‘Madam Secretary’: Tamerlane is a Go

Elizabeth arrives in Iran, but worried that the coup is in motion.

Elizabeth arrives in Iran, but is worried that the coup is already in motion.

This was the most exciting episode of ‘Madam Secretary’ yet. It was very intense and it was more like Elizabeth was working for the CIA than the State Department.

Elizabeth started by coming clean to her team. They deserved to know the truth and she needed their help to figure out who the coup leader could be.

Her team was easily able to narrow down the list from seven to four. Then they just had to place Andrew, Marsh and the possible coup leader together.

It took sometime, but it was with Nadine’s help that they found a connection. She came clean about her affair with Marsh. Marsh wasn’t the man that any of them thought he was. Daisy kept defending the former Secretary. She believed him to be a family man, not so much after Nadine confessed.

Henry wants to make sure the President is doing everything possible to get his wife home.

Henry wants to make sure the President is doing everything possible to get his wife home.

Jafar Alinejad was the man they narrowed the coup leader down to. He was exiled in Canada. Russell and Elizabeth went to go speak with him. Potus was open to the idea of backing the coup. Unfortunately for the President, the coup leader had brain cancer and would be dead in two months. Even if he could over throw the government, it would fall apart after he died.

They were running out of options. Elizabeth tried talking to Andrew one more time, but he didn’t believe the brain scans were real, he thought it was trade craft.

They were out of options, they had to tell the Iranian government, but how would they get them to believe them? Elizabeth would go to Iran to tell Javani in person. Henry did not like this plan at all.

When she finally calmed Henry down, she told him her requirements for his second wife, in case she didn’t make it back. She didn’t have any candidates but she did have rejects. It was a very funny conversation, but a good way to distract from the real situation.

The next morning Elizabeth felt really bad about being gone for Alison’s 16th birthday. She told her an unplanned business trip came up. She said her goodbyes. You could tell Stevie knew something was up. Alison and Jason had no idea though.

In the meantime Andrew was able to make a call to Iran. I don’t know why you would leave the director of the CIA alone, you know he’s going to figure out how to contact someone. Luckily the CIA was able to figure out the coordinates of where the call went, unfortunately they didn’t know what was said.

Jason reads about the coup with his family, but has no idea that his mom is there.

Jason reads about the coup with his family, but has no idea that his mom is there.

Elizabeth had a feeling that they might be moving the coup up and she was already in Iran at this point. Russell looked worried.

Elizabeth was able to sit down with Javani and tell him about the coup. She didn’t have much intelligence to give him, but did give him the coordinates of the person Andrew called.

While Javani was passing that information along, Elizabeth was calling Alison to wish her a happy birthday.

Elizabeth was right, the coup was moved up and she ended up right in the middle of it. Javani’s home was blown up with her in it. One of her security guys jumped on top of her to protect her and ended up losing his life. Javani sat up a little to tell his son to stay down and ended up getting hit. Elizabeth continued to tell his son to stay down.

We were pretty sure the Secretary was okay, the attack was still going on, but at last we see her, she was alive.

Her family and colleagues were in the dark though. Jason read about the coup when Henry, Stevie and Alison were all in the living room. Henry did a pretty good job of not showing any emotion. I could tell he was worried, but it wasn’t enough for his kids.

Nadine called him in time before his face really told the story. He then went straight to Russell to find out as much information as possible, but he didn’t have any more intel to tell.

Conrad walked in to talk to Henry directly. Henry did not care that he was the President and really pushed for him to get Elizabeth home. Conrad didn’t mind at all. He understood exactly why Henry was so mad. I think Potus was just as worried. Even Russell was worried.

Eventually Alison wanted to know the truth and Stevie said it was time to tell her the truth. Stevie had already suspected that her mom went to Iran, but Alison was shocked and worried. Jason walked in and wondered why they all looked worried. Alison started a silly string fight to distract from the situation.

Henry was very proud of his daughter for protecting their brother.

While the family is still in the dark, we see Elizabeth alive, but injured. She’s desperately trying to call home, but there’s no communications and then the power goes out.

The President of Iran comes to see her and thanks her for the information. It was her intel that helped them withstand the coup.

Russell finally found out that Elizabeth was fine, him and Conrad were extremely relieved. Russell wanted to start constructing the cover up, but Potus wanted to tell the truth and that’s exactly what he did in a speech to the American people.

Henry finally was informed that his wife was okay. Stevie and Alison were so happy, but Henry broke down. I think he was trying so hard to keep it together for his kids, when he found out she was okay, he just broke.

This story arc has been really good and its not quite over yet. Juliet wants to come in. What will Elizabeth do?

Next week Elizabeth is dealing with the after affects of everything she’s been through. Take a look at the promo:

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