‘The Whispers’ Review: Seeking Drill

What will Harper have to do next to save her mom?

What will Harper have to do next to save her mom?

It’s still unclear exactly what Drill is, but he’s certainly getting scarier as we get to know him. I mean he has the ability to bring back Harper’s mom, if he chooses too. She just has to win the game first.

Should Harper trust Drill? Or is she just a means to an end? Claire desperately tried get Harper to tell her about Drill and if her husband is Drill, but Claire has an ulterior motive. She better be careful, I don’t think her partner, Jessup, is going to be so willing to help her.

Claire saw Sean. She looked right at him and then when Wes asked if it was him, she said she didn’t get a good look. She definitely got a good look, but he may not have the same look in his eyes that she’s use to. He’s been through a lot, and we don’t even know the half of it. What we do know is that his plane crashed, in a crash he shouldn’t have survived, and somehow he made it all the way back home. But who is he now?

He doesn’t remember his name, but his amnesia seems to be a little like Jason Bourne’s amnesia. He doesn’t remember his family or who is, but his training is still shining through. He knows to get rid of a sim card after using a phone and he had a change of clothes stored in the woods. He’s clearly not out of it like he appeared to be in the hospital last week, but what is he doing?

He’s got a storage unit of newspaper clippings and clues about all of the events going on. He’s also got multiple tattoos of clues too. In the shower he had some sort of episode where he remembered something or something came to him. He passed out and when he woke up, he drew a symbol on the floor. Then he got it tattooed to him. But what does it all mean?

Wes is so desperately trying to solve the case, tread lightly where Claire is concerned and patch up his marriage. He’s not doing well at any of them.

Drill has picked some smart kids with some very well placed parents, but their parents are all preoccupied with their personal lives. That makes them very easy targets.

Take a look at the promo for next week:

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‘The Whispers’ Eases Us in and Leaves Us Wanting Answers

2hx7kw9trffd4zm9vnxtub0jzcluslym-sjoku3hjjaopyetiwwlpuj-hlul1p-8glfib2rz8z0eoik346cc_yjghq7i9p-bezdnps7hm7yrkaf91hcwfpy1ie4cjvb7ekqu1j4tqz5o6zr018nhrqsdnrf7dgjnqsdxkungnvmyqy1t4xjr159hrfOther than looking forward to seeing Barry Sloane and Milo Ventimiglia, I wasn’t sure what to expect from ‘The Whispers’. The premiere eased us in and left us with a lot of questions in the end.

It will take some getting use to Barry’s American accent in this show, but his character’s journey looks to be very interesting. Most of the characters seem to have gone through some sort of turmoil and now they have to deal Drill, their kids imaginary friend, who isn’t actually imaginary.

Wes (Barry) is away from his family investigating a plane crash in Africa. The plane just so happens to belong to the husband of the F.B.I. agent he was having an affair with. They thought Sean (Milo) was dead. Claire (Lily Rabe) is just starting to get her footing back after losing her husband and now she finds out he’s missing. She’s also just started a very unusual case. 

If the opening five minutes says anything about the show, we’re in for a strange ride. A young girl almost kills her mother and she just thought it was a game. She tells Agent Claire that Drill was talking about domination. At this point everyone just assumes Drill is imaginary, but Claire figures out he’s real. But she assumes he’s just a man. There was another case involving the imaginary friend Drill, but in that case the boy died. The mother remembered seeing a man before it happened. A sketch artist was called and what she came up with was Claire’s missing husband. So what does Sean and Drill have to do with each other?

Sean has no idea where he is or who he is. He doesn’t stick around the hospital to get any answers either. He survived a plane crash he should never have survived and he’s been missing for three months, but everyone thought he was dead.

All of the main children talk to Drill at some point during the premiere. They all have different roles to play. One child was even given his hearing back.

What is Drill after? From the first girl’s conversation with Claire, it seems like they want to conquer the planet. This doesn’t seem like any sci-fi show we’ve seen before.

Here’s what’s to come this season:

‘Aquarius’ Review: The Time Period Plays a Big Role in the Plot

aquarius nbcCharles Manson may be what NBC was hoping would draw you into ‘Aquarius’, but there’s a whole lot more going on.

The time period definitely plays a lot into the storyline. The time is 1967 in L.A. and no one likes the cops. It starts out with the house that had party where Emma (Emma Dumont) went missing at. Sam (David Duchovny) was trying to find out if anyone had seen Emma, but the witness wasn’t willing to corporate and really just wanted Sam to beat him up with witnesses. 

