The Originals Season 1 Episode 20

the-originals-posterIf Davina can bring Michael back, will that screw up the other side even more? Does she even have the kind of power? She certainly use to have that kind of power and the Harvest girls are supposed to be powerful, but bringing someone back from the dead is a very powerful spell. Bonnie has done it twice and there were severe consequences both times. What will be the consequences if Davina brings him back?

I’m glad to see that what’s happening with the other side on The Vampire Diaries is having an affect on The Originals. The Quarter may not deal with the other side much, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be seeing the effects.

Hayley and Elijah finally kissed. We’ve only been waiting for this kiss since almost the first episode. But where do they go from here? She’s still carrying his brother’s child and her family doesn’t trust him. There’s still the issue of Klaus as well. Elijah may have said that he’s going to take whatever he wants now, but that doesn’t mean Klaus will be happy with it.

I had always wondered why Klaus turned Marcel. I think I just assumed when Marcel got older that Klaus turned him because he was his right hand man. I had no idea that Marcel asked to be turned and that Klaus didn’t want to turn him. I guess Klaus was a father figure once and truly cares for Marcel. That’s probably why Klaus was so hurt when Rebekah and Marcel summoned Michael into town. It was the two people he cared about most betraying him. That’s hard to forgive.

Klaus raised Marcel, but in some ways they are so different. Marcel took what he learned from Klaus and used to to control The Quarter, but to keep it safe, not just to be the king. Marcel cares deeply about people and Klaus does for certain people. Maybe Klaus and Marcel are not so different after all. Klaus just carries around the scars of his father more.

Check out the preview for next week. The war is beginning, which side will win?


Supernatural Season 9 Episode 20: Bloodlines

download (1)Supernatural seemed to take a page out of The Originals’s script, with various monsters running the city. It didn’t even feel like a Supernatural episode. Sam and Dean were hardly on screen. Then it occurred to me, this is the start of the Supernatural spin-off, Bloodlines.

There are some spin-offs that make sense to me, like Addison leaving Seattle and move to L.A. to start Private Practice. Then there was Angel leaving Sunnydale behind and getting his own show. Also the original family leaving Mystic Falls for their own show, but creating all new characters for a spin-off doesn’t make sense. Did it even need to be a spin-off? It could have just been a whole new show. Unless there are some Sam and Dean ties that will remain when the new show starts, I don’t get the point of making it a spin-off.

The one face I was very happy to see on screen was Nathaniel Buzolic, who played Kol on The Vampire Diaries. I loved him as Kol and I was very sad when they killed him off. He was a very fun villain and I wish they had more room for a storyline for him on TVD. If I give this new series a chance, it will be because of Nathaniel. He’s the only thing that has really peaked my interest about this new show and that’s only because I like the actor. It was strange seeing him as a good guy for once, well a good monster.

That does beg the question of who the good guys will be in this new show. Obviously the big sister shape shifter and the big brother werewolf are both evil, but their little siblings seem to have good in them. Then there’s the new young hunter. Other than him being angry about losing his fiancee to be, I wasn’t too impressed with his character.

I’m not sure if the CW will pick up this new show for next season and I’m not sure I even want to watch it yet. The only thing this episode did was make me want a real new episode of Supernatural. I missed seeing the boys on screen and was very disappointed watching this episode.

Next week we will have our boys back and they will be back in the thick of things, with the angels and demons’s wars:

Revenge Season 3 Episode 20

revenge_season_3_by_myrmorko-d5rsu9f (1)Conrad usually has someone else do his dirty work, but this time he got his hands dirty all by himself and he was literally covered in blood.

If only Margaux knew that Daniel had a hand in killing her father. I can’t believe the man that Daniel has become. Margaux is supposed to be his childhood friend and he went and schemed with his father to get rid of Pascal.

Time and time again Emily comes so close to exposing Conrad and time and time again Conrad is either one step ahead or something falls through. She could never ever have guessed that Conrad was going to kill Pascal.

I feel bad for Victoria, she was finally getting what she wanted and Conrad took it away, again. He seems to be in the habit of killing the men she loves.

Was Nolan jeopardizing her protegee’s program a wise move? I don’t think Daniel is the type of man you want to piss off, especially since he’s proving to be more and more like his father. I know Nolan was hurt and eventually the partnership would have soured anyways, but did he really need to speed up the process? How is Daniel going to strike back?

Did that guy from the woods take Charlotte and why? He had a ring that said DC on it and Jack took it. Was that why the man followed them back or would he have followed them back either way?

So what’s Emily’s next move? We know she’s going to strike against Conrad and it seems like it will be a big strike.

Check out the preview for next week. Charlotte has been taken and it’s making Victoria and Conrad break:

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Episode 21

86507-greys-anatomy-fans-can-rest-easy-chief-webber-is-safe-there-he-is-righLoosing the Harper Avery award has hit Cristina very hard and no one could understand why she didn’t win and that’s because technically, she did win. Well she had all the votes, but she could never win, because the Harper-Avery foundation owns part of the hospital.

