‘Pretty Little Liars’ Headed to NY Comic-Con

CNWbjtxUYAAgAMGPretty Little Liars is heading to New York Comic-Con. Which will probably surprise some people, because it’s not the typical thing that would appear at the event. But it does have a big bad villain and heroes trying to defeat her.

PLL isn’t the only ABC Family show heading to New York. The new hit show Stitchers will also be appearing and upcoming Shadowhunters will be there too. Stitchers and PLL will have back to back panels on Friday, October 9 at 11/10c am in room 1A06 and the cast of Shadowhunters will appear on Saturday, October 10 at 11am on the Empire Stage.

Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery), Ashley Benson (Hanna Marin), Shay Mitchell (Emily Fields), Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings) and Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis) will be discussing the ‘A’ reveal and what’s next for the series.

According to TVLine, executive producers I. Marlene King, Oliver Goldstick and Joseph Dougherty will also be in attendance and will bring new footage of the five-year time jump with them.

I was super excited when I heard the liars would be at NY Comic-Con, especially seeing as I already got my three day passes!

The drama is a little different from what you see at these cons, unless it’s San Diego, and that’s filled with TV shows.

I’m curious how popular this panel will be. I’m not sure how many people who are going are also fans of the show. The ABC Family drama has a huge fan base, but maybe not necessarily the same fans that go to NY Comic-Con.

I was also surprised to see that the panel will be in one of the panel rooms and not the Main Stage or the Empire Stage. This makes me think that the organizers don’t think it’s going to be very big, but could it be bigger than they realize?

Last year was my first year at NY Comic-Con and I had no idea how any of it worked. I read the doors opened at 10, but I didn’t realize that if you wanted to go to the big panels, you had to get there a lot earlier than that. I read that people lined up at 5 am in the morning for The Walking Dead. I would have been one of those people, if I knew that’s what you were supposed to do.

On Sunday I knew what the deal was and I arrived at about 7am to line up to see the Gotham panel. I was able to get my wristband for that and then rush over to see The Following panel on the Empire Stage. There was a lot of time spent in lines that day, but it was well worth it.

I’m not sure how it will work for PLL, but you can be sure that I’ll be in line early to see them.

We still don’t know who will be appearing on the Main Stage. Could The Walking Dead be returning? Heroes Reborn could be huge too. Will they want to promote their new show? There’s a lot of comic movies coming out too, could those films be in attendance? And lets not forget about Star Wars, which is right around the corner.

There’s a lot of possibilities, but who will NY Comic-Con get?

Are you going to be lining up to see Pretty Little Liars at NY Comic Con?


‘Supernatural’ Comic-Con: Cast Very Secretive About Season 11

Supernatural-season-9-promo-poster-e1382037785238It was a Supernatural reunion at San Diego Comic-Con. Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel/The Trickster) and Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley/Carver Edlund) moderated the panel and they got side tracked quite a bit. At one point the hamster was asking Mark Sheppard (Crowely) questions. 

According to Mark the hamster is the most talented actor that he’s worked with for ten seasons and wants to know if the hamster is coming back.

Do you remember the hamster? She was in charge of the coven that Rowena turned into a hamster.

Mark had a lot of fun during the panel and even told fans that his character is dead. He maintained that for most of the panel.

Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) said being dead doesn’t mean anything because he doesn’t know how many times he’s died now.

“It does to me. I don’t have a trailer anymore. I don’t have anywhere to park my car,” Mark said.

I guess since he’s being so tight lipped on his character, we’ll have to wait till season eleven to see if Crowley is alive or not. If you’re asking why bring Mark to Comic-Con if his character is dead, he said because he was going to go anyways.

Mark did get serious for a minute: “It’s been an amazing journey. I showed up as a guest star kissing a very tall man under a bridge and suddenly it’s like seven seasons later and it’s been the most fun journey I’ve have had. Even if I knew what was going to happen I wouldn’t damn well tell you because it’s so much fun.”

