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I would like to wish my followers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I will be taking a little break, but I’ll be back in the New Year! See you all then.

I hope everyone has a good holiday season!


Top 10 Christmas Episodes of TV Shows

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At this time of year we are all enjoying holiday films, but why not revisit old holiday episodes of our favorite TV shows. There are so many to choose from and they can all bring us a little holiday cheer.

Here I count down the ten best Christmas episodes. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Amends (Season 3 episode 10)

How can you not love an episode where it snows in sunny California. This show is all about the supernatural, so we can totally believe snow in Sunnydale. I mean everything else happens there. This is the episode where the First is trying to get Angel to kill himself by preying on his guilt. If it wasn’t for a miracle of no sun on Christmas, Angel would have been out of the series sooner than he was. This is a really great Buffy episode, but if you are looking for a holiday twist, it’s great with all the holiday festivities wrapped around a ‘Buffy’ episode.

9 Dawson’s Creek, Merry Mayhem (Season 6 Episode 10)

This episode is very late in the series. We know all of the characters and we’ve been there through the Dawson years and the Pacey years and we are just not sure which one Joey will end up with yet. Audrey is a little depressed, ok a lot depressed. She’s taking pills and her frustration comes out at the table at Mrs. Leary’s house. This is the scene that makes the episode and why this episode made my list. It’s funny and dramatic all at once. Audrey speaks the truth, mostly. Check out a clip from the scene:

8 Grey’s Anatomy, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (Season 2 Episode 12)

The doctors of ‘Grey’s’ are not all in the holiday spirit, but some of them are trying to get the rest of them in the mood. Izzie decorates Meredith’s house and it looks like an elf threw up in there and Burke is excited to celebrate his first Christmas with Cristina, but then he finds out she’s Jewish. He then is willing to celebrate her traditions, but she doesn’t have any. Derek is miserable because he can’t be with Meredith and Addison is trying her best to cheer him up. Not everyone likes the holiday’s and this is a great episode illustrating that, but it still gets you in the holiday spirit. I guess Izzie and Burke know what they are doing. Check out a clip from the episode:

7 Brothers and Sisters, Light the Lights (Season 1 episode 10)

Christmas is all about family and so is ‘Brothers and Sisters’. This is the Walker’s first Christmas without their dad and they are still dealing with the mess he left them with, a mistress and a sinking company. They manage to save the company, for now, but the mistress, Holly, is now part owner of the company. What a Merry Christmas for this family. On a happier note, Kevin is able to extend Justin’s leave to six months before he has to rejoin the army. Paige is having a crisis of faith with her diabetes and thinks if she discovers her Jewish roots that God will listen to her and make her better. This is a great holiday episode because it shows Christmas and Hanukkah. You can celebrate both in just one episode!

6 Bones The Man in the Fallout Shelter (Season 1 episode 9)

Christmas is about being around family and not the gifts under the tree. Well in this episode the squints and Booth can’t be with their family because they are quarantined in the lab. This is before they all became a family, but this might be where it began. Angela decides to make Christmas, despite them being locked in the lab. She creates a Christmas tree on her Angelator and has a secret Santa where they all make the gifts. Bones shows that even when you can’t be with your families, you can stay have Christmas. Check out a clip from the episode where the squints talk about the meaning of Christmas:

5 Beverly Hills 90210 It’s a Totally Happening Life (Season 3 Episode 16)

Remember High School where you gave out Christmas cards and had candy canes the last week of school and really not a care in the world? Well, 90210 reminds you of how much you thought you had to care about back then. Poor Donna is trying to organize a field trip to give out presents to kids and everyone backs out at the last minute, because they have more pressing things to worry about. Kelly, Brenda and Dylan are fighting and Andrea and Brandon are fighting. Steve shows up though to be Santa, even though he’s technically not allowed to come to school functions, since he broke into the school and changed his grades. But good old vice principle, Mrs. Teasley, whips them in to shape and they may not be happy, but they all show up. Somehow though everyone finds the Christmas spirit in the end. I guess that’s what Christmas is all about, putting your differences aside and finding the holiday spirit. Check out this clip from the episode of the Christmas miracle:

