‘Pretty Little Liars’ Headed to NY Comic-Con

CNWbjtxUYAAgAMGPretty Little Liars is heading to New York Comic-Con. Which will probably surprise some people, because it’s not the typical thing that would appear at the event. But it does have a big bad villain and heroes trying to defeat her.

PLL isn’t the only ABC Family show heading to New York. The new hit show Stitchers will also be appearing and upcoming Shadowhunters will be there too. Stitchers and PLL will have back to back panels on Friday, October 9 at 11/10c am in room 1A06 and the cast of Shadowhunters will appear on Saturday, October 10 at 11am on the Empire Stage.

Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery), Ashley Benson (Hanna Marin), Shay Mitchell (Emily Fields), Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings) and Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis) will be discussing the ‘A’ reveal and what’s next for the series.

According to TVLine, executive producers I. Marlene King, Oliver Goldstick and Joseph Dougherty will also be in attendance and will bring new footage of the five-year time jump with them.

I was super excited when I heard the liars would be at NY Comic-Con, especially seeing as I already got my three day passes!

The drama is a little different from what you see at these cons, unless it’s San Diego, and that’s filled with TV shows.

I’m curious how popular this panel will be. I’m not sure how many people who are going are also fans of the show. The ABC Family drama has a huge fan base, but maybe not necessarily the same fans that go to NY Comic-Con.

I was also surprised to see that the panel will be in one of the panel rooms and not the Main Stage or the Empire Stage. This makes me think that the organizers don’t think it’s going to be very big, but could it be bigger than they realize?

Last year was my first year at NY Comic-Con and I had no idea how any of it worked. I read the doors opened at 10, but I didn’t realize that if you wanted to go to the big panels, you had to get there a lot earlier than that. I read that people lined up at 5 am in the morning for The Walking Dead. I would have been one of those people, if I knew that’s what you were supposed to do.

On Sunday I knew what the deal was and I arrived at about 7am to line up to see the Gotham panel. I was able to get my wristband for that and then rush over to see The Following panel on the Empire Stage. There was a lot of time spent in lines that day, but it was well worth it.

I’m not sure how it will work for PLL, but you can be sure that I’ll be in line early to see them.

We still don’t know who will be appearing on the Main Stage. Could The Walking Dead be returning? Heroes Reborn could be huge too. Will they want to promote their new show? There’s a lot of comic movies coming out too, could those films be in attendance? And lets not forget about Star Wars, which is right around the corner.

There’s a lot of possibilities, but who will NY Comic-Con get?

Are you going to be lining up to see Pretty Little Liars at NY Comic Con?


The Top 5 Looks From ‘PLL’ Season 6 So Far

Spencer: Nora gown by Walter Mendez, Emily: Michael Costello fall 2015 collection dress, Hanna: Sherri Hill fall 2015 collection dress, Aria: Kesten fitted cropped tank and Tina floral-print ball skirt by Alice and Olivia.

Dances are always great on PLL for all the fashion!

The first part of season six of Pretty Little Liars is over and with it they brought a lot of great fashion, as usual.

We may have a long wait for new episodes this winter, but we can still re-watch every episode to recount all the ‘A’ clues and all the great fashion!

I always say that Aria and Hanna are my favorite fashionistas on PLL, and it shows in my top five best looks from season six so far. Sadly Spencer and Emily didn’t make my list, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love those liars too. I just love everything Aria and Hanna wear!

5. Hanna, episode 6

I’m obsessed with the floral Orsola moto jacket by Guess that Hanna wore in this episode. I fell in love with this jacket as soon as she appeared on screen. The Malone silk cropped top by Rebecca Minkoff with tulip-style overlay really added another element to this look.

4. Hanna, episode 5

Hanna looked so grown up in this episode and totally changed my mind about fruit printed clothes! She wore a pineapple print full cotton skirt by MSGM and a black blazer. I loved that her necklace and classic saddle flap crossbody bag matched with the pineapples. I love coordinating like this.

3. Aria, episode 4 

I’ve never been a fan of rompers, but when I saw Aria in the animal print romper by MinkPink, I totally changed my mind. I love tigers, but I liked how the romper mixed the tiger print with the zebra print. It was just so cute that I liked it without the jacket.

