‘Gotham’ Review: Let the Rise of Villains Commence

It's a new day in Gotham.

It’s a new day in Gotham.

Season two of Gotham is like a completely different show. All of the characters are in very different places from where season one left off. Gordon and Bullock were demoted down to uniform and Bullock quit and became a bartender. Oswald is the top crime boss and Selina is working for him! It’s definitely ‘a new day’ in Gotham, as Gordon said.

How exactly did Loeb demote Bullock and Gordon? They’re like the best detectives the GCPD have. Of course the whole city is corrupt.

How far down the rabid hole will Gordon go to save his city? He did a favor for Penguin and ended up killing someone in the process. Not that it wasn’t done all for the greater good. Essen is now Commissioner and she’s a much better person for the job. Unfortunately, people had to die to make this possible.

Did we really think that Gordon could stay on the right side of the line while he cleaned up the city? He’s going to have to make some sacrifices if he wants to succeed. This may end up being his new girlfriend Lee. She loves him because he has a very straight moral compass, but he’s not acting like that Gordon.

Oswald will have to be careful. There’s a new man in town and he wants to unleash a bunch of lunatics on to the city. Maybe Gordon will have wished he let go of the badge. We know he won’t, but it looks like a very scary road ahead of him with the Arkham patients that were kidnapped.

Was it just me or did Barbara actually look good in that stripped dress? She was really pulling it off right?

Barbara is a much more interesting character now that she’s crazy. She was so boring before. I’m very excited to see what she ends up doing to the city. Will she go after Lee? She’s got a split personality just like Ed has.

Ed is now talking to himself. He completely snapped. I would have liked to seen more of him in the episode. That was always my complaint last season, we didn’t get enough of the Riddler. I really like his character. If it is going to be the rise of the villains, there should be more of Ed.

Jerome has really gotten my attention. He was briefly in the first season, but he seems to be a main fixture for the second. I’m looking forward to getting to know the Joker more. And not just because he’s an iconic villain.

Bruce was looking so grown up. It’s only supposed to be a month in the future, but that month has totally made him grown. Of course that might have just been everything he experienced last season too.

We are finally in the Bat Cave and his father has left him a message: “You can’t have both happiness and the truth. You have to choose.” Thomas hopes he’ll choose happiness, unless he has a true calling. So this is where Batman begins.

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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Review: Desperately Trying to Not Fade Away

Fear The Walking Dead - Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 1, Key Art - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Last week I wasn’t drawn into the episode. I just wasn’t feeling the characters. But this week I’m very intrigued about how everything is falling apart and how the characters are reacting to their surroundings.

Relationships are being tested. It’s a very strange household for Travis. He’s got his ex-wife, son, new girlfriend, step kids and strangers all living under one roof and he’s trying to hold it all together. But he’s a little too optimistic.

He’s starting to remind me a lot of Rick. He seems to be becoming the leader of the group. The army guy even called him Mr. Mayor.

The army seems to be very calm, even though there is a serious situation surrounding them. Are they enjoying their power a little too much?

Where are they taking these sick and hurt people? Are they really taking them to a facility to be treated or are they taking them out? Will we ever see Liza and Nick again?

It’s completely Nick’s fault that he got taken away. He fell back into his old habits and because he was high, he appeared like he could be sick. I completely understand why Madison is blaming Liza, even though it isn’t her fault.

What was going through Liza’s mind as they took Nick away and she decided to go with them? Was it to protect her patients? Was it to protect Nick, since he was wrongly diagnosed as sick and she knows it. Or was she just wanting to do some good in the world and she saw her chance?

I’m a little confused, I thought Liza was a nurse, but now we are being told she isn’t? So what is she? She clearly knows what she’s doing, so why doesn’t she have the qualifications?

We are learning exactly how much we can trust the military. Travis didn’t want to believe his son found more survivors, but he couldn’t deny it anymore when Madison back Chris up. So he did what she asked, she told the military so they could help the people. They didn’t help the people though, they killed them. How will this weigh on Travis? He seems to be a very good man. It won’t be easy for him to handle that guilt.

While I don’t like that Madison is blaming Liza for her son being taken away, I’m liking how badass she is. She went beyond the fence! That was awesome. She discovered that the army is just shooting people who are not sick. Of course this could just be accidents too. In chaos like this it is likely shootings will happen, but the army is clearly shooting innocents. Travis saw it at the end. Or at least we are assuming those people calling for help were innocent.

