The Originals Season 1 Episode 8

the-originals-posterMarcel and Rebekah teamed up to try and take down Klaus once and for all, but as many before, they failed. And there were a lot of casualties.

Did they really believe that a simple attack plan was going to work? I can see how Marcel might think numbers would do the trick, but Bonnie had to stop his hear last time they briefly defeated him.

So what is the fall out from their failed attempt. Marcel has lost his empire and now Elijah and Rebekah feel guilty, but should they really feel guilty? Klaus spun the story like this time around he was on their side, but he wasn’t. Klaus daggered Elijah and as soon as Elijah questioned him, Klaus bit him. Plus he was just using Rebekah. All she’s ever wanted was to be happy and be in love, and Klaus will never let that happen. It’s no wonder why his siblings turn against him.

I think Klaus is feeling bruised because Marcel told him you can’t buy loyalty. Klaus has done nothing to earn the respect and love of his siblings. As Rebekah said, he drives them away.

Rebekah isn’t the only one that has had her loves killed. Elijah has also been a victim. Elijah once loved a witch and Klaus made sure she was killed. I’m not sure if it was directed directly towards Elijah or if it was a convenient spin to get the attention of his killings off him. But he didn’t seem to care that Elijah’s love was killed.

For most of the episode it appeared that Klaus was the enemy and Marcel was the good guy, but we learned some new information about Hayley’s family. Marcel killed them or cursed them. Now we know why there has been a wolf protecting her when there hasn’t been a full moon, because they are wolves all the time and humans during the full moon.

Speaking of the full moon, has there been one since the series started? Shouldn’t Hayley have to be locked up for that?

Tyler made a small appearance. His agenda was to kill Hayley’s baby, but Rebekah doesn’t want anything to happen to her niece. So Tyler was taken care of until Klaus was taken care of. But Klaus is still roaming free, what will they do with Tyler now?

It seems like Cami is the new Caroline. Klaus really cares for her and wants her to be free from the vampires and witches’ war. But as Klaus predicted she is digging deeper into what happened to her brother and she has discovered a picture from 1919, of Klaus and Marcel. This can only end up badly for her.

Check out the preview for next week. Just as Hayley is learning about her family, Klaus plans on killing them:


Supernatural Season 9 Episode 8

ustv-supernatural-season-9-poster“Congratulations Sam and Dean you are now virgins”, was probably not a line you would expect to hear on an episode of Supernatural, especially towards Dean.

How many people took bets on how long Dean would hold out before he broke his pledge, especially when you saw the room full of girls at the meeting? When he went home with that girl you just knew they were going to sleep together. Who would have thought she was a porn star and on Dean’s bucket list.

For the most part this was a run of the mill case. Sam and Dean have dealt with plenty of gods over the years, this time it was a Roman goddess. Just like the Leshii, a pagan god, Vesta has had to adapt to the changing world. Vesta once had virgins given to her, now she has to settle with born again virgins. Part of what she did in the past was maim or kill virgins that broke their vow. So of course you just knew Dean would be taken. He missed everything. I should have guessed his obsession with sex and women would get him in trouble one day. 

It wasn’t Sam or Dan that saved the day, Sheriff Jody Mills took the final blow to the goddess, even after being stabbed by the weapon herself. She not only brought the case to the boys, she also saved the boys.

I guess it will be a while before Ezek will be leaving Sam. According to Vesta, she doesn’t know how Sam is alive, his liver is useless (the only part untarnished of the born again virgins). I would have thought that Sam would be on the way up by now. But I guess with how many times Ezek has had to use his powers, it’s taking a bit longer to heal Sam.

Dean almost came clean with Sam about an angel possessing him, but before he could tell him the truth, Zzek appeared and told him Sam wasn’t ready to know. And if he expelled him, Sam would die. How long will it take for Zzek to save Sam and how long before Dean will have to tell Sam?

Check out the preview for the mid-season finale next week. War is beginning and things aren’t looking good for Sam:

What is the Endgame for Revenge?

revenge-season-two-showcardAs Emily and Daniel’s wedding is approaching and her endgame is starting to take shape, is anyone wondering what the endgame is for the show?

We know from the beginning of this season that the wedding will happen and she will get shot. We now know that she is planning on faking her death, so the shooting may be part of the plan. Now the big question is, is this where the story ends?

