‘Madam Secretary’: Mr. Secretary Saves the Day

Henry is going in alone.

Henry is going in alone.

Elizabeth has a brief moment where she’s cracking jokes in a speech for Society of Global aid, but when she’s done, a distraught father seeks her out.

Mr. Coomer is worried about his daughter, Crissy, who has been brainwashed by a cult. They’ve gone to Bolivia for a mass suicide, because the world is going to end.

Congressman Aimes told Mr. Commer to seek out the secretary. She wasn’t too happy with his methods. She shuts him down and takes over the case.

The Bolivia ambassador doesn’t want to help. The country is still upset about the D.E.A. coming into their country. The secretary has to find a threat against them in order to get their help.

Things are made even worse when Congressman Aimes takes things into his own hands. He had been denied travel to Bolivia, but he found a humanities group to sponsor him. He was taken hostage by the cult.

Potus and Russell are not happy about this. They are scared another official will get killed.

Elizabeth seeks advice from her religious scholar husband. He said they need to feel heard, so she suggests Henry call the head of the cult.

She takes the idea to Potus and Russell backs the idea. Potus takes it one step further. He sends Henry to Bolivia. Elizabeth is not happy.

Elizabeth sits in with Russell, the President and military operations as she watches her husband walk up to the compound.

Mr. Coomer’s daughter greats them at the gate, but Wesley has had a change of heart. Henry can only enter alone.

Henry agrees. Conrad is happy Henry got in, but Elizabeth is not happy with her husband.

They are able to get sound, but the snipers lose visual.

At first things are going well. Henry and Wesley are hitting it off. Russell is getting bored of all the religious talk, but all they can do it wait.

Henry drills Arthur after discovering he's dating his daughter.

Henry drills Arthur after discovering he’s dating his daughter.

Unfortunately, Wesley’s follower was not agreeing with Henry’s ideas and grabbed Henry with a knife. The sniper gets a slight visual, but doesn’t really see what is going on. Henry doesn’t use the code word, Alamo, so according to him things are okay.

When Elizabeth sees the knife she starts panicking, but the sniper doesn’t have a clear shot. When the sniper gets a clear shot he takes it. The follower is down. Henry desperately tries to get through to Wesley, but Crissy walks in. Wesley tells her the time is nigh and she runs to tell the others. This is when Henry yells Alamo.

The military comes in, but it is too late for 37 people. Henry and the Congressman make it out okay.

Henry is beating himself up about not connecting with the deputy. He believes if he could have done that, more lives would have been saved. Elizabeth points out how many people he did save.

Unfortunately, Mr. Coomer’s daughter wasn’t one of them.

While Elizabeth and Henry are trying to stop a mass suicide, Stevie is dating her boss, who is 39 years old.

Elizabeth knew her daughter was seeing someone at work. She was staying late, going in early and dressing up. All the signs were there, but she wasn’t prepared for the man that came to pick up her daughter.

Arthur came to pick up Stevie, but she wanted to meet him, so her parents wouldn’t find out about him.

Henry opens the door to see them and invites him in. Henry gets in a pretty heated debate with him about micro loans.

Arthur is divorced and has an eight year old daughter and Stevie is surprised her parents are not happy about this.

Next week Conrad’s credibility is questioned. Take a look at the promo:

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