Sam is very creative with the law. Not that I condone his methods, though they are interesting to watch, I don’t blame him. If no one is willing to talk, then you have to find a way to get the truth.

Not even Emma’s father, Ken (Brían F. O’Byrne), is willing to work with the police. And it’s not just because Sam is his wife’s ex. He has a lot of secrets and he even knows the man that has his daughter. He’s not willing to expose his secrets to get his daughter back though. He’s a lawyer, so he gets paid to make secrets go away. 

Sam is an interesting character. He’s not a dirty cop, but he does seem to get the job done at whatever means necessary. He’s got a sorted past with a wife who appears to be an alcoholic and just screwed up their son’s future. Sam is constantly worried about his son that’s in the army, while still trying to do his job. Can he manage everything?

Brian Shafe (Grey Damon) will be our eye candy for the 13 episodes. He’s very cute and fits right into the crowd. Through most of the two-hour premiere he was painted as a young and green cop, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye to this guy. He should be an interesting character to get to know. When you get to see who’s waiting at home for him, it will really open your eyes.

I was very excited to see Claire Holt as Charmain Tully. She didn’t disappoint. I only would have liked to seen more of her. She knows how to play the game already and she’s about to dive into an intense case. She got a little taste of it. You can see from the clips of what’s to come, she’ll be even more involved in the case.

She’s a woman police office in the 1960s and considering the men get no respect, it will be interesting to see how her character navigates her way through the investigation.

The entire series is now available to stream on nbc.com, the NBC app and Hulu for a limited time. You can also catch new episodes on NBC every Thursday at 9/8c. You can also check out the show online if you haven’t seen the premiere episode yet. It’s defiantly worth watching.

So has ‘Aquarius’ hooked you enough to binge watch the entire series?

I don’t know if I’m ready to watch the entire series without stopping, but I am intrigued to see the story unfold.

‘Wayward Pines’ Review: This is No Paradise

@WP_S1_Vert_KeyArt_R3‘Wayward Pines’ has an erie first episode, leaving you with a lot of questions.

Matt Dillon plays Ethan Burke, a Secret Service agent in search for missing agents. The opening scene shows him waking up in the middle of nowhere with cuts all over his body. He stumbles into town only to collapse in a cafe. The next thing he knows is that he’s in the hospital. He doesn’t have his wallet or phone. He wants to call his wife, but he’s told his emergency contacts were already contacted by the police and the police have his belongings.

He then leaves the hospital, against the nurse’s orders, and heads to the Sheriff’s department, which is closed. He walks into a bar to find Beverly, played by Juliette Lewis. Juliette is certainly getting around. She just starred in ‘Secret and Lies’ on ABC. She plays a particular interesting character on ‘Wayward Pines’. At first glance she seems like just another nice civilian, but she’s so much more. Beverly lets Ethan eat for free, since he doesn’t have his wallet. She also gives him an address to look her up with, if he needs anything. The back of the receipt with the address has a very strange message: “There are no crickets in Wayward Pines.” But apparently there are sound boxes that give off cricket noises. Beverly is the only nice person Ethan will meet. The clerk at the hotel is not so understanding. He forces Ethan to vacate the room, since he can’t pay and it’s past check-out time.

This leads him to go to the address Beverly gave him. He doesn’t find Beverly, but he does find one of the agents he’s looking for, Agent Evens. But Evens is dead. The house is also falling apart from what looks to be because of a fire. Beverly clearly doesn’t live there.

Ethan finally makes it to the Sheriff’s office when they are open, but they don’t have Ethan’s things. He once again calls his wife, but his wife isn’t getting any of his messages. He sends the Sheriff to see the body as well.

He tries calling the Secret Service office, but the new woman is not very helpful.

Things just continue to get stranger and stranger. He tries to find Beverly, but the guy in the bar claims she doesn’t work there and knocks him out. He says on the walkie that number 101628 isn’t doing well. He then wakes up back in the hospital and they claim he has a brain bleed and he’s hallucinating. The nurse gives him a sedative to calm him down. Just as he’s going to go into surgery, Beverly shows up again to get him out of the hospital.

Here’s where things get really confusing. Beverly thinks the year is 2010 and she’s been in Wayward Pines a year. Ethan also runs into another agent he’s looking for, Kate, who he also had an affair with. She claims she’s been there for 12 years and she’s aged. Ethan saw her just five weeks ago. How can two people in the same city, have two different senses of time?

He has experienced hallucinations in the past and he even asks Kate if he’s having a relapse, she shakes her head.

Ethan desperately tries to leave, but ends up driving in a circle. Then he tries to walk out through the woods and finds he’s barricaded in.

