‘Madam Secretary’: Elizabeth has to Face the Nation After Iran

Elizabeth speaks on Face of the Nation about what happened in Iran.

Elizabeth speaks on Face of the Nation about what happened in Iran.

Last week Elizabeth was in the middle of a coup and this week she went back to work like nothing ever happened.

She couldn’t sleep, she just kept going like nothing was wrong and then every once in a while she had flashbacks of Javani’s death and his son watching on.

She was not okay and she wouldn’t admit it to herself. She was off working on a new project. She was trying to save the rainforest in Ecuador. It was good she had Mike B on hand because she wasn’t up to her normal standards. Of course his idea made China mad. The Prime Minister of China came to speak to the Secretary and she had a panic attack in the middle of their meeting, she thought it was a heart attack.

Even while Elizabeth was sitting in the hospital she wasn’t quite ready to admit she wasn’t doing well. She said that Iran affected her more than she thought, but wanted to go right back to work.

Henry kept trying to get her to open up, but she blew up at him a lot. She even hired a body guard for Jason because she felt he needed the security. When Henry didn’t agree with her she was furious. She didn’t see anything wrong with sending a one man security detail with Jason to public school. Even if the school has a no bulling policy, a body guard isn’t going save him from ridicule.

Henry found Elizabeth playing Jason’s war video game at 3:30 am, but of course Elizabeth found nothing strange about this. Not that she’s ever shown an interest in video games before. Henry went with it though. He gave her tips to help her win.

Elizabeth eventually realized she needed time to deal with what had happened to her. It wasn’t long after she left the hospital she called Henry crying, saying he was right.

Nadine calmed down the Prime Minister of China and her team and Mike B handled taking care of the rainforest, so Elizabeth could go home.

Russell came to see Elizabeth and shared his own story of tragedy. He lost his brother when he was a kid. There’s not been too often when Russell has seemed like a human, but this was one of those times. Normally he’s all about the job. I do enjoy when Henry stands up to Russell and the president though. We got to see him do it again with Russell. His wife may be the Secretary of State, but he holds his own nicely.

Elizabeth finally breaks down.

Elizabeth finally breaks down.

Elizabeth went back to playing the video game, but she finally opened up about what happened. She told Henry about Javani’s son being in the room when Javani died. I think opening up about what happened really helped her.

Elizabeth was finally able to do her interview on Face the Nation. She was able to speak about what happened and talk about the importance of making the world a better and safer place for our children.

Just after Elizabeth was in harms way, Henry is about to be in the danger zone next week. Take a look at the promo:

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