441.91 75.674 134.968
6 The Vampire Diaries 10/3/13 CW 2488.369 9597.879 101.795 277.978
7 Glee 10/3/13 FOX 2270.082 7495.195 86.494 196.016
8 Dancing With the Stars 9/30/13 ABC 2092.856 6770.088 33.789 59.77
9 The X Factor 10/2/13 FOX 2038.964 9044.174 95.963 255.164
10 The X Factor 10/3/13 FOX 1802.45 6291.99 75.835 188.766

The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Finale

The_Carrie_Diaries_TV_Series-233306192-largeThere was a lot of twists and turns in this season finale. I started the episode thinking Carrie would be mourning and moving on from Sebastian, but the episode had barely began and they were back together. Then they broke-up again and then they were together again.

I really like Sebastian and Carrie together. They are such a cute couple, but maybe they just weren’t meant to be. At least he broke her heart before they had sex. This should soften the blow for her, at least a little.

I’ve liked Maggie, but I’ve definitely changed my opinion of her. She goes and outs Walt, kisses her friends on again, off again boyfriend and then she has sex with the cop, again, even though he is engaged. She wonders why her life is the way it is. She needs to start looking at the decisions she has been making.

I never would have guessed that Dorrit would lose her virginity before Carrie, this should be interesting if Carrie gets renwed for a second season.

I’ve really enjoyed this first season. There is so much potential with this series. Carrie’s had her first broken heart and she still has her virginity. But she’s also lost one of her oldest friends in the process. Mouse went from being an academic freak to finding someone she could excel with.

If The Carrie Diaries doesn’t get get a second season, this finale wraps things up nicely. Carrie and Walt are moving on in the city, Maggie is stuck in a rut and Mouse actually has everything.

I hope the series gets renewed for a second season, but at least things ended nicely if we don’t get any more episodes.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Episode 12

The_Carrie_Diaries_TV_Series-233306192-largeThis was the best Carrie Diaries episode yet. “A First Time for Everything” had just about everything you could ever want.

The episode started out with Sebastian telling Carrie he loved her and she blurted out she wanted to have sex with him. For once she wasn’t thinking and just spoke. Maybe not the right response to ‘I love you’, but this set the tone for the whole episode. And everyone had sex, except for Bradshaw.

It’s very hard to manage a relationship and go after your dreams. I know all to well about that and my dreams came first, just as Carrie’s did. It’s the constant dilema. You choose your dreams, and you lose the guy. Can we ever have both? That is yet to be seen.

Mouse is having the same problem. She’s still beating herself up for losing her number one spot, but has feelings for her competition. West is so in to Mouse. It’s so cute. Maybe Mouse can have a chance at having it all.

Dorrit even has a guy of her own. Though I think she’s moving way, way too fast with him. Sebastian and Carrie have known each other longer, but Dorrit just met this guy and she should not being taking advice from Donna. I think the conversation with Donna had an impact on Dorrit’s decision to lose her virginity.

Even Tom was having sex and has found himself a girlfriend. A lot has happened in just 12 episodes.

Check out the preview for next weeks season finale and cross your fingers that we get a second season!

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The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Episode 11

The_Carrie_Diaries_TV_Series-233306192-largeCarrie certainty doesn’t do spring break like any other teenager. Not many 17 years olds would want to spend their break doing an internship, but Interview is not your typical internship.

I was disappointed not seeing Larissa in this episode, but her spirit was there through Carrie.

Interview doesn’t seem to work like a normal work place. Who has to pick up Andy Warhol’s wig and get it to him, what an errand to have to run? Carrie is fitting into Manhattan a little too well. The likely hood of her requiring the wig and then getting it to him when she ins’t Larissa was slim to none, but she pulled it off.

Carrie was able to pretend to be Larissa and was given free clothes and was almost home free before a psycho girlfriend accused her of sleeping with her boyfriend. Which doesn’t surprise me at all. How many boyfriends do you think Larissa has slept with? Carrie was able to secure the package, of Andy’s wig, but ran off in a thousand dollar couture outfit. What about her outfit she was wearing? I mean don’t get me wrong a thousand dollar outfit is better than anything I have in my closest, but I would still want my clothes too.

This was only her first day of her spring break.