Can they bring their loved ones home?

‘Nashville’: Season 4 Brings a Whole lot of Drama

There’s only one week till Nashville returns and the previews shows everyone picking up right where the left off.

There is no sign of Deacon in the preview at all! Rayna says something about doing a lot of letting go lately. Either Deacon didn’t want to stay with Rayna after the surgery or he’s the one that really died. The only thing that gives me hope is the new poster for season four. It shows Juliette, Rayna and Deacon. Why put him on the poster if he dies? So maybe we can stop worrying about him. Maybe just worry about our favorite couple, Rayna and Deacon.

Things are either going to get even more complicated for Gunnar and Scarlett or maybe they can finally get back together. She tells him she has a boyfriend, but he says she keeps ending up there with him. I love these two together and I hope this will be leading them back together.

Juliette looks to be coming to her breaking point. She’s having a ball with guest star Steven Tyler, but then she’s crying in the bathroom and Rayna knows something is seriously wrong. Avery is just hoping she’s happier without them.

A lot of questions are left unanswered in the promo. But when has a Nashville preview ever led us to the right conclusions? There’s always a whole lot of drama and this promo of season four promises just that.

Here’s a Recap of Where the Characters of Nashville Left off in Season 3

So close! They can't deny their feelings anymore, they weren't even on stage.

So close! They can’t deny their feelings anymore, they weren’t even on stage.

It’s hard to forget the last moment of Nashville in the season finale, Caleb tells Rayna he has some bad news. All I could think of was, no it can’t be Deacon!

We still don’t know if Deacon flatlined or if it was Beverly. Is it horrible that I’m hoping it was Beverly?

That was the big cliffhanger of season three, but there was a lot of other things going down too.

Juliette was getting ready to go on tour with Luke, despite her postpartum depression. She totally lost it at the end of the season. She recorded her album in 36 hours and when Rayna, Bucky and Glenn were worried about her, she fired everyone and went to Jeff. Jeff then took her to Luke and he signed her.

Avery was desperately trying to reach his wife, but all Juliette cared about was her career. She threw a snow globe at the wall when Avery wouldn’t give her their daughter to hold, but she was in no condition to hold the baby.

We saw a little glimmer of hope for Scarlett and Gunnar at the end. She wrote a song about Deacon and Rayna and the two sang the song together, and almost kissed! Scarlett was even crying. There’s definitely still feelings there, but she’s about to move in with Caleb and he’s heading to Texas with Kiely. Maybe they will change their plans. We can only hope.

Teddy was having to answer for all of his mistakes. He wouldn’t build a case on Tandy and jeopardize Rayan’s business, so he’s being taken to prison. Teddy is seen on TV being arrested, but his girl’s miss this because they are hearing some very bad news. If Teddy being arrested wasn’t bad enough.

Jeff and Layla’s relationship has been rocky since the start and it continues to be shaky. Jeff cut her off from everything. He even gave himself power of attorney in the contract that he had her sign. Layla finally gets a message from Rayna being worried about her and starts seeing what is really being said about her.

She discovers that Jeff sent the tweet out at Jade’s party. His answer to all of this is that he just doesn’t want to lose her. Maybe it’s true. I could believe he doesn’t know how to be in a functional relationship.

There was one thing good that happened in this episode, Will finally came out. It was a roller coaster of a ride for him though. Luke was not happy at all when he found out. Will wanted to still maintain that he wasn’t gay and it didn’t help that his father was in town.

Will set up a press conference to set the record straight. Kevin said Will was not gay and Will was going to continue with the same story, but he changed his mind when he got on stage. He decided to tell the truth. His father was furious, but he was finally able to be himself and tell Kevin that he loves him. But Kevin never said it back!

That’s where all the characters left off in season three. Nashville will return Wednesday, September, 23 at 10/9c pm on ABC.

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‘The Originals’ Season 3 Promo is Here!

The Originals season three promo is here and appears to be all about Klaus.

Klaus always says he doesn’t want to be alone, but he loves acting alone and he loves to be feared. He may or may not be feared in season three, but he sure wants people to fear him.

Everyone seems to be alone. The only one that seems to be talking to anyone is Cami. And as we know from Comic-Con, Cami is now Klaus’ therapist. How many years of therapy will it take Klaus to over come a 1,000 years of emotional scars?

We do get to see a little glimpse of Elijah and he’s feeling pretty indestructible, by saying they can’t be killed.

Hayley appears in two clips, I wonder how long till the cures will be lifted from her?

Freya is only seen at the very end of the promo, saying they’ll all fall. This really disappoints me. She’s supposed to be a series regular this season, so I’m expecting to see a lot more of her.

This promo doesn’t really tell us much of what’s going on. Just that there’s a lot of family drama going on, but when isn’t there with the Original family?

There is a brief mention of a war brewing between the sire lines, but we don’t really get to see too much of that. We do get to see a little clip of Hayley fighting and guns pointed at Elijah, but unless it’s a special kind of gun, it’s not going to do much to him.

What actually worries me is the blood coming from Davina’s eyes. Is she still trying to bring Kol back? We know she wasn’t going to give up. She’s got more power now being the Regent, but can she handle that power?

Even with the promo telling us very little, I’m still very excited for this season. We know a lot of what’s coming from Comic-Con, so the promo gives you a little visual for that.

My guess is that they don’t want to give too much away, or maybe that’s just my hope. We know there will be a lot of flashbacks and this promo doesn’t show any of that. So there’s a lot to look forward to and this promo is really just a tease.

The Originals will return Thursday, Oct. 8 at 9/8c pm on The CW.

‘The Originals’: More Claire Holt in Season 3

crazzygirll1 | photobucket.com

crazzygirll1 | photobucket.com

I have some very good news for Rebekah fans, we’re going to get to see a lot more of her in season three.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Julie Plec said we are going to get see a lot of Claire Holt in the beginning of season three through flashbacks.

“One of the stories that we’re telling is that first 10 years of being a vampire after [the Originals] fled their raging father and their mother, and how they became the cultured, posh, fascinating people that they are today. And that’s how we introduce the Trinity: through that flashback storyline,” Julie told EW.

We are going to find out who Rebekah sired and how she sired her first vampire. Then jump forward to present day and she’s in just as much danger from the Trinity as her brothers are.

Julie also noted that the these vampires won’t bring the Originals together, but actually tear them apart even more, because you kill one Original and the entire line dies.

Elijah and Klaus are already at odds, so it won’t actually be that hard to tear the siblings further apart.

I’m so happy to know that Claire will be playing Rebekah again. She was my favorite Original from the beginning. Now she does have some competition though, because I’m loving Freya. Not that I can’t have two favorite Originals.

I like Cami and Hayley, but I was upset when Rebekah left because I didn’t like there just being male Originals. I wanted more females on the show. That’s why I was so happy when Freya showed up, but now it’s even better having Rebekah and Freya. This should make for a great third season.

The Originals will return Thursday, Oct. 8 at 9/8c pm on The CW.

‘Supernatural’ Gets Very Dark for Season 11

Dean was saved at the end of season 10 and it looks like Sam will need saving now. Can these boys ever not need saving?

Supernatural always amazes me at the new storylines and just how good the show continues to be after 10 seasons.

The season 11 promo looks very different from anything we’ve seen before. They’re dealing with a very new enemy, a very old enemy. This looks like the darkest Supernatural has ever gotten and it seems fitting, since they are dealing with the darkness.

What happened to Sam after the darkness was unleashed? He’s got black veins and blood coming out of his eyes in the preview! Is this because of the darkness or something else? The promo has me very worried about Sam. Looks like Dean will be returning the favor very soon.

In the moment Sam and Dean always do anything they can to save each other and then deal with the consequences, but they always feel guilty afterwards. Is it really selfish to do anything you can to save your brother though?

This time Sam is feeling so lost, he’s asking God for help, but he really hasn’t been much help to this point. So what does Sam think God will do for him?

Dean looks to be beaten a little in this promo, but he’s just doing the job. So maybe we can relax a little bit over Dean.

We can now confirm that Crowley is alive! I knew he would be, but it’s nice to know for sure. And he shows up quite a bit in the preview, which makes me very happy. He doesn’t have too many lines in the promo, but with his one line, we know his wit is back for another season: “terrible name by the way.”  I can’t wait to see more of my favorite villain.