I also loved the long-sleeve white and black colorblocked cropped jacket she wore by Rachel Roy. I would so wear the jacket with jeans too.

2. Hanna, episode 8

I love when Hanna wears dresses and I think the dress she wore in this episode definitely ranks as one of my favorite dresses of all the seasons. She wore a snake print shift dress by Sam Edelman and a razor buckled belt by Alexander McQueen. I love how Hanna seems to always add a belt to her dresses. It’s steps up her look and I like the purple, green and black in this dress.

1. Aria, episode 9

For the most part I wanted to keep the prom dresses off this list, because then the list would be of all the prom dresses. But I loved Aria’s cropped top and skirt. It was great for the dance, but I feel like she could wear this outside of a school dance too. It really helped that I felt she was channeling Ariel in this look, even if Lucy Hale says it was Snow White. The altered cropped top and  floral-print ball skirt are by Alice & Olivia.

What are your favorite looks from season six so far?

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Are You Having ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Withdrawals Yet?

59116026ad8a2f2e417e357a7d6fb66dIt’s only the first week without Pretty Little Liars and I’m already missing Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily. Are you?

When the liars return this winter they will be in a very different place in their lives and there will be a new mystery. The ABC Family drama as we know it, will be no more.

But we still have five and half seasons of the mystery of ‘A’ to enjoy and now’s the time to put all the clues together and see if CeCe fits in with everything. We didn’t even meet her till episode seven of season three.

We have plenty of time before the winter premiere to watch and re-watch season three to six to see if everything fits.

In the meantime here are five episodes to get started with and to help fill the void the liars have left us:

Over My Dead Body: Season 2 Episode, 12

‘A’ really stepped up her game in this episode. She made the girls believe that Dr. Sullivan was in danger and set them up to be in question over Alison’s murder.

What I loved about the episode was the snippets that we saw. We kept jumping back and forth in time to find out how the liars ended up covered in dirt and at the police station.

While this episode may have nothing to do with piecing together everything to follow CeCe as ‘A’, it’s a great place to start with binge watching PLL till we get brand new episodes this winter.


This is a Dark Ride: Season 3 Episode 12

Sure you can look for clues in this episode, but this is just a great episode. Since it doesn’t look like we are getting a Halloween special this year, just relive this great one!

This is one of the best PLL episodes of all time. You’ve got the great costumes, numerous ‘A’ clues, lots of suspense, boyfriend surprises and of course, Aria almost being pushed off the train!

Sure we want to re-examine all the clues that show CeCe is ‘A’, but we have months to gather the evidence. We should just enjoy some of the episodes too. It’s going to be a long drought before the girls are back!


Taking This One to the Grave: Season 5 Episode 12

I was absolutely shocked and devastated by this episode. I was so upset that Mona was dead and then I loved it even more when we found out Mona faked her death and ‘A’ had taken her. I also loved how Mona was actually working with the liars, even if it was short lived.

I just totally didn’t see this coming. I know a lot of people like to figure out what’s going to happen next, but I prefer when I’m surprised and this episode was the biggest surprise for me. I was so relieved when Mona was alive though.

This is a great episode and you can try to spot those clues that point to CeCe!


How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas: Season 5, Episode 13

In season five we didn’t get a Halloween episode, but we did get a nice Christmas episode! This episode is sure to be littered with ‘A’ clues, especially seeing as CeCe is in the episode.

But once again the girls are on the hunt for clues, but this time for ‘A’ being Alison. And of course there’s so much great fashion with the Ice Ball. And Ali has started an army of her own, people she poached from Mona’s army.

The episode has a pinch of Christmas cheer, sexy Santas, ‘A’ clues, suspense, danger and the last word from ‘A’: Merry Christmas, Bitches  – A.


Welcome to the Dollhouse: Season 5, Episode 25

This was one of the best episodes ever of PLL. ‘A’ was getting scarier and scarier and then she just took her dolls and started to play with them. After watching this season finale I thought, how can the show ever out do this finale? And if they can’t, the show should just come to end. Up to this point each finale has outdone the last. So far, still, so good, but now that we will have a new mystery, who knows.

We get up close and personal with ‘A’ in this episode. Is there anything in here that points to CeCe?