Supernatural has been going for ten years, but the boys have earned new fans with Netflix. Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) asked the crowd who started watching the show within the last year and the crowd screamed. Then he asked who started watching because of Netflix and there were even more screams.

Misha Collins (Castiel) mentioned how the boys have grown up with the fans. 

“Actually I kind of almost teared up watching that retrospective back there because it feels like I’ve only been doing this…” Misha said.

“He did. He was a mess,” Jensen interrupted.

“I was balling,” Misha said.

Misha said he’s one of the new kids and he started out initially being afraid of the fans, then he started to embrace them  and now he’s collaborating with fans.

Jared and Misha thanked the fans for being so great.

Misha and Jensen have such great chemistry on screen, but Misha is asked why he doesn’t have the same bond with Sam.

“The height difference between me and Jared is just too jarring,” Misha said.

When we left off Cass was giving Crowley a beat down and a very bad one at that. Which is why Mark keeps joking that he’s dead, or at least we hope he’s joking.

“I think I speak for the entire rest of the cast when I say opportunities to have fight scenes with Mark are really satisfying. Sometimes we convince the directors and the producers to let us shoot what we tell Mark are scenes but they are never intended to air. We just pound on him for al little bit while the cameras pretend to roll,” Misha said.

Jensen is actually directing the third episode of the season and Misha had a little story to tell about filming. He said that after a take Jensen gave him some direction. Then after another take he looked unsatisfied and gave him another note. After another take Jensen said, “I think I’m making it worse.”

“Evidently somebody sort of dropped the ball over the hiatus and forgot how to act, but thanks that was some of the best directing I’ve ever gotten,” Misha said

“After 10 seasons of playing these characters and knowing the story there’s an ease to having to direct the main cast which you really don’t have to unless it’s Misha, then you have to really kind of reign him in a bit. Jared knows his character so well, Mark knows his character so well, but Misha’s still working on it,” Jensen said.

“One of the things I like about directing is the challenge itself. Challenging myself, kind of think about the script in a different way and the whole right brain, left brain thing. So it’s fun and I’m enjoying it and I’m lucky to have such an amazing crew that picks me up if I’ve forgotten a few things. That’s a safety net in its own and it’s also amazing to have such talented people to work with and it also makes my job more fun as an actor,” Jensen added.

The Supernatural cast and crew is like one big family. They’ve seen kids grow up, people get married and have kids. They’ve seen divorces and deaths too.

“There’s no better feeling in the world then going to work and being embraced by the arms of your family and know that you have people there you can trust that are just smiling at you that makes your day better. We’re all in the same boat together,” Mark said.

“And then to come to places like this and be embraced by such loving…”

The crowd screamed before Jensen could  even finish his sentence.

Jensen, Jared, Misha and Mark had a lot of fun on the panel and with fans, but they gave very a little away for the new season.

Supernatural writer Andrew Dabb said there is something really fun planned for episode four.

“That’s the fun about having such great fans like these, they’ll follow us anywhere. So we feel we have a lot of freedom to take the show in different ways, different places,” Andrew said.

Supernatural has done a lot of crazy things over the last ten seasons. It’s gotten meta, it’s done black and white and so many other things. Looks like we can look forward to more creative episodes in season eleven.

Executive producer Jeremy Carver confessed that fan favorites will be coming back, but in surprise ways, so he can’t give us more than that.

“This year we are going to back to a little bit more, I think an epic feel. The big bad and a real sort of a quest for the brothers…” Jeremy said and then Jared distracted him by slowly pretending to bite him.

“I’m just trying to tell them stuff man,” Jeremy continued.

Jeremy tried to continue, but the crowd was so quite he asked if they wanted to hear it.

“I’m putting myself to sleep here,” he said.

He went on to say it’s a pre-biblical story and the brothers are going to be really united.

When Jared was asked if he though they would beat the new big bad, he said: “Well I think we’ll beat it because we’re not the Loosechesters. Up top.” Jensen and Jared high fived.

“I was so proud of that,” Jared said.

