‘The Whispers’ Review: Where Are Our Children?

The message was: "Are the children ready? "

The message was: “Are the children ready? “

ABC better renew The Whispers for a second season because this can’t be the end! I mean technically it could be, it’s a very disturbing ending, but I’ve been enjoying the show so much that I want more.

We assumed that Drill had a group of kids when the first one touched down in 1982, but we had no way of knowing who they were. We also wanted to know what lasting affect Drill’s presence had on the kids. We now know. They were sleeper cells. Ready to do Drill’s bidding the next time he came.

We always assumed that Drill was going to destroy all the humans and take the planet, but his kind wasn’t there for the planet, he was there for the children. Now it all makes sense why Drill was making friends with kids. I thought maybe those are the only ones he can communicate through, but it was way more than that. He gained their trust, betrayed them and then possessed them.

Poor Henry was only given back his hearing for doing Drill’s work, but because Drill was actually kind. As Claire said, he would only kill himself if he had a reason to, and he always has reason for everything he does.

That was crazy when Drill killed himself inside Cassandra’s body. It’s no wonder we only got one glimpse of the President. He’s no good to anyone now. His own daughter was taken and used to send the message and now all of the children are gone. But are all of them gone? Henry was saved, how many kids were taken?

The writers know how to pull at your heartstrings. That scream Wes did when he was helplessly looking for Minx broke my heart. He couldn’t make it in time before the aliens took her away. He came so close. Claire was closer to Henry and was able to push him out of the way. It was also heartbreaking watching Claire run to Henry and then Claire being taken instead. She sacrificed herself for her son, even if that wasn’t her intent.

Poor Wes lost his wife, his daughter and his mistress. Every girl he ever cared for is gone and there was nothing he could do about it. Will Sean and Wes team up to save all of them. Can they all be saved?

With Formmer in charge they will never be saved. He didn’t even give Wes a chance to translate the message, he just attacked. It didn’t do any good either.

Everyone made mistakes along the way, but when you’re dealing with children, you have to be very carful. Formmer never thought about the children’s well being. Maybe if Wes had sacrificed that one boy, but that’s still the loss of a child. And you can say that if that one child was sacrificed, all of them would be saved, but losing a child is still a high price to pay to protect the rest of the kids.

I really hope ABC renews this show because it’s a very unique show about aliens. Plus I would like to continue watching Barry Sloane and Milo Ventimiglia on TV. So please ABC, gives us more of The Whispers!

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‘The Whispers’ Review: They’re Coming

Drill is in the White House!

Drill is in the White House!

This was one crazy episode. Half the time I was crying and the other half I was yelling at the screen. I was not sure how it was going to end.

As the evidence pilled up against Minx, I still wasn’t convinced it was her. Drill is really good at getting kids to do his bidding. And just because it was Minx’s file that was altered didn’t make me think it had to be her. Maybe I’m just really use to ‘A’ in Pretty Little Liars and she sure liked to make you think someone else was ‘A’.

I don’t know what else they could have done to prove Minx wasn’t Drill. But as I said before, they had to make absolutely sure it was her.

Talking to the reporter was a good and bad idea. Sean’s only agenda was to get Henry home, but the reporter was able to give them some valuable information that proved Minx wasn’t Drill. But getting the kids released was also a bad idea, because Drill was set free.

Then all of a sudden Drill was in the White House and things got really exciting and quite scary. Claire tried everything to stop Drill. I’m surprised they didn’t just shoot her when she ran past the secret service. But I think the President will forgive her for putting not just her country first, but the world.

The President is so well protected no one could stop Drill from sending out the message and now all of his family and friends will be heading to Earth.

When I was really yelling at the screen was when Minx was being taken to be killed and in a very brutal way. That poor soldier couldn’t even push the button and I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t even be able to walk Formmer through it. Of course I would have been kicked out with Wes and Claire because I would have been fighting for them no to kill Minx. You have to be absolutely sure beyond a doubt and the evidence didn’t make me think it was her beyond a doubt. I still had doubts.

There was only two seconds when they finally stopped the count down. It was insane. I could finally breathe after Wes saved his daughter.

It was heartbreaking watching him think that Minx was actually possessed by Drill. Drill had taken his wife from him and now he though Drill had taken his daughter too. I really want Wes to be the one to take him out because he deserves the justice. This poor man has been through so much.

So Drill’s kind are on their way. What does that mean for the world? And what will the President do now that it’s his kid? He was quick to say kill Minx, but will he be so quick when it’s his daughter? It’s way too late to eliminate Drill now because more of him are on their way anyways. We can’t say he made the wrong call with that first boy, because killing an innocent child is not the answer. He made the wrong call when he sent the kids home. Then he set up a press conference making it very convenient  for Drill to send his message. The President played right into Drill’s hands.

One final note, I loved the reporters face when Sean told him that Drill wasn’t human. He thought it was some secret nuclear program. He had no idea he was about to write a story about aliens. Of course now there will be wide spread panic. But he still has a story of a lifetime.

Their children are not safe yet. The season finale is next week. Are you ready for the battle to protect the children?

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‘The Whispers’ Review: Is Drill Really in Minx?

Do we really believe Minx is Drill?

Do we really believe Minx is Drill?

I had a really bad feeling that Drill would end up in either Minx or Henry, but I don’t believe Drill is in Minx. If Silas was so afraid to tell Claire in the room who Drill was, why tell her when Drill is right there.

I thought Silas might be Drill after Maria was looking at the slides and he was the last kid she check out. Henry seemed a little suspicious with his mom and so did Minx, but she’s been known to be sassy like that, especially with Claire.

Silas was acting pretty suspicious too. He could really be scared, or it could just be Drill playing more games. You know how he likes his games.

Wes really should have been taken off the investigation or at least as point person after Lena died. I understand he wants to fight and protect the children, but he just made things so much worse.

Now fingers are being pointed at his daughter and Formmer won’t think twice about executing his daughter. They need to be absolutely sure before they take out a child or let the other children leave.

Wes’s idea wasn’t completely bad. Testing them and finding out as much as they can about the children was a good idea, but he didn’t execute it well. What did he think was going to happen? Of course parents were going to be outraged.

His actions forced Drill to take a child. They were hoping never to get to that point, but maybe it was always going to go that way. Maybe there is no other way to destroy him.

Maria knew who Drill was and she was killed because of it. She was just on the edge of telling us what she saw in the scans and who Drill was and Drill took her out.

What can Drill do now that he’s in a child? He never got the chance last time. Should we be seriously worried?

I had a feeling that mystery guy was a reporter. I don’t know if he should write his story just yet. That would cause a wide panic. Anything that has to do with children can cause panic. And now things are worse because the kids are trapped with Drill. I don’t care what the kids say, I don’t believe we know who Drill really is yet.

I’m a little nervous about the next part of The Whispers. Killing kids because they are possessed is very touchy. You really have to do it right. The writers really have to be careful with how they play this out. Can there still be another way to kill Drill? If they discover Drill is really in Minx or Henry, I think they might try to find another way.

There’s only two more episodes of the season. How close will they get to Drill.

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‘The Whispers’ Review: When Your Darkest Fears Come to Life

He finally realized what he had and now she's gone.

He finally realized what he had and now she’s gone.

Drill is getting desperate, but he’s still one step ahead of them.

I’m sorry, but Lena is so stupid. She had a great plan of getting away from power lines and then she chickened out. I understand she was worried about her husband, but the point was to get Minx away. Now she won’t be around to protect her daughter.

Last week was really tragic and this week was very suspenseful. I’m enjoying the different tones that the episodes are taking. Not that Lena dying wasn’t tragic, but really they are all Drill’s targets. Anyone of them could have been killed. Lena was just the easy target.

I’m not that sad to see her go. The only time I really liked her character was when she was playing nice with Drill to talk to him, other that that I haven’t been too impressed with her.

When Wes and Claire went into the house I was very nervous. Technically they should be safe when the power is off, but clearly Drill is stronger than that. He was able to attack Was without any power and he almost possessed a boy. The Secretary was very happy with that. He thought they could end it all right then. But there were a lot of parents involved and none of them had the heart to let a child die. Is there really a right choice there? You spare the kid and you leave millions of people in danger, but you kill the kid to save millions and that still doesn’t justify killing a kid in most people’s minds.

It was too early for Drill to take a kid and for them to kill the kid, if that is where this is going. But my stomach was still turning wondering what the President was going to decide, but being a father himself, he couldn’t sacrifice the child.

I love when a show can get me on the edge of my seat even when I know something can’t happen. I like to enjoy the ride, despite knowing in the back of my mind that it can’t play out like that. Then sometimes they just surprise you, like with Lena’s death. It wasn’t a complete surprise. Drill is ramping up his game.

It is so easy to get kids to go against adults. They don’t feel like adults understand them, which can be true at times, but they don’t not love them. Henry eventually realized Drill is bad and Minx has too. It only took losing her mother for her to truly see Drill for who he is.

I was also very nervous when Sean and Henry were in that car accident. Is Henry okay? I feel like he should have been taken back to the hospital after that. Why would you take him home? He needs to be checked out. That was a pretty nasty crash.

