‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season Seven Promo is Here!

If you weren’t already excited for season seven of The Vampire Diaries, take a look at the promo and prepared to feel a little better about having no Elena this season.

We’re about to encounter a very different kind of enemy. An enemy that the gang is making deals with and since when did they start making deals with their enemies? There’s always some sort of plan to take the enemy down, even if the plan never usually works out well.

You were never supposed to be a vampire and a witch, but these were special witches. We saw how evil Kai was and now there’s more of them!

If the action and the heritics taking over Mystic Falls isn’t enough, we get a little peek at Steroline kissing! So we know we don’t have to wait long for this couple to start blooming. Of course I hope there’s a lot more than this one kiss to look forward to.

Plus Damon is back to his old ways. Not that I didn’t love Damon with Elena, because I did. But he’s sexy and naughty again and never likes to play by anyone’s rules.

Caroline and Kat are the only two leading ladies this season. Kat is ready to fight back and Caroline is seen kidnapped!

With more screen time for these to lovely ladies, I hope they get really good storylines. Kat hasn’t had a very good storyline because she’s been trapped in another dimension, but now she should get a killer storyline. She’s very powerful and I’m sure she’s still angry at what happened with Elena.

I’m most looking forward to more Caroline and the progression of Steroline. Caroline has always been my favorite female character and I was always disappointed when she wasn’t in an episode. Now is the time for the writers to utilize her more.

I love Damon too, so I’m looking forward to sexy, naughty Damon. October needs to get here quicker.

What are you most looking forward to when TVD returns?


‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: Elena’s Goodbye

I still want Elena and Damon to end up together.

I still want Elena and Damon to end up together.

I still can’t believe that will be the last we will see of Elena Gilbert. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye and I’m not ready for an entire season without her. She’s such a big part of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and a piece of the show is now missing.

This episode was a great tribute to Elena. Everyone got to say goodbye. She touched so many people and we even got to see Jeremy again. It was a very sad episode, but it was one of the best episodes I’ve seen saying goodbye to a character. And Elena and Damon could still be the endgame. That just depends on if Nina Dobrev is willing to come back for the series finale. Bonnie could die in an epic battle and Elena and Damon could finally be together. Or we could just fast forward in time.

I really thought the writers were going to kill off Elena. Especially the way the previews showed it. The writers did something very surprising. Kai took his revenge on Bonnie in a very interesting way. Killing Bonnie wouldn’t get his revenge, but linking her life to Elena’s would and it would also be payback to Damon. I almost thought Damon was going to kill Bonnie, that’s what Kai was hoping for too, but Damon has come a long way. He may have played with Bonnie’s emotions before, but he wasn’t about to kill her. Once upon a time he wouldn’t have thought twice about killing her to be with Elena. But Bonnie has become a great friend, Elena even called her his best friend.

I definitely think Damon and Stefan’s goodbyes were the hardest to watch. They were Elena’s two epic loves. Damon was by far the hardest. She wants him to live his life and be happy. He’s not ready to spend the next 60 years without her. They had a great last dance, but it’s time to say goodbye.

Alaric had a really rough day. His wife and unborn children were killed right in front of him at the wedding and then his surrogate daughter is put in a deep sleep and he’ll never see her again. And now everyone in the Gemini coven is dead. Not before Liv did one last good deed. Liv had Tyler kill her so he could live. I guess it was always only a matter of time before he triggered the curse again. But what will he do now?

What becomes of Mystic Falls after Elena’s gone? It looks like a very scary place. We know the heretics did come back and Lily was reunited with her family. But Damon doesn’t look like he’s been a good boy since he lost Elena. On the upside Matt fulfilled Elena’s wish, he’s a cop.

Stefan finally told Caroline how he feels and that he’ll wait for her. By the look on Caroline’s face it doesn’t look like he’ll have to wait too long, but things always seem so different when a new season begins.

I think ‘TVD’ will look very different next season without Elena. Will it be able to keep it’s fan base without its main character? I guess we will have to wait and see.

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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: Kai Returns to Crash Jo’s Wedding

Kai knows how to hurt people. Was right in the middle of Jo's vows necessary?

Kai knows how to hurt people. Was right in the middle of Jo’s vows necessary?

Most of this episode was very quiet and then Kai made a grand entrance by killing his sister on her wedding day as she’s saying her vows. I was not expecting that at all. Leave it ‘The Vampire Diaries’ to totally ruin a wedding.

