‘Madam Secretary’ Review: There but for the Grace of Elizabeth

Elizabeth has a way with words. Even when she's violated the Espionage Act, she still makes it sound good.

Elizabeth has a way with words. Even when she’s violated the Espionage Act, she still makes it sound good.

This was an exciting conclusion to an amazing first season. If ‘Madam Secretary’ didn’t get picked up for another season, it could have easily ended on this note too. It was all wrapped up in a nice bow.

Politicians can do dirty things when they are planning on running for President. Senator Carathers wanted to tear down Elizabeth for his own gain. She was only the biggest piece in solving what happened to Marsh and uncovering the coup. He wanted to tear down the government and reveal truths that really had already been told.

When she first got the subpoena, she had no idea what they had on her. Then the White House being the White House, pulled executive order and we thought that was that. But it wasn’t. If they couldn’t get to Elizabeth, they would get to her through her husband.

This is when you knew they had something. She had shared classified information with Henry and the President wasn’t going to stand by her side. It was nerve wrecking thinking she might go to jail.

Then Henry was going to take the fall for her. A noble gesture, but did he really know what he was getting himself into?

Then Elizabeth decided to testify in front of the committee. Elizabeth has a way for words. She uses the truth to get what she wants. She so eloquently told the committee why she violated the Espionage Act. It was all in service to her country. She had the people behind her and that’s what mattered most in the end.

It was scary after that speech though. The committee deferred it to the DOJ, assuming they would press criminal charges. Fortunately, the DOJ had more common decency than the Senator that wanted to throw her under the bus. The episode took us on a roller coaster for our emotions, but it all ended up fine.

We even found out why she left the C.I.A.. She was given this amazing opportunity to be station chief in Baghdad. Henry didn’t like this though, mainly because that meant her leaving him and the kids for a year. I think she made the right choice in the end. Baghdad changed Juliet. Conrad doesn’t believe it would have changed her though.

Juliet took the deal. She’ll get to live in exchange for everything she knows. I think you can call that a win.

Stevie on the other hand might have some loose ends to tie up when ‘Madam Secretary’ returns. She keeps saying her and Harrison are just friends. Then she goes and sleeps with him to forget about the worry of her mom, but how will she feel when she finds out her mother will be fine? Will this ruin her longtime friendship?

Season one has come to an end. What knew challenges will Elizabeth face next season?

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