‘Madam Secretary’ Review: There but for the Grace of Elizabeth

Elizabeth has a way with words. Even when she's violated the Espionage Act, she still makes it sound good.

Elizabeth has a way with words. Even when she’s violated the Espionage Act, she still makes it sound good.

This was an exciting conclusion to an amazing first season. If ‘Madam Secretary’ didn’t get picked up for another season, it could have easily ended on this note too. It was all wrapped up in a nice bow.

Politicians can do dirty things when they are planning on running for President. Senator Carathers wanted to tear down Elizabeth for his own gain. She was only the biggest piece in solving what happened to Marsh and uncovering the coup. He wanted to tear down the government and reveal truths that really had already been told.

When she first got the subpoena, she had no idea what they had on her. Then the White House being the White House, pulled executive order and we thought that was that. But it wasn’t. If they couldn’t get to Elizabeth, they would get to her through her husband.

This is when you knew they had something. She had shared classified information with Henry and the President wasn’t going to stand by her side. It was nerve wrecking thinking she might go to jail.

Then Henry was going to take the fall for her. A noble gesture, but did he really know what he was getting himself into?

Then Elizabeth decided to testify in front of the committee. Elizabeth has a way for words. She uses the truth to get what she wants. She so eloquently told the committee why she violated the Espionage Act. It was all in service to her country. She had the people behind her and that’s what mattered most in the end.

It was scary after that speech though. The committee deferred it to the DOJ, assuming they would press criminal charges. Fortunately, the DOJ had more common decency than the Senator that wanted to throw her under the bus. The episode took us on a roller coaster for our emotions, but it all ended up fine.

We even found out why she left the C.I.A.. She was given this amazing opportunity to be station chief in Baghdad. Henry didn’t like this though, mainly because that meant her leaving him and the kids for a year. I think she made the right choice in the end. Baghdad changed Juliet. Conrad doesn’t believe it would have changed her though.

Juliet took the deal. She’ll get to live in exchange for everything she knows. I think you can call that a win.

Stevie on the other hand might have some loose ends to tie up when ‘Madam Secretary’ returns. She keeps saying her and Harrison are just friends. Then she goes and sleeps with him to forget about the worry of her mom, but how will she feel when she finds out her mother will be fine? Will this ruin her longtime friendship?

Season one has come to an end. What knew challenges will Elizabeth face next season?

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‘Madam Secretary’ Review: Victory or Mistake?

When 'Madam Secretary' returns will she returns they might the right call or a big mistake?

When ‘Madam Secretary’ returns, will she think they might the right call or a big mistake?

‘Madam Secretary’ has had a great first season. It’s been exciting, mysterious and intelligent. The show makes you think about current political issues by having the Secretary have to encounter what’s going on in the real world. The season finale continued with that theme, but more controversially than most storylines have.

In the season finale President Dalton and the Iranian President signed a treaty, similar to the one that’s in negotiations in real life. In the show parts of the C.I.A. planned a coup in Iran and it almost happened. Elizabeth ended up right in the middle of it.

Now that the deal is signed, Elizabeth is questioning if they did the right thing. It was Jay that made her question everything they’ve done. He was fighting tirelessly to stop the stoning of a gay man in Iran. He came up with the perfect plan of a prisoner swap, but the Iranians wouldn’t sign off on it. They wanted the stoning to happen, because it was good optics.

Jay even got that thrown in his face when he tried to stop the protests from happening outside the White House during the treaty signing. It made him question, what they are actually fighting for? Why are they working with the Iranians?

Now Elizabeth is about to go into interrogate her friend and she’s afraid she’ll realize they made a huge mistake.

She told Jay that she had to weigh a nuclear bomb in the U.S. with that man’s life. That’s a hard choice to make. Even if you think it’s easy to just to pick saving more lives.

In the season finale Elizabeth was also faced with executing her friend and she had to lie to her friend’s husband in the process. Add this to her PTSD, it’s no wonder why she’s having doubts about the deal.

While Elizabeth has proven to be very smart and cunning, she’s also proven to be human. Her C.I.A. training has come in handy to get deals done. ‘Madam Secretary’ has been more of an intellectually exciting show than an action packed show, but it still proves to keep you at the edge of your seat.