These are all great episodes to start with while we are waiting for PLL to come back. But you could just start from the beginning too. All episodes are on Netflix, so happy ‘A’ hunting!

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Dominate Teen Choice Awards

Pretty Little Liars won big again at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night. The ABC Family drama came home with six awards.

Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery) won for Choice TV Actress in a drama and her on screen on-again, off-again romance, Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz) won for Choice TV Actor in a drama.

My favorite liars are Aria and Spencer, so I was thrilled that Lucy won a Teen Choice award. I’ve really enjoyed watching Aria dealing with the aftermath of the Dollhouse. Each actress has had such great content to work with this season. The writers just keep making the show better and better.

Lucy and Ian have consistently been big winners at the event. This is the fourth time the man who protrays Ezra has won the Choice TV actor award. This is only the second time Lucy has won for Choice TV actress, but she’s won the Choice Summer TV Star three times and Ian has won that award twice.

Another on-again and off-again couple, Ashley Benson (Hanna Marin) and Tyler Blackburn (Caleb Rivers) also took home awards for Choice TV Summer Star in the female and male categories.

This was the first time Ashley and Tyler have been nominated and won Teen Choice Awards. Hanna has really grown over six seasons and the actress really deserved this win.

I was never a big fan of Hanna. She was my least favorite liar, but she’s really matured over the six seasons, but she’s always been a great part of the show and I love Caleb and Hanna together.

‘A’ was just revealed to be CeCe and for five and half years fans have been hanging on every message and ‘A’ took home the award for Choice TV Villain. ‘A’ beat out Chris Wood (Kai) on The Vampire Diaries, who has been called the best villain the show has ever had. Clearly not as infamous as ‘A’.

This is not the first time ‘A’ has won a Teen Choice Award. Janel Parrish won Choice TV Villain in 2012.

The show also won for Choice TV Show, Drama.

Shay Mitchell (Emily Fields) thanked fans: “We just want to thank you guys so much for being the best fans in the entire world and we would not be here if it wasn’t for you.”

PLL will only have one more year to win big. Can they dominate the award show again next year?

Check out all the great fashion from the Liars at the Teen Choice Awards:

‘Pretty Little Liars’: Fans Are Upset over A’s Reveal

CMKsNU2UcAASnm3There are a lot of people very upset about the A reveal. I’m not really sure why. There’s some questions I would still like to have answered, but overall I like what I. Marlene King did.

Luckily we will get some more questions answered as the show continues. I. Marlene told Entertainment Weekly that we will learn about the connection between CeCe and Sara, but there is no mention of who killed Mrs. D. I still want to know who killed her.

The great thing about the A reveal is how I. Marlene brought a transgender character to the teen audience. It’s a big conversation at the moment and it’s great that she’s ahead of the game.

So many people wanted A to be Wren and Melissa to be Red Coat, but they’re in England and haven’t even be involved for sometime now.

After we found out Charles was A, I was still convinced that A was a girl. I never believed that A could be a guy. Those messages couldn’t have come from a guy.

People are outraged that Pretty Little Liars made A a transgender woman the villain, but why? I didn’t look at it like I. Marlene was villain-izing transgender people. I keep talking about how I want great female villains. When an actor plays a villain well, you love that bad guy. I want strong characters for females whether they’re good guys or bad guys.

A is a legendary villain, so I don’t look at this as a bad thing. I really liked how everything came together. I always believed that A was a girl, but I liked the twist the writers did making it Ali’s brother. It all started with Ali, so it made sense. I never understood why A would target the rest of the girls. But CeCe isn’t well and that has a lot to do with her family. She never got the love that she deserved and then was thrown in Radley. I think anyone would go crazy growing up in there.

If you are thinking that I. Marlene just jumped on the transgender bandwagon, you would be wrong. She told E! Online that they came up with the idea at the end of season three. It just had great timing with the way it all worked out.

I think it’s important for shows to touch on these conversations. For me I didn’t understand how someone could be transgender. I have nothing against them and would treat them just like anyone else, but I just didn’t understand it.

Listening to CeCe’s story made me understand more of what Charles went through and the hardship he had growing up. This is why it’s important for these stories to be told.

