Supernatural Season 8 Episode 12

supernatural-season-8-poster-thumb-315xauto-46367 (1)Fighting demons is in the Winchester’s blood more than they even knew.

Their dad was a Men of Letters. Basically an analyst for the supernatural world.  They didn’t directly fight with demons, but they knew magic and knew a lot about the supernatural world.

It doesn’t surprise me that John’s dad didn’t just leave him in the middle of the night. Sam and Dean have been too destined with the Apocalypse and Lucifer and Michael.

Dean shouldn’t have been that mad at Henry. He and Sam have been doing the same thing for a while now. They haven’t been able to have any relationships because of the job. Henry saved the world, so John could grow up in it.

The one thing I didn’t like about the episode was how little it went into the knights of hell. This was very interesting. Other than the Leviathan, there hasn’t been too many new creatures.

Maybe it’s something they can touch on later? I mean Abaddon can’t be the only one left. Can she? If she is the only one left, she seemed a little to easy to take care of. I mean if she’s that powerful I would think it would take at least a few episodes. Crowley has been around since season five and Sam and Dean still haven’t been able to kill him. Not that I’m complaining there. I like Crowley.

The last Man of Letters’, Larry, mentioned that Abaddon was a hired hand. So who hired her? And is he or she still alive?

This episodes opens up more doors for the storyline. Not that I’m not enjoying the current storyline, but eight years of a supernatural show can be hard to keep fresh. Charmed did it for eight seasons, Buffy the Vampire Slayer managed seven seasons, though the last two were on a different network. The Vampire Diaries is currently in it’s fourth season.

There is no word yet if Supernatural will be renewed for a ninth season. The storyline of closing the gates of hell seems like it could be leading to the end, but will they close the gates this season?

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Episode 3

The_Carrie_Diaries_TV_Series-233306192-largeThe Carrie Diaries is very different than most teen dramas.

Most teen dramas show teens partying and getting away with things that the rest of us wonder how they can do it. One Tree Hill had teens living in parentless houses and Gossip Girl had rich teens getting away with whatever they wanted. For the most part these shows glazed over the fact that most teens have rules and curfews they have to obey. Dawson got grounded for having a party, but the Dawson Creek teens weren’t exactly the party kind.

The Carrier Diaries depicts Carrie trying to get away with things, but not always succeeding. The show is more realistic in some aspects than the other teen shows. While for the most part I feel like One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and Dawson’s Creek pretty accurately depict high school life, I think The Carrie Diaries does it better.

I like that Carrie narrates the show. The audience gets inside a teenager’s head and all the angst that goes along with it.

I’m not completely sure of the direction of the story though. We know she’s trying to find her voice and she’s dealing with life after her mom’s death, but where is it going? I thought that there was going to be a lot about her in New York, but it’s been more about boy drama. Which is a typical issue of a high school girls, but where is it going?

Dawson’s Creek was about two old friends falling for each other with a new girl in the mix. One Tree Hill was about two half brothers trying to deal with each other and Gossip Girl was about the Upper East Side and Dan entering that world. All of these shows diverted with a lot of different story lines after the beginning, but they all had a definite direction in the beginning.

We will have to see what episode four brings.

What did you think of the episode? Will you put this show on your DVR? 

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Bones Season 8 Episode 13

tv_bones12 (1)Bones was back to normal this week after the intense episode last week.

This case made everyone think about how they want their funeral to be after they died.

Booth just wants a coffin and a priest, Hodgins wants to be thrown into the sun, Cam just doesn’t want to be buried, because a woman was almost buried alive when she was working in New York.

The woman had been in a coma and pronounced dead by one of her colleagues. They were taking the woman in the coffin to bury her and they heard scratching. Yeah, that would make you go off the idea of being buried.

Brennan first wanted her funeral to be a ritual where her bones are crushed and scavenged. That definitely seems typical Bones.

She revised her funeral plans after talking to Booth. She now wants her ashes to be thrown into an active volcano. I’m not sure which is crazier, being thrown into the sun or a volcano? Either way Hodgins and Brennan are staying true to their scientist nature.