What’s even stranger is his boss appears to have put him there and removed all evidence of him being in the car crash that put him there. Why? What kind of experiment is this? Are we in some sort of twilight zone? If time moved the same way, I would just assume it was some kind of social experiment, but it’s clearly more than that.

Can Ethan find a way out of Wayward Pines? We’ll have to watch to find out:

Relive your 20s Vicariously Through ‘Younger’

younger-9781416510215_lgI keep hearing it called Hillary Duff’s new show, but really they should call ‘Yougner’, Sutton Foster’s new show, because it’s really all about her. 

It’s a scary world for a mother of a senior in high school and recently divorced, but Liza Miller (Sutton) is embracing her new freedom by returning to her 20s.

It made sense that she wanted to go back to work after her husband left and her daughter is spending her senior year abroad, and not just because she had to. But a lot has changed since she was working. Twitter, Facebook, Tinder, just to name a few. And Liza doesn’t know what any of it means.

Then one night out with her friend, Maggie (Debi Mazar), she gets hit on by a really cute and much younger guy, Josh (Nico Tortorella). She flirts and has a little bit of fun, but walks away, because he’s just way to young. Not before he puts a date in her calendar though. 

Maggie comes up with the great idea to make Liza 26, so she can get a job. It seems leaving work and raising a daughter doesn’t make it easy to just go back to work. But pretending to spend three years in India and write a book is much better.

This devious plan works and she gets hired to be an assistant to Diana Trout (Miriam Shor). Apparently Diana likes to destroy younger women. This is where Hillary finally makes her appearance as Junior Editor Kelsey Peters. It appears that Liza will learn a lot from Kelsey. 

Thankfully for us girls, Liza decides to pursue something with Josh. He’ll be great eye candy, but the show is seriously funny even without the eye candy. Liza doesn’t know half of what people are saying. She’s so out of tune with pop culture and being quizzed on Katniss Everdeen, One Direction and Harry, isn’t going to make the new world of social media any easier.

Liza pretends to be 26 very well though. She looks very young for her age and can pull off those younger styles, even if the thrift store clothes do “smell like weed.”

It’s a nice fantasy for anyone living in suburbia to be able to do it all again. Maggie is certainly loving living vicariously through Liza.

Liza will have to be careful though, or her real life and her 26 year old life might overlap.

Make sure to tune into ‘Younger’ on TV Land, Tuesdays at 10/9c.

‘Bloodline’: The Story of Betrayal

Poster-Bloodline-640x847Family is a complicated thing. They can tear themselves apart and put the pieces back together.

‘Bloodline’ tells the story of family and tragedy. The secrets of the Rayburn family come back to haunt them when the oldest son, Danny (Ben Mendelsohn), comes home. 

He’s the bad sheep of the family and has never been able to get his life together. Not that any of the Rayburn children are perfect, well John (Kyle Chandler), comes pretty close.

John has always taken care of the family from when he was a kid. Now he’s a detective, happily married with two kids. His life is pretty perfect, until his brother Danny comes back to town.

Meg (Linda Cardellini) may look perfect from the outside, but she’s not. Career wise she’s very successful, she’s a lawyer. Love wise, she’s never been able to settle down. She has a great boyfriend, Marco (Enrique Murciano), who is partner’s with her brother John. They’ve been dating five years and haven’t tied the knot yet. It probably has something to with her commitment issues. In one of the opening scenes she’s seen having sex with a man that isn’t her boyfriend.

Kevin (Norbert Leo Butz) is having problems of his own when his brother comes home. He’s separated from his wife, but he hasn’t told anyone yet. He also has a bad temper that gets him in trouble.

The family all comes to together to celebrate the anniversary of their parent’s hotel.

Sally (Sissy Spacek) and Robert (Sam Shepard) run a successful hotel in the Florida Keys and are celebrating 45 years of business and Robert is being honored with a pier being named after him. 

The Rayburns are upstanding citizens in the community. The name commands respect, but they have a secret from their past that is about to come back and haunt them.

This secret will tear them apart and threaten to ruin the entire family.

In the first episode you get to see glimpses of where this dark secret leads them. It leads to John putting Danny’s body in a boat and setting it one fire. It won’t be till the 12th episode that you find out why and how this happens.

The 13 episode first season has a lot of twists and turns while you get to know the Rayburn family and especially Danny.

I didn’t like Danny almost from the moment he arrived in the Keys, as the show went on, he kept rubbing me the wrong way. He seems like he can be charming. He seems like he’s damaged from what happened when they were kids. He seems like he’s lost his way, but maybe there is no saving him at this point.

