Supernatural Season 8 Episode 8

Supernatural knows how to do funny and very, very well.

Murders dealing with loony toon cartoons was a great idea.

Things have been pretty intense this season with the back story of Dean in purgatory, Sam and his year and now with heaven having control over Cass. I think it was time for a funny episode.

It was also interesting that the person causing the chaos was also a victim. It was even more interesting that Sam and Dean knew him.

Most people don’t understand special abilities like Jones has. I think I could see many people using him for bad. I don’t know if Jones should have killed him though.

This was a funny episode, but we also had flashback of Sam’s year.

I think we finally know why he left. Her husband was still alive. It doesn’t explain why he ended up back at Bobby’s or why he left during the night though, but we are getting closer to what happened.

I think her father was right. That they were both holding on to each other. I think they both wanted it to be real, but it just wasn’t.

When did Sam realize it wasn’t real?

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Nashville Season 1 Episode 7

Rayna and Juliette really didn’t want to perform together, but it turned out to be a big hit.

They wanted this performance to be the one and only, but something tells me the label won’t let this be their last.

It’s interesting that Rayna helped on a song about cheating, seeing as her husband has been having an affair for years. Will Teddy tell her? Something tells me if the truth does come out that Rayna would not forgive him. I don’t think she should forgive him. Teddy’s always been worried about Rayna and Deacon and all this time he’s been the cheat.

I think Rayna thinks about what if she stayed with Deacon and I think that hearing this news would make her think that more. Will she have regrets?

Things may be turning around for Juliette. The performance was a big hit and probably will help fix her image, but more importantly she found a guy that likes her for her. She’s not use to hearing no, especially from guys.

Scarlett is starting to move on from Avery and to Gunnar.

I’m wondering how Gunnar could be starting to look at Scarlett in a different light, it can’t be just the dress. The dress that his girlfriend put her in. This is going to get messy.

Avery may be getting his break, but he lost Scarlett in the process. Is he going to be able to live with himself? I guess as he starts to see success we will see if the success was always more important and if he ever really loved Scarlett.

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Bones Season 8 Episode 8

tv_bones12 (1)It’s been a while since we’ve had some live evidence. The squints acted in proper fashion with the street artist lying on the table with the remains glued to his back.

How did he get stuck to the remains? He was on a billboard putting up his art and then fell over his bucket of glue, the glue and him landed on the corpse and he was stuck.

So first thing was first, they had to remove him from the corpse.

Angela had a secret stash of penut butter, apparently that could unglue him, and she didn’t want to give it to Hodgins because it’s for when she has a bad day. Which was that day. She got a ticket that morning.

Angela has really been feeling down lately. She wants to pursue her art career, not reconstruct faces.

The mystery man on their table just happened to be a famous street artist, which is why he didn’t tell them who he was.

Angela was star struck and kissed him. Later he told her she had “good technique”, apparently this is an insult. He agreed to do some artwork where she got her ticket, but she beat him to it. This time he told her she had “bad technique”. This time it was a complement. Angela was feeling a little bit better.

While the squints and Angela were dealing with the street artist, Brennan, Booth and Sweets were dealing with comedians.

The victim turned out to be an aspring comedian.

The case was interesting and we even got an Angela storyline. The Bones’ writers are back on track.

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Gossip Girl Final Season Episode 7

GGBefore Serena and Dan could be together, they had to make amends with their friends. They’ve done some pretty horrible things lately.

Serena made amends with Blair and Dan made amends with his dad, Nate and Chuck. He was even on scheming duty with Chuck and Nate.

After a great Serena and Dan episode, Dan says to Georgina on the phone: “I’m writing the Serena chapter”. So is he in love with Serena? Are they getting back together? Was he just trying to brush Georgina off?

I’m hoping that everything happening between Dan and Serena is genuine. I really want these two to end up back together.

Blair’s new line was a success. Her scheming almost ruined it, but her clothes were so good, not even her scheming could ruin the day.

Blair wanted to celebrate with Chuck and thought Chuck would be close to success too, but Chuck failed and because of that he no longer wants to be with Blair.

I don’t think Blair should have gone into the agreement of waiting. It was stupid. She got her hopes up and now Chuck has hurt her once again. And there was no need for it. If Chuck truly wants to be with Blair he shouldn’t let anything get in his way.

I feel really bad for Lily. She can’t see through Bart’s lies. Everyone is trying to be there for her and Bart was about to humiliate her to keep his secret. And she protects him.

Nate made a mistake and now he’s paying the price. Bart is in complete control of him now and Nate already had to betray Chuck.

Only three more episodes left and nothing seems to be winding down. Where will all the Upper East Siders end up?

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 8

This week we went back in time to see how Emily met Aiden, why Victoria is the way she is, how Daniel got on the path to take over Grayson Global and why Nolan didn’t have a CFO.

There was a lot of back story leading to everything that is about to blow up.

Why doesn’t it come as a surprise that Emily met Aiden during a mission? They bonded over similar goals and after six years they still have feelings for each other.

Emily is letting Aiden all the way in. I don’t know it this is a good thing or not. Takeda has warned her about getting emotionally involved and now she’s diving right in. I’m not sure if Aiden can be trusted with Emily’s entire heart.

Victoria’s mom has made a monster. Not that her mother deserves much after making her shoot a man and kicking her out of the house at 15.

Did she really need to plan her mother’s downfall? Victoria has a lot of anger in her.

So, Daniel wanted to be a poet. He should of tried to pursue that. He thinks he’s taking down his father but instead he’s lined himself up for a lot of trouble.

I want to know more about the initiative and how much danger Daniel is in. What will Emily think when she finds out?

Nolan has been protecting Emily long before they became friends. He lost someone he probably loved. I wonder if his feelings for his old CFO is why he hasn’t got a new one till now. Once again he’s getting involved with his CFO. Is history repeating itself?

I’m not sure what the implications will be with Daniel calling Nolan’s old CFO. I don’t think it will be good for Nolan or Daniel. At least Nolan has Emily on his side. I think Daniel is jumping way to far into the deep end and I don’t think he’s prepared for what’s to come.

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Private Practice Season 6 Episode 7

Two days in a row of new Private Practice episodes, it doesn’t get much better than that.

The writers were very sneaky with this episode. At the very end of Tuesday’s episode Addison proposes to Jake. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a fan of Sam and Addison and was very upset when she chose Jake.

Before the writers let Jake say yes, they had to get us, the fans, on board with it. Not to say they don’t break up before the end. With six more episodes left anything can still happen.

An episode that got us to know Jake was the perfect way for us to accept Jake and Addison.

We got to see him with his daughter, though he was an idiot and has probably broken their bond and pushed her closer to her professor. We also got to see him let go of his dead wife, which was a very bitter sweet moment.

Before this episode I was still hoping that Addison would end up with Sam in the end, I have now accepted her and Jake.

I have been enjoying the different episodes that the writers have been coming up with, but as we come closer to the end of the series, there definitely needs to be some sort of closure happening. Addison getting engaged is a good start.

Another good start is Amelia moving on. I’m so happy that the writers had James keep pushing for a date. They are so cute together. There’s not a lot of time for this relationship to bloom, but it’s still a good thing.

It’s nice that we got to see the parents of the lost girl again. It looks like it’s about time for them to let go. I hope we get the conclusion of this story, even if it’s a bad one.

As the episodes wind down, the experimentation is good, but we need to wrap up the show properly. Private Practice deserves a proper send of.

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Private Practice Season 6 Episode 6

Each episode this season has had some sort of theme. The episode has revolved around that person or that theme. This week it was Addison and it was all about babies and adoption.

This was a very stressful episode for Addison. She had to deal with Henry’s birth mother getting in touch, a patient suing her and her mentor dying. I don’t think it gets much worse than that.

The writers of Private Practice know how to pull at your heart strings a little to well.

At the beginning of the episode it seemed like things were going to end horribly for Addison, but things weren’t too bad in the end.

Addison was able to find a way to keep Henry’s mom in his life and she got through to the patient. Her mentor did die in the end, but there wasn’t anything she could do to prevent that. Addison was able to grant her her last wish though.

There was a lot of talk about adoption and what that actually means.

There’s Cooper who was adopted and has no interest in finding his birth mom and Addison’s mentor who was forced to give up her baby. Before her mentor passed away she was able to part one more thing of wisdom to Addison, that Henry has two mothers.

Usually Private Practice would go to the extreme and take Henry away from Addison, but this episode was more subtle. Shonda did warn us that this season would be very different. Every episode has been different just like she promised. I look forward to see what the next episode will be.

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Bones Season 8 Episode 7

Brennan had the case solved almost from the very beginning.

It was kind of unsettling her using her gut. She hates that method of solving cases. She wants to see the evidence in front of her.

It was more settling when she didn’t like that she didn’t know why she knew who the murderer was. I like that she’s growing with becoming a mom, but I don’t want her to completely change.

Watching Brennan be absolutely sure she knew who the murderer was, was also funny. Booth wouldn’t just take Brennan’s word for it, he kept doing his job and asking his questions.

The murderer did let it slip that it was him. He was so confident that he was good at cleaning up crime scenes that he really didn’t think Brennan would find anything.

What he didn’t know is how smart Brennan is and that she soaks up knowledge every where she goes.

I would never have thought of a hair dryer to bring the blood back up through the concrete.

Speaking of Brennan soaking up knowledge, she’s been reading psychology books. She’s analyzed Sweets and now she can use her gut to solve cases. Well I think she also learned a lot about using your gut from Booth as well. Will she start using her gut for more cases?

Bones is definitely resembling the old Bones more. This episode some how meshed what we fell in love with Bones for and the new dynamic of the show. I think the writers are finally figuring out where the show is going.

I can’t believe Cam and Arastoo are together. I would have never seen that coming. I didn’t even realize she was still dating the gynecologist. Well not anymore, but when did they break up and I thought he stopped being Michelle’s gynecologist when they started dating? We haven’t seen much of Cam lately so I hope they dive more into this storyline.

I hope these last two episodes means that Bones is back on the right track.

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Gossip Girl Final Season Episode 6

For all the Serena and Dan fans, this was an episode for you.

We got to go down memory lane as they revisited the pool hall where they had their first date and went over the many recent mistakes they’ve made. It’s amazing that they are even talking when you think about what they’ve done to each other.

Serena manipulated Dan into making a sex tape to hurt Blair and Dan told her he didn’t want to see her ever again, but can you really blame him considering the circumstances.

Some how they have found their way back together and I couldn’t be happier, though there still are four more episodes left, so I hope it sticks.

I thought it was wrong that Dan outed Rufus and Ivy and I thought it was wrong when he wrote about Nate, but I think telling the truth about Blair set her free.

Blair tried to fall back on all her old tactics to smooth things over, but no one is afraid of her anymore. There was a time when Serena became irrelevant for a short stint, well it has now happened to Blair.

Blair had the right intentions when she resigned from Waldorf Designs, but it was a little drastic. She had a better idea when she came up with the idea to design her own line. She was always a trend setter in high school.

Eleanor should never have handed over her company to Blair without letting her work in it first. Blair will probably run the company great one day, but she’s still finding herself now.

Chuck came so close to getting the evidence that would destroy his father. Wouldn’t you check that the evidence was there before you paid over 2 million dollars? That’s a lot of money to just throw away when you don’t see the evidence first.

I said that Chuck should not trust Ivy and he’s going to learn that the hard way.

Ivy will not only bring down Bart, she’ll also bring down Lily and how long is she going to wait to do it? And what is Rufus going to think when he finds out he was played? He hurt the love of his life and he’s going to end up all alone.

Only four more episodes left and things are really starting to heat up.

I want to see more of Nate though. There’s so much going on for the other characters. Lets get a last dose of Nate before we say goodbye to Gossip Girl.

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