Sweets and  Daisy had their first encounter since they broke-up and it was Brennan like. I was thinking that either Daisy is doing really well or really bad. Apparently she’s just sad. I think Sweets is actually doing better than Daisy. I think Booth and Brennan have a lot to do with that.

The case wasn’t anything spectacular this week, but maybe we needed a cool down after Pelant last week.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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Supernatural Season 8 Episode 10

supernatural-season-8-poster-thumb-315xauto-46367 (1)Both Dean and Sam took one for the team and they are both miserable.

Supernatural is in a very interesting place at the moment. Sure Sam and Dean fight and Cass has been untrustworthy before, but this time it is different.

Sam and Dean are broken. They are no longer the brothers they use to be and I don’t know if they can get that back again. They spent the year apart and they both changed. Sam got the life he always wanted and Dean had to fight for his life day in and day out.

No matter what excuse you give Sam for not trying to save Dean, it’s just not right. That’s not who they are. Between Benny being there to protect him and Sam and Dean’s brotherly bond being broken, it’s no wonder that Dean was closer with Benny.

Sam giving up Amelia is completely different than Dean giving up Benny. Sam had to make a choice between the job and the woman. Before Cass killing one of his own after saving him, I  think Sam would have chosen Amelia. But now Sam has to stand up and do the right thing. He had to fully choose one or the other. That’s fair, but I don’t see why Dean had to say goodbye to Benny, when Benny has saved him countless times.

Even though they are both still on the job, they are more disconnected than ever. If they are going to close the gates of hell, then they need to fix this quickly or they will not succeed.

Since when does heaven control it’s angels? I thought it was only Cass. So it’s all of them? This is a very scary thought, especially since I don’t know or trust Naomi.

I knew that Sam and Dean closing the gates of hell wouldn’t be easy. I just didn’t know what more would be added to the story. Crowley knows more than the Winchesters and that isn’t good. They should have got the information from the demon before killing him. Now Crowley is one step ahead of them.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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Nashville Season 1 Episode 10

x300Rayna showed up for her husband’s victory party, but I don’t think she’s really in the marriage anymore. She wants to keep the marriage together because of the girls, but she’s obviously not happy. And Teddy looks on the verge of renewing his affair.

Last week Deacon was dealing with Rayna going on tour without him, this week Rayna was dealing with it. But now that Deacon quit the band, will he go back to her?

I knew something bad was going to happen to Scarlett with that guy, I just felt it in my bones. Deacon was coming to the rescue, but Scarlett had it covered.  She’s  a lot tougher than she looks.

I could slap Gunner’s brother. I don’t care what happened in the past, you don’t go and sell your brothers shot at his dream. How is Gunner going to make music without his guitar?

I want to see this deal blow up in Avery’s face. I don’t know if the deal is good or not, but Avery is getting a big head very quickly.

So I guess not showing up for your wedding ceremony means that you want a divorce. I knew Juliette rushed into it to quick. She is seriously messed up. Rayna is messed up too, with her marriage. I guess they are perfect for each other at the moment.

So did Rayna’s father buy the election for Teddy? I really don’t know, but I have this feeling that something bad is just around the corner.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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Private Practice Season 6 Episode 12

484905_10151154257362123_861895285_nAnother tearful episode from Private Practice, but this one was a happy one.

Charlotte gave birth to the other two girls. And for a change there wasn’t too many complications. Well, considering she’s been on bed rest for months and her first girl has been in the NICU, the final stage went pretty smoothly.

We had a little scare that Addison might lose Henry. I was thinking, no you can’t do this to Addison. She’s been wanting a baby for so long. It’s just no way for Private Practice to end.

Then it was Jake to the rescue. He really stated his case, but when he said he would leave her so she could keep Henry, it just melted my heart. There was still a little part of me that wanted Addison to end up with Sam. They were my favorite couple of the show, now it’s Charlotte and Cooper. But Jake is perfect for her. The writers got it right.

Only one more episode left and there are wedding bells for Addison and Jake. One more wedding before we say goodbye. I can’t help but think there’s so much unfinished business.