The whole series is based around getting back at the people who framed Emily’s father. If her endgame is approaching, where does the show go from there? She’s supposed to be leaving town with Aiden and there is no show without Emily and the Graysons. If she succeeds, she will destroy the Graysons. Then who will be left?

I can’t help but wonder if this will be a short lived series or if the show will continue. It’s way too early in the season to know if the show will get renewed for another season, but is there anymore story to tell?

I’ve enjoyed the show so far, but how far can the writers take this story?

Revenge was an ambitious show when it started. There was one goal of the show, for Emily to get revenge.

Most shows can grow and change as the storyline goes along. High school shows can go into college and Grey’s Anatomy was able to take it’s interns into residency, into fellowships and into attendees. Revenge doesn’t leave much room to grow or change, so what is the plan?

If anyone else is wondering the same thing let me know. Or if you have any ideas where the show can go if Emily succeeds at the wedding. Does anyone think that her plan is going to go horribly wrong? Then Emily would have to go back to square one.

Bones Season 9 Episode 10

It’s not often we see Brennan cut loose and have some fun. I mean even on her honeymoon she solved a case, on her vacations she goes and identifies human remains.

You would almost think she didn’t know how to have fun, but when she decides to cut loose, it gets wild. How many shots did they have? How were they still standing the next morning? I would not do a five finger fillet sober let alone drunk. Was Brennan not afraid she would stab her hand?

After all that fun Brennan had to be her, bluntness and all, self and get them all into a fight and almost arrested, well technically they were arrested. But I guess it’s good to be married to an FBI agent. Over all I think Brennan had an almost normal Bachelorette party.

I’m glad that Booth and Angela have made up. Anyone would be upset when their best friend’s boyfriend is all of sudden not wanting to marry them. She was just being a friend. Booth shouldn’t have been mad at Angela at all. Angela maybe should have had a talk with Booth sooner though.

I don’t think Hodgins has ever been in charge of the lab. He’s done many experiments and used bugs to solve cases, but he’s never held down the fort before.

This was definitely a different episode than typical Bones’s episodes. After nine seasons you have change things, especially when Booth and Brennan are together now. You can’t have that ‘will they or won’t they’ being the elephant in the room anymore.

The lab assistant was even worse than Brennan. She had no emotion at all. There’s no way she could have killed the guy. I thought Brennan was bad when the show first started, but this woman was even colder. Brennan’s warmed up a lot with the help of Angela and Booth, but she was never that cold. Now this woman probably doesn’t know how to have fun and would never be seen in a bar having shots and dressed as a cowgirl.

Check out the preview December 6. A case takes Booth and Brennan into the competitive world of gymnastics:

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Episode 10

86507-greys-anatomy-fans-can-rest-easy-chief-webber-is-safe-there-he-is-righThis Meredith and Cristina feud is not going to end anytime soon. They use to talk about everything and now that can’t even talk about work.

I have to take Meredith’s side this time. I like what Cristina is trying to do, but it’s not working and Meredith’s research will make it possible someday. If Meredith doesn’t get to do her research then it’s never going happen though. I hope Meredith doesn’t lose her funding because of Cristina’s failed attempt at innovation. It’s really sad to see these two fight, but after so many years it was about time these two had a falling out. I mean even Rory and Lorelai had a falling out.

I think Ben is right, he should have gone to Owen earlier. He thought he was just talking with a friend, but it was a good thing he told someone about Bailey. She really has a problem and she won’t admit it. Ben tried to help her, he told her to get counseling, but she wouldn’t listen. This is for her own good and for the good of the patients. She still hasn’t gotten over killing those patients. It wasn’t her fault, it was the gloves’s manufacture’s fault. She needs to accept that. She should have gotten therapy after all that. Until she accepts that it wasn’t her fault she won’t be able to move on.

I’m glad Arizona told Callie about her relationship with Murphy, but I think she should have actually told Callie who it was in the first place. Nothing stays secret too long in the hospital and Callie finding out in the middle of surgery was not the best way to find out. Arizona and Callie both have fair points. If they are going to make it work Callie can’t treat her the way she’s treating her, but Callie does need sometime to let it sink in that when they were separated Arizona was sleeping with Murphy. They were apart, so Callie can’t get too mad at Arizona, but she still has a right to be mad.

