Rizzoli and Isles Season 5 Episode 7

tumblr_mlcp5wBxiI1s07uamo1_r1_250When a bookseller was murdered, they immediately thought it was for something valuable, especially when the crime scene was broken into. But the safe proved to be empty and all they found behind the floor board was a book that turned out to be a counterfeit rare book and a letter to a priest. I think the signs pointed to what he was killed for then, but we just couldn’t see it.

It turns out the man was killed so he would be kept quiet, but he had a contingency plan. Even if something happened to him, the truth would still come out. He was involved in a bombing in Dublin and wrote his confession on the counterfeit book he made.

I  liked how they let the accomplice lead them right to the killer. That makes things a whole lot easier than trying to find a man, not from Boston, and having no idea who he is. They were just lucky enough that the accomplice was stupid enough to go straight to his guy. A smarter guy would have played it cool and gone home and met up with his guy when things cooled down. But I guess that’s why this guy was only an errand boy.

What did Maura’s father say to her? Was it just goodbye before he gets shipped off to another prison?

And what is up with Angela? She dumped a really nice man. I get that she wants to figure out who she is and she has relied on a man her whole life, but what is she going to do next? I wonder what Angela will find down her new path?

Check out the preview for next week. Jane puts her life in danger when she tries to help a teenager.


Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 6

Covert Affairs Season 5 USA Piper PeraboLast week I talked about things getting really complicated and this week was very complicated.

First of all, was Ivan really not going to know that Annie drugged him? It played out well for what they needed in that particular mission, but it was a huge risk to take going back in. An even bigger risk was for her to go to the Russian embassy when she’s already blown there. Is she taking too many risks now? If McQuaid wasn’t there, she would be in some Russian prison never to see the light of day again. Maybe McQuaid isn’t so bad to trust after all. Annie wants to isolate herself, but having alliances is what’s keeping her from getting in a whole lot of trouble.

Haley is investigating and Annie and after Auggie already hid her medical records, he could go down for her secret too. So I don’t think he had much of a choice, but to keep Haley close. On the other hand, Annie is one of his people at work, so he’s doing it to protect all of them too. Could Auggie’s love life get anymore complicated? He’s seeing a woman wanted by the FBI and the woman he had so much potential with, has just become his job. Auggie keeps wanting to be in the field, well now he is.

Calder can’t keep it in his pants and he may pay for that. He got spooked when he saw his hooker on a list of people to be questioned. Why on earth would he start things up with her again? He has the position of his dreams, why is he jeopardizing that over a woman he has to pay for sex?

Joan and Arthur thought they were doing something to ease the stress on their marriage. Joan has hired McQuaid because his company knows the players in Russia. This in theory means that Joan and Arthur are working together again and can discuss work, but McQuaid just confessed that he has a mole in his operation. This could lead to more leaks and more deaths. Maybe that’s why McQuaid hired Arthur. Arthur is someone he can trust to keep his secrets and if he can’t find the mole himself, he could be a big asset in hunting the person down.

Covert Affairs has always been suspenseful, but I don’t think the individuals have been under threat in their personal lives as much as now.

Check out the preview for next week. Annie and McQuaid are working together looking for a CIA operative. When things get heated, Calder wants to send in drones, with Annie still on the ground.

The Story of ‘Gotham’ Before Batman

gotham_posters_gordonThere have been a lot of superhero shows. Superman was very popular with ‘Smallville’, ‘Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman’ and ‘Superboy’. Wonder Woman had her own show in the 1970s, Batman had his own series in the 1960s and there have been many animated superhero shows.

Currently there are two primetime superhero shows: ‘Arrow’ and ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D’. Next season the CW will be premiering ‘The Flash’ and NBC is launching ‘Constantine’, based on the ‘Hellblazer’ comic. FOX is also bringing a new superhero show to the fall season, but without a superhero.

We all know the story of Batman, but do we know the story of the Commissioner Gordon? ‘Gotham’ is the prequel to Batman and will tell the story of James Gordon climbing the ranks in the police force in the corrupted city of Gotham.