Did Claire and Wes let go of each other? There was a very sad moment where I felt that they let go of each other. Then poor Wes had to go home and find Lena. Claire went home and reconnected with Sean. At the beginning I loved Claire and Wes together and I still do. They have such amazing chemistry on screen, but they are in two different places now. At the moment they are just trying to protect their families and reconnect with their spouses. And now it’s too late for Wes.

Who was that guy at the end? He’s been watching Claire and her family and now he’s moved on to Wes’s family.

They may have saved a child this week, but Drill has the DSN code key and that’s a very bad fate to be in.

Next week has Drill possessed a child?:

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‘The Whispers’ Review: Save Our Children

Is there any hope? If the only way to destroy Drill is killing child, is that really winning?

Is there any hope? If the only way to destroy Drill is killing child, is that really winning?

Can any parent make that sacrifice? One child for the lives of all. What if it’s your child? Even if you are the President, I don’t think that’s any sacrifice you can make. No parent should have to make that decision.

I really enjoyed the ending of this episode. It was so tragic and so helpless. Thomas is a hero. Elliot was already gone, but still, how do you look at the face that use to be your brother and kill him to save the world? How can any child be that strong to make that sacrifice? And what did it get poor Thomas? Drill took everything from him and when faced with death, as scared as he was, he didn’t give into Drill. He died with his secret.

These poor children are being corrupted and will never be the same. As Thomas said, once you cross that line, you’ll never be innocent again.

Claire didn’t want Frommer to find out how to kill Drill, because she knew he wouldn’t think twice about sacrificing a child. And she was right. The only problem is, even though they may not tell him what they discovered, he’s using them for information anyways. It should come to no surprise that he had them followed. Claire, Wes and Lena are doing all the work for him. Claire was right, if it wasn’t for them, he wouldn’t know anything

There needs to be a plan B. There needs to be another way to destroy Drill. Killing a child can’t be the only way. I’m so afraid that child will be Henry or Minx. But even if it’s any other child it’s still so tragic. Claire’s loud cry said it all. It just can’t be the only way. Claire is holding the weight of not only her child, but of all their children. She wants to save them all and she’s setting herself up for failure. But can you blame her? Who wants to admit that the only way to save the world from an alien, is to sacrifice a child.

Each week The Whispers gets better and better. The story is so tragic for these families, but they’ve been bonded together over a common threat. They will do anything to protect their children.

It was so moving watching Sean tell Thomas that he can rest now, that Drill can’t hurt him now. He spent his whole life hiding from Drill. Drill took not only his childhood, but his life. They may need someone as brave as Thomas to save them again.

I wasn’t sure if Thomas was telling the truth or stable enough to remember what happened. Jessup was asking all the questions I was. Did he really kill Drill, is he crazy? Someone needed to ask these questions.

After everything Thomas has been through, it’s no wonder he locked himself away. He sacrificed his entire life to get rid of Drill. I felt it was just too easy and they were holding all their hope on this one man who seemed a little crazy. Claire didn’t sit around and wait for Thomas to be saved, she went looking for answers. And she found more than she bargained for. It wasn’t that easy. Sure they know how to kill him now, but it won’t be easy. The death itself will be easy, finding the will to go through with it won’t be.

How far will they go to destroy Drill?

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‘The Whispers’ Review: A Hollow Man Holds the Key

11148755_377162852474127_7018358459003991833_nI didn’t know how the writers could top the end of the last episode, but they did. We got a lot more background information about Drill this week and we got so close to finding out how to actually kill him, but Lena being a mother, had to shoot the guy to protect her daughter.

Not that I blame Lena. It think a lot of mothers would have done the same thing. But maybe she should have listened to her husband. Then again, he didn’t want to believe her when she told him Drill was still alive. Wes needs to work on his communication and trust issues with his women. It seems to keep getting them in trouble.

This isn’t the first time Drill’s kind has been to Earth. He visited us in 1982. We know for sure that he spoke to Thomas, who knows how many other kids he spoke to too. Even if Thomas is telling the truth that he killed the first Drill, he’s gone a little nuts now. But who could blame him. I mean Drill made him kill his own brother and then he was in a psychiatric hospital for ten years. That would make anyone crazy, but the fact that he knew Drill was real while everyone told him it was imaginary, couldn’t have been good for the psyche.

Sean told us last week that Drill wants to destroy us, but is that all? He clearly stopped Thomas’s father from doing something and now Claire and Sean are on the run and Wes has been stripped of his clearance. Drill communicates with the kids that have important parents and then he tears them down in one way or another.

What exactly has Drill done to get the loyalty from these kids? He got Henry’s dad back, but Henry still seems to be on his parents side, whereas Minx is on team Drill. And Minx seemed to know what her mother was doing. These kids are going to have some serious issues after being friends with Drill. Which we know for sure from seeing Thomas.

The Whispers is all new in two weeks. They have to save Thomas’s life so they can save their own lives.

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‘The Whispers’ Review: Whatever it Takes to Defeat the Enemy

Maybe Wes and Sean can actually work together to defeat Drill now.

Maybe Wes and Sean can actually work together to defeat Drill now.

Sean and Claire are on the run now and they didn’t even kill Drill. Hopefully they at least stopped Drill from contacting home.

The Whispers is turning into a very exciting show. The government is doing what you’d expect it to do, want to study the UFO, even when they know it’s dangerous. I really don’t like the defense secretary.  He blackmailed Sean into being their guinea pig. Sean was in a very bad accident and his memory was wiped and he was forced to do things. He shouldn’t go to prison for that. He was debriefed and now he should go home. And I especially don’t like that he’s taking Sean and Claire’s son into custody. They were just protecting the children!

I hate that Claire had to lie to Wes, but I loved the twist. If they would have been on the same team, maybe they could have executed the plan better. Wes keeps saying Sean has been through a trauma, which is true, but he’s also a soldier. So he is thinking actionably about what he learned and went through. In the end Wes chose to follow Sean’s plan and even got them out of there before reinforcements came in. This isn’t going to be an easy mess to clean up and it’s even worse that they didn’t actually destroy Drill. Not that we expected Drill to be killed so early on.

But now Lena is going to make a deal with Drill. She should be careful. When the kids do something Drill asks they can get away with it, but she could have some serious consequences depending on what Drill wants from her. But I think she would do anything to protect her daughter.

The episode really got exciting when you realized Drill targeted the first daughter. Now there’s a really well connected child. It was a little of a let down when the only thing Drill wanted from the President was to find out where his rock was. You would expect if he’s going to get that close to the most important person in the country, it would be for something big.

I did like how Wes was able to figure out that Drill had gotten to the President. That silly doll connected the dots.

Next week Lena may be crossing a line to protect her daughter.

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‘The Whispers’ Review: Is Drill Winning?

Claire didn't get all the answers she wanted, but she did learn some things. I say her little playgroup was a success.

Claire didn’t get all the answers she wanted, but she did learn some things. I say her little playgroup was a success.

So if we are assuming that Drill is an alien, this is different than any kind of alien we’ve ever seen before. He’s some sort of energy and he gets inside the kids’ heads to speak to them.

I’m going to make another assumption here, Drill and his kind have run out of food on their planet and they are looking to move to Earth. That’s my best guess when Harper said he’s looking for food and that’s why he had to come first.

But is his family on the blue rock thing? The doctor already said it was a vessel and we know it’s connected with Drill.

I’m wondering why Sean was made to have visions and be at places at certain times. And now he’s given his memory back just like that. Did he run out his usefulness?

Now that he does have his memory back, will he be able to tell them anything about what happened to him? Does he remember all that time too?

It was an awkward moment when he remembered everything. At first it was a sweet reunion between husband and wife. He clearly missed Claire and still loves her, but then he saw Wes and he remembered everything bad too.

It’s been a while for Claire since the affair ended and Sean found out, but it won’t seem like that long for Sean. This is still something they will have to work through. Though I still like the chemistry between Wes and Claire. I’m horrible, I know.

Wes and Claire need to get their act together. Wes told Claire some of what he found in the desert, but then wouldn’t tell her anything else. Which I get, because he was ordered to secrecy. But then he can’t get mad when Claire works on her own leads. If he wants them to work together, they have to actually work together.

In the end though having some of those measures put in place was a good idea. They now have more of an idea what they are dealing with. I get why Claire wanted to keep it small and intimate. These are kids after all. Lena wouldn’t even let her daughter be involved and Wes wanted containment if Minx was going to be involved.

Lena may not be involved with any government group, but she’s gained Drill’s trust and now she’s terrified. What will she do with that trust? I commend her for trying to make the connection and even more for succeeding, but does she have it in her to see this through? I would say consult with Wes or Claire, but if she does that, she’ll also be on Drill’s dislike list.

Next week Sean lets them in on what he knows and something goes very wrong for Claire:

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‘The Whispers’ Review: What Lies Beneath Brings More Questions

The answers are written in the tattoos.

The answers are written in the tattoos.

What is Drill? That is the big question. As Claire said, they’re not dealing with a who, they’re dealing with a what.

What kind of thing can contain a nuclear meltdown and give a child back his hearing. Henry was never supposed to get back his hearing and Claire, Sean and Henry should be dead after that nuclear meltdown. The laws of physics don’t seem to apply in Drill’s world.

The other big question is what happened to Sean. The amnesia isn’t a big thing. After a bad crash like he went through it’s not unreasonable to think he could lose his memory, but why is he getting visions and why is he connected to that big glowing rock? Maybe ‘What lies Beneath’ wasn’t the best name for this episode, because we didn’t learn anything about what that glowing rock is.

I get why the FBI want Claire off the case, but she’s actually producing some good leads. And I don’t like that she’s being watched. She doesn’t have anything to do with this thing. She’s just trying to protect her son and find answers.

She has figured out more than any of the other agents so far. So has Wes.

I really like Wes. He’s thinking outside of the box to solve this one, but with some help. Drill gave him the answers he needed to get back to Africa. But what does Drill want with Wes? Why are the two men in Claire’s life seem to be targeted by Drill? Scretary Formmer seems to think she has something do with this whole big mess.

What does Drill want with Wes? He’s now out in Africa and he’s found the rock, what now? Of course maybe the more pressing question is, is the glowing blue harmful?

Plus another issue is when will Drill strike with his contained nuclear essence? The woman said it would be the ultimate chemical attack, just when and where does Drill plan to use it?

Will Sean ever be able to remember who he was? He’s scared of even a possibility of a future. He clearly knows something we don’t.

Drill really targets his children well. They are so well placed. He’s very strategic. He doesn’t miss a detail.

Not only are the kids well placed, they are also very smart. Drill can get them to do a lot of things. It’s very scary how easy these kids are manipulated. They all think they are doing nothing wrong and they get a prize at the end of the game. If only they new how deadly of a game they were playing.

Next week Claire tries to talk to Drill.

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‘The Whispers’ Review: Faux Meltdown

Henry was having his own little Goonies adventure.

Henry was having his own little Goonies adventure.

This was the most exciting episode of The Whispers yet. With one boy already killed with Drill’s games, I was getting very worried that Henry was going to be next. I was more worried about Henry being put right in the middle of it than I was about the people in the four mile radius that would be affected if their was a meltdown.

The kids are really stars in this show. They know more about what’s going on than the grown ups do and they are so loyal to Drill that they won’t let their parents in on the secret.

Minx and Henry were so cute together. These kids are both very smart. Henry didn’t want to play the game. He thought it wasn’t a good idea, he didn’t want to get in trouble and he was suspicious of why Drill didn’t ask him to play. All of that was out weighed by his desire to see his father again, but can you blame the boy?

Minx is a little too clever for her own good. She cut herself to distract Henry’s grandmother and ran out the door just as she was going to have to start answering questions. Plus she already knows that parents don’t have all the answers, even though they think they do. She’s going to be a handful when she gets older.

In the end her faith in Drill was justified. Drill said if everyone did what they were supposed to do, that everyone would win.

I absolutely loved the music that was playing in the background when Henry was on his journey. It gave his scenes a Goonies feel to it. He was going on his very own adventure and the treasure was his father.

And I’m finally getting use to Barry Sloan’s American accent. That only took four episodes.

Is it wrong of me to like that there is still feelings between Claire and Wes? It’s absolutely wrong that they both cheated on their spouses, but I really like these two. There have a chemistry together that I like.

Wes hinted earlier that there was something real between them and this week we can see that those feelings are still there. He broke down when he thought Claire was killed in the meltdown. Claire was also saying her goodbyes to him and apologizing.

It’s unclear if Drill wanted those feelings to rise to the surface again. Drill must have known Claire was going to go into the plant after her son.

Drill did make things difficult for Lena and Wes when Minx went over to see Henry to tell him to play the game to get his father back. Lena doesn’t believe that Minx ever left the house. Claire wouldn’t lie, but if Wes defends Claire, he’ll be in the dog house again. Not that he’s truly gotten out of the dog house yet.

Sean may not remember who he is, but there’s still a spark of him left. He told Maria to shoot him if he did something bad. He’s starting to fight whatever has taken over his body. Sadly he didn’t seem to remember his wife and kid.

What one earth happened to that smoke at the end? It evaporated and nothing was contaminated. In the end it was a lot of chaos for nothing. What was the point? What is Drill trying to do?

I knew this wasn’t Drill’s endgame. It’s too early on to be the endgame. But what was the point?

Will we get to meet Drill next week. He’s coming. Take a look at the promo:

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