Meredith is going a little overboard with this Thanksgiving thing. It started out just being a simple Thanksgiving and now everyone is invited, well not everyone, Cristina didn’t get an invite.

I knew when April invited Stephanie it was because Jackson wasn’t officially invited. It was a sneaky way to invite him without actually inviting him. I don’t think Jackson should be there. I also think this wedding is happening all to fast. It wasn’t long ago that April was throwing herself at Jackson.

There won’t be a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy until December 5. Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner, I hope you won’t have any Grey’s withdrawals in the meantime.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 8

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5We heard a brief mention of the augustine vampire before, but I would never have guest that Damon was one of them. And now he’s one of them again. What on earth do they do to the vampires? How did Damon escape before?

With Stefan hating him and Caroline still hating him, Elena will be the only one to come to his rescue, but she doesn’t even know what happened to him. Plus now Dr. Maxfield knows Elena and Caroline are vampires. This is not looking good.

I felt bad for Caroline losing Jessie when she just lost Tyler, but he was going to kill Damon and probably would have killed her. But wait a minute, when Michael drank Stefan’s blood he was fine. So wouldn’t Damon be fine? Elena could have staked him else where just to get him off Damon, did it have to be in the heart?

Would Bonnie have told Jeremy if he didn’t see it for himself? That doesn’t look pleasant having the dead cross through you. As she said, they knew there would be consequences. I guess she feels that all that pain is worth being alive again. She can talk to all of her friends and she can feel now, though she’s technically dead.

I never thought about her not having her powers anymore. She had her powers to close the vail, but I guess after that she lost them. She’s still a supernatural being though. I get that Caroline, Elena and Bonnie want to be normal freshman, but they are as far from normal as you can get.

Maybe this is just me being biased, but I don’t think Damon is as bad as Caroline thinks he is. I think Damon should have killed Dr. Maxfield. Not that I usually condone killing, but I don’t agree with what Dr. Maxfield is doing and I do not like that he will experiment on Damon now too. It’s seems to be when Damon doesn’t kill someone it usually backfires not always though. I mean Caroline turned out to be a good vampire, but in a lot of cases it does turn out bad.

At least Stefan opened up to Katherine. He needed to tell someone he was suffering. And Katherine was actually helpful. She got rid of the passenger in Matt and helped Stefan fight through his PTS. She did have to kill her daughter’s boyfriend, but Katherine was right, that was not the man for Nadia.

Check out the preview for December 5. Experiments begin on Damon while Elena desperately tries to find him:

Nashville Season 2 Episode 8

nashville-season-2-posterMy heart just broke for Scarlett as she froze up on stage and I wanted to punch Jeff for getting in her head. You are not supposed to terrify someone before they get out on stage in front of that many people, you are supposed to encourage them.

Scarlett was all excited before Jeff got in her head and now she doesn’t know if she’s cut out for it. She killed it the second night. She really got the crowed into it and put on a great performance, so what is the problem? Does she not want this? Or does she want it and is scared? Just because Deacon couldn’t do it, though he still could, doesn’t mean she can’t.

It was a pretty successful start of the tour. Scarlett was able to perform great the second night, Gunnar wrote a hit song, Luke got his hit song and Rayna was able to to trade the duet with Luke for the master’s of her album. Not too bad when at the start it seemed like everything was falling apart. Rayna had to give up her master’s and Jeff sabotaged Scarlett’s performance and Gunner was having a little difficulty writing a song. It didn’t take Gunnar long to put the song together though.

I’m proud of Juliette, not just for standing up to the Wentworth’s, but for actually confiding in someone, Avery. It’s about time she can have a friend she can confide in. And Avery has come a long way since his big break.

I think Olivia is jealous of what Charlie and Juliette have, even though it was just supposed to be a fling. By the look on his face he had no idea his wife had gone and propositioned Juliette. Maybe he really does care for her, but did he forget he’s married? Why do the rich always seem to go by different rules?

Check out the preview the episode in two weeks. Layla wants to be the new Queen of country music and Deacon and Teddy argue over Maddie:

Supernatural Season 9 Episode 7

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterLooks like Dean actually had a taste of the normal life, even if it was only for two months.

This week Dean and Sam’s case took Dean back down memory road. Back when Dean was 16 he got arrested for stealing bread and peanut butter because he lost their money for food and got put in a boy’s home.