People sometime take things too seriously. I get the outrage of making minorities villains all the time, but if it’s a great character, what’s the big deal? I love great characters. I have so many favorite villains and sadly most of them are men. But I loved Victoria Grayson on Revenge. That was a great show. The two main characters were powerful female characters. I want their to be more great female villains on TV and in movies.

Lets not give minority people the good guy roles, lets give them great roles to play whether they are good guys or bad guys.

A is one of the best villains on TV and so many people would have loved to be the legendary A.

I just really liked the twist I. Marlene did. No one could have seen this coming. And  that’s all I wanted from the big reveal.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review: The Shocking ‘A’ Reveal

I never imagined that CeCe would be A, but I always thought that A was a girl!

I never imagined that CeCe would be A, but I always thought that A was a girl!

I knew A was a girl! Even when we found out Charles was A, I kept thinking that doesn’t make any sense, A has to be a girl.

There was so much hype around this episode and it’s been six years in the making that I wondered how it could all live up to expectations, but it was so good.

I loved the twist that CeCe was A. We never saw that coming, not after we were told Charles was A.

Pretty Little Liars is breaking new ground making their villain transgender and explaining Charlotte’s story so beautifully. She loved playing with her dolls. Sure Charlotte wasn’t well, but maybe if she got the love that she deserved. Mrs. D liked her lies though and taught Charlotte how to be A.

So Mona was A from the beginning and then CeCe took over the game. We always assumed there was a leader from the start, but it was just Mona. Mona was pretty evil, but CeCe stepped up the game.

I never trusted Sara, but how exactly did CeCe and Sara partner up? We didn’t get all of our questions answered. Melissa and Jenna were never mentioned in the timeline. Those characters played a part in all of this too. And who killed Mrs. D? That is the big question left unanswered. So the #SummerofAnswers didn’t answer everything.

We did finally find out what happened to Toby’s mom though. Bethany killed her and blamed it on Charles. Now we understand the cover up.

Wilden knew who CeCe was the whole time. He knew who killed Ali (when we though she was dead), so why did he torture the girls so much? Oh right, he was just a bad guy. He did take money for all of those cover ups after all.

CeCe hit Ali on the head thinking it was Bethany and Mona hit Bethany on the head thinking it was Ali. Two major screw ups.

That night Mona helped Ali get out of town, but she had just hit her on the head? That is crazy! Was it guilt? Not that Mona should have tried to kill Ali, but Ali was not nice to people back then. She certainly had something coming to her.

Whatever happened to the moms? We never got a conclusion to that storyline for their little adventure.

Five years later someone else is after Ali, but who? CeCe said the game is over. The girls go back to Rosewood to protect Alison. Five years have past and what have the girls been up to? There’s a new mystery coming this winter.

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‘PLL’: All the Fashion from the Enchanted Forest Prom

All dressed up and no where to go.

Spencer: Nora gown by Walter Mendez, Emily: Michael Costello fall 2015 collection dress, Hanna: Sherri Hill fall 2015 collection dress, Aria: Kesten fitted cropped tank and Tina floral-print ball skirt by Alice and Olivia.

I was so excited for the ‘Last Dance’ episode because of all the fashion! The girls managed to go to their prom, but either way they had some pretty amazing dresses. I wish my prom dress was that pretty and creative. I wish my prom was that gorgeous too. How much did it all cost?

I know Lucy Hale posted a picture on Instagram of her dress captioned, ‘Snow White’, but I really think she’s channeling Ariel in this dress. Snow White makes sense too, but when I first saw a sneak peek of the dress, I thought, The Little Mermaid.

If you want to recreate Aria’s look, you can come pretty close. The top is a Kesten fitted cropped tank by Alice & Olivia, but it’s altered. Whether you recreate Aria’s Snow White/Ariel look or create your own look, the Alice & Olivia top is on finale sale for $79.20!

The skirt is also by Alice & Olivia. The Tina floral-print ball skirt is also on sale for $418.

Spencer’s dress was actually inspired by Ariel. This gorgeous blue Nora gown by Walter Mendez will be a little harder to get your hands on, unless you have the money to spend. The Nora gown costs $1,695. This was an absolutely stunning dress, but the least creative out of the four liars.