4 Gossip Girl Roman Holiday (Season 1 Episode 11)

It’s Dan and Serena’s first Christmas together and they both want to get each other the perfect gift. Dan brings Serena a Christmas tree, since she’s in a hotel and they are not allowed tress in the hotel and lets her read the very first copy of his story about her that will be printed in the New Yorker. And Serena brings Dan snow, in a very untypical warm New York. If only we could all be in relationships so sweet as this. Blair is not getting her own way and you know how Blair does not like to not get her own way. She was looking forward to her father coming for Christmas, but he brings his boyfriend and Blair is not happy. She does everything she can to break them up. In the end she accepts them and gets her own room in their house in Paris. What more can a girl want for Christmas. Check out a clip from the episode with Dan and Serena:

3 Veronica Mars An Echolls Family Christmas (Season 1 episode 10)

The Mars family are on the case this holiday season, well two cases. Veronica is trying to find out who stole the money at the poker game and Keith is trying to find out who is threatening Aaron. Funny enough both of their cases deal with the Echolls’ family and end up at the Echolls’ Christmas party.  As the holiday season is going on, the Mars family are hard at work finding their man or woman. But I guess that’s how we all are. Until Santa arrives Christmas morning, we still have our lives to live. Check out a clip from the episode, Veronica gets her man:

2 The Vampire Diaries ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful (Season 4 episode 9)

I love this episode because there is a lot of Christmas music and somehow the writers make it work with the drama on screen, like when Klaus kills the mayor. This is another Christmas episode that shows there is sometimes a lot going on in your life that it’s hard to sit down and celebrate Christmas. Elena and Bonnie are trying to stop Jeremy from killing Elena, Elena and Damon are trying to deal with the sire bond, Stefan and Caroline are continuing the hunt for the cure and Tyler is trying to kill Klaus. While all this is going on there is a town Christmas party happening. Elena, Jeremy and Bonnie do find a little of the holiday spirit through all the mess. Check out the promo for the episode:

Bonus! Here is a clip for you Karoline shippers:

1 Supernatural A Very Supernatural Christmas (Season 3 episode 8)

In season three Dean is going to have his last Christmas, well so he believed. And he wanted to celebrate it one last time, but not before they solved the case. The Winchesters are dealing with an evil Santa, or so it appeared.  The monster is dressed up as Santa and takes his victims up the chimney and he doesn’t care if a little kid is around while he does it. It turns out Sam and Dean are dealing with Pagan Gods. I guess it’s kind of fitting, since Christmas was once a Pagan holiday. After Sam and Dean save the day yet again, they enjoy some eggnog and exchange presents from a local gas station and enjoy a nice quiet Christmas. Check out the clip of Sam and Dean exchanging presents:

Emily’s Plan Failed, What’s Next?

Revenge-Season-3-PosterEmily’s plan failed and now she has lost her memory, what will she do now? What will the writers do now?

As shows progress, they grow and change. Revenge has had one solid goal: payback for David Clarke.

The first season was straightforward, one by one she took out the people who betrayed her father. The second season got a little more complicated and more focused on the Graysons. The third season has been leading up to the end of Emily’s plan: destroying the Graysons for good. The wedding would take place about mid-season, so Emily could not succeed, since there is still half a season left.

But now the writers have thrown in a new twist, she loses her memory. The previews show that she doesn’t know who she is. At the end of the last episode she was compromised. Victoria and Lydia have no idea that she’s David Clarke’s daughter, but they do know she has been targeting the family. They will want to know her true identity, so how will Emily conceal her identity when she doesn’t know who she is. I’m sure Nolan, Aiden and Jack will be helping conceal her identity.