Mouse and West are realizing their feelings for each other, but I realized them a couple episodes ago. I’m interested to see where this is going to go.

Walt is finally opening up. And he’s found his first crush.

There’s only one more episode left of this first season  before the season finale and no word yet if The Carrie Diaries will be getting a second season. I hope the show gets another season. This first season hasn’t been perfect, but the writers have peaked my interested and I want to see more of Carrie, Larissa, Maggie, Sebastian, Walt and Mouse.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Episode 10

The_Carrie_Diaries_TV_Series-233306192-largeThe preview for this episode seemed like Carrie might lose her virginity, but she didn’t even come close. Instead she became closer to Sebastian by being there for him in his time of need. She had to leave a really cool party and miss her chance with a publisher to do it, but she still was there for him.

I think Carrie knows that Walt is gay, or at least she has an inkling. I don’t think she needed to give Donna the bag for being there for Walt, but I think things will be different between Donna and Carrie now, or at least on some level. I can’t believe Donna was going to give the Coach bag back to Carrie after Carrie said why she was giving it to her. Maybe Donna isn’t that bad after all.

We’ve all been there, we’ve all heard what we wanted to hear about the guy we liked and Maggie heard that Walt wasn’t over her and wanted to get back together. When that wasn’t what Donna was saying at all. Why do we do this? This is worse than even making excuses for the guy. I just feel bad for Maggie because she really thought they were going to get back together.

Mouse ia still on her way to Harvard after all. She might become the basketball team’s manager. I think if she does this will go a long way on her application. I mean as West said, no one has been able to get them all together before. Mouse did it with such ease. I’m glad to see things are back on track for her.

As for Carrie she’s still finding her voice and herself.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Episode 9

The_Carrie_Diaries_TV_Series-233306192-largeThings couldn’t get much better for Carrie, perfect guy, perfect internship, good friends. Things are looking good and she’s freaking out.

I’m just glad Sebastian didn’t let Carrie’s freak out ruin their relationship.

This show has been pretty exciting so far, but this episode was a little blah. For story wise Carrie had to get back to Interview magazine somehow and the aftermath of Maggie and Walt breaking up had to play out. There may even be a new love interest for Mouse, or at least some healthy competition. This episode definitely set things up for the rest of the season, but it was a little dull.

Reasons I think it might have been a little dull:

1. Not enough of Larisa: We had a little of her, but it was a serious side of her. I like crazy Larissa.

2. There was no Maggie: I really like Maggie’s character. She has an interesting story, whether it’s her cheating on Walt with the police officer or standing up to Donna and her minions, she just makes things more interesting.

3. There wasn’t enough Manhattan: Sure Sebastian and Carrie had to go find Dorrit, but she has run away before.

4. Mouse battling over a cube: It was much more interesting and hilarious when she was asking for extra credit over a B and then trying to break into the teacher’s office to hand in the extra credit late. This episode may have set up some funny things for the future with the jock, but this one was a little tame.

Next week’s episode looks to be more of what we’ve gotten from the first eight episodes. Could Carrie be losing her virginity? Check out this preview and make your predictions:

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The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Episode 5

The_Carrie_Diaries_TV_Series-233306192-largeI am really enjoying this show so far.

Carrie is funny, she’s vulnerable, she has such great style and she has really good taste in guys. I’m still liking Sebastian, but he’s moved on, for now, I hope.

Carrie, Maggie and Mouse all had their own little battles to fight this week. Carrie was trying to manager herself in a world she knows nothing about, Maggie was fighting for their territory and Mouse was trying to succeed in bed.

For the most part everyone won. Carrie found a new cute guy, Maggie was able to keep the diner and Mouse successfully satisfied her boyfriend.

We want to hate Sebastian, yes Carrie was in the wrong, but come one now, you know we’re siding with Carrie. But Sebastian is making it so hard for us to hate him. Other than the fact that he likes a fake bimbo. What on earth does he see in her? He seemed to be so much more than that. And obviously he is, if he won back the diner for Carrie and her friends. Maybe Carrie and Sebastian will have their time again, since he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere at the moment.

Mouse should take a look at her relationship. They were split up when he slept with those other girls, but he dumped her after taking her virginity and then went straight into bed with not just one, but two other grils. And she said it had only been two months since they slept together. How long will he be around this time?