Ali’s dress definitely had a hint of Belle shinning through. I just loved the ball skirt. This would be the prefect dress for prom, if it wasn’t so much. You can buy the Alloy evening dress by Tarik Ediz in several colors for $1,390.

Could Hanna not have looked more gorgeous? She was playing Cinderella in this Sherri Hill fall 2015 collection dress and her prince came and found her. This fashionista looks good in just about everything she wears. I loved her eye make-up. It darkened up the fairy tale look and went great with the dark fairy tale theme of the dance. Even if they weren’t actually suppose to be there. Unfortunately, you can’t purchase the dress online, but you can look at the other Sherri Hill dresses. Leave it to Hanna to add a belt to this already great dress. She wore a delicate Tracery belt from Anthropologie and it just made the dress even more stunning.

I have left Emily for last because she had the most creative look of all of them. Em’s whole look was very much inspired by an evil queen. The Michael Costello fall 2015 collection dress may not be the most beautiful dress on its own, but add the great accessories and that eye make-up and she has the most creative look for the Enchanted Forest prom. The accessories are all by Marianna Harutunian. The earrings can be purchased on Etsy for $60, the crown for $250 and the nail tips for $48.

Now lets hope they don’t ruin this dresses too much when they go #FAcetoface with A.

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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review: One Last Dance

They made it to their prom, but for all the wrong reasons.

They made it to their prom, but for all the wrong reasons.

Only one week till we really know who A is! But Ali knows already. It’s going to be a very long week.

I was so mad that the liars weren’t allowed to go to their own prom. After all they’ve been through they deserve that normal high school experience. They managed to get to their own prom, but they were keeping an eye on Ali, so it wasn’t the magical night they hoped for.

There was some magic though. It was so moving hearing Spence talk about her speech and realizing it was all about Toby. If they weren’t only in high school, I’d say it was a proposal.

Caleb and Hanna had their own fairy tale moment. Caleb was hiding something, but not what Hanna thought. He’s finally using his skills for good and he can pay for a life in New York for them and Hanna’s tuition.

Aria and Ezra’s moment wasn’t so magical though. Aria told Ezra not to follow her and Ezra wasn’t, he’s going to Thailand for the summer. Is this really the end for them? I’m so happy that Aria has something after all of this is done. I’m so proud of her for winning that contest and getting the amazing internship, but there may be no happy ending for this couple.

I’m still weary about Sara. It’s sweet that she came to see Emily at her prom, but I still don’t trust her. I didn’t trust Clarke, he was hiding something, but he was one of the good guys. Could Sara be good too?

Ali even has potential for a happy ending. Lorenzo came to see her after all. I guess Spencer’s words got through to him. If it was your long lost brother, wouldn’t you do the same?

Some of my favorite scenes this week were of the mothers. We don’t get to see them too often and rarely all together. I love Ella and Ashley. Pam and Veronica also have had their moments.

Secrets were coming out as the ladies drank their wine and kept an eyes on their girls. But too many glasses of wine led to them wanting answers. I now see where the liars get it from.

Ella is convinced they just met Charles, but is Rhys, Charles? All clues point to him, but if the big reveal isn’t until next week, A maybe someone else.

Now the liars’ mothers are all locked away in Mr. D’s basement and where is he? Why was his door open? Did Charles come and take him away too?

Ashely ponders how their girls survived much worse than their situation. They stand their worrying about their girls in the barn. They have no idea that the four girls went to prom to follow Ali.

I think the moms will be fine. Charles just wants them out of the way for whatever is coming.

Next week all will be revealed. I guess it’s time to write down every question we ever had and see if the writers answer all of them. Last year’s season finale was epic. And I thought, how could they ever top this? This is only a summer finale, but with everything going to be revealed, it needs to be the best episode ever.

It’s so hard to give fans what they want and stay true to the story. Sometimes you have to sacrifice one for the other. This isn’t a series finale though, even if it does feel like one. It is ending the big mystery and this story needs have a great finish.

Pretty Little Liars has yet to disappoint me. It sucked me in and hasn’t let go. For me I’ve only been watching for a couple of months, but I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for A, Red Coat and everything else to be out in the open. For those people who have watched for six long years, I’m sure you are more than ready to have this mystery be solved.

The count down begins to the reveal of A. Can you handle the anticipation?

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