‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Review: Can this Group Survive?

Just one of many things they will have to learn how to do, to take out their friends when they're gone.

Just one of many things they will have to learn how to do, to take out their friends when they’re gone.

I have very mixed feelings about Fear the Walking Dead. I love The Walking Dead, but that’s because I love the characters. I’m on the edge of my seat each week terrified when there are close calls, but I’m not feeling that same sense of fear, which I’m assuming I’m supposed to with that title.

I was waiting for something to happen. I knew Alicia was going to come face to face with a walker and I just wish Madison would tell her what’s going on, or at least what she believes is going on.

Nick seems to be the only one who understands what’s going on. He gets that the people are dead. Not that Travis believing the people can be helped is the wrong reaction. Maggie’s family believed the same thing. And it’s hard not to laugh when Travis said the calvary has come and it’s going to be better now. We know he’s so wrong, it’s just going to get so much worse.

The characters just haven’t gripped me the way that they did on The Walking Dead, though it did take the whole first season for me to get hooked. So I should wait it out a bit longer.

There’s a very interesting dynamic in the group, that could prove to be good. Travis has his ex-wife, son and his girlfriend and his to-be-step-children and they’ve partnered up with a man who has a lot of pride. I think the mixing of Travis’ family could be interesting, because they have to learn to work together, but they already have a little bit of unintentional hatred towards each other. They have to bond together.

Daniel may have too much pride for his own good or maybe his thinking will keep his family safe. But he does have a point when he says good people die first, because they do. You have to be tough to live through this. We know first hand the ups and downs Rick’s group has gone through to survive and they had some trained fighters on their team. Traivs’ group doesn’t have any trained fighters, though Daniel seems to be pretty good with a gun.

It could be interesting to watch Alicia and Chris go through the zombie apocalypse from the beginning. What will they do without their phones, social media and friends?! All of the things we rely on each day.

Next week the soldiers are still there, but are they helping?

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