The show will also shed light on the events that created the villains that Batman will eventually face: Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler, Two-Face and The Joker.

Ben McKenzie (‘Southland’) is Detective James Gordon, Jada Pinkett Smith (‘Collateral) is Fish Mooney, Sean Pertwee (‘Event Horizon’) is Alfred, Donal Logue (‘Grounded for Life’) is Harvey Bullock, Robin Lord Taylor (‘Accepted’) is Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin, Erin Richards (‘Open Grave’) is Barbara Kean, David Mazouz (‘Touch’) is the young Bruce Wayne, Camren Bicondova (‘Battlefield America’) is Selina Kyle/the future Catwoman and Zabryna Guevara (‘X-Men Days of Future Past’) is Captain Sarah Essen.

Take a look at the trailer:

The ‘Gotham’ pilot was shown in a screening at Comic Con in San Diego and “earned major applause,” The Hollywood Reporter said.

Bruno Heller (‘The Mentalist’, ‘Rome’) wrote the pilot and is an executive producer of the show. Another executive producer of the show, Danny Cannon (‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’, ‘Nikita’), directed the pilot and John Stephens will also be an executive producer on the show.

The Batman prequel will premiere September 22 on Fox at 8/7c.

TVD and Veronica Mars up for Young Hollywood Awards

Tvd01_1280X1024Tonight the most talented young actors and musicians in Hollywood will be honored at the Young Hollywood Awards.

‘The Vampire Dairies’ is up for a few awards tonight: Fan Favorite Actor Female: Nina Dobrev, Best Threesome: Nina, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley and Best Cast Chemistry for TV.

‘TVD’ is going into its sixth season and has won many awards over their five seasons. This year Ian and Nina won the People’s Choice Award  for Favorite On-Screen Chemistry. The show has also been a big winner at the Teen Choice Awards.  Nina has won Choice TV Actress for Fantasy/Sci-Fi four times, Ian has won Choice TV Actor for Fantasy/Sci-fi three times and Paul won the award once. Michael Trevino has won Choice TV: male scene stealer twice and Kat Graham and Candice Accola have each won Choice TV: female scene stealer. ‘TVD’ has even won Choice TV Show: Fantasy/Sci-Fi four times. Can they be as successful at the Young Hollywood Awards?

Veronica_Mars_Film_Poster (1)The ‘Veronica Mars’ TV show may have longed wrapped, but the film that brought the cast back together to give the fans a proper ending is nominated for Best Cast Chemistry for film. The cast was great back then and the actors were just as great now.

Back when Veronica and the gang were on the small screen, they won an AFI Award for TV Program of the Year and Kristen Bell won a Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television. Could the reunited cast be lucky tonight?

Check out the Young Hollywood Awards tonight on the CW at 8/7c. Hollywood’s best young talents will be on the red carpet.

Seven New Characters on The Vampire Diaries

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5Season six is still a while away, but ‘The Vampire Diaries’ has been very busy this summer casting a lot of new characters.

There are seven new people heading to Mystic Falls: Gabrielle Walsh (‘Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones’), Colin Ferguson (‘Eureka’), Chris Wood (‘The Carrie Diaries’), Jodi Lyn O’Keefe (‘Hit the Floor’), Marco James (‘The Client List’), Emily Chang (‘Days of Our Lives’) and Jayson Warner Smith (‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’).

According to Deadline, Gabrielle will play Sarah and she will be introduced in the season six premiere. The role might be reoccurring, but the site said: she “comes to Mystic Falls with spunk, street smarts and a shady agenda.”

Zap2it reported that Colin will play Tripp and will be the head of a community militia that will “do anything to protect his town.”

Creator of ‘TVD’, Julie Plec, went to Twitter on July 14 to tease Colin’s role to fans:

“Hey #TVD twitter folk, see how long it takes for you guys to figure out who just got cast in the new role of TRIPP for season 6. For those of you who are sneaky/savvy and see the casting sides, the role was formerly called MITCH.”

A fan was quick to take a guess and tweeted to Julie asking if it was Colin and she replied, “Yes indeed!”, zap2it said.

Colin then went to Twitter himself and said: “Hmmm…. Seem to have ‘tripped’ my way into a new role… Mystic Falls, hunh? This is gonna be fun :). “Classic! Everyone who knows the show is telling me I’m going to die. I think I packed too much..”

Chris is staying at The CW, but has left New York City and is moving into Mystic Falls. According to TV Guide, he will be playing the character, Kai: “a charmingly unstable newcomer with the unsettling ability to seem normal as the situation demands.”

Digital Spy said that Kai won’t appear on the show till the third episode.

There will be a new doctor in town when Jodi arrives. Hypable reported she will be playing Jo and will be an accomplished doctor at the university hospital and will appear in the first episode of season six.

Marco will play an upperclassman, med student at Whitmore College, Entertainment Weekly reported.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Emily has been cast in the reoccurring role, Ivy, and will be introduced in the season six premiere. She is described as “the quintessential girl next door with an unexpected wild side”.

Jayson has won a minor role on ‘TVD’ and will be appearing in at least two episodes, The Wrap reported.

Most fans are wondering about the fate of Damon and Bonnie, but they will have a lot of new characters to get to know when ‘TVD’ returns for its sixth season on October 2.

Take a Break from the Drama with ‘Last Man Standing’

Last_Man_Standing_intertitle‘Primetime Addiction’ focuses mainly on all the great drama shows on TV, but we could all use a little break from the drama every once in a while. Ever watch a really intense episode and then need something lighthearted before you go to bed? Sometimes you just can’t go to sleep after a really good intense episode.

You could always turn to Tim Allen, he’s sure to give you a good laugh. If you’ve seen ‘Home Improvement’ you know what I mean. He’s back on TV with a somewhat similar show, but this time he has three girls instead of three boys and I think the dynamic of the show is so much better than ‘Home Improvement’.

In his new show, ‘Last Man Standing’, he works in marketing at Outdoor Man and blogs about the store and his life. It’s not supposed to be about his life, but he squeezes something in that’s going on in his home life.

His three daughters Kristin (Amanda Fuller, ‘Red, White and Blue’), Mandy (Molly Ephraim, ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ ) and Eve (Kaitlyn Dever, ‘J.Edgar’) are very different from each other. Kristin is the oldest and she got pregnant in high school. Mandy is the popular girl and Eve is the tomboy and kind of like the son Mike (Tim) never had.

Living in a house with four women is not easy for Mike. His wife Vanessa (Nancy Travis, ‘So I Married a Max Murderer’) is a scientist and the two hardly see eye to eye on anything. Mike is a Republican and makes a lot of political jokes that are actually funny whichever party you support. Vanessa is a Democrat and she’s raised her oldest, Kristin, to be a Democrat too.  Mandy’s too busy with fashion and being popular to know anything about politics and Mike is molding the mind of his youngest, Eve.

I think the show has been pretty fare for the both political parties and the opposing opinions make for a very funny show, whether it’s something political or just normal every day issues.

It’s a show about everyday life and the issues they deal with are in every day life. Mike and Vanessa are trying to raise three daughters and they disagree on how to do it all the time.

Ed (Hector Elizondo, ‘Valentines Day’) is Mike’s boss and friend. Mike can go to work and have a break from being surrounded by women, because not many women go to Outdoor Man and he can have his guy time then. Ed is a very funny character. He’s been through multiple divorces and clearly has no idea how to handle women, so when Mike goes to him for advice, you not it’s not going to be good advice.

My one complaint about this show it they changed the oldest daughter after the first season. It took me a few episodes to get use to the new Kristin, but the show has been just as funny and entertaining, so no complaints any more.

Check out the trailer for the first season:

Rizzoli and Isles Season 5 Episode 6

tumblr_mlcp5wBxiI1s07uamo1_r1_250Did anyone else suspect the husband right from the start? It just seemed suspicious that he didn’t care that his wife was getting hit on by so many men. He said he was proud, which settled that line of questioning from the beginning, but I still thought he was a bit odd. There didn’t seem too be much of a motive for the handyman or the trainer to have killed her, unless they were having an affair with her, and they weren’t.

I never know how I feel when the first suspect ends up being the murderer and I thought they seemed guilty. It’s not clear that they are the murderer at the time of questioning and there isn’t any evidence proving that they are yet, it’s just a feeling I get. This case had the benefit of twists and turns along the way to lead you back to the husband. He kept looking guiltier and guiltier but there was never enough evidence to arrest him, until they started putting the pieces together.

I think the reason why the show ‘Bones’ is so successful is because they have many squints working the case, ‘Rizzoli and Isles’ typically just has Maura, but adding more of a storyline for Susie is great. It’s funny to watch these scientists process their information. They don’t always do it with conventional methods, Susie needed her dioramas to work out her theories, but I guess that’s why scientists have experiments to test a theory. You can never ask them to guess, they will only tell you what their findings are. Well, that is what can help put a murderer away. The facts are harder to disprove than a theory is.

I hope the writers keep adding more for Susie to do in the show, she’s a delight to watch.

Check out the promo for next week:

Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 5

Covert Affairs Season 5 USA Piper PeraboArthur was just saying he doesn’t like to complicate things and there’s a whole lot of things on the show that are going to be complicated. For starters, Auggie’s ex-girlfriend and asset has just walked into his real life. She’s wanted by the FBI and he also has a girlfriend, Haley.

How does Auggie really feel about Natasha? We know there are feelings there, but are they strong enough that he even wants her in his real life? Maybe Annie setting things right between Auggie and Natasha was a bad idea. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone he cares about, but now things got a whole lot more complicated. It’s one thing for him to be sleeping with an asset to get what they need for the mission, it’s wrong on so many levels but it gets the mission done, but sleeping with her in his real world can jeopardize his job and relationship.

Annie is really good at completing a mission, but now she has to complicate how she ended the last mission to complete the next one. Annie didn’t sleep with her lead, but she did make him think she did. Now she has to go back for the next mission.

This guy is one scary guy with his guns, but I’ve never seen Annie play it so cool. I mean there was so many points where it could have gone really wrong and Annie played along. She’s certainly a new and improved spy in this season. Did her time going dark teach her a thing or two, or did shutting off her emotions help make her a better agent? Auggie doesn’t believe it makes her a better agent, but I think it does. If she has no connections, she has less liabilities. That can only make you a stronger spy, but Joan is allying herself with Calder, so allies are good too, but which makes you better at your job?

This is a game you must be able to play well to survive and succeed and there are so many different players, but which player is playing the game the best?

Check out the preview for next week. Annie goes back to Paris:

The Best TV Opening Credits

What makes a good opening for a TV show? Is it the song, the content, the brevity? I think it depends on the show, but a good song is also key. When you hear that song, the show should instantly come to mind. The ‘Friends” theme song, ‘I’ll Be There For You’, certainly did that. ‘Beverly Hills 90210”s theme song was very 90s and not a song you would have on your mix tape, but when you heard it, you thought of ‘90210’.

There are so many shows and so many openings. In recent years shows have opted not to have an opening song with credits, just a quick little title and back to the show. ‘Revenge’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Covert Affairs’ are among the shows that decided to do this method. Though both ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Covert Affairs started with opening songs and credits.

I think if the opening holds true to the show then it’s a good opener. Here are what I think are the top ten openings:

10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003)

Buffy is a cult classic and even today if you heard the theme song, you would think of Buffy. The song embodies everything the show was and the opening is packed with so many action clips from the episodes. The opening was definitely a perfect fit for the series.

Here are all the openings for the seven seasons:

9. Rizzoli and Isles (2010- )

I love the music in the ‘Rizzoli and Isles’ opening. I think if fits Boston very nicely and that’s probably because it’s called ‘I’m Shipping up Boston’. The content suits the show well too, with clips of Boston and inside the police station. I think it really sets the tone for the whole show.