It did cross my mind that the doctors of the Gray-Sloan Memorial could not win, but it seemed cruel to nominate her for an award she could never win. I wonder what this news will do for the rest of the doctors. If they stay, they can never win.

What does this mean for Alex? Will he not be a main character anymore? He’s still dating Jo and he’ll still have privileges at the hospital, but what’s left for his storyline?

I guess after ten years it’s hard to keep character’s story lines going. Alex has grown up a lot, Cristina has become a top notch surgeon and Meredith and Derek have went on to live happily ever after. So what’s next for Grey’s Anatomy? There’s no sign of the show ending anytime soon.

There is some life left in some of the characters’ story lines. April and Jackson are going to have to learn how to deal with their differences, since April is pregnant. Callie and Arizona are planning on having another kid and Emilia has just come back.

I always liked Emilia on Private Practice and it will nice to have her around again.

Cristina hasn’t seen Burke since he left her at the alter, but next week he will come back, as we continue to say goodbye to Cristina:

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 19

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5In death Enzo was able to enact revenge on Damon in probably one of the worst ways possible. Enzo thought killing Elena would be his best revenge, but making Stefan kill him will sting Damon even deeper. Now Stefan, Elena and Bonnie will try to keep this secret from Damon, but with the other side being such a mess, who knows where Enzo will end up.

Where will all the lost souls go if the other side falls completely apart? Do they come back to haunt the world or move on? And what will happen to Bonnie, the same? She had the chance to tell Jeremy what was going on and she chose to lie. This group of friends have done really well in the past saving each other time and time again, why not let them try again?

For a brief moment I thought we found another cure for vampirism, but instead it’s a way to get rid of the vampires. Elena, Caroline, Stefan, Damon and Tyler will have to watch their backs. I think Tyler had resurfaced when the travelers were doing their little experiment. If this is true, at least one of them knows what’s going on, but without a travelers knife, how will they protect themselves?

It seems like it’s been a while since we got a flashback to Mystic Falls and it was nice to have on this week, even if it was just of poor Maggie. Maybe we shouldn’t call her poor Maggie though, she was trying to go up against Damon Salvatore all by herself. That wasn’t the brightest of things, she had to know she would end up dead.

The travelers are evil. They let Enzo believe he could find Maggie and then inform him that she’s dead.

Check out the preview for next week. The travelers are on the hunt for Stefan and Elena and Damon takes them out of town:

Nashville: On the Record Special

350x350There’s two great things about Nashville: the drama and the music. This week we took a break from the drama and just sat back and enjoyed the music. We also got to sit down with the songwriters and find out where all the songs we love came from.

On Wednesday night the Nashville: On the Record Special aired on ABC with some of your favorite Nashville stars performing at the Ryman theater in Nashville.

Clare Bowen sounded amazing and looked beautiful on the legendary Ryman stage. She graced the stage the most out of her co-starts. She sang the fan favorite, “If I didn’t know Better”,  with Sam Pallidino, she also sang with Charles Esten, “This Town” and her heartfelt “Black Roses”. It seemed that Clare just couldn’t get enough of the stage. She seems to have become a natural performer. Performing in front of a camera and in front of a live audience are completely differently, but she seamlessly took the stage and performed better than her character, Scarlett. It was also nice to hear Clare’s Australian accent.

We also got to hear Sam’s British accent. And he didn’t just perform with Clare, he got the band back together and performed with Jonathan Jackson and Charley Rose. We might not get to see these three perform again on the show, but it was really nice to see them together one last time.

Before Hayden Panettiere took the stage she told the songwriters that she had stage fright, but when she opened her mouth on stage, there seemed to be no stage fright. She was a natural performer. Just like Clare, she was also a better performer than her character, Juliette. Hayden sang “Nothing in this World Will Ever Break My Heart” and ” Don’t Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet”. These are probably two of Juliette’s most powerful songs.

To open the show Charles, Will Chase and Chris Carmack took the stage to sing “It’s on Tonight”. To end the show almost the entire cast was on stage singing, “A Life that’s Good.” I think this song was very fitting for the cast to sing. It’s been sang numerous times in the show so far.

The only person that was missing on Wednesday night was Connie Britton. I wonder where the big headliner was? Other than Connie missing it was a great concert special.

Supernatural Season 9 Episode 19

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterWe took a break from the demons and angels this week to deal with a run of the mill case, well sort of.

Sheriff Jodi Mills contacted the boys when she found a vampire and saved a young girl. The only thing Jodie knew was the guy was in fact a vamp, she couldn’t have imaged what she had actually uncovered.

It seemed unusual how this young girl had alluded that vampires and wouldn’t tell Sam and Dean where the vamp’s nest was. It started to come clear when they noticed she had bite marks on her neck. So the vampires had been keeping her alive to feed on her. It turned out she had been missing for nine years.