But it wasn’t a horrible experience, in fact he got a chance at a normal life. He even had his first kiss. But when Dean was about to attend his first school dance his father showed up to take him away. The owner of the boy’s home, Sonny, offered to help him stay, but Dean looked outside and saw Sam and there was no way he could stay. His job was taking care of Sam.

We always assumed that Sam was the only one you had the taste of the normal life through going to Stanford, but looks like Dean got a bit of his own.

It’s been a while since we’ve gone down memory road, I guess there are still past stories to tell.

Something that was typical was Dean taking a chance at something and it working out. He guessed that when Timmy let his mother go she would pass on and she did. Sam is always taking chances and having them pay off as well.

I don’t think they’ve ever come across a ghost that’s been anchored there by a person. I am sure there is some lore that would tell you how to get rid of the ghost, but they didn’t have the luxury of research when they were fighting for their lives, so Dean took a shot.

It’s nice to have some old school Supernatural cases, they are the bread and butter of the show before angels and demons took over the storyline.

Next week looks to be another typical case. Check out the preview for next week where Sam and Dean take purity pledges:

Kate Walsh Starring in Pilot for NBC

walshWhen Private Practice ended we were hoping that Kate Walsh would return to Grey’s Anatomy and continue her role as Addison Montgomery Forbes, but the truth of the matter was that she was done playing Addy.

There may be hope yet though. According to Wetpaint, Kate is may be retuning to TV in a pilot for NBC. She will be executive producer and star in a comedy, Bad Judge, for the 2014-2015 season.

Anne Heche came up with the idea and took it to Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s production company, Wetpaint reported. Anne, Will and Adam will also executive produce.

The Hollywood Reporter said: “Kate will play ‘a hard-living, sexually unapologetic woman who plays with the law and whose life on the edge is constantly in balance, as she also happens to be a judge in the San Bernardino Criminal Court system.'”

Kate will also be starring in a miniseries on FX in an adaption of Fargo, according to Wetpaint.

As pilots go some get picked up for the season and some don’t. We hope that Bad Judge will be picked up so Kate can grace our screens again.

Will you tune into the show if NBC picks up the series?

Grey’s, Nashville, TVD, The Originals See Big Rating Gains, Bones Sees Big Dip on New Night

0000066105_20100415153721 (1)Grey’s Anatomy, Nashville, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have seen huge success in Live + 7 numbers, while Bones drew less viewers than normal on it’s new Friday night.

According to Broadway World, for the third week in a row ABC was the biggest percentage gainer among major networks. ABC saw 32% more for it’s Live + same day numbers among 18-49  year olds to a 2.5 and tied with FOX for the final Live + 7 day numbers.

Part of ABC’s success came from Grey’s Anatomy that was the biggest broadcast gainer for 18-49 year olds, Broadway World reported. The show gained 2.0 rating points and TV by the Numbers reported 8.56 million viewers for the night.

nashvilleNashville also gained 1.4 rating points, according to Broadway World. The country music show gained 3.3 million viewers and even Revenge gained 2.5 million viewers. Nashville was one of three 10pm biggest gainers.

ABC is not the only network seeing success, The Vampires Diaries and The Originals is having success for the CW.

According to TV by the Numbers, both shows more than doubled their L + SD ratings for W18-24. The Vampire Diaries had an increase of 126% and The Originals 106%. TVD also had more than double the L+SD A18-34 ratings at +105% and the A18-49 ratings at +99%. The show even increased by 74% for total viewers to 3.6 million.

tvdOn Halloween TVD had more than 2.3 million views online, which surpassed the total number of viewers that watched the episode on the same night, TV by the Numbers reported.

For L+7 ratings for A18-34, The Originals saw a +83% increase with 3.1 million total viewers, according to TV by the Numbers. The show also had 1.73 million streams.

Bones is not seeing as good as a success for FOX after being moved to Fridays with 2 million fewer viewers than the episode from just four days earlier, Hit Fix reported. FOX planned on strengthening their Friday night by airing two established shows: Bones and Raising Hope, but in the first week it was a failure.

Will Grey’s Anatomy, Nashville, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals continue to stay strong as the holiday season approaches? How will Bones fare in the Friday night spot? It’s been called the Friday night death slot. Will the Bones’s fans be able to keep the show alive on the new night?