What’s next for the show? The plan has failed and while she has no memory she won’t want revenge. This twist is interesting, but what does it have to do with a show all about revenge? Are we now in the consequences of what happens when you try to seek retribution?

If Emily’s memory comes back, will she want to continue? Will the men in her life let her continue?

I just don’t know what the writers have in store for us for the rest of the season or show for that matter. I don’t know what plan she can come up with to succeed after everything that has happened. I think she’s reached the end of the road and there’s no coming back from this. So where is Revenge going when we come back after the break?

Here’s a preview to get you thinking:

Bones After Marriage

bonesAs I’ve said in the past Bones hasn’t been doing well in the past season or so, but it’s really picked up.

I wondered how things would be after Brennan and Booth got married. The show was centered around their attraction for each other, but they were afraid to take a chance or other people were in the way and that was a big part of the show. Hodgins and Angela’s blooming relationship was also a big part of the show, but now they are all happily married, so I asked where was the show to go?

Well apparently there are still some miles left to go. After the wedding the episodes have stayed funny and the cases have been interesting. It was great having Booth and Brennan solve a case on their honeymoon and it was great having Brennan step back from a case and have some fun.

We have also been seeing a little of the old Brennan. She’s changed a lot with Angela and Booth and becoming a mother, but it’s nice to see the Brennan we fell in love with.

Brennan is truthful beyond a doubt. She got into a media infused argument with another author because of the words she said and started a fight in a bar because of her bluntness.

It was also nice to see her dealing with people like her on cases and only she could read them. Booth got them totally wrong. It’s not very often that Booth is wrong about a person. It was nice to see Brennan being able to read the suspects and not just the bones.

The one thing I would have liked them to expand on more was Cam’s identity theft. They’ve done well in recent episodes, but for a while they didn’t even mention it. It was kind of like, well Cam’s broke, but it doesn’t look like she is.

So far things are looking bright after marriage for Bones, but how long can this show really go for? Nine years is commendable. How I Met Your Mother is finishing in it’s ninth season and Charmed only lasted eight. Gilmore Girls and Buffy the Vampire Slayer lasted seven.

I think it’s time to start wrapping the show up. It’s better to end the series on high note and not let it go past its prime. If Bones does get renewed for a tenth season, I think that should be their final season.

The Originals: So Far

The-Originals-promo-poster-the-originals-33795209-500-645So we are about half way through the first season for The Originals, what do we think so far?

Well we started off feeling as Klaus was the good guy, but that didn’t last too long. It’s similar to The Vampire Diaries, as there are so many twists and turns and it doesn’t look anything like it did at the beginning.

We’ve learned more about our favorite originals. Klaus we knew a lot about to begin with, but we’ve got deeper into his sole. He’s not a perfect guy, he’s far from it, but he does seek love, loyalty and family. If only he didn’t have be top of everything as well. He can’t find love because of his own ambitions though. He hurts his siblings in the process and he doesn’t want to hurt someone he loves, like Cami or Caroline. Though I still think Caroline is on top of his list.

We haven’t really learned anything new about Klaus, just got more in depth with him.

Rebekah we have learned a lot about. As I’ve said before, she’s my favorite, so I’m all for learning about her. Countless times Klaus has sabotaged her relationships. And Klaus wonders why his siblings turn on him. The thing I never would have guessed is that Klaus has done the same thing to Elijah. You would at least think his brothers can be with who they want to be with. I just thought it was an over protective brother thing with his sister, apparently not. Klaus doesn’t seem to want this siblings to be happy.

The most surprising character to me is Marcel. I hated him when the show began. He ruled the quarter, but in a much fairer way than Klaus ever would have. I think it might be a bit much for him to control the witches, though they did try to kill young innocent witches. It’s unclear if they actually would have come back to life when the ritual was finished.