Cass has a big part in the promo as well. Hopefully we will continue to get the bromance between Dean and Cass and Dean and Crowley.

I think Sam needs a character to have a bromance with other than his brother. I don’t see Sam and Crowley partnering up anytime soon. The only reason Sam is alive is because Crowley has a weak spot when it comes to Dean.

Whoever made this promo, ended it with just the right touch, with Dean answering the phone, “Ghostbusters.”

It looks like were in for a roller coaster of a ride for season 11. Lets hope there are some light and funny episodes in between the intense ones, so we can catch our breath.

Supernatural returns Wednesday, October 7 at 9/8c pm.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season Seven Promo is Here!

If you weren’t already excited for season seven of The Vampire Diaries, take a look at the promo and prepared to feel a little better about having no Elena this season.

We’re about to encounter a very different kind of enemy. An enemy that the gang is making deals with and since when did they start making deals with their enemies? There’s always some sort of plan to take the enemy down, even if the plan never usually works out well.

You were never supposed to be a vampire and a witch, but these were special witches. We saw how evil Kai was and now there’s more of them!

If the action and the heritics taking over Mystic Falls isn’t enough, we get a little peek at Steroline kissing! So we know we don’t have to wait long for this couple to start blooming. Of course I hope there’s a lot more than this one kiss to look forward to.

Plus Damon is back to his old ways. Not that I didn’t love Damon with Elena, because I did. But he’s sexy and naughty again and never likes to play by anyone’s rules.

Caroline and Kat are the only two leading ladies this season. Kat is ready to fight back and Caroline is seen kidnapped!

With more screen time for these to lovely ladies, I hope they get really good storylines. Kat hasn’t had a very good storyline because she’s been trapped in another dimension, but now she should get a killer storyline. She’s very powerful and I’m sure she’s still angry at what happened with Elena.

I’m most looking forward to more Caroline and the progression of Steroline. Caroline has always been my favorite female character and I was always disappointed when she wasn’t in an episode. Now is the time for the writers to utilize her more.

I love Damon too, so I’m looking forward to sexy, naughty Damon. October needs to get here quicker.

What are you most looking forward to when TVD returns?

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Review: Can this Group Survive?

Just one of many things they will have to learn how to do, to take out their friends when they're gone.

Just one of many things they will have to learn how to do, to take out their friends when they’re gone.

I have very mixed feelings about Fear the Walking Dead. I love The Walking Dead, but that’s because I love the characters. I’m on the edge of my seat each week terrified when there are close calls, but I’m not feeling that same sense of fear, which I’m assuming I’m supposed to with that title.

I was waiting for something to happen. I knew Alicia was going to come face to face with a walker and I just wish Madison would tell her what’s going on, or at least what she believes is going on.

Nick seems to be the only one who understands what’s going on. He gets that the people are dead. Not that Travis believing the people can be helped is the wrong reaction. Maggie’s family believed the same thing. And it’s hard not to laugh when Travis said the calvary has come and it’s going to be better now. We know he’s so wrong, it’s just going to get so much worse.

The characters just haven’t gripped me the way that they did on The Walking Dead, though it did take the whole first season for me to get hooked. So I should wait it out a bit longer.

There’s a very interesting dynamic in the group, that could prove to be good. Travis has his ex-wife, son and his girlfriend and his to-be-step-children and they’ve partnered up with a man who has a lot of pride. I think the mixing of Travis’ family could be interesting, because they have to learn to work together, but they already have a little bit of unintentional hatred towards each other. They have to bond together.

Daniel may have too much pride for his own good or maybe his thinking will keep his family safe. But he does have a point when he says good people die first, because they do. You have to be tough to live through this. We know first hand the ups and downs Rick’s group has gone through to survive and they had some trained fighters on their team. Traivs’ group doesn’t have any trained fighters, though Daniel seems to be pretty good with a gun.

It could be interesting to watch Alicia and Chris go through the zombie apocalypse from the beginning. What will they do without their phones, social media and friends?! All of the things we rely on each day.

Next week the soldiers are still there, but are they helping?

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Time for a Little Hiatus

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! Primetime Addiction is taking a week off and it’s the perfect time because we’re waiting for all of our shows to come back! Does anyone else want fall too hurry up and get here?!

I’ll be back with my post for Fear the Walking Dead on Monday, September 14. I hope you all have a great week!