“I’m so ashamed to be sitting next you,” Misha said while looking at Jared.

‘There’s a reason why Jared doesn’t have a long sit-com reel. He’s a one hour drama man,” Rob said.

Jared said his little joke again.

“I love sympathy comedy,” Misha said.

“That’s the only kind I’ve got. I’m excited to see the boys working together. We’ve seen them at odds and we’ve seen them working together and I’m happy to see them teaming up,” Jared said.

Jensen said they are left with the clean up after getting rid of the mark. They have to deal with their decision now.

One of the fans in the audience asked why Charlie was killed. That was a hard question for Jeremy to answer and the cast didn’t help him at all.

“It’s tough. Just because anytime you have a favorite character on a show,” Jeremy said.

“And that show is called Supernatural,” Jared added.

“People die on the show,” Jeremy added.

“It’s tough for me to answer. Just that she was an absolutely beloved character in the show, but we’re in the writers room and we have to go where the story takes us,” he said.

“I’d like to thank everyone up here for the support,” he said while the rest of the panel put there feet up and just left Jeremy to answer the question.

Felicia Day was only supposed to be in one episode and Jensen said we should be thankful for the time we got with her. 

‘The Originals’ Comic-Con: Everything You Need to Know About Season 3

fdc762638e98a037b63ee3352422c210Executive producer Julie Plec was nice enough to give fans of The Originals at Comic-Con a little taste of what’s to come in season three. She brought a video that recapped the first two seasons and introduced three new villains at the end.

We were supposed to meet these villains at the end of season two, but Julie said when they saw the season finale they thought it was better to end on Klaus’s emotional moment. “Sort of just t-ing up there were new enemies to come.”

Executive producer Michael Narducci said they’ve discussed how the Mikaelsons have been around for thousands of years and have probably sired vampires along the way. We know that when an original vampire dies, their sire line dies with them. Season three will be about what those vampire’s perspectives are about the continued existence of the Mikaelson family.

When we left the Mikaelsons in season two, they had just gotten rid of their parents and aunt. “Now they get to experience what it’s like to be so called parents themselves of the first line of sired vampires. So the children are coming to town with an ax to grind,” Julie said.

Not only are there new enemies coming, Klaus and Elijah are very estranged at the moment, but they still have to work together to take care of little Hope.

Joseph Morgan (Klaus Mikaelson) thinks that when The Originals returns that Klaus will be a bad father.

“I think he kind of knows he’s messing it up, but he’s trying at least. You gotta give him that. Even if he’s warping the mind of his young daughter before she’s uttered even a syllable,” Joseph said.

While Klaus and Elijah will try to take care of Hope despite their differences, Freya will also be there to help take care of the powerful baby.

Riley Voelkel was a new addition to the cast this season and Michael said, “Riley owned it.”

“She felt to me like a Mikaelson right form the beginning. Very strong, very intense and 25% bat s–t insane and a very, very great addition to the family,” Michael added.

Julie said Riley just fit right into the cast and they really wished she could of come with them, but she was at home in Atlanta with her mom.

There has been a lot of new additions over the first two seasons, but not all of them have stuck around.

“A typical day we’re sitting there thinking about how much we love our actors and our cast is phenomenal. We’re just kind of chilling out and then the angel of death walks in and says, ‘I feel like killing off so and so’ and then we figure that out,” Michael said, as he looked at Julie.

“They have a big roulette wheel with all of our names on,” Joseph said.

“I do. I do,” Julie joked.

Julie said the best death scenes are the ones they don’t want to do. The ones that hurt.

Julie was originally determined not to kill off Aunt Jenna from The Vampire Diaries, but then someone presented Jenna’s death in a way that was so terrible, she loved it.

There are other times when an actor wants to leave.

“Just from a logistical point of view, Daniel Sharman, who was so wonderful as Kol,” Julie started to say and the crowd screamed.

Daniel got a new job, so they had to write him off. Julie did say we will see Kol again next season, this time as Nathaniel Buzolic. We’ll even see him right away in flashbacks.

Davina isn’t going to stop trying to get her boyfriend back.

Danielle Campbell (Davina Claire) thinks Davina and Kol had a special connection, which is what made them able to do so much magic together. He’s the first person who’s understood her and is very important to her.

Davina has changed a lot in only two seasons.

“I think as an actor, I love it. It’s what you really want. I’ve gotten to experience so many different arcs and I’ve really gotten to grow with the character,” Danielle said.

Cami has gone through a lot of changes since The Originals started too. She came back to New Orleans not know anything about the supernatural world and now she’s the last remaining legacy of her family. And she has a very complicated relationship with Klaus.

Leah Pipes (Camille O’Connell) said Cami saw her twin brother plunge into darkness and she sees that darkness in herself. She also may see some of that darkness in Klaus that she’s repressing.

“I think there is an untapped darkness in Cami that we potentially will be seeing some of,” Leah said.

“I think that at the same time Klaus sees that darkness in her and sees someone highly intelligent who’s vulnerable and human and fragile. And yet sees him with sympathetic eyes and looks at him not as a monster, but as a complex soul. That’s something that he doesn’t necessarily get all the time and doesn’t necessarily think he deserves completely. So there’s some attraction there,” Michael said. 

“She sees the good him,” Leah added.

“Yeah, perhaps,” Michael replied with a hint of a laugh.

“There’s silence in the audience. No one liked that,” Leah said and the panel laughed.

There’s a lot of powerful ladies on The Originals and we should hopefully see some great scenes with all of them together in the coming season.

“There’s a good faction of writers in our writers room who really believe that the female relationships and friendships are as strong and as important to the show as the supernatural stuff and as the bromance and the romance. They fight really hard to find ways to put characters together. We figure out ways to develop those bonds,” Julie said.

The big romance on the show is Hayley and Elijah of course.

“He’s going to be holding a lot more coats out in the wilderness for her,” Daniel Gillies (Elijah Mikaelson) said.

“The coats are going to become exponentially smaller and smaller. It’s just going to be a tiny jacked. Just going to be a thong. Not even. A false mustache. He’s kinky,” Daniel joked.

Daniel got serious and said that Elijah has “monumental patients and I think he’ll just wait it out,” he said.

He said Elijah will always be there for Hayley when she needs him.

Joseph interjected: “Though his patients with Klaus has run out.”

“Well that’s a thousand years of it. He’s only had like what, two years,” Daniel replied.

“I think he’s going to remain devoted to her through whatever. And to the child,” Daniel added.

When Charles Michael Davis (Marcel Gerard) was asked about his character’s failed relationships he replied: “Wait, we’re talking about my personal life now?”

He hopes that Rebekah will come back in any body.

“You say that now and then she shows up, ‘Hello Marcel. I’m finally back in my new body. 86 years old. Give us a kiss, you devil you,” Joseph said in a fake old lady voice.

Charles joked and said he liked were this was going and Joseph said he would be playing the part “in a sort of Monty Pythonesque” way.

All fans constantly want to know when the next crossover will be. Michael isn’t such a fan of crossovers. He said he’s a producer and writer on The Originals, so he has his own characters to focus on. Then he waits “for my fearless leader to tell me, actually Mike, I have The Vampire Dairies and The Originals and we’re going to do a crossover with both of them and we’re going to bring in the people from Containment too, because I am God,” Michael said.

“And there you have it,” Julie concluded.


The cast were able to make a wish for their characters:

Leah Pipes:

I’m a human, so I just want to stay alive.

Phoebe Tonkin

I think my wish for Hayley would be that Hope can live a normal happy existence. I think that’s what she would want the most.

Daniel Gillies

I think for Elijah I would want, other than his girlfriends not being incinerated. (“Oh, come on,” Joseph said.) I’m saying I’m not letting that go easily. I’m actually wishing for something dark. Sort of would wish for a great division between the brothers before conciliation. (“So that’s how it’s going to be?” Joseph said.)

Joseph Morgan

I wish everyone would just do what Klaus says because he’s always right. He knows what he’s doing. It’s for the greater good. Come on, get on board with his plans and everything will be alright in the end. Not everyone will be alright in the end, but everything will be alright in the end. (Crowd laughs.)

Julie Plec

I just destroy wishes.

Charles Michael Davis

I wish Marcel would crossover. (“Whoa,” Julie said.)

Danielle Campbell

Davina’s a witch and I think it would be really cool if she could fly. So whether it’s a broomstick or something else. I still think it would be really cool.

Yusaf Gatewood

Mine’s pretty selfish. I hate shaving, so I wish we could work something out so Vincent can grow a huge beard. (“No, we can’t” Julie answered.)

‘TVD’ Comic-Con: All About the Relationships

all-spell-breaks-loose-e1421017216792While Elena is in a deep sleep, there’s still a lot to look forward to in season seven of The Vampire Diaries.

We may have lost Delena, but Steroline is just starting to heat up.

So what can we look forward to for Steroline? “A lot of very unexpected twists and turns,” executive producer Julie Plec said.

“The fun of this couple is they’re just coming together. They’re just getting really cemented in the romantic status. As we left it off, sort of said, ‘I will be here when you’re ready.’ So she’s trying really, really hard not be ready, but…”

Then Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) interrupted Julie and said: “She can’t resist.”

While we did get some great information about season seven, the cast was having a lot of fun at the San Diego Comic-Con panel on Sunday.

Candice Accola (Caroline Forbes) asked the audience if they wanted to see more shirtless scenes of Stefan. The crowd roared with approval and Candice said, “that was a formal request,” while looking at Julie.

Paul wasn’t too pleased. He replied: “That was season one when I was a youngster. Times have changed.”

Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) and Paul were also having a little debate over their couple’s shipping names. Ian wants the Steroline name to change.

“Delena, likes that’s any better,” Paul replied.

“At least it doesn’t sound like it’s in a hospital,” Ian said.

“Delena sounds like it could potentially be a disease. Steroline sounds like the cure for the disease,” Paul said.

Did you ever wonder what it’s like to film these Steroline scenes?

“I just love making Candice feel awkward on set. Candice is married. I’m friends with her husband. I love when we have to do make out scenes because it’s so uncomfortable and it’s so funny. But we love each other,” Paul said.

“Don’t we love each other?” Paul turned and asked Candice.

“Oh yeah, just so much,” Candice said laughing.

Candice had her own behind the scenes awkward story to tell: “If you want to ever try something really disturbing, put a lot of fake blood in your mouth and have to make out with someone. I’m glad it worked out on television, but that was definitely an awkward day at work.”

Candice did get serious to talk about her character. She confessed she loves a good slow burning relationship on TV that you can watch the relationship build. She’s very excited for Steroline in season seven and excited for the fans too. She won’t say anything more though because she’s afraid she’ll get in trouble for spoilers.

Paul was able to get serious for a second to talk about Steroline. He really likes their history. It obviously started out as a platonic relationship, but there were moments when you thought there could be something more going on there.

“Those moments when you sort of zoom in on the eyes–something going on. It could happen between anyone,” and with that said Paul went goofy again.

“I feel like Ian and I have had those moments,” Paul said.

The crowd screamed.

“Yeah, right that’s what I’m taking about,” Paul responded to the crowd.

“I am my brother’s keeper,” Ian replied.

“Why go across the street when you can go across the hall?” Paul said.

“I taught him that one by the way,” Ian said.

The crowd was laughing with Paul and Ian’s exchanges.

Ian and Paul were definitely having a good time during the panel, but lets talk about our beloved Delena for a minute.

“What’s nice about it is there’s still a really intense core romance almost like in a fairy tale way attached to it. Damon has put the love of his life away and now he’s gotta figure out…” Julie said.

“She’s just taking a little nap,” Ian interrupts.

Kat Graham (Bonnie Bennett) really likes how the writers ended Elena’s storyline. She likes that it keeps the door open for Nina Dobrev to come back, “but it also created an interesting dynamic going into season seven for Bonnie and Damon to have them deal with the fact that Bonnie’s alive and Elena’s not.”

For the fans that were totally in love with Bamon at the beginning of season six, they will be happy to hear that Ian’s favorite stuff that TVD has done was Bonnie and Damon trapped in 1994.

He asked the crowd if they agreed and they applauded quite a bit.

“It’s funny because they hate each other, they love each other, they resent each other, but they’re stuck together. It’s sort of an amazing recipe for a lot of cool drama,” Ian said, with a lot of emphasis on ‘drama’.

Kat’s favorite episode of season six was the one that Ian was directing. She’d never filmed a scene before where the director was the actor too.

“You’re directing again in season seven, right?” Kat asked Ian.

“Yeah, well hopefully,” Ian replied and turned to look at Julie.

The EP was put on the spot and just shrugged her shoulders.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Ian answered for her.

So how will Damon be without Elena?

Julie said that Damon will be trying to figure out who is without Elena and how he can make the right decisions without her by his side.

“You’ll get to see a lot of naughty Damon,” Julie said.

“It’s the old f—ing Damon. The Damon that we really fell in love with,” Ian said and the crowd cheered.

“And that’s the goal. Lets bring back that energy, that sexy, volatile, fun, scary, dangerous. All that s–t that made you guys love him to begin with. We’re bringing it back,” Ian added and the crowd roared.

Executive producer Caroline Dries said it’s fun for writers to dig deeper into a character and see what makes them tick. She told fans that they will get to see a lot of bromance between Stefan and Damon next season. It will be a new dynamic with their mother living in Mystic Falls.

Michael Malarkey (Enzo) sat their quietly during the panel just waiting for his turn and when it was finally his turn, his answer was great. He was asked what excited him about his character helping move the Lily story forward in the last season.

“More screen time,” was his reply.

Michael told fans that Enzo will have to choose sides in season seven and he will really struggle with it.

Also when the relationship of Lily and Enzo was brought up, Ian asked, “Are you going to bone our mother? Lets just get it out on the table.”

Michael got in on the joking and replied: “She’d be Enzo’s first.”

Clearly not feeling confident in his joke, he followed it up with stating it was a joke.

Caroline confessed that each season they try to out do the villain from the last. They feel like Kai was their best villain ever and the crowd seemed to agree with her as they cheered for the late Kai.

The characters will go up against the heretics next season, but they have no idea how to defeat this new enemy.

“It’s going to be really exciting, gruesome and violent when we start, but really the mystery will be how did Mystic Falls gets to be the way we saw it at the end of season six,” Caroline said.

Get ready for the dark season seven of TVD premiering Thursday, October 8, 8/7c on the CW.

Candice Accola had something special to say about Caroline turning her emotions off:

It was really fun. It was such a tragic storyline and I kind of knew and was clued in that Sheriff Forbes was going to pass this season and how it was going to happen. I thought it was such a human obstacle that these characters hadn’t really faced and there was no supernatural spell that could break the fact that she had cancer and I thought that was really powerful. So from all that grief and all the sadness to just go from you know, heartless bad ass Caroline was really, really fun and a really cool change for the character.

‘Gotham’ Cast Take on Comic Con

Gotham_1When Ben McKenzie walked on to the stage at the New York Comic Con on Sunday afternoon, you couldn’t even hear his name being announced. The crowd just roared when he appeared. The audience knew he was coming by the name card on the table and they were ready. Robin Lord Taylor also got a really good applause. Everyone was ready to see their favorite new ‘Batman’ stars. Gotham_2Many actors have taken on these roles before and these actors are just the most recent to immortalize these characters.

Ben said that he doesn’t get encumbered by the talent that played James Gordon in the past. He said you can’t try to mirror what other actors have done because “you won’t live up to it…. For me personally that approach wouldn’t have been Gotham_3good.” But he did said he tries to be faithful and loyal to the character.

“He’s a moral face finding himself in a moral land trying to bring justice,” Ben said.

Robin gives the actors who have taken on the Penguin before him major props, but for his own portrayal of the legendary villain he gives all credit to executive Gotham_4producers Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller. He said his “character was so beautifuly joined and perfectly put together.” With the suit and the fake nose he felt like he was “stepping into the skin of the character.”

“I’m having the time of my life”, Robin said.

A fan asked, where in time does ‘Gotham’ takes place?

Danny answered: “Does it matter? Like a good Shakespeare play?… Maybe look at Nolan’s films and when they’re set.”

The Gotham world came from Bruno and Danny thinking about the “Dickensian era, Grimms Fairy Tales, mixed with old New York. It was kind of like our poem to New York,” Danny said.

Another fan asked if the ending of the show would be when Batman puts on the cape.

“Lets not think about the end of the show. Let’s revel in the now,” Danny answered.

There were a few spoilers given during the panel. Danny told fans to look for Victor Zsasz in episode seven and Harvey Dent in episode nine. They also are having a lot of fun with teasing the Joker.

“A lot of secret fun,” Danny said. “We’re going way, way back.”

Danny also gave a special preview from episode eight that gave him goosebumps in the cutting room and while telling it again at the panel.

Bruce to Alfred: “I’m angry all the time. Will that ever stop?

Alfred: “I don’t know.”

Bruce: “Will you teach me to fight?”

Long pause.

Alfred: “Yes.”

One of the most fun questions asked during the panel was who the actors favorite superheros were. Most of the cast answered Batman, but Donal Logue said Spiderman and the Green Lantern and Robin said Michael Jackson. Erin Rachards (Barbara) said she use to dress up as Batman and put on plays for her family.

The cast is very excited for their new roles and you can catch them on Mondays on FOX at 8|7c.

Here’s a clip from the panel:

Cast in Different Place in New Season of ‘The Following’

Photo by Mandy Carr

Photo by Mandy Carr

It’s a year later and Mike is on the outside looking in at Ryan and Max, happy and in relationships. There are flashbacks to what has happened in the last year and then a waiter lunges towards Ryan.

This is how ‘The Following’ panel opened up on Sunday morning at New York Comic Con. Fans got an exclusive look at season three that will premiere midseason. Kevin Bacon (Ryan Hardy), Shawn Ashmore (Mike Weston) and executive producer Marcos Siega were in attendance, along with panel moderator, Damian Holbrook from TV Guide.

The exclusive clip shows us a very different show, with no Joe and no Mark. Kevin said his character is in a “much better place” and in “a happier place”, which isn’t exactly what we’re use to seeing from Ryan. But Marcos said, “we make sure that it’s not easy for him.”

Fans were probably disappointed seeing Max (Jessica Stroup) with someone else.

Last season there was a “build to Mike and Max sort of finding each other in the final moments,” but “things have not gone totally according to plan for that relationship coming to tuition,” Shawn said.

We will find out in season three that Mike made a decision to hunt for Mark and that “sort of drive has pushed him away from the relationship,” he added.

It’s “never going to be easy for these two” and it will be an “interesting journey for these characters,” Shawn said of Max and Mike.

Max’s new boyfriend, Tom, is going to be around a lot. He’s part of the FBI squat team, so Mike is going to have to interact with him.

Another great relationship on ‘The Following’ is Ryan and Mike.

“I think it was very clear from one of the first scenes we did together that we had a connection. That Shawn was the actual perfect choice to play this guy. He had grasped the wide eyed innocence of it, but then was able to go to such dark places,” Kevin said.

“I think that in the writers room they responded to that. It didn’t really matter if that was the plan or not, because when something is working they want to write to that. I think that’s what’s made this show and this relationship so interesting,” Kevin added.

Damian asked Shawn about saying, when you are filming a scene with Kevin, you know it.

Kevin responded, “What the hell does that mean?” and Shawn said, “It means you better bring it.”

“Kevin brings an intensity to the role every single day and every single take…. You really feel like you have to up your game,” Shawn said.

There have been a lot of deaths on the show, but Kevin likes the opportunity to work with a lot of “talented actors.” But he has already worked with a lot of actors and IMDb has to be checked to see if he has worked with the guest star previously.

“I have to know whether to say, nice to see you again or nice to meet you,” Kevin said.

The producers have a clear vision for this season. They know where season three ends and season four begins.

The cast is in the middle of filming the second episode of the new season and there will be a death in the episode.

“The most shocking method of death,” Shawn said. “The idea of it made my stomach turn.”

The panel announced that they will be dialing back on the blood and said that Kevin Williamson had said there would be “less stabby, stabby.” Though Kevin W. said that last year and season two opened up with a lot of stabbing.

Season three will be very different, but Marcos said they would make sure Joe and the Grays “chapter of ‘The Following’ has a proper ending.”

Go to TV Guide to check out the trailer for the new season.

And take a look at these videos from Comic Con:

‘Buffy’ Lives on at New York Comic Con

buffy-season-2-posterOn Friday evening it seemed like Buffy had risen from the dead once again. There were a lot of fans in attendance for the Tribute Panel: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Will ALways Kick Ass at the New York Comic Con. On the panel was Amber Benson (played Tara on ‘Buffy’ and author of ‘The Witches of Echo Park’ out in January), Tom Sniegoski (Author of ‘The Fallen’), Carol Goodman (author of ‘The Lake of Dead Languages’), Michelle Knudsen (children’s author of ‘Evil Librarian’), Hillary Monahan (YA author of ‘Mary: The Summoning’) and Keith DeCandido (Science Fiction and Fantasy author of ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Sleepy Hollow’ novels).

When Amber was introduced the crowd roared and didn’t let the panelist monitor get through the introduction.

Amber started by saying: you ‘can not experience Buffy without it changing you a little bit.”

The crowd, the panel and panelist are proving that ‘Buffy’ lives on long after the show has ended.

The panelist reminisced about the show and talked about how Buffy has influenced their own writing.

Dawn was a much debatable character.

I was “not a big fan until I saw her Spike with her,” Hillary said.

She said that Dawn humanized Spike and once that happened she “was all over Dawn”.

Keith said that he liked the concept that Dawn was someone Buffy would “protect until death. He thought it was a “cool concept in a plot perspective.”

Amber gushed over Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn) saying that she was a huge fan of the show when she joined and “she would put you all to shame”.

Amber said Michelle was a very talented and sweet kid “who then got taller than me and started dating boys and that was very upsetting for me.”

NYCCAfter the mixed feelings about Dawn, things were about to get very interesting. There was a shout from the crowd to talk about Xander and Hillary confessed that she hated Xander and the crowd applauded her in agreement. There even were some people in the crowd that cheered at the mention of Xander and Buffy shippers and others the booed.

Keith had a more complex view of Xander. He said that he had levels of complexity that sidekicks don’t usually have and he said the same thing about Oz. Hillary just loved Oz and thought he was adorable and wanted a miniature figurine of him.

Spike was the last character to be discussed and Tom said: he was “always best when he was evil and never better than when he was with Drusilla.”

Drusilla would also make an appearance during the Buffy trivia. The first fan to get a question right was a girl dressed as Drusilla and she earned a huge applause from the crowd. This fan has watched Buffy numerous times, enough to see that Tara walked into a pole during the musical episode. Amber thought no one had noticed this. Drusilla won a signed book from Amber.

Hillary upped the stakes when she asked a fan to recite the Gentleman rhyme and sure enough a fan was able to sing it.

The panel monitor asked if ‘Buffy’ would to air today would it still push the envelope and would it still hold up? The crowd applauded, showing that fans believe that even though ‘Buffy’ is long gone, it lives on.

“The late 90s were good for strong female characters, the 2010s aren’t. We’re not seeing the same level that we got and we could use a little more of that,” Keith said.

It’s been more than 10 years since Buffy was on the air, but she’s still alive and well saving the world over and over again.