When Sam and Dean went to hunt down the vampires before the vampires found the girl, they found out that the girl was also their lure, she lured men back to their house and her family, the vampires, killed them.

This was certainly not your typical vampire case.

Every single one of them became captive by the end of the episode and poor Jodie got to watch the young girl transition into a vampire. It seemed there was no hope, but suddenly Jodi figured out why the mother vampire changed the girl’s name. The mother vampire had changed the girl’s name to Alex because she once had a daughter named Alex. It was a very Sam and Dean move to talk the truth to get themselves out of trouble. Alex stabbed her mother with the dead man’s blood and Jodi then beheaded her. Luckily Alex hadn’t fed yet, so they could cure her.

I’m not sure whether Jodie will take in Alex as her own now, but she’s at least going to nurse her back to health.

I think Jodie can get her hunter street cred now, the way she handled that hunt was like a professional hunter.

Check out the preview for next week. There’s more vampires and they are running Chicago:

The Originals Season 1 Episode 19

OrigianlsWhen Rebekah left I said I wanted to see more Hayley and that’s exactly what I’ve got. She’s protecting her pack and going up against vampires and finding out lots of secrets.

I had no idea it was Marcel that took her from her pack and it was all to save her. He once again tried to get her out of the mayhem, but Hayley is not one to run from a fight, but she has no idea what she’s getting herself into.

One of her own, Ollie, was the one who planned that bomb, but with who? Did he really think risking his people’s safety was going to help? The one thing it did do was to give him a chance to become the leader of the pack, and that won’t be good to anyone. He strikes first and asks questions later. Who is he planning on blaming the attack on? Marcel? He didn’t do it. I knew that he didn’t do it, that isn’t his style.

So the wolves have many enemies, witches, vampires, humans and maybe other werewolves? Which one of these groups could have attacked the werewolves?

Kieran is gone and he had a key, but what is the key to and what is its significance? Marcel said people would be coming after the key and that Cami wasn’t ready for that.

When the show first started, I hated Marcel, he seemed so evil. Now I’m learning that every evil seeming thing he’s done had been for a good purpose. Like putting the curse on the werewolves, because they were killing everyone. I thought his strict laws were because he was the bad guy, but in reality there’s so much evil and chaos in the city that those laws were needed. He managed to control the Quarter and now that his rule is over, chaos is breaking loose.

Check out the preview for next week. The spirit world is in chaos and they are coming out in dreams:

Bones Season 9 Episode 22

bonesI was a little disappointed that the ghost killer was solved so quickly. Most of the other serial killers were prolonged for a while, with a few cases over a season or two to solve the case. It was about half way through the episode when they figured out that it was Stephanie, from a wealthy and powerful family, that was the ghost killer. To top that off she was murdered.

The one saving grace was that there was another murder to solve, the ghost killer’s murder. They also figured out who killed her pretty quickly and then it was just tying the evidence together and finding him. The biology teacher that got framed for the ghost killer’s first victim. The added element of suspense was all the cover-ups, even an FBI cover-up, not that we found out who the FBI cover-up was.

For the most part it was a very exciting episode, but it felt so rushed. Like they needed to get this case brushed under the rug for the next thing. I never felt like the big cases during the series were rushed before, but there is supposed to be some big twist at the end of this season that will set off next season on a very different note. Could this be the reason for the rushed conclusion of the ghost killer?

Plus Booth has been recommended for the promotion, what does that mean for the future of the show? We know there will be a season ten and David Boreanz says that he will be sticking around. What do the writers have in store for us for the season finale and season ten?

Bones will return Monday, May 12. The squints investigate a murder of a drag queen:

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Episode 20

86507-greys-anatomy-fans-can-rest-easy-chief-webber-is-safe-there-he-is-righI really thought Cristina was going to win, everyone thought she was going to win and then the envelope was opened and I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be her name. Cristina was disappointed as well. She really thought she was going to win too. She’s young, she could still be nominated again. It’s an honor just to be nominated.

It was nice that Meredith and Owen showed up to support her. They knew that even though she kept saying she wanted to do it alone, she really wanted them there.

A lot of things happened in the overnight shift. Meredith was freaking out during surgery about where her kids were, and they were safe with Arizona and Callie. Jackson and April were realizing that they didn’t really think this whole marriage thing through and disagreed on a lot of very important issues. Callie and Arizona were choosing who would carry their next child. Cristina was ignoring how nervous she was by operating on two kids that she had operated on before. Then Derek was trying to handle everything that was on his plate.

Meredith and Derek have realized that something has to give, they just don’t know what that is. Arizona realized that she doesn’t want to carry their baby. April realized she made a mistake and went to stay with Callie and Arizona. Cristina realized how freaked out she really was.

This episode reminded me of the episode of Friends were where they were up all night. A lot happens, but at the same time nothing at all happens. It kind of put everything in perspective of how far they’ve come since the beginning and how much everything has changed.

A lot of things have changed and next week we will say goodbye to Cristina Yang, will anyone be able to keep from crying?