Marcel does have his bad points. I mean he did have Hayley’s family cursed. But these are vampires. They have all done bad things. Elijah is a good man and even he has done some bad things. So no vampire is perfect. Marcel does look out for his people, more than Klaus has ever done or will do. The only person Klaus has ever looked out for his Caroline. I’m still waiting on that cross-over to reunite Caroline and Klaus, and I know a lot of fans are too.

So far I’m loving The Originals. I’m liking getting to know Rebekah and Elijah more and I’m liking the new characters too. I’m also liking that Rebekah is having a lot more screen time than she did on The Vampire Diaries.

What do you think so far of The Originals?

Revenge Season 3 Episode 10

revenge_season_3_by_myrmorko-d5rsu9f (1)Did anyone think that it would be Daniel to shoot Emily? At the end there I almost thought it would be Lydia and then Victoria. But she scraped past them, but Daniel finally found out the truth, well not the whole truth, but enough. Between his inebriated state and finding out that Sarah tried to kill herself, it’s understandable why he reacted the way that he did.

Everything was going so well. Emily was able to get Victoria to the wedding, Nolan was able to distract Patrick and Victoria even went down to her room. Then Lydia had to go and ruin it all by showing Victoria that picture. That’s when everything fell apart.

Did we really think it was going to go as planned? We knew she got shot and it’s only half way through the season. But now Emily is in the ocean somewhere, shot, and there’s no telling whether she is alive or dead. Her beacon hasn’t been activated and now Aiden and Jack have to try and find her in the dark. This is not how she wanted her revenge to end.

What is Daniel going to think of himself when he sobers up? I’m sure his parents will just cover the whole thing up. But her secret is somewhat out now. They don’t know who she actually is, but they do know she’s been targeting them. So she can’t get found by the coast guard. At the moment Victoria and Emily are missing and the family doesn’t know where they are or what has happened. And it looks like Daniel is staying quiet.

As for Patrick he has just discovered Nolan’s safe. I’m not sure what is in it, but I’m sure whatever it is, it has something to do with Emily.

Did anyone else feel like this episode was more like a season finale? Good thing it wasn’t, then we would have to wait all summer to find out what happened.

Revenge returns Sunday January 5 and Emily doesn’t know who she is. Check out the preview:

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Episode 12

86507-greys-anatomy-fans-can-rest-easy-chief-webber-is-safe-there-he-is-righAs April stood up for her wedding I had this sinking feeling that Jackson was going to stand up. I had no idea he was going to confess his love to her like that though. But he had said earlier that Sloane said say it loud and take it from there. Jackson looked terrified as he waited for April’s response. And we will have to wait till after the New Year to find out what she said. What do you think she will say? She loves Jackson and probably would be with him if he didn’t push her away. But poor Stephanie, she’s sitting there with her boyfriend and her boyfriend confesses his love for the bride. Grey’s Anatomy weddings are always exciting.

Ross finally broke. He’s working more than 80 hours a week and pushing himself way to hard to make up for what happened with Heather. He was inane to think he could go into a solo surgery. He’s nowhere near ready for that and he might have killed Alex’s father because of it. At least Cristina was realizing something was wrong. She tried to send him home, but he stayed.

Meredith and Cristina are finally starting to work through their issues. Maybe not the best thing to do to it on April’s wedding day though. Cristina loves surgery. But I think as she looks at Meredith she gets a little jealous. Not of the kids, but of the husband. She had Owen, but broke up with him so he could have a chance at a family. Cristina does want a partner, but she just hasn’t found someone who doesn’t want kids. I can believe going it alone can be hard. You’ve got no one but yourself to lean on.

Cristina may make the medical history she’s always wanted, but I can’t feel good for her because I feel bad for Meredith. It was her printer. I should be happy for Cristina, but this little fight of theirs has forced me to choose sides and I’m on Meredith’s side.

Will Callie and Arizona pull through this? Callie wants to give her a leg back. It’s not because she loved her the way she was before and not now, Callie’s doing it for her. Arizona needs to tell Callie how she feels. They will not make it work otherwise. Even if it does bring up the affair, they need to work through it and not ignore it.

Grey’s Anatomy will not return until Thursday, February 27, but there will be 12 straight weeks of new episodes. Check out the preview, there’s a lot to look forward to:

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 10

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5Is Katherine actually dead? Would the writers actually write her off? I guess she waited a little too long to take Nadia up on her idea to keep her alive.

It’s been interesting seeing Katherine as a human, vulnerable. She made the mistake that most woman make, that the sex meant something. She didn’t like Nadia’s idea of using her passenger magic to live within someone else, because she assumed that Stefan liked the body she was in. If Stefan really liked her, it wouldn’t matter what body she was in. Sure it would be strange, but he’s been in love with two women that look exactly the same. I don’t think it can get much stranger than that. But Stefan is finding it hard to forgive Katherine and it’s not hard to understand. After everything she has done, it’s hard to forgive.

Are Damon and Elena really over? I waited so long for them to be together and he decided to break-up with her because of what Enzo said. Yes Damon has done some horrible things, but so have Stefan and Elena. She has every right to defend his actions after he was tortured for five years. She doesn’t have to agree with everything he does. Elena has actually made Damon a better man. He’s certainly killed a lot less since Elena has been around. He’s not perfect, but he’s a vampire. Caroline talks about how horrible Damon is, but if she only knew what Tyler has been up to. Tyler is no saint either.

Speaking of Caroline, I missed her this week. If we are going to have to wait till the New Year to see another episode, I would have liked to see her in this one.

Poor Aaron has lost all of his family now. I can’t believe Wes was willing to risk Aaron’s life all in the name of science. Aaron has taken that syringe that makes vampires crave vampire blood. What is he going to do with it? Does he know what is it? That can be a deadly weapon against vampires.

New episodes return Thursday, January 23. When we return the 100th episode will air and it’s all about Katherine. She is dying and the doctors don’t think she will make it through the day. The rest of them reminisce about the horrible things Katherine has done to them. Check out the preview:

Top 5 TV Shows for Friday the 13th

Friday-The-13th-10Friday the 13th is upon us and there are some shows that are just perfect to watch today. They are spooky and have the supernatural element in them. Over the years there has been more and more horror type shows. Now you can have a mini horror movie every week. Instead of watching a movie this Friday the 13th, why not watch a TV show? So turn off the lights and enjoy one of these shows tonight. Make it a marathon!

5. The Secret Circle (2011-2012)

‘The Secret Circle’ was short lived and cancelled way too soon. These witches deal with high school and learning to cope with their powers. Especially Cassie, who is just learning that she’s a witch. It’s in the witches’ family blood and they are tied together. Their parents were in a circle together and now they are too. Each have at least one parent who died and part of the show is discovering how they died. Once you realize your powers, demons and others will hunt you down and kill you. You are not safe. Cassie’s mother tried to protect her from that life, but then she is killed and Cassie goes to stay with her grandmother, in her mother’s hometown. Here she meets up with the other witches in her circle.

Check out the preview for the series:

4.  Charmed (1998- 2006)

The Charmed ones graced our screens for eight seasons and they brought us magic, demons, whitelighters, family and love. There’s not much more you can ask for from a show. Today, Friday the 13th, is the perfect time to reunite with the Halliwell sisters. Whether you like earlier seasons with Prue or later seasons with Paige. Relive Phoebe’s love and destruction with Cole, see true love with Piper and Leo and watch Paige become an amazing witch and caring whiteligher. The sisters save the world over and over again. Witches are perfect for this Friday the 13th.