Jo is dying, Elena is knocked out and Bonnie is not doing well either! That’s a lot of ladies not doing well heading into the season finale. I’m already afraid Elena will die, but not Bonnie and Jo too. Alaric and Jo were supposed to run off together and Bonnie just got back!

So Matt needs to stop taking vampire matters into his own hands. I don’t care how much he hates them, it never ends well. This time it may have gotten Bonnie killed. Really in the cellar was when Kai made his entrance by knocking out Bonnie and Matt, but we didn’t get to see him. Kai spared Matt, but of course he was seeking revenge with Bonnie.

How exactly did Lily get out? Was it Kai? Are we going to be seeing her friends soon? Those are some scary creatures to be facing down in the season finale.

As I said, this was a very quiet episode. It was a very nice episode. Damon actually decided to take the cure and he’s thought about it a lot. Plus Stefan tried to convince him otherwise. It was an old couple that had been together 40 years that made his decision. If I didn’t know Nina Dobrev was leaving the show, I would love for Damon to take the cure. But we do know Elena will be no more, so I don’t want to see a human Damon with no Elena. That won’t be any fun! I’m guessing Kai crashing the wedding gets in the way of Damon taking the cure. Now the question is, does Elena die or does he change his mind again?

Caroline was back this week! And back to what she does best, planning parties! Who better to pull off Jo’s wedding than Caroline. She was also doing the “amends tour” as Elena called it. We got to see a Steroline moment, but it ended with Caroline walking away. We’ll have to wait a little bit for this couple. Not that I can blame Caroline. After everything, she needs some time.

So next week we say goodbye to Elena Gilbert. Please tell me we actually get to see some of her in the finale. This can’t be the last we see of her. The promo for the finale looks like Elena is already gone! This can’t be how she goes out. At least kill her in the season finale. Take a look at the promo and prepare the tissues for next week:

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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: I’d Become a Human for You

It seems fitting that we would see the old Gilbert house again before Elena leaves.

It seems fitting that we would see the old Gilbert house again before Elena leaves.

Since we know that Nina Dobrev is leaving, it’s unlikely that Damon will take the cure with her. It’s almost a shame that we can’t be wondering will he or won’t he, but if Elena dies at the end to the season, that would be even more cruel. So even though the suspense has been taken out of this storyline, it’s okay.

It’s interesting that Elena is human again before she leaves the show. Will she run off with Alaric and Jo? Or will the writer’s actually kill her off. However the writers choose to write her off the show, it better be an epic send off. Elena Gilbert deserves that.

It was nice imagining a human Damon, but it’s not a realistic fantasy. Everyone knows Damon would hate being human again. But it’s no surprise that Elena is still madly in love with him. Does everyone forget that the reason she was sired to him was because she loved him when she was human? So Elena worrying if she would still love him, as Bonnie pointed out, wasn’t unnecessary.

All of Elena’s memories are back and she remembers how much Damon doesn’t want to be human. So she’s making him think about it and discuss with other people. It is a big decision after all. It’s also a heartbreaking storyline, since we kind of know where it’s headed. Damon and Elena will not live happily ever after and it’s really awful for the epic love story of there’s. I still haven’t gotten over this. I just hope the writers do their story justice in the end. And I’m wondering how romantic storylines will go on from here. Caroline and Stefan still have a shot after she gets over what she’s done, but what about Damon? I don’t really want to see him with anyone else, it would just be cruel.

Looks like Alaric and Jo will be leaving too. Alaric is actually taking Matt’s advice and getting out. Jo finding out she had twins is what made up his mind. The coven will come for them, to strip Kai from his powers. But will they have powers, seeing as Jo gave up hers?

She might have a fight on her hands sooner than she’d like. Kai has found a way out. I thought Bonnie said there was no way out? Mystic Falls is about to get some major villains and they’re one vampire down. Maybe Elena should have waited to take the cure.

The episode wasn’t all doom. Jo got a pretty fun bachelorette party. It’s too bad Caroline wasn’t around to plan it. She’s a great party planner. But Bonnie, Elena and Jo still had fun. They stuffed their faces and talked about Damon.

Alaric was having a very similar conversation with Damon. Everyone wanted to know about Damon possibly taking the cure. It is a big surprise after all. But Damon wouldn’t tell his brother. I think he was scared that Stefan was going to show him the truth, it wasn’t a smart choice. He’s a vampire and he can’t be anything else. Do we really want to see him as anything else?

Matt is having some real issues since he almost died again. He’s now drinking himself to death, as Tyler said. Tyler can’t control his rage and is terrified of becoming a wolf again. Two storylines that could be tapped into more. Both are very lost and confused and very alone.

Lily won’t be alone too much longer. Her friends are coming! She was a bit of a surprise this week. She still knows Stefan very well. She knows when he’s lying to her. And her ripper tendencies are interesting. She didn’t kill Jo when she said she was pregnant. That was strange. I don’t think Ripper Stefan would have stopped. But as I said before, I think her humanity switch is broken. I was not happy when Lily tried to kill Bonnie, though I understand why she did it.

We just got Bonnie back and now she’s on the brink of death again, but Damon was able to heal her. Bonnie needs to be more careful. She’s died too many times. Everyone on this show had died too many times.

Only two more episodes left with Nina. Stefan shows Damon what his life would be like if he took the cure. Take a look at the promo:

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‘The Vampire Diaries’: Just Because

This was a very brutal way to get her to bring back her emotions.

This was a very brutal way to get her to bring back her emotions.

Damon’s secret is out. Elena knows about the cure, but she doesn’t want to take it. She wants to spend eternity with Damon. Damon tells her she will take the cure and he will take it with her. Wait, what? Is there another dose of the cure that we don’t know about it? In 1903? But if Bonnie destroys the descendant how will he get it?

Now that Damon knows exactly what or who his mommy’s friends are, he’s regretting giving her the ascendant. So he went to Bonnie, who was very mad at him. Bonnie decided to make a lunch date with Lily to make sure she was out of the house so she could retrieve the ascendant. It worked nicely, but then Momma Salvatore decided to threaten Damon with destroying the cure.

Damon of course went to Bonnie to get it back. Even pushed her out of the way, but Bonnie saw right through him. She saw how terrified he was of giving Elena the cure. She told him if he can handle a bunch of people that can kill her and watching Elena grow old, take the ascendant. He couldn’t bring himself to take it. When he got home he thought his mother was destroying the cure, but she gave it to Elena and told her Damon was never going to give it to her.

Elena forgave Damon quickly. And chose not to take the cure quickly. But what will happen next?

Stefan was on a mission to save Caroline. He did a pretty good job of tricking Caroline. He came close to blowing his cover when Elena gave them the letter from Caroline’s mom. She wanted to burn it. Very reminiscent of Elena burning her house down. Stefan tried to stop her, but if he pushed too far, she would have seen through him, so he helped her burn the letter.

Will she chose a vampire life or a human life?

Will she chose a vampire life or a human life?

Damon shot both Stefan and Caroline with vervain in the B&B to make it seem like they were trying to get both of them to turn on their humanity switches. They really should have attacked Stefan too though. It was very one sided.

The letter clearly didn’t work, so Stefan went inside her head and showed her her mom being very disappointed. Also didn’t work. Caroline was on the brink of killing Stefan when he gave her a real memory. It was Stefan and Sheriff Forbes. He was asking her for a sewing kit to help repair the teddy bear. She told him she hoped he and Caroline would be more than friends. Stefan said it wasn’t the right time, he wanted it to happen when there was no loss or pain. He wanted it to be perfect. She told him, he’d be waiting a very long time. Stefan said he’s very patient.

Stefan asked Liz if he could mail the letter for her, the letter for Caroline. She said she wasn’t done with it, she wanted it to be perfect too. This brought Caroline back, she wanted to see more, but that was the end of the memory. She wanted to know what the letter said, but she had already burned it. All the pain came rushing back. She said she ruined everything.

When she calmed down a bit Stefan tried to talk to her, but she just couldn’t.

With Caroline’s humanity back on they can now concentrate on Lily. I don’t know if this woman has a humanity switch. She told Damon and Enzo that the only people that can keep her in check are her friends.

Enzo and Lily had an interesting conversation when Bonnie stood her up. She never abandoned him, that’s when she was taken. When Lily get’s into some trouble she calls Enzo. She had killed a man. She said cars are much quieter now. She didn’t even hear the car and startled the man in it by walking in front of the car.

She saw his veins pulsing and her pain was gone and she killed him, but then felt remorse after. How will they keep her in check?

Next week Elena and Damon discuss taking the cure together. Stefan says not to take the cure. Take a look at the promo:

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‘The Vampire Diaries’: One Ripper Saved, One to Go

Lily is a very good liar.

Lily is a very good liar.

We had one brief episode without any enemies and now Damon is going to let out 6 vampires that are a very old bread, heretics. They are both witch and vampire. They can siphon magic from themselves. As Joe said, “imagine Kai with a blood lust of a vampire”. This is one scary creature and there’s six of them.

