‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Review: Desperately Trying to Not Fade Away

Fear The Walking Dead - Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 1, Key Art - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Last week I wasn’t drawn into the episode. I just wasn’t feeling the characters. But this week I’m very intrigued about how everything is falling apart and how the characters are reacting to their surroundings.

Relationships are being tested. It’s a very strange household for Travis. He’s got his ex-wife, son, new girlfriend, step kids and strangers all living under one roof and he’s trying to hold it all together. But he’s a little too optimistic.

He’s starting to remind me a lot of Rick. He seems to be becoming the leader of the group. The army guy even called him Mr. Mayor.

The army seems to be very calm, even though there is a serious situation surrounding them. Are they enjoying their power a little too much?

Where are they taking these sick and hurt people? Are they really taking them to a facility to be treated or are they taking them out? Will we ever see Liza and Nick again?

It’s completely Nick’s fault that he got taken away. He fell back into his old habits and because he was high, he appeared like he could be sick. I completely understand why Madison is blaming Liza, even though it isn’t her fault.

What was going through Liza’s mind as they took Nick away and she decided to go with them? Was it to protect her patients? Was it to protect Nick, since he was wrongly diagnosed as sick and she knows it. Or was she just wanting to do some good in the world and she saw her chance?

I’m a little confused, I thought Liza was a nurse, but now we are being told she isn’t? So what is she? She clearly knows what she’s doing, so why doesn’t she have the qualifications?

We are learning exactly how much we can trust the military. Travis didn’t want to believe his son found more survivors, but he couldn’t deny it anymore when Madison back Chris up. So he did what she asked, she told the military so they could help the people. They didn’t help the people though, they killed them. How will this weigh on Travis? He seems to be a very good man. It won’t be easy for him to handle that guilt.

While I don’t like that Madison is blaming Liza for her son being taken away, I’m liking how badass she is. She went beyond the fence! That was awesome. She discovered that the army is just shooting people who are not sick. Of course this could just be accidents too. In chaos like this it is likely shootings will happen, but the army is clearly shooting innocents. Travis saw it at the end. Or at least we are assuming those people calling for help were innocent.

Can they bring their loved ones home?


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