Check out the preview for season 7:

3. The Vampire Diaries (2009-  )

Vampires, what more can you want for Friday the 13th? Werewolves? The show has those too, what about hybrids? Yeah, there are some of those too. You want witches as well? ‘The Vampire Diaries’ has witches too. If all that isn’t enough for you, the show has a great storyline to keep you hooked. It’s quite in depth, so you can enjoy it over and over again. Now the next question is do you want to watch Elena as a vampire or human. Better yet, Stelena or Delena? So many options! Now pop in the DVD or stream from Netflix and enjoy.

Watch the season 4 promo:

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003)

If witches, vampires, werewolves and hybrids are not enough for you, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ has so many different creators. And in this show the vampires are completely evil, well mostly. Unless they are cursed with a soul or chip that keeps them inline. My favorite episodes are when Angel loses his soul, Joyce finds out her daughter is the slayer, the mayor attacking on graduation, Willow going crazy and almost destroying the world and most of season seven is really good too. Whether you like high school Buffy, college Buffy or come back from the dead Buffy, this show is sure to keep you entertained today.

Check out the season 7 trailer:

1. Supernatural (2005-  )

Maybe the best episode to watch today is Bad Day at Black Rock from season three, where they find a very unlucky rabbit’s foot. If you have the rabbit’s foot you are very lucky and if you lose it, well you may just end up dead. Sam loses a shoe, a fire starts in his hotel room without him even moving and he almost gets killed. Not like the Winchester’s aren’t almost dying every other episode as it is. Now if this episode is a little funnier than you would like, there are plenty more to choose from. Sam dying and Dean bringing him back, Dean dying, Sam releasing Lucifer, Sam and Dean putting Lucifer back in his cage, Dean in purgatory, Sam dying and an angel possessing him. Are we seeing a pattern here? It’s a wonder how these boys are still alive. It makes you think that the only way this show can end is with them dead.

Watch the season 1 promo:

Nashville Season 2 Episode 10

nashville-season-2-posterWe were told that a character would die, but now we are left wondering whether it was Peggy or Will.

I hope Will decided against killing himself in the end. I know he’s confused, but that’s no reason to take his own life. He’s got so much to live for. His career is just starting and he’s got a sexy guy that wants to be with him. Ok, he may not like the feelings he has, but he can pull through it.

Peggy on the other hand, I would not be upset to see go. The biggest roles she’s played in the series so far is a mistress and lying about her miscarriage. Other than Teddy missing her, the show will not.

From the writing side, I think Will working through his feelings will be a much better storyline than keeping Peggy around. What more can they do with her? All the other other characters have room for growth.

When Scarlett was talking about honesty with Avery, I knew there was something he wasn’t telling her. But then just for a second I thought maybe I was wrong. But no, sadly I was right. I was just starting to like Scarlett and Avery back together. Now Avery has feelings for Juliette and her for him. I feel bad for Juliette. She’s found someone good, but he’s taken. I feel worse for Scarlett. When Avery decides to be with Juliette, it will leave her all alone. She’s shut Zoey out now, so who will she turn to.

I do think Scarlett should forgive Zoey. They’ve been friends for so long. I mean don’t let her off the hook so easily, but definitely let her back in.

A lot of people seem to doubt that Rayna can have her own record label. I think that after 20 years of making her own music, the next step should be her own label. With her sister, Tandy’s help, I think they can make it work. She does need more artists though. How about Gunnar, Deacon and Avery. She’s surrounded by talent waiting to be scooped up.

I hope this doesn’t mess up her budding relationship with Luke, but her career is more important than her new relationship.

I feel bad for Juliette. She was completely wrong on starting a relationship with a married man and Rayna did try to warn her. But I don’t think she deserves the treatment she is getting. In the end Charlie is happy to be splitting up from Olivia. He wants to be happy and he’s not in the marriage.

I was very happy when Jeff lay into Layla at the end. She had no right in releasing that rumor. They are on the same tour and same label. I hope Jeff drops her from the label.

Nashville will be back Wednesday, January 15. Check out the preview. Peggy is gone and Will is no where to be found: