‘The Whispers’ Gave Me More Than I Expected

2hx7kw9trffd4zm9vnxtub0jzcluslym-sjoku3hjjaopyetiwwlpuj-hlul1p-8glfib2rz8z0eoik346cc_yjghq7i9p-bezdnps7hm7yrkaf91hcwfpy1ie4cjvb7ekqu1j4tqz5o6zr018nhrqsdnrf7dgjnqsdxkungnvmyqy1t4xjr159hrfWhen The Whispers first began I was really just excited to see Barry Sloan because I had missed him so much on Revenge. I was also looking forward to seeing Milo Ventimiglia, especially after his role on Gotham. The show has given me much more than allowing me to watch actors I love in a new show. It’s given me a great story to follow and a great new Sci-fi twist.

Aliens have been done so many times. It’s like anything on TV or film, it’s all been done before. I’ve never seen aliens like this before and it makes it so much creepier when we can’t see our enemy. It also makes is scarier that they are communicating through our children.

The chemistry between Barry and Lilly Rabe really drew me in. It was horrible that I was shipping two people who were already married and who had an affair. But they were just so great on screen together.

Now that Milo’s character, Sean, is back with his family and he has his memory back, I’ve kind of stopped shipping Wes and Claire, not completely though. I can’t help it, they have such great chemistry together. But Claire and Sean are working as a team to save not only their son, but everyone’s children.

The writers have worked hard only giving us pieces of information about Drill each week. Now we know a lot more about him and we are so close to knowing how to kill him. The only thing stopping us is a man’s life hanging in the balance. If they can save him, we can know how to save Earth, if they can’t save him, hopefully someone is as smart as he was.

But are we sure he actually killed Drill? Could he have gotten too old to talk to Drill or could have Drill just have gone home? The man is unstable after all he’s been through. It’s hard to trust what he’s saying at the moment.

Or is everything as it seems? This man knows how to kill Drill and all they have to do is save him.

I especially like how the writers have written the government’s role in all of this. They’re are manipulative and will make up the rules as they go. It doesn’t matter if their own people are fighting to save their country and world. Will they work with Wes, Sean and Claire or against them? It seems to me as Claire says in the preview, they need them.

I feel like this is such a believable alien story and with scientists just finding a planet that’s earth’s closest match yet, it feels more real than ever.

Next week The Whispers is back and they must figure out how to defeat the enemy:


‘Penny Dreadful’ Review: Little Scorpion

Vanessa was Joan Clayton's Little Scorpion.

Vanessa was Joan Clayton’s Little Scorpion.

Vanessa has a very interesting past. We got to learn a little bit more about it along with Chandler.

I was wondering what that blood scorpion on the floor meant and this week we found out.

Before she came to London she went to a witch known as The Cut-Wife of Ballentree Moor. She got this name because she gives girls abortions. She is also a witch and sister of  Madame Kali, but she’s the good witch. Her real name is Joan Clayton.

Vanessa has known these witches are after her a long time, it just took time for them to find her again.

Vanessa has been an impressive woman since we met her in season one, but she learned all of this from Joan. And I knew she was gifted, but I didn’t know she was a witch or day walker as Joan called her, and a powerful one at that. The explains a few things.

It sounds like it’s very easy for her to turn evil. I’m guessing the devil wants her because she’s very powerful and the evil are all about their power.

I enjoyed this episode because we not only learned more about Vanessa, we learned more about her enemy, Kali. We learned early on that Kali branded her own sister, but she went to great lengths to kill her sister when she was already dying.

Kali was presumably married to the lord of the town and she turned him and everyone else against her sister. No one actually knew this was her sister though. Kali is young and beautiful, while Joan has aged.

Joan had a very cruel and brutal death. She was first beaten, then tarred and then burned. The young girl she helped was the one that set the fire. All Vanessa could do was watch. Then Vanessa was branded with a cross.

It had all the creepiness of a ‘Penny Dreadful’ episode, but it also felt very personal. Vanessa is in a lot of danger. It feels scarier than season one. These witches will stop at nothing to get to her, but is she in danger of turning evil herself? Will she use the dark book of spells to protect herself and turn on her god forever?

I’m very happy we got Vanessa’s backstory about the witches, but I also want one of these episodes for Chandler. A whole episode devoted to how he became a wolf would be very nice.