Here is the opening for the show:

8. Charmed (1998-2006)

The Smith’s ‘How Soon is Now?’ was the perfect song for the opening.  The song talks about wanting to be loved and that’s all these sisters wanted through out the show, well that and to stop fighting demons. Just like ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘Charmed’ really took their brand and put it into the opening. I think that’s why Buffy’s and ‘Charmed”s openings were so good.

Here are openings for all eight seasons:

7. Gossip Girl (2007-2012)

‘Gossip Girl’ also stuck to its brand when it chose the opening. The drama is one of the shows that opted not to have a song with credits. It’s just a quick title and those words you know so well: “You know you love me. xoxo, Gossip Girl’.

6. Supernatural (2005- )

‘Supernatural’ is another show that decided just to do a title, but what is so great about ‘Supernatural”s opening is that it changes from season to season. Each opening takes on the theme of the season. I wonder what season 10 will be like?

The openings for all nine seasons:

5. Veronica Mars (2004-2007)

The best thing about ‘Veronica Mars” opening is definitely the song, ‘We Use to Be Friends’, by The Dandy Warhols. The song speaks truth to the show. It could even be Veronica’s theme song. If you muted the song, the opening could be just like any of the other show’s, but the song makes it a classic.

Opening for season one:

Opening for season two:

Opening for season three:

4. One Tree Hill (2003-2012)

Just like ‘Veronica Mars’, ‘One Tree Hill picked the perfect song for the opening. Gavin Degraw’s ‘I Don’t Want To Be’ was much like ‘I’ll Be There For You’, it became a symbol for the show. It was only fitting that on the series finale Gavin performed the song live and the cast was singing along to it.

Here are the openings for seasons one through four and eight.

3. Homeland (2011- )

The ‘Homeland’ opening embodies everything that the show is. It uses clips of reality and fiction, along with quotes from the show to create something really unique. CIA shows are not a new thing, but ‘Homeland’ definitely has a more real feel to it, like this could be what the CIA is really like. Where as ‘Alias’ was over the top with it’s action and story lines. It was good entertainment, but not what CIA operatives really do. ‘Homeland’ on the other hand is more believable. Not saying it’s anywhere close to what working at the CIA is like, the script is just much more grounded than ‘Alias’ was.

2. The Newsroom (2012- )

‘The Newsroom’ is one of the best shows on television and it’s opening is on par to the quality of the show. It might be a tad on the long side, but it’s on tone with the show all the way through. You feel the history and importance of a journalist’s job through the opening and these characters are making (fictional) history in every episode, just by telling the news.

1. Game of Thrones (2011- )

‘Game of Thrones’ has one of the most unique openings out there. The show is so complex with all it’s different characters and locations. The opening can at least help with the locations. The opening shows all the locations for that season. You get a sense of where they are and learn the location names. Watching week in and week out will certainly help you learn the places, if you watch the opening each time.

Game of Thrones openings seasons 1-3:

Game of Thrones opening season 4:

What are your favorite openings? Are there any I missed on this list that you think should have been in the top ten? Let me know what openings are your favorites and maybe even what seasons too.

Homeland Season 1: Friend or Foe?

poster-homeland-season-1‘Homeland’ is going into its fourth season and now would be a good time to check out the show if you haven’t already.

In season one Nicholas Brody (Damien Lewis) gets introduced as a rescued marine that had been held captive. Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is convinced that he’s a terrorist because of intel she had received prior to his rescue. There is no evidence to prove her theory, but she is determined to prove she is right. Carrie goes off book by following Brody herself. If she’s right, he could be a big threat to the country. If she’s wrong, she could loose her career.

The entire season you will be trying to figure out if he is a terrorist or not. From him coming home to his family to being thrown out to the press. Whether or not he is a terrorist, he must deal with coming home after eight years. A lot can change in eight years. His daughter is now a teenager, his son doesn’t know him, because when Brody left he was too young, and his wife is seeing someone else. Brody was presumed dead and now he’s back.

‘Homeland’ is a great show and season one is just a preview of what’s to come with this incredible series. So check out season one and maybe catch up on the entire series before the season four premiere this fall.

Check out the promo for season one: