Ian Somerhalder Plays the Villain in ‘The Anaomly’

MV5BMTUwODExNTQ3OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTA2NjQ2MTE@._V1_SX214_AL_While we are waiting to see if Damon will be brought back from the other side on ‘The Vampire Diaries’, Ian Somerhalder is starring in the sci-fi thriller, ‘The Anomaly.’ The downside is that there is no U.S. release date yet, but the film will be out July 4 in the U.K.

Ryan Reeves (Noel Clarke, Star Trek: Into Darkness) only has nine minutes and 47 seconds to live and then someone else takes his place and this happens over and over again. What would you do if you woke up and didn’t know who you were and only had less then 10 minutes to figure it out before you were gone again?

Ryan fights back, so they don’t do this to everyone. It’s unclear how he is able to survive past the nine minutes and 47 seconds to be able to fight back, but there is a whole lot of action in the trailer.

Ian plays the villain and it doesn’t look like he’ll be dancing back and forth from villain to good guy and back again, like he does in ‘TVD’.

Brain Cox (The Bourne Trilogy), Luke Hemsworth (Neighbours) and Alexis Knapp (Pitch Perfect) also star in ‘The Anomaly’.

I haven’t seen Ian on the big screen since 2002, when he starred in ‘Rules of Attraction’ and he was great. He didn’t really make it big until he landed the role of Damon and now he’s a household name.

Primetime Addiction will keep you updated on ‘The Anomaly’ and let you know when a U.S. release date is announced.

Check out the trailer:


The Following Season 1: A Wild Ride to Catch a Killer

o-THE-FOLLOWING-KEVIN-BACON-facebookThere are so many crime fighting TV shows, so when you launch a new one, who have to make it stand out. And that’s what the creators of The Following did when they brought Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon, X-Men: First Class, Footloose) and Joe Carroll (James Purefoy, John Carter, A Knights Tale) into our lives.

If you haven’t seen this show yet, it must go in your Netflix queue and yes it is on Netflix.

I was hooked from the first episode. The serial killer, Joe, escapes from prison and Ryan is called into consultant on hunting him down, seeing as he’s the man that caught him in the first place. He’s no longer apart of the FBI, but he’s the only one that can help.

Joe killed several girls when he was a professor. He has an obsession with Edgar Allen Poe and the poet is kind of a religion to him. While Joe was in prison, he gained a following, a big one, and they are all helping him break out of prison, get his family back and execute his plan.

Ryan knows the inside outs of the case and Joe better than anyone, he even wrote a book about the case. But all of his knowledge of the case won’t be enough to help him catch Joe again.

Ryan meets Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore, X-Men, Frozen), a relatively new FBI agent, who admires Ryan and did his dissertation for the Academy on Carroll. He’s very excited to be working with Ryan, but nothing can prepare him for the case he’s about to embark on.

Through the first season there is no telling who all the followers are. They are hiding among you and are even people of authority.

There are a few followers that you will get to know well in season one: Emma Hill (Valorie Curry, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II) Jacob Wells (Nico Tortorella, Scream 4) and Paul Torres (Adan Canto, X-Men: Days of Future Past).

I was really drawn to Jacob. Unlike the other followers, he doesn’t seem as crazy and obsessed. You can’t pin point what made him join Carroll’s cult. You may have hope for him that he will get out before he does something he will regret. Season one will be his inner struggle of becoming truly apart of the following.

Emma is a young girl who looks at Joe like he’s a one of whatever boy band is popular at the moment. She loves Joe, a man she barely knows, but she would give her life for him.

And Paul goes through a life changing transformation while he executes Joe’s plan.

The following is extremely suspenseful and exciting. A lot of people will die in season one on the hunt to capture Joe again, but will they succeeded. You’ll have to watch the first season to find out.

Check out the trailer for season one:

Mark Sheppard Becomes Series Regular for Supernatural

7rin | photobucket.com

7rin | photobucket.com

Everyones favorite Supernatural villain will be around more next season. Mark Sheppard has been promoted to series regular for season ten.

According to Entertainment Weekly, there is no word on how many episodes he will appear in yet.

When season nine ended, Crowley was talking to a Dean’s dead body and telling him all the things he suspected about what would happen when Dean took on the Mark of Cain. He never wanted to tell Dean about all the the horrible things that could happen to him, seeing as he wasn’t sure if they would happen. While Sam was summoning Crowley to save Dean, Crowley was waiting for Dean to wake up as a demon. With Dean being a demon this will be new territory for Supernatural and should give Mark an opportunity to really have fun with Crowley.

When Crowley first entered the Winchester’s lives he was only a lowly cross roads demon. Since then he has become King of Hell, lost his thrown and claimed his title back.

Mark’s TV credits are extensive, including, Warehouse 13, White Collar, Doctor Who, Leverage, 24, Firefly and Battlestar Galactica.

According to A.V. Club, even with the abundance of TV credits to his name, this will be the British actor’s first series regular job.

Mark had an exclusive interview with blastr and this is what he had to say about Crowley: “I’m still not 100 per cent certain what Crowley is. Crowley could be certainly more than the sum of his parts, I would hope. I think we’re sort of uncovering more of Crowley as we go along. Especially in season nine.”

“Crowley’s been a very interesting evolution. I mean, he went from being what is apparently a crossroads demon to running Hell and then to having difficulties running Hell and then ultimately to be in exile. He’s trying to regain his position. It’s just a fantastic arc to play,” he added.

There’s a lot more to learn about Crowley and he’s always entertaining when he is on screen. So season ten should be a lot of fun.

While you’re waiting for the long summer to be over for Supernatural and Crowley’s return, check out this video of The Best of Crowley:

TVD’s Nina Dobrev is Filming A Comedy Horror This Summer

viki_93 | photobucket.com

viki_93 | photobucket.com

Nina Dobrev isn’t taking a break this summer. After wrapping season five of The Vampire Diaries she started filming the comedy horror, The Final Girls.

Nina’s character just lost her mother, a former 80s scream queen. Nina and a group of friends is transported back to a film her mother made. Nina is reunited with her mother, played by Malin Akerman (Couples Retreat, Wanderlust), and they have to fight off the killer to survive.

The film also stars Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch, The Hunger Games’ Alexander Ludwig, Workaholics’ Adam Devine and The Bling Rings’ Taissa Farmiga.

Thomas will be playing Nina’s ex-best friend that is thrilled to be in the middle of a classic horror film, The Hollywood Reporter said. Alexander will play Taissa’s love interest and Adam will play the appointed teen seducer for a movie within a movie.

It sounds like they are have a great time filming so far. Nina took to her WhoSay account and said: “Wrapped day 1 of FINAL GIRLS. LMAO all day @t_farmiga @middleditch @adamdevine @staussschulson @MalinAkerman @AlexanderLudwig #TheFinalGirls.” The picture was of a huge gift basket.

The Final Girls is being directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson (A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas) and the script was written by Mark Fortin and Joshua John Miller. Michael London (The Illusionist) and Janice Williams (Milk) are producing the film.

According to THR, Michael describes the film as “the unlikely child of Back to the Future and Friday the 13th.”

The cast started filming last month in Louisiana, THR reported.

Look for the film in theaters next year.

Penny Dreadful Episode 3: A Glimpse at Classic Horror

4-penny-dreadfulLast week the preview promised lots of excitement, but the third episode fell short of the preview. This week was a lot more story driven.

A lot of the episode revolved around Frankenstein and why he started trying to bring the dead back to life and we got to know his first creation.

The rest of the episode was about Sir Malcolm and Vanessa still trying to find Mina. And they will stop at nothing to find her.

Ethan’s been sucked in again because of Brona, the young woman who he is crushing on that has consumption. He wanted money to buy her medicine and he knew he could go back to Sir Malcolm and Vanessa to find work. But now that he’s learning what depths they will go to find Mina, he has a decision to make. Will he continue on this journey, even though he doesn’t agree with everything they are doing, or will he walk away? Vanessa said there’s no turning back now.

Depending on how much you know about classic horror stories, you will notice them weaving in and out the show’s storyline.

So maybe there won’t be as much as excitement from week to week like the premiere episode, but the story sucks you in and keeps you wondering what will happen next.

Check out the preview for next week’s episode:

Katherine Heigl Returns to TV with ‘State of Affairs’

cunegro | photobucket.com

cunegro | photobucket.com

How many of you have missed Katherine Heigl being on TV since she left Grey’s Anatomy?  Well she’s coming back to the small screen, on NBC’s Sate of Affairs. Katherine will play CIA Agent Charlie Tucker, who councils the president on dangerous situations around the world. From the looks of the trailer, Katherine will be nothing like Izzy Stevens in this show.

Izzy was sweet and generous, Agent Charlie is tough and has to make decisions that can have serious consequences. The have been a lot of CIA TV shows: Homeland, Alias, Covert Affairs and American Dad. So what will make this one different from the rest? For starters, the president is a woman, Roberta Payton (Alfre Woodard). This show also looks like it takes place more in CIA headquarters than out in the field. Homeland, Alias and Covert Affairs are more in the field than in the office.

Just like in Alias though, Charlie will lose her fiance, but Charlie makes her job about seeking revenge for her fiance. Who was also the president’s son. Charlie is an absolute mess after losing her fiance, but somehow it doesn’t affect her work. She has some not so unique ways of getting rid of her stress and pain, drinking and sex.

While Charlie is trying to take out everyone who had something to do with her fiance’s death, someone else will be trying to destroy her.

The new series looks like it has potential and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Welcome back to TV Katherine.

Check out the trailer:

Chicago P.D. Season 1 Finale

downloadFor the whole season it has been unclear if Voight is dirty and if he is, how dirty. Jin was taken advantage of because his father had a gambling debt, but was there anything for Jin to find to incriminate Voight? Now that Jin has turned up dead, was it Voight or was it I.A.? Jin was taking something from the computer and telling his father to leave town. This to me made me think he wasn’t going to give I.A. what they wanted, but maybe he was worried about Voight.

Jin should have gone to Voight in the first place. Erin didn’t go to Voight right away, but Jay convinced her to. That was her only option. If she chose to go through with helping Charlie, it would have probably ruined her life.

If Voight gave him 10%, where did the other money go? I didn’t think Voight actually kept it. Is Voight actually a bad guy. He’s protecting Chicago well, could he really be a dirty cop?

I was glad that Olinsky pointed out that Burgess deserved the spot on intelligence more that Atwater. I was thinking the same thing last week. I’m not sure who I’m annoyed with more, Ruzek or Burgess. She wants to move up to intelligence and she knows the reason why she didn’t get the promotion was because of the little nothing that Ruzek and her had. Now she’s jumping into bed with him. While I don’t think it’s fair that she didn’t get her shot because of a crush, she knows that pursuing things with him will make it more difficult for her.

I can’t believe Antonio’s wife left him. He can’t just quit because he got shot. He has to get up and move on and if going back to work is how he does that, then good for him. Antonio is making the streets safer for is family.

The first season was very intense. Two officers were lost, one was almost lost, Antonio’s son was kidnapped, Olinsky’s daughter witnessed a murder, Jay was accused of murder, Erin was pulled back to her past and Voight fired the wrong officer. It’s become even blurrier to whether Voight is a dirty cop. I don’t want to believe he killed Jin. One because he had his talk with him, shaking him down, and two because it appeared Jin might not have been going to go through with giving I.A. the information. And there’s the other question, was there any evidence to be found?

Who will be accused of Jin’s murder and who actually killed him? We’ll have to wait till season two to find out.

Supernatural Season 9 Finale

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterThe finale looked like it was going to end like many other Supernatural finales have ended, with one of the Winchester’s dead. And Sam was summoning Crowley to save Dean, but it turns out there was nothing that could be done. Dean is now a demon. I guess taking on the Mark of Cain was basically selling your soul to the devil. So will season 10 be all about trying to save or kill Dean? Can Dean even be saved now that he is a demon? Was Dean becoming a demon worth killing Abaddon for? They didn’t really defeat Metatron with Dean. Cass destroyed the angel tablet and then locked him up. So basically they took down one demon with the blade, was that worth it?

Sam thought that he wouldn’t try to save Dean if he died. He didn’t when Dean was in Purgatory, but this time around he saw his brother get stabbed with an angel blade and he just didn’t want to loose his big brother. What changed? He was done with them saving each other. I guess the brotherly bond was repaired when Sam was watching Dean become a monster. What will he do when he finds out Dean is a demon now?

What will become of heaven now? Metatron was right that the angels do need a leader, but not him, he just wanted the power. If Cass could gain the confidence to lead everything would be fine. I think he would be perfect to lead because he doesn’t want the power. He wants order and no death. If he doesn’t step up to the plate then a rebellious angel will.

Heaven will be in disarray while the leadership role is getting sorted out, Crowley is still taking back control of Hell and now Dean will be one of Crowley’s soldiers. Or will he? Crowley is having human emotions again. With Heaven and Hell not sorted yet and Dean changing sides, season 1o is going to be a scary place. Especially for Sam. The beginning of the series was all about saving Sam and if he couldn’t be saved, then killing him. Now it’s time to save Dean or kill him.

Season 10 could be the last. Will Sam or Dean make it out alive?

Bones Season 9 Finale

bonesI said that solving the ghost killer case was way too easy, and that’s because it was just a small part of a bigger conspiracy that everyone seems to be being pulled in to. You have no idea who you can trust.

What will Brennan say in questioning? She doesn’t know how to lie. The truth is three former delta force operatives came to kill Booth. What the FBI is saying, is that Booth just killed three FBI agents in cold blood. If you saw what the guys were wearing, how could possible think anything else than they were there to kill him? So Stark has been sucked in too, or he was involved the whole time. Could the promotion have been to get Booth out of the way so he couldn’t untangle the web or was it their plan to set him up and tear him down?

So what will the squints do next season? I can’t see them letting this one go and letting Booth take the fall for something he didn’t do, but this is the most dangerous case they’ve ever had and continuing may mean they all end up dead.

Bones is at it’s best when they have a big mystery to solve and when one of their own is in jeopardy, and looks it like next season will be about saving Booth and uncovering the corruption within the FBI, and however high it goes.

This was the best Bones episode yet, out of all nine seasons. The remains were one of the hardest they’ve had to examine. The more they uncovered the more Booth wanted to keep it from the FBI. Booth even had Brennan falsify a report so they could continue investigating out from under watched eyes. But it turns out they were being watched the whole time. Why else would classified documents been unearthed to make Booth look like a murderer? Then he was put on administrative leave and took things into his own hands. But what was he hoping to accomplish by luring the delta force men to his house? They were there to kill him and it was sure to be a fight to the death. If Brennan didn’t come back he probably would have died. Go Brennan for not listening to Booth.

Instead of uncovering who the Delta Force guys were, it’s all been swept under the rug and covered up. Next season is sure to be an exciting and dangerous one. Will anyone come out unscathed?

Penny Dreadful Episode 2: Getting to Know the Characters

penny-dreadful-ethan_chandlerLast week when we got introduced to Penny Dreadful there was a lot of monsters and gore, this week the show was graphic in a different way. This episode had graphic language and there was two bizarre sex scenes. The first sex scene made sense, when we were introduced to Dorian Gray. I’m not so sure the second one was necessary.

We also got introduced to Brona Croft, but I don’t feel like we really got to know her at all. But we didn’t really get to know Dorian very well either.

We did get to know the characters we got introduced to last week better. We found out why Ethan is in London, we got to see how good Vanessa is at being a medium, we also got to know Victor and his creation a bit better. Victor’s creation was learning about the world again, remembering things about the person he use to be and even got to pick his own name.

For the most part this was kind of a getting to know you kind of episode. The scene where Vanessa talks to the dead was very creepy, but that was the most exciting thing that happened in the episode, until the end. We discovered knew information about what’s going on. There was also a scene at the very end that you won’t see coming, but will make you intrigued for the next episode.

I enjoyed getting to know the characters this week, but I’m looking forward to more episodes like the premiere.

Go to the Showtime website to check out a preview for next week’s episode. It looks like there will be a lot of excitement.