Everyone is back next week and so are the night comers. Take a look at the promo:

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 6

10649784_10154699956245647_1131909485054450708_nWhat would you do if you were given the opportunity of a lifetime, but choosing to take it could have dire consequences?

Arizona has a chance to learn a speciality that few doctors know, but her mentor will be dead in six months. She can dive in and learn or she can try to get Dr. Herman help. There are two great neurosurgeons at the hospital. I’m sure one of them can do it.

Now it makes sense why Dr. Herman has been so mean to Arizona. She see’s Arizona’s potential and she’s desperate to pass on he knowledge. This put Arizona in a very tricky spot. As a doctor she will understand the need to want to pass your knowledge along, especially in a field that so little know about. But being a doctor at a hospital with renowned surgeons, she might choose to help. Then there’s the other issue, she’s on the board and it’s her duty to report this. What happens when Dr. Herman starts deteriorating? Will she be able to take care of her patients?

What was Derek thinking? Maggie wants nothing to do with Richard. Things are awkward enough with Meredith and Maggie. If Derek and Meredith would have been ready for them when they arrived, maybe it would have gone better. At least Meredith and Derek took good use of their time out. These two have been fighting for too long.

April has tried to distance her self from her family as much as she can. She’s not like them, she has bigger dreams. But when it comes to having kids, her family are probably great people to have in your corner. Jackson never had what April had, a loving family and that was willing to help. Jackson’s family was more about accomplishments. Accomplishments are great, but babies don’t know anything about achievements. Jackson seems to be enjoying April’s mother. He’s learning a lot from her and is relieved to know that his kids will have a loving grandparent.

Check out the preview for next week. Derek pushes his own sister out:

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 5

10649784_10154699956245647_1131909485054450708_nCallie and Arizona are one of the beloved couples on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, so this was a hard and good episode to watch.

I said that the writers need to give these two a break, but in a way they did. Callie has set herself free and is laughing and enjoying life again. Arizona is the one that’s left out in the cold. It was a big switch from the beginning of the episode when Arizona wanted a break and Callie wanted to keep working on the relationship.

I think they both learned a lot during the 30 day break, and it wasn’t what they expected. Arizona wants it all. She wants to keep in touch with her old patients while taking on this new fellowship, but she can’t do it all. Especially in such a specialized field. She did say her career was important to her and without Callie and her drowning marriage, she can put more focus on the fellowship.

Callie opened up to Meredith and had so much fun, but maybe if they weren’t in the same place, it wouldn’t have been as fun. But Callie has realized what she wants, she wants to love herself. She was so wrapped up in the relationship she couldn’t breathe. She was holding on so tight she created an argument with Arizona that wasn’t there, but maybe it was. By setting herself free she could breathe again and be herself again.

The last few episodes the writers have focused in only a few characters. ‘Private Practice’ did something very similar in the finale season. They focused in on one character per episode and in someways I liked it and in others I hated it. I lived the closeness we got with that character, but I missed the other characters as well. There are so many characters on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and a lot of different story lines going on at the moment. Is this going to be the trend for season 11 or will it be different from week to week. I think I like the way ‘Grey’s’ is doing it better. There’s more characters that seem to be involved from week to week, but that might be from working in a hospital, there has to be more involvement.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ returns in two weeks. Check out the preview. April is having to play nice with her mother, while Derek wants Meredith to play nice with her sister:

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 4

10649784_10154699956245647_1131909485054450708_nAfter 10 seasons we know very little about Ellis and Richard’s relationship. We know the basics. We know they loved each other, they were having an affair and talked about leaving their spouses, but there was so much more to it than that.

The person Ellis was to Meredith was the outcome of Richard breaking her heart. She loved someone with all her heart and then it was crushed. Ellis never wanted Meredith to get hurt the way that she did, so she lashed out at her in the wrong way when Meredith told her about Derek.

I get the reason why Richard ended the affair. He could never shine for his own accomplishments standing next to Ellis, or at least he never felt like he could. I think Meredith is feeling a little like that now. She’s married to a great surgeon, but she wants her own accomplishments, but it’s hard to shine when you standing next to Derek Shepard. Something Emilia knows all about. She’s tired of being the little Dr. Shepard.