Amelia’s story has wrapped up nicely, Charlotte and Cooper are good, but I don’t feel like Sam, Sheldon or Violet are complete yet. There’s still one more episode to tie everything up.

I am looking for a very good sereis finally next week. The last two series finales I watched, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill, were amazing. They wrapped up the story nicely and they ended it well for the fans. So I have very high expectations and it will be a lot for Private Practice to live up to.

I’m excited but sad to watch the final episode.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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My Favorite Private Practice Episodes Number 5

5. God Laughs
Season 5 Episode 1

When we left off in season 4 Pete was having a heart attach and Violet was heading to New York for her book tour. When we return for season 5 we pick up right where we left off.

Cooper might not have been able to save Violet, but he saved Pete twice.

When the doctors are in the waiting room it makes for a good episode. They are not use to this and it makes them all vulnerable. Sheldon and Cooper switched seats. Cooper wanted to sit where Sheldon was because that’s where he was when Violet was in surgery and Sheldon said he was sitting there when Dell died, so thought he should move too. They are doctors and rely on medicine to save their patients, but when it comes to one of their own, medicine gets thrown out and they become human.

At the beginning and end of the episode Addison is talking to her therapist. This is the way every episode is laid out season 5. I really liked this change to the sereis. She spoke about something that related to the episode. “You plan and god laughs.” All the characters make plans, but it doesn’t turn out the way they planned. Addison wants a baby but ended up back with Sam, even though he doesn’t want a baby. Violet tries to get away but gets dragged back. And Amelia is going down a very dark path. No ones plans are working out. Life just happens.

Here’s a clip of God Laughs:

Premiere of The Carrie Diaries

The_Carrie_Diaries_TV_Series-233306192-largeAt first glance The Carrie Diaries seems like another high school show. Not that this is a bad thing. I’ve liked a lot of high school shows, like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Dawson’s Creek and Beverly Hills 90201. On the surface these are all high school shows, but each of them are unique.

I’m not sure what unique aspect The Carrie Diaries will bring yet. I really liked the performance from AnnaSophia Robb who plays Carrie Bradshaw. I use to watch Sex and the City and I liked Carrie’s character. It might have been because she was the writer. But the entire cast made the show. Just like Friends. The Carrie Diaries only has Carrie and a much younger version.

From what I’ve seen so far the show is about Carrie figuring out who she is and finding her voice as a writer. The writer’s voice angle is intriguing, but all teenagers are trying to figure out who they are.

I am interested enough to tune in next week. There have been very few shows that have hooked me in the first episode, so it should be no surprise that I’m still on the fence. It’s only the pilot, just an introduction for what’s in store.

What did you think of the premiere? 

Bones Full Night Event

tv_bones12 (1)It’s been a while since we’ve had our dose of Bones and Monday we got a double dose.

Both cases were interesting, but neither episode was about the cases.

I’m so happy that the writers have focused in on Angela. In a couple of episodes Angela mentioned how unhappy she was, but the writers didn’t delve into it.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that Angela misses her passion, art. She is good at her job, but that’s not who she is.

Brennan’s first passion is ancient remains. She loves to make discoveries. She always gets excited when new finds come into the lab. This time she wasn’t the lead scientist on the remains. Brennan is very competitive, but it wasn’t just because of her competitive nature that she wanted to analyze the remains. She wanted to be apart of a new discovery.

Brennan learned an invaluable lesson this week. She was so busy trying to compete with Clarke  that she missed the key finding: a Neandertal mixed with a Homosapien. Clarke gave a wonderful presentation acted out by Hodgins, Angela, Cam and Sweets. It was funny and heartbreaking all at the same time. The family was outcasts because their daughter was an interbreed of Neandertal  and Homosapien. The mother and father were killed and the three year old curled up next to them and starved to death.

After watching this episode it got me thinking, is this true? It is! Neandertals did interbreed with humans. It’s amazing how bones can tell us remarkable stories.

Check out the article in Science News that reports about this discovery.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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