It becomes harder and harder to sympathize with Danny as the story goes on. I really enjoyed Ben’s portrayal of Danny. He really made you want to hate this guy. He also made you a little scared of Danny too. The oldest Rayburn keeps you on your toes. You never know what he might do next.

Sally never gives up on Danny, she even sides with Danny at times. She’s convinced he’s doing better. The rest of the children try their best to shield their mother from the truth, but it’s just more lies that will haunt the family.

‘Bloodline’ is very addictive, each episode ends leaving you hanging and wanting to know more. The way the story is laid out, it gives you pieces from what happens and walks you through the whole story until it all comes together.

The show is filled with a lot of family drama, suspense and mystery. I was drawn in from episode one and enjoyed every episode after.

The only complaint I have about the show is the language. For some characters it made sense for them to be swearing all the time, but not everyone had to swear that much. Just because you can write it into the script, doesn’t mean you have to.

I don’t know if there will be a second season. The story leaves it open for the possibility, but it could easily end on the note that it did. ‘Bloodline’ ends with just another aspect of the Rayburn family legacy. The legacy is secrets and lies.

‘iZombie’ is the Spirit of ‘Veronica Mars’, and It’s Awesome

Liv has to eat brains to not go full zombie.

Liv has to eat brains to not go full zombie.

The spirit of ‘Veronica Mars’ lives on in ‘iZombie’. Rose McIver’s narration of her character is just as witty at existential as Kristen Bell’s narration of Veronica was.

Rose play’s Liv, whose just gone through a life changing event. She died and came back as a zombie. Her life was perfect. She was engaged to a great guy, Major (Robert Buckley), and she was on her way to being a heart surgeon, but after one party, everything changed. 

She’s not even a party person. She just went because Major told her to. She was trying to make friends with her fellow residents.

Her family, roommate and ex-fiancé are very worried about her, because since the party, she’s changed. They blame it on PTSD. If only they knew what really happened on that boat.

She’s no longer a resident at the hospital on her way to being a heart surgeon, she works in the morgue. Her boss, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli), has suspected her for sometime and catching her eating brains confirmed his theory. He’s mesmerized by her. And doesn’t seem mad at all about the brain eating. Of course it’s necessary, that stops her from going full zombie. 

Another side effect from Liv being a zombie is getting visions from the brains that she eats and that leads her to helping out on a case of a Jane Doe.

Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) is very hesitant to believe the information Liv is giving him, until he sees it in person. Everything she keeps saying is right. Clive comes to the conclusion that Liv is a psychic, just like Ravi said. 

Clive is in desperate need of breaking a case. He’s the new guy and hasn’t had much luck yet. Liv’s zombie powers are about to change his career.

Liv is trying to figure out where she fits into society now that she’s undead. Her life has completely changed and she’s having a hard time embracing the new her.

I’ve missed ‘Veronica Mars’ so much and while this is not a carbon copy, the wit and investigation lives on through Rob Thomas’ new show. It’s a perfect addition to The CW line up.

‘iZombie’ is also the latest addition to The CW’s comic book shows. The new series is based on the DC comic of the same name.

It’s also nice that this comic book adaptation has a female heroin and a very quirky one at that.

How long will it take Liv’s family and friends to figure out she’s a zombie?

Make sure you check out this incredible new show!

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‘The Royals’ Reveals Scandal and Heart

Princess Eleanor and Prince Liam morn the loss of their brother, Robert.

Princess Eleanor and Prince Liam morn the loss of their brother, Prince Robert.

‘The Royals’ was not what I was expecting. I was expecting a lot of scandal, which there was, but I wasn’t expecting heart.

The show opens with Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) partying at a club with a friend and strangers. She’s drinking a lot and doing drugs. She dances on the table and when she falls, theres a person there to snap a shot of underneath her dress, with no panties.

Even Prince Liam (William Moseley) was caught in bed with a girl, the head of security’s daughter, Ophelia. All pretty much what you were expecting, right?

Then Eleanor announces that Robert is dead, her brother, the future King of England. Now Liam is the future King of England.

Everything after that, was not what I was expecting.

Princess Eleanor is a party girl, but there’s a lot more going on then meets the eye and she doesn’t have it all together, like she pretends. If the opening scandal wasn’t bad enough, by the end of the episode, she’s in a worse state.

Liam get’s introduced as a guy who hooks up with girls, but really it’s just a start of a relationship and he’s nothing like his sister Eleanor. Though I’m sure becoming the next King of England is going to have an affect on him.

Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) was exactly what I expected. She’s a bitch and cares very much about the image her family is portraying on the people. In the case of her daughter, I can’t blame her, but in the case of her son, I think she should just let him be.

Helena is going to be a lot of fun. I’m sure she’s going to be causing some of the drama, but I’m also wondering how she’s dealing with the loss of her son. She won’t let herself cry in public because she believes the Queen of England doesn’t get to grieve the loss of her son.

King Simon (Vincent Regan) really causes a stir when he announces to his family that he wants to abolish the monarchy. No one in the family takes this news very well, but you’ll see more personal reactions as the episode goes on.

Simon wants more for his kids than the royal life. He wants them to find love.

A big mystery is how Prince Robert died. All that is revealed is that he died in military action, but something tells me there’s more to it than that.

I was expecting a lot of scandal and drama, but not much depth. At least not from all the previews that I’ve watched. The show that I’ve watched is a lot better than that. It ponders the future of the monarchy and what the pressures of being roality does to the family.

E! has really done a great job with its first scripted series.

‘American Crime’ is Starting the Conversation

american-crimeLast week the characters were all introduced and now the conversation can begin.

If this show doesn’t get people talking about race, I don’t know what will.

The evidence is coming in and its making even the victims look bad.

Russ is determined to find out what was going on with his son, but his ex-wife, doesn’t believe it. She calls it all lies and wants to fight against it. Because what the police are saying, couldn’t possibly be true.

She wouldn’t even talk to the second detective on the case because she’s African American.

Alonzo is having difficulties of his own. He’s mad that his son has been taken into custody and claims the police lied to him. His daughter is blaming him for what happened. She said, he wishes he was white so they would like him more and he hates them because they look like him.

He’s tried so hard to make sure his kids had a good life and didn’t get into trouble, but that appears to have back fired. Tony said that he was happy that he finally did something to make his dad mad. He also said it’s about being better than them.

Alonzo has a nice little family and there’s no reason why Tony should be in juvenile detention for being involved in a murder.

You probably would have never guessed that Matt had a lot of drugs in his house either.

Even Gwen’s case isn’t as simple as it appears. Evidence revealed that she wasn’t raped. Her parents don’t want to deal with it or accept it, just like Barbara.

This is not a clear cut case. Barbara, Tom and Eve are going to have to start accepting some hard truths as the case continues. At least Russ is trying to figure out what was going on with his son, instead of completely writing it off.

Have you checked out this new show yet? Take a look at the promo for episode two, watch the show and join the conversation.

The ‘Secrets and Lies’ Keep Coming, What is the Truth?

2363x3150The investigation continues to find out who killed Tom and Detective Cornell is still convinced that Ben is the murderer.

As the investigation goes on, so does life. The Crawfords have to continue on with their lives. Christy still has to work and so does Ben. Plus Christmas is coming up and their youngest, Abby, still wants to do everything they normally do.

Part of carrying on with life meant going to the fair. While everyone looked at Ben suspiciously and whispered, Christy says they won’t hide.

I still don’t know if Ben killed his own son, but what I do know is how stupid he’s been. If we were supposed to get to know Ben better this week, I have to say he’s pretty dumb. It’s hard to know what you would do if you were the center of a murder investigation though. A lot of what Ben does in this episode, most people would probably do too.

A lot of what Ben did this week had nothing to do with the case and all about him being a father and human.

He found out some shocking news about his daughter and acted like probably any other father would, it’s just bad that he’s the center of a media frenzy. The last secret to be revealed this week may or not be true, but he also acted very much like any other father.

It’s sad that your parental instincts can be taken the wrong way in a tricky situation.

The show is definitely aptly named. There are lot of secrets that keep being revealed and the lies keep piling up too.

I didn’t come to any conclusion on whether Ben is guilty or not. He’s certainly not looking very good at the moment though.

I really like how Ryan Phillippe is tackling this role. He’s keeping us in suspense on whether or not his character is guilty or innocent. He’s also a good father too. He cares about his daughters deeply and tries his best to protect them. The way he is with his daughters, makes me really hope he’s innocent, but he’s looking more and more guilty. At least from the outside.

KaDee Strickland is also doing a good job. She’s standing strong against the whispers and she’s standing by her man. She’s not standing by Ben in a weak way. She hasn’t forgiven him, but she’s standing tough for her girls. It’s not easy having the media watching you constantly, but she’s doing it very gracefully.

You should watch this show because the Crawfords are being tested and you get to see how each of them deal with the pressure. There’s a lot of great character development potential. I don’t know if Ben is innocent or guilty. The writers are keeping the audience in suspense for now.

If you haven’t tuned into this new miniseries, now is time to catch up. Then you can decide if you think Ben is guilty or innocent.