I hope when Carrie was standing their watching her friends discuss sex that she’s not thinking of losing her virginity anytime soon. At the moment everything seems great, but Mouse’s boyfriend did dump her after sleeping with her and Maggie lost her virginity to a cop and is letting Walt think that he took her virginity. Let’s not forget that Walt has just figured out he’s gay. I think things are much better where Carrie stands, still trying to find the right guy,

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Episode 4

The_Carrie_Diaries_TV_Series-233306192-largeI’m calling it after only four episodes, I like this show. I like how real the characters feel and I like the 80’s feel to the show.

Whether it’s the 80’s,  90’s or 21st century, high school is always the same. Without the 80’s references I forget that it’s a different time.

This show really brings me back to my high school experience and no I didn’t go to high school in the 80’s.

Ecstasy was legal back then?! Why did people ever think it was ok? Larissa must really hate her life if she took two ecstasies, acid and drank champagne. You must really want to get messed up to take that many substances.

Walt and Mouse were influenced by the temptations, but Carrie was tempted, but didn’t give in. She was able to take care of Larissa, Walt and Mouse. She’s trying to figure out who she wants to be, but it seems like she’s the person she wants to be already.

It’s hard enough being a teenager, but now Walt has to deal with a whole other set of issues. I wish I could say that things are totally different today. That gay people can walk down the street without getting attacked, but unfortunately it still happens. Things are better, but we haven’t progressed as much as we should have.

Walt jumping into bed with Maggie is not just going to hurt him, it’s going to hurt her too.

The story is getting really good and I’m looking forward to the next episode.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Episode 3

The_Carrie_Diaries_TV_Series-233306192-largeThe Carrie Diaries is very different than most teen dramas.

Most teen dramas show teens partying and getting away with things that the rest of us wonder how they can do it. One Tree Hill had teens living in parentless houses and Gossip Girl had rich teens getting away with whatever they wanted. For the most part these shows glazed over the fact that most teens have rules and curfews they have to obey. Dawson got grounded for having a party, but the Dawson Creek teens weren’t exactly the party kind.

The Carrier Diaries depicts Carrie trying to get away with things, but not always succeeding. The show is more realistic in some aspects than the other teen shows. While for the most part I feel like One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and Dawson’s Creek pretty accurately depict high school life, I think The Carrie Diaries does it better.

I like that Carrie narrates the show. The audience gets inside a teenager’s head and all the angst that goes along with it.

I’m not completely sure of the direction of the story though. We know she’s trying to find her voice and she’s dealing with life after her mom’s death, but where is it going? I thought that there was going to be a lot about her in New York, but it’s been more about boy drama. Which is a typical issue of a high school girls, but where is it going?

Dawson’s Creek was about two old friends falling for each other with a new girl in the mix. One Tree Hill was about two half brothers trying to deal with each other and Gossip Girl was about the Upper East Side and Dan entering that world. All of these shows diverted with a lot of different story lines after the beginning, but they all had a definite direction in the beginning.

We will have to see what episode four brings.

What did you think of the episode? Will you put this show on your DVR? 

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Premiere of The Carrie Diaries

The_Carrie_Diaries_TV_Series-233306192-largeAt first glance The Carrie Diaries seems like another high school show. Not that this is a bad thing. I’ve liked a lot of high school shows, like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Dawson’s Creek and Beverly Hills 90201. On the surface these are all high school shows, but each of them are unique.

I’m not sure what unique aspect The Carrie Diaries will bring yet. I really liked the performance from AnnaSophia Robb who plays Carrie Bradshaw. I use to watch Sex and the City and I liked Carrie’s character. It might have been because she was the writer. But the entire cast made the show. Just like Friends. The Carrie Diaries only has Carrie and a much younger version.

From what I’ve seen so far the show is about Carrie figuring out who she is and finding her voice as a writer. The writer’s voice angle is intriguing, but all teenagers are trying to figure out who they are.

I am interested enough to tune in next week. There have been very few shows that have hooked me in the first episode, so it should be no surprise that I’m still on the fence. It’s only the pilot, just an introduction for what’s in store.

What did you think of the premiere?