This was a very interesting season finale because the mission and conspiracy since the beginning have come to an end. Sure there’s still Juliet to interrogate, but the treaty is signed and she’s in custody.

The cliff hanger doesn’t leave you wondering if someone is going to live or die. It doesn’t leave you wondering if the mission will be completed. It ends with Elizabeth questioning what they’ve been fighting for and it leaves you questioning the deal with Iran. Even if you still fall back on your current beliefs, you probably did question what you think about the deal in comparison to the show.

It’s a shame that younger people don’t watch this show, and I’ve said this before. The demographic for the show is older, but younger people should tune in too. It’s not a play-by-play narrative of what’s going on in politics today, but it does deal with the same issues that are being dealt with today. If you know what’s going on in the world, the show can make you think about it by giving you compelling storylines. If you don’t know what’s going on in the world, the show might prompt you to discover what’s happening. With the Presidential elections next year and the primary race already underway, there’s no better time to know what’s going on and to have an opinion about it.

‘Madam Secretary’ is a great way to introduce young people to politics. You’ve got a strong woman fighting for diplomacy, exciting storylines and real issues.

Here’s the preview for the season finale:

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‘Madam Secretary’ Has the Necessary Art of Averting War

Henry is getting really good at being in the field.

Henry is getting really good at being in the field.

Henry was once again put in the middle of his wife’s affairs. Just as Henry was off to Russia, a Russian sub was crossing over to U.S. costal waters and then disappeared.

The episode barely started and Elizabeth was ushered off to the Situation Room. And just as Henry was starting his lecture, the President of Russia came in to interrupt his presentation, to invite him to go hunting, with cameras following him.

Things didn’t look good. Henry went hunting with the President, not that he had any choice. They were nicely talking until President Ostrov gave Henry a message for his wife and President: his people are not frightened of their enemies and they don’t back down.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth was trying to get information. She had a video call with the Foreign Prime Minister. He claimed that if they called off their troops from the Latvian border, then their submarine would find a map again. He then informed her of her husband hunting with the Russian President.

This explained what happened to Ostrov. Russell couldn’t get a hold of him. He was told the President was in a remote location. He apparently disappeared just like the sub.

Officially Russia was denying the sub was there. The State Department was trying to figure out why the submarine was there. They weren’t sure if it was all about the troops near Russian anymore.

Russell suggested spying, they could be looking to tap into the optics cable there. Garrett really honed in on the fact that the sub was nuclear armed.

The result came down to President Dalton wanting to destroy the sub. He gave the Russians two hours and then they would destroy the vessel at whatever means necessary.

Gossip appeared in the media about Stevie and Daisy cleared up the mess, even the mess that hadn't happened yet.

Gossip appeared in the media about Stevie and Daisy cleared up the mess, even the mess that hadn’t happened yet.

Elizabeth had cleared her schedule, but there was one thing she couldn’t knock off her schedule without being noticed. She had to go to Ezra’s retirement party to speak.

Turns out it was very good she didn’t cancel this engagement. The man had been in service for 60 years and that experience proved invaluable for Elizabeth.

He read all the signs and knew exactly what was going on, so Elizabeth invited him to her office to brainstorm on the matter. Why wasn’t the Russian President bragging? Ezra said is was about reading their intentions as well as the pieces on the board. This led to them thinking, did something go wrong?

In Russia, Henry was wondering the same thing. He went on the tour of the church, but after he noticed the President praying to St. Nicholas, the one they turn to in rough times. Henry said he seemed different, afraid.

Elizabeth took this information to the Dalton. Instead of just destroying the sub, they dropped death charges, to entice the submarine to surface. The sub shot a torpedo at them, hitting them and injuring people on board.

Russia sent a communiqué saying if they attacked again, they would react.

Garret didn’t seem so inclined to go on the observation of Elizabeth’s husband, but Russell defended Henry’s opinion. He said Henry’s proved valuable on the ground in the past.

Elizabeth wanted to try to talk to the submarine before launching an attack. She didn’t want to go to war over a mistake. They used morse code to communicate and the sub sent out a distress call. They suffered a malfunction and loss of oxygen. There was a fire when the new technology failed, which resulted in 42 officers dying.