When we first got introduced to Maggie, I thought not another sister. But really it makes sense. It makes sense that a child came from the epic Ellis and Richard romance. They really were epic and we never really knew why it ended. I think we always assumed that Richard wouldn’t leave Adele. I think it was a pretty good answer to that question, but it was never the whole truth.

While I was very disappointed that Alex didn’t get the board seat, he got an even bigger compliment. Arizona wants him to be her. She has a new fellowship and she’s determined to keep her marriage going and she just can’t do it all. Alex is now there to step in for her. I had a feeling they would give him a job. There didn’t seem like there was any plan of writing him off just yet. We just lost Cristina, we can’t lost Alex too.

Check out the preview for next week. Arizona and Callie’s marriage is not doing well:

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 3

10649784_10154699956245647_1131909485054450708_nI had no idea who the board would pick, but I really hoped they would pick Alex. I thought Alex deserved the spot. I wanted Alex to get the spot. Cristina gave him the spot. I’m so not happy with the board’s decision. What is Alex going to do now? He has no job and no career. Could Alex possibly take over Arizona’s position, since she’s starting a fellowship.

Now I understand why Meredith was so unhappy when Derek turned down the job. Derek can’t really blame anyone for his decision and he really shouldn’t be taking it out on his sister who is a great surgeon. I just had no idea how angry he was about giving up his dream job. He’s so angry that he wouldn’t let Meredith tell him that she found out she had another sister. That piece of information is worthy of a personal day.

I really feel for Richard. He finds out he has a daughter and he’s already lost 30 years of her life. I don’t blame Richard for not telling her right away. I mean he had to digest that the love of his life had given up their child and that wouldn’t have been easy to do. I am not surprised that she reacted that way though. This is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, it was never going to be a nice family reunion.

I think the writers like putting obstacles in Callie’s and Arizona’s way. Of course Arizona would question if now is the right time for another baby when they are both taking on more and more work. I think it’s Callie that keeps waiting for something to stop them having a baby and is putting it on Arizona. As much as I love the drama of ‘Grey’s’, give these two a break. They’ve been to hell and back again. I’m ready for happy Callie and Arizona.

I’m really enjoying Jo being jealous of Meredith and Alex. She’s flipping out over nothing, but it’s so funny. And the Meredith and Alex scenes are great. I’m liking Alex as her new person. The writers better keep these scenes coming.

Check out the preview for next week. Can Meredith and Derek’s marriage survive?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 2

10649784_10154699956245647_1131909485054450708_nI never thought I could like a character, then not like a character, then like her again all in a span of one episode. Maggie is very, very smart. She’s not so socially smart, but neither are most of the doctors on this show. I don’t think anyone wanted her to be as good as Cristina or even better. Maybe better might be stretching it, but she’s really good.

I wasn’t expecting Maggie to tell Meredith who shed was. At least not yet and if she had done it sometime else in the episode, I may have been on Meredith’s side, but I feel bad for Maggie.

Don’t get me wrong I’m feeling for Meredith too and if the writers had made it be a nice introduction,  I wouldn’t have liked that because it wouldn’t have been real. If someone comes up to you and tells you they are you sister, your first reaction will be that they are lying. I don’t think it helps that Maggie is further along in her career. Considering this girl has both Ellis Grey and Richard Webber’s genes, it’s not a surprise she’s so smart.

How long will it take Meredith to figure out that Webber is Maggie’s father? How long till Maggie hears that Webber and her mother were an item? She has walked into a very personal hospital and she doesn’t know. It was too funny when she asked if everyone was related.

It is really nice to have Amelia back. I hope the writers have a good storyline in store for her. She’s such a great character.

Check out the preview for next week. Meredith is determined to prove that Maggie is lying:

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Premiere

10649784_10154699956245647_1131909485054450708_nI’ve been one of those people saying that ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ should be wrapping-up. I love the show, but I believe it should end before it’s gone on too long. But with this season 11 premiere, Shonda Rhimes proves there’s still life in the series.

I didn’t know what ‘Grey’s’ could look like after Cristina left. I wasn’t if sure if I believed there should be a ‘Grey’s after she left. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of characters that I love on the show and I am very happy to have Amelia back. I loved her in ‘Private Practice’. But each character is a piece of the show and you take one away and it’s no longer whole. While Cristina’s absence is definitely felt, there was a lot of really great moments in the episode.