They were told not to signal for help and to destroy the sub if they couldn’t repair it.

The Captain panicked when they set off depth charges, he thought they were under attack. The sub had also experienced a mutiny.

They only had two hours left of oxygen and asked for help.

The State Department and Defense couldn’t just rescue them. The Russians were on their way and could destroy the sub before they got the people out.

They had to make a deal with Russia, one that they could accept and go through back channels.

Henry went to Ostrov with the deal. Officially the story was the Russian and Americans collided and when the Americans attempted a rescue, they were all dead. The bodies were buried at sea. The truth was that the 20 survivors got new identities and lives in America. They could never see their families again and their families could never know they were okay. This was so the Russian President could save face.

On the upside for the U.S., they got a peek at the new technology.

Henry sealed the deal by talking about how both of their grandfathers fought in WWII.

Stevie was going through her own problems this week. Alison had posted a picture on social media of them with Harrison, the President’s son. This led to media speculation of the President’s son and Secretary’s daughter dating. Stevie called Daisy to handle it. Daisy was on it, but when she discovered Stevie was dating her boss, she was not pleased. This could lead to the end of microloans. It would look really bad from a press stand point.

Stevie had to deal with some paparazzi following her. Then she made the mature decision of breaking it off with Arthur. She didn’t want to ruin his career. She wants to leave the job too, but Arthur urges her to think about it. It’s something she cares about too.

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‘Madam Secretary’: Yet Another Crisis to Handle

The McCord's spent a weekend away at their country home, well until the President came calling.

The McCord’s spent a weekend away at their country home, well until the President came calling.

I enjoyed Henry in action last week and it looks like we’ll be seeing more of that. At the beginning of the episode he got offered a great teaching job at the National War College. He would be teaching future military leaders about the potential enemies beliefs and religions. If that doesn’t sound exciting enough, he may have some covert assignments too.

This job offer came directly from the President’s office. When Henry didn’t accept right away, Russell came to visit him to persuade him to take it. He said Elizabeth would be fine with it, which she already made pretty clear earlier. Then at the end of the episode when he’s about to say something, she says good, your going to take the job, you should take the job. Not what he was going to say right then, but yes he is taking the job.

I’m so excited to see Henry in action more. Which is a little funny since I was so happy about there being a powerful woman on the show, but this is even better, a powerful team.

Once again this week Elizabeth was having to smooth things over. President Dalton had just finished a deal getting Greece out of their debt crisis and one of his own former cabinet members takes hostage of Greece’s antiquities. It made the U.S. look bad and it wasn’t good after all the other scandal the country has seen. After this incident Greece pulled out of the deal.

Apparently members of Conrad’s party are asking him not to run for reelection, which was something Elizabeth was unaware of. Conrad was feeling defeated and giving up.

There was more going on than just the Greece crisis and his reputation being tarnished.

Back in D.C. Stevie got a call from an old friend, one who likes to pop in and out of her life. Arthur is a little jealous at first when she mentioned it was a guy, but told her to go have lunch with him. It seemed strange that he said have lunch at his house, until you realize it’s the president’s son. They have lunch in the White House, bowling.

The team was hard at work while Blake was partying. He had a bad hangover, but got the Secretary some good information.

The team was hard at work while Blake was partying. He had a bad hangover, but got the Secretary some good information.

Harrison had just got out of rehab. He assumed his dad would have told her mom, but she was unaware of what was going on with him. They said they were going to hang out more, but he won’t return her calls after their lunch.

Arthur over hears Stevie’s message to Harrison and made a good guess that the friend just got out of rehab, classic behavior of fading in and out, and that it’s the President’s son. Arthur told Stevie what ever happens, it isn’t her fault.

Stevie got worried when an ambulance is called to the White House for a staffer.

She called her mother to see if she could find out any information about Harrison. Elizabeth didn’t know anything, but realized why Conrad was feeling so down, his son was in trouble.

So Elizabeth spoke with Conrad telling him she feels for him and Harrison and reminded him of the man he is. She told him about the speech he gave her and her colleagues on September 12. She still believed they could fix this.

While Elizabeth and her team are desperately trying to find something on Quinn, the guy you took hostage the sculptures, Blake is out drinking with other staffers. I thought he might be on a recognizance mission for Elizabeth, till he gets arrested for public urination. His coins didn’t fit into the public bathroom, so he urinates into a bush. Nadine picked him up at the police station very angry. Then she was annoyed with Secretary when she found out he was on a mission for her. Him getting arrested really threw me off.

Nadine doesn’t like that Elizabeth keeps things from her and wants to be let in, Elizabeth doesn’t believe it would work if everyone was read in.

Blake found out that Germany was planning a secret meeting that was taking place right then. Elizabeth ran to stop the President from leaving and they crashed the meeting.

The German Chancellor was not happy to see them. Conrad reminded them that they aren’t all perfect and they needed to work together to solve this crisis.

Elizabeth had finally solved the antiquities problem. Her team couldn’t find out any dirt on Quinn, but apparently the sculptures make a lot of money. So they are going back to the Smithsonian to be on display till the debt is paid. This smoothed everything over, on the antiquities front at least.

Once again Elizabeth saved the day and soon we’ll be able to Mrs. and Mr. McCord saving the day.

Next week a Russian submarine goes missing and a mistake may send them to war. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Madam Secretary’: Mr. Secretary Saves the Day

Henry is going in alone.

Henry is going in alone.

Elizabeth has a brief moment where she’s cracking jokes in a speech for Society of Global aid, but when she’s done, a distraught father seeks her out.

Mr. Coomer is worried about his daughter, Crissy, who has been brainwashed by a cult. They’ve gone to Bolivia for a mass suicide, because the world is going to end.

Congressman Aimes told Mr. Commer to seek out the secretary. She wasn’t too happy with his methods. She shuts him down and takes over the case.

The Bolivia ambassador doesn’t want to help. The country is still upset about the D.E.A. coming into their country. The secretary has to find a threat against them in order to get their help.

Things are made even worse when Congressman Aimes takes things into his own hands. He had been denied travel to Bolivia, but he found a humanities group to sponsor him. He was taken hostage by the cult.

Potus and Russell are not happy about this. They are scared another official will get killed.

Elizabeth seeks advice from her religious scholar husband. He said they need to feel heard, so she suggests Henry call the head of the cult.

She takes the idea to Potus and Russell backs the idea. Potus takes it one step further. He sends Henry to Bolivia. Elizabeth is not happy.

Elizabeth sits in with Russell, the President and military operations as she watches her husband walk up to the compound.

Mr. Coomer’s daughter greats them at the gate, but Wesley has had a change of heart. Henry can only enter alone.

Henry agrees. Conrad is happy Henry got in, but Elizabeth is not happy with her husband.

They are able to get sound, but the snipers lose visual.

At first things are going well. Henry and Wesley are hitting it off. Russell is getting bored of all the religious talk, but all they can do it wait.

Henry drills Arthur after discovering he's dating his daughter.

Henry drills Arthur after discovering he’s dating his daughter.

Unfortunately, Wesley’s follower was not agreeing with Henry’s ideas and grabbed Henry with a knife. The sniper gets a slight visual, but doesn’t really see what is going on. Henry doesn’t use the code word, Alamo, so according to him things are okay.

When Elizabeth sees the knife she starts panicking, but the sniper doesn’t have a clear shot. When the sniper gets a clear shot he takes it. The follower is down. Henry desperately tries to get through to Wesley, but Crissy walks in. Wesley tells her the time is nigh and she runs to tell the others. This is when Henry yells Alamo.

The military comes in, but it is too late for 37 people. Henry and the Congressman make it out okay.

Henry is beating himself up about not connecting with the deputy. He believes if he could have done that, more lives would have been saved. Elizabeth points out how many people he did save.

Unfortunately, Mr. Coomer’s daughter wasn’t one of them.

While Elizabeth and Henry are trying to stop a mass suicide, Stevie is dating her boss, who is 39 years old.

Elizabeth knew her daughter was seeing someone at work. She was staying late, going in early and dressing up. All the signs were there, but she wasn’t prepared for the man that came to pick up her daughter.

Arthur came to pick up Stevie, but she wanted to meet him, so her parents wouldn’t find out about him.

Henry opens the door to see them and invites him in. Henry gets in a pretty heated debate with him about micro loans.

Arthur is divorced and has an eight year old daughter and Stevie is surprised her parents are not happy about this.

Next week Conrad’s credibility is questioned. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Madam Secretary’: Elizabeth has to Face the Nation After Iran

Elizabeth speaks on Face of the Nation about what happened in Iran.

Elizabeth speaks on Face of the Nation about what happened in Iran.

Last week Elizabeth was in the middle of a coup and this week she went back to work like nothing ever happened.

She couldn’t sleep, she just kept going like nothing was wrong and then every once in a while she had flashbacks of Javani’s death and his son watching on.

She was not okay and she wouldn’t admit it to herself. She was off working on a new project. She was trying to save the rainforest in Ecuador. It was good she had Mike B on hand because she wasn’t up to her normal standards. Of course his idea made China mad. The Prime Minister of China came to speak to the Secretary and she had a panic attack in the middle of their meeting, she thought it was a heart attack.

Even while Elizabeth was sitting in the hospital she wasn’t quite ready to admit she wasn’t doing well. She said that Iran affected her more than she thought, but wanted to go right back to work.

Henry kept trying to get her to open up, but she blew up at him a lot. She even hired a body guard for Jason because she felt he needed the security. When Henry didn’t agree with her she was furious. She didn’t see anything wrong with sending a one man security detail with Jason to public school. Even if the school has a no bulling policy, a body guard isn’t going save him from ridicule.

Henry found Elizabeth playing Jason’s war video game at 3:30 am, but of course Elizabeth found nothing strange about this. Not that she’s ever shown an interest in video games before. Henry went with it though. He gave her tips to help her win.

Elizabeth eventually realized she needed time to deal with what had happened to her. It wasn’t long after she left the hospital she called Henry crying, saying he was right.

Nadine calmed down the Prime Minister of China and her team and Mike B handled taking care of the rainforest, so Elizabeth could go home.

Russell came to see Elizabeth and shared his own story of tragedy. He lost his brother when he was a kid. There’s not been too often when Russell has seemed like a human, but this was one of those times. Normally he’s all about the job. I do enjoy when Henry stands up to Russell and the president though. We got to see him do it again with Russell. His wife may be the Secretary of State, but he holds his own nicely.

Elizabeth finally breaks down.

Elizabeth finally breaks down.

Elizabeth went back to playing the video game, but she finally opened up about what happened. She told Henry about Javani’s son being in the room when Javani died. I think opening up about what happened really helped her.

Elizabeth was finally able to do her interview on Face the Nation. She was able to speak about what happened and talk about the importance of making the world a better and safer place for our children.

Just after Elizabeth was in harms way, Henry is about to be in the danger zone next week. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Madam Secretary’: Tamerlane is a Go

Elizabeth arrives in Iran, but worried that the coup is in motion.

Elizabeth arrives in Iran, but is worried that the coup is already in motion.

This was the most exciting episode of ‘Madam Secretary’ yet. It was very intense and it was more like Elizabeth was working for the CIA than the State Department.

Elizabeth started by coming clean to her team. They deserved to know the truth and she needed their help to figure out who the coup leader could be.

Her team was easily able to narrow down the list from seven to four. Then they just had to place Andrew, Marsh and the possible coup leader together.

It took sometime, but it was with Nadine’s help that they found a connection. She came clean about her affair with Marsh. Marsh wasn’t the man that any of them thought he was. Daisy kept defending the former Secretary. She believed him to be a family man, not so much after Nadine confessed.

Henry wants to make sure the President is doing everything possible to get his wife home.

Henry wants to make sure the President is doing everything possible to get his wife home.

Jafar Alinejad was the man they narrowed the coup leader down to. He was exiled in Canada. Russell and Elizabeth went to go speak with him. Potus was open to the idea of backing the coup. Unfortunately for the President, the coup leader had brain cancer and would be dead in two months. Even if he could over throw the government, it would fall apart after he died.

They were running out of options. Elizabeth tried talking to Andrew one more time, but he didn’t believe the brain scans were real, he thought it was trade craft.

They were out of options, they had to tell the Iranian government, but how would they get them to believe them? Elizabeth would go to Iran to tell Javani in person. Henry did not like this plan at all.

When she finally calmed Henry down, she told him her requirements for his second wife, in case she didn’t make it back. She didn’t have any candidates but she did have rejects. It was a very funny conversation, but a good way to distract from the real situation.

The next morning Elizabeth felt really bad about being gone for Alison’s 16th birthday. She told her an unplanned business trip came up. She said her goodbyes. You could tell Stevie knew something was up. Alison and Jason had no idea though.

In the meantime Andrew was able to make a call to Iran. I don’t know why you would leave the director of the CIA alone, you know he’s going to figure out how to contact someone. Luckily the CIA was able to figure out the coordinates of where the call went, unfortunately they didn’t know what was said.

Jason reads about the coup with his family, but has no idea that his mom is there.

Jason reads about the coup with his family, but has no idea that his mom is there.

Elizabeth had a feeling that they might be moving the coup up and she was already in Iran at this point. Russell looked worried.

Elizabeth was able to sit down with Javani and tell him about the coup. She didn’t have much intelligence to give him, but did give him the coordinates of the person Andrew called.

While Javani was passing that information along, Elizabeth was calling Alison to wish her a happy birthday.

Elizabeth was right, the coup was moved up and she ended up right in the middle of it. Javani’s home was blown up with her in it. One of her security guys jumped on top of her to protect her and ended up losing his life. Javani sat up a little to tell his son to stay down and ended up getting hit. Elizabeth continued to tell his son to stay down.

We were pretty sure the Secretary was okay, the attack was still going on, but at last we see her, she was alive.

Her family and colleagues were in the dark though. Jason read about the coup when Henry, Stevie and Alison were all in the living room. Henry did a pretty good job of not showing any emotion. I could tell he was worried, but it wasn’t enough for his kids.

Nadine called him in time before his face really told the story. He then went straight to Russell to find out as much information as possible, but he didn’t have any more intel to tell.

Conrad walked in to talk to Henry directly. Henry did not care that he was the President and really pushed for him to get Elizabeth home. Conrad didn’t mind at all. He understood exactly why Henry was so mad. I think Potus was just as worried. Even Russell was worried.

Eventually Alison wanted to know the truth and Stevie said it was time to tell her the truth. Stevie had already suspected that her mom went to Iran, but Alison was shocked and worried. Jason walked in and wondered why they all looked worried. Alison started a silly string fight to distract from the situation.

Henry was very proud of his daughter for protecting their brother.

While the family is still in the dark, we see Elizabeth alive, but injured. She’s desperately trying to call home, but there’s no communications and then the power goes out.

The President of Iran comes to see her and thanks her for the information. It was her intel that helped them withstand the coup.

Russell finally found out that Elizabeth was fine, him and Conrad were extremely relieved. Russell wanted to start constructing the cover up, but Potus wanted to tell the truth and that’s exactly what he did in a speech to the American people.

Henry finally was informed that his wife was okay. Stevie and Alison were so happy, but Henry broke down. I think he was trying so hard to keep it together for his kids, when he found out she was okay, he just broke.

This story arc has been really good and its not quite over yet. Juliet wants to come in. What will Elizabeth do?

Next week Elizabeth is dealing with the after affects of everything she’s been through. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Madam Secretary’ Has to Clean Up the Mess

I don't think Elizabeth knew what she was getting into when she started investigating the former secretary of state's death.

I don’t think Elizabeth knew what she was getting into when she started investigating the former secretary of state’s death.

Last week Elizabeth, Russell and Andrew’s op went south and this week they had to clean up the mess.

Turkey was saying the CIA was involved. Daisy was having to go in front of the press and tell them that wasn’t true, but she couldn’t be read in on what was really going on.

Elizabeth was keeping her entire team in the dark. Not even Nadine knew what was going on.

Elizabeth tried to do the right thing when talking to Brett Boris’ mother, but that ended up backfiring. Mrs. Boris was so mad at the Secretary lying, that she threatened to go to the public and tell them the truth. Elizabeth managed to calm her down with the promises of getting her son’s body back and bringing her with to Turkey.

Turkey released the footage of Boris dying and their men dying. What was shown looked more like an operation than just a tourist getting caught in the crossfire.

Elizabeth got on a plane to go to Turkey, but did not expect what she was going to find.

First she met Isabelle in Turkey. She found out from her contact that the Iranian woman had a laptop with her that was encrypted. Elizabeth had to add getting the laptop on to her agenda and that wasn’t going to be easy.

The Iranian Foreign Minster said that the Iranian woman was one of her assets and that they were plotting against them. Elizabeth was shocked by this. She had no idea that this woman was an asset. She assumed that it would be Juliet’s asset and Andrew wasn’t surprised by this news.

Elizabeth was able to have Turkey say that the CIA was not involved and get the body back, unfortunately they weren’t willing to give her the laptop.

Luckily she has influence with foreign minsters and the Iranian one gave her the contents of the laptop. He finally believed her and told her that there were people in both of their countries trying to start a war.

She brought this back to Potus and Russell. The laptop revealed that the CIA Director, Andrew, was running the Iranian woman. He was orchestrating a coup that was already under way. He never believed that the talk with Iran was going to work. He had his asset killed when they were getting too close

He said this is what Potus wanted. The plan was to make sure Iran didn’t make a nuclear weapon and according to him, this is the way to do it.

They dealt with the fallout of the failed operation, how will they deal with this?

They dealt with the fallout of the failed operation, how will they deal with this?

I love that ‘Madam Secretary’ uses current events in their storylines. The nuclear talks have been heating up in the news lately and there are some people in congress that don’t believe a deal is the right way to go. That’s exactly the tone that ‘Madam Secretary’ took as well. Only in the show, the CIA has it’s own idea on how to tackle the problem.

I wish more people in Elizabeth’s circle would listen to her. She said they should tell Turkey about their operation, but Russell shot it down. Maybe things would have not blown up in their faces.

Now the Secretary’s staff is afraid she’s up to no good. It didn’t help that Matt told Daisy about feeding Russell false information. Now Daisy won’t lie to the public, but if she only knew what the truth was. The truth would not be good in the hands of the press. As much as people like transparency, sometimes the public shouldn’t know everything. It could compromise the work that is being done. When the mission is done, then it should be revealed, until then it should only be in the right hands.

Daisy stepping down from her post, doesn’t look good. Has Elizabeth ever given her any indication that she’s dirty? I don’t think so. She should have complete faith in her boss. And as Nadine said, it’s part of the job.

Another time Elizabeth should have been listened to was about Jason. She was worried about the bullying, but Henry thought they should let it be for now. Then Jason gets in a fight with the guy that’s bullying him. The boy called his mother a liar. Jason just protected his mother’s honor.

Violence is bad yes, but so is bulling. Jason was getting punished for getting in a fight, but what about the boy that was doing the bullying? What kind of message does that send?

It’s good that Jason is going to go to a different school, but I hope that expulsion doesn’t follow him around. I don’t condone violence, but the incident wasn’t just his fault.

Now if people would start listening to Elizabeth, maybe some of the fallout could be prevented.

The conclusion of these intense three episodes airs next week. It looks like Elizabeth will be caught right in the middle. Take a look at the promo:

‘Madam Secretary’: Elizabeth Played the Game for an Important Cause

Elizabeth's team messed up so badly, she had to call in a fixer.

Elizabeth’s team messed up so badly, she had to call in a fixer. And he brought his dog.

Politics are a dirty game and Elizabeth knows how to play the game very well, but she does it for a good cause.

Elizabeth was attending her first Congressional Budget Hearing. She was preparing for a fight for the Micro-loan program. It was an issue that was important to her. Matt and Daisy agreed, but Jay wanted to cut it from the budget.

Chairman Burke was gunning for Elizabeth and her staff just left her hanging. The man in charge of the program was caught in a compromising position. That wasn’t all, he was caught gambling with tax payers money. This discredited all the good the program was doing.

We’ve hardly seen Elizabeth get mad at her staff and this time she was very angry. She called in a fixer to help sort the dilemma out, Mike B and he brought his dog Gordon. The whole team was terrified they would be fired.

The Secretary is not the kind of boss to clean house, she gives second chances, so when she fired Jay, everyone was shocked, including me.

When we later saw him drinking away his sorrows and consulting with the enemy, I was not too happy with him. I was also surprised that Elizabeth offered Burke’s guy, Kyle, the one who found the dirt, a job. There was just surprise after surprise, so when the real surprise came, it wasn’t a shock. The outcome was much more in character with the Secretary than the road that got her there. But I really enjoyed the ride.

Jay wasn’t really fired. It appeared like he was so he could leak false information to Kyle and he could pass it along to Burke. The Chairman called Elizabeth back to the hearing and wanted to hear her guest speak, but he thought the guest didn’t speak English or have any idea what was going on. The young woman was able to speak English and talk about how her village benefited from the program.

I’ve understood Elizabeth’s frustration with Stevie. She dropped out of school and has been floundering ever since. I understand not knowing what you want to do, but out right refusing to go to school, wasn’t too smart.

Stevie has learned the hard way that she won’t be able to do anything she cares about without a degree. Henry hoped that he could talk to his daughter and persuade her to go back to college. Their lunch didn’t go as well as he hoped, but it did send her down the path to coming to her senses.

Elizabeth's old friend and colleague left a note before vanishing.

Elizabeth’s old friend and colleague was behind the leak. She left a note before vanishing.

She felt really passionate about the micro-loan program, so she went to volunteer. She got handed a call as she walked through the door because she spoke French. Then she spent the evening there working hard. She easily got the internship, but was informed she had to be a student to take the position. This brought her back to her senses and she decided to apply to Georgetown.

It was really funny watching her parents stay really calm when you just knew they wanted to jump for joy.

Stevie was not too happy about having to surrender to her parents. She made sure they knew she was doing this for herself and not them.

Through all the chaos of the congressional meeting and Stevie coming to her senses, Elizabeth and Russell were investigating Marsh’s death. They found an Iranian woman that could have shed light on the plane crash, but when the operatives tried to grab her, there was an ambush. The op had been blown.

Elizabeth had to come clean that she was working with her old CIA colleague, Isabelle. Her friend’s house was searched and she was given a polygraph. There was a bug in her purse and she passed the test, but Russell wasn’t convinced she was innocent.

Elizabeth said it was time to take this to Potus. Russell wasn’t too happy about this but brought it to him anyways. This brought some very bad things to light.

Potus suspected the crash in Dubai wasn’t an accident but he was told it was. One of the analysts that told him it was an accident is now dead. It was George, Elizabeth’s friend who died suspiciously at the beginning of the series.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the other analyst was also a friend, Juliet. Her friends were corrupted and she didn’t even know it. She’s so good at knowing people and must be devastated in herself for not knowing. But what did the note say? What could Juliet possibly say to make this better?

Their failed op will cause them some problems. Take a look at the promo:

‘Madam Secretary’ and ‘Gotham’ Receive Second Seasons

Madam-Secretary-1-779x400_zps5d9a4ab2During the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, CBS announced it was renewing ‘Madam Secretary’ and FOX said that it was was renewing ‘Gotham’.

4GothamCity-610x343According to The Hollywood Reporter, ‘Madam Secretary’ is averaging 14.9 total viewers and is Sunday’s most watched scripted broadcast. The series is also the number two new show of the season.’Madam Secretary’ has improved the time period by 49% for CBS.

‘Madam Secretary’ stars Téa Leoni, Tim Daly, Erich Bergen, Patina Miller, Bebe Neuwirth, Geoffrey Arend and Sebastian Arcelus.

‘Gotham’ was renewed because it’s doing pretty well too.’Gotham’ has averaged 10.6 million viewers since its premiere, Variety reported.

THR also said that ‘Gotham’ is ranked number one with men 18-49 and 18-34.

Robin Lord Taylor reacted to Twitter by telling Access Hollywood that he found out on Twitter just like everyone else.

He also told Access Hollywood: “It’s just a dream…. it’s just unbelievable.”

The show also stars Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

‘Madam Secretary’ is broadcasted on Sunday nights at 8/7c on CBS and ‘Gotham’ airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on FOX.