I really hope that Alex is going to be Meredith’s person now. I just loved that moment when Alex was telling her that Cristina left him her shares and “you”. I really don’t think Jo should worry too much about it. It was funny her freaking out, but Meredith and Alex have grown up as surgeons together. There is a bond there and it’s nothing for Jo to worry about. I mean Meredith did help them be together after the no dating rule was made. But watching Meredith kick Jo out of bed in the middle of the night was great.

All Meredith ever wanted was for Derek to choose her and now that he does she reacted weirdly. I get it. She’s probably afraid of him resenting her now. But he might not. He made this decision on his own and never felt pressured to do so. I’ve loved the Meredith and Derek story, but to keep the plot moving forward, it’s probably good to put a wedge between them. I really want the show to end or the characters to depart happily ever after. But some of the best Meredith and Derek moments is when they’ve struggled. It’s makes for a great love story.

I’m not sure how I feel about Meredith having a sister and Maggie being Richard’s daughter. While it’s not all too hard to believe, especially Ellis giving up the child, it feels like a desperate attempt to add drama to the show and keep it going. ‘Brother’s and Sisters’ kept trying to add more family secrets to keep surviving, but there just came a point where they had taken the storyline too far and that’s exactly what I don’t want to see happen with ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.  I’m enjoying the rest of the story lines, just not this one.

Check out the preview for next week. Sisters will battle it out:

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Refresh

10649784_10154699956245647_1131909485054450708_nLast season we said goodbye to Cristina Yang and we are left wondering if ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ will ever be the same without our hot shot heart surgeon.

With Cristina’s departure, there was a spot open on the board. Webber told Bailey he was recommending her and believed the board would agree, but neither of them knew that Cristina left her shares and spot on the board to Alex. Cristina is not known for giving compliments and in the season finale she gave Alex a huge compliment. She told him he was very good and wasting his talent. What will Alex do with his spot on the board?

Last season had a lot of ups and downs with Arizona and Callie. At the beginning Arizona cheated on Callie and they broke-up. Then Arizona had a relationship with the intern, Leah. Then Arizona and Callie started to work things out again and bought a new house. They also tried to have another baby, but were unsuccessful and have tabled the discussion. The future is very uncertain for these two.

April also had a crazy season ten. She was all set to marry Matthew, till she was saying her vows and Jackson stood up and confessed his love for her. She left with him and they secretly eloped. Things didn’t slow down there, they are expecting a baby. The sad thing is that Jackson was dating Stephanie, but that relationship kind of ended when he left the wedding with the bride.

Stephanie isn’t the only intern not doing so well. Leah has left the program. Webber told her she wasn’t cut out for surgery, so no she has to find what she is good at. Shane and Jo are doing much better. Shane left with Cristina, so he wouldn’t lose his teacher and Jo and Alex’s relationship is going very strong. There isn’t much going on career wise for Jo, but Alex has had such bad luck with girls, that it is nice to see that he’s found his perfect match.

Before Cristina left, her and Meredith danced it out. She said “that’s how we end it.” But as she was walking away Cristina said to Meredith: “You are a gifted surgeon with an extraordinary mind. Don’t let what he wants eclipse what you need. He’s very dreamy but he’s not the sun, you are.” This made Meredith tell Derek that she wasn’t going to D.C. This will really test their relationship.

If her relationship in jeopardy isn’t a big enough life change, she’s about to meet her half sister. The new head of cardiology confesses to Webber that she was a adopted and her mother’s name is all over the hospital. Her mother was Elias Grey and you see the shock in her Richard’s eyes when he resizes he is sitting next to his daughter.

We are left with a lot of questions, but all will be revealed soon. The season 11 premiere of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ airs Thursday, September 25 8|9c. Here’s the promo:

Taking a little Hiatus

I’m taking a little hiatus before the fall show season begins. The shows take a break and so should ‘Primetime Addiction’.

I’ll be back in full swing again the week of September 8th and I will recap last season before your favorite shows are back on air.

I hope you’re all enjoying the summer. Fall is almost here and the wait is almost over. What shows have you been missing the most and what premieres are you most looking forward to?