Damon only gave his mother the ascendant because he wanted desperately to save his brother. That was the only way he could get Lily to work with him. Now they have bigger problems.

Caroline and Stefan were terrorizing Whitmore. The episode started with Caroline betting Stefan she could scare someone to death. The dead guy over the balcony didn’t work, so she compelled him to have a heart attack and then not to breath and then told him he had spiders one him. Stefan was not happy she cheated, but she still won. So she got to do karaoke. To be honest, her singing with her humanity off, was even better than she did it before.

Things were about to get really dicey. Matt and Tyler stopped by to grab some food after their police training. They walked into Caroline and Stefan’s shenanigans. They tried to leave, but Stefan wouldn’t let them.

Caroline decided to play Caroline trivia. Tyler and Matt do know her very well, but the last question she asked was one they could never know. They didn’t know what her mother’s last memory was because they weren’t there. Stefan knew though, and he answered.

So then Caroline decided to play heads or tail to decide who she would kill. Tyler knocked the quarter out of her hand. Then he decided to attack them. Matt tried to convince him not to, but his temper was taking over. He went to stab Caroline and she blurred and by the time Tyler got to her, Matt was now there. He was stabbed.

Caroline trivia and then heads or tails! Barbie vamp was all about the games this week.

Caroline trivia and then heads or tails! Barbie vamp was all about the games this week.

Damon and Lily walked in and Stefan remembered her right away. Damon gave his keys to Matt and Tyler to get out of there.

Stefan knew Lily was there to get back his emotions. Caroline stabbed Stefan in the back and ran off.

Damon told Lily exactly what to say. She had no more feelings for her sons. She wasn’t coming back to get them when she was trapped in the prison world. So Damon had to tell her what he knew would get Stefan back and it worked like a charm.

Damon was giving Stefan one night to dwell on what he had done, but he said he didn’t need a night and was off to save Caroline.

Tyler took Matt to the hospital, where Matt wouldn’t let Elena heal him. Matt said he can’t hate vampires and then use them to his advantage. This was one of many things in this episode that made Elena feel bad about being a vampire for eternity.

It started with Lily asking Elena if she misses being human and she was only doing this because she over heard Bonnie giving Damon the cure.

Then Elena discovered Jo was pregnant and she was a little jealous. Elena felt really bad for reacting like that, but Jo understood. Elena discovered Joe was pregnant and her life flashed before her and the fact that she couldn’t have kids.

Will Damon give Elena the cure? He seems terrified of losing her.

This week we also go to see Enzo’s past. Enzo was going to introduce Sarah to her family, well Damon. Until Lily answered the door and he fled. It turns out Lily was the one who turned him. It was 1903 in South Hampton, England. Enzo was dying of consumption and was trying to board a ship to the U.S. with a doctor on board.

Lily helped him aboard and got him to see a doctor, only the doctor couldn’t save him. She promised him a new life and family, but instead turned him into a vampire and abandoned him.

No wonder Enzo and Damon get along so well.

Enzo first tried to set Sarah free. But she had taken vervain. She trapped him and wanted to know the whole story. Then he was going to turn her into a vampire, but he changed his mind. It was a rare nice moment for Enzo.

Next week Stefan is on a mission to save Caroline. Take a look at the promo:

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‘The Vampire Diaries’: The Downward Spiral Continues

Caroline and Stefan are finally together, but not in the way fans wanted.

Caroline and Stefan are finally together, but not in the way fans wanted.

Caroline has some serious control without her humanity. I mean she’s even cleaning up her mess when she’s done. It’s a weird way for a vampire to act while their emotions are off. She doesn’t care, but she does care about getting caught. To be fair that’s only smart, so she can keep having fun.

Unfortunately, Stefan was determined to get her to let loose. He killed the director of the play and even tried to kill Caroline.

Alaric and Enzo tried to intervene, but Stefan took care of them, luckily they weren’t too banged up. Stefan finally got Caroline to give into her natural urges and they have sex.

While I’ve been waiting forever for this, I don’t like that this happened when both of their humanity switches are off. Can they make it work when their emotions are back on after this? They may resent each other for this path.

While Caroline and Stefan were reeking havoc, Elena and Damon were trying to find a way to save their friends.

Kai and Bonnie took Elena and Damon back to 1903 to get Damon’s mother back. There’s just one thing, she wasn’t the only one trapped there. Her traveling companions were trapped there too and she wanted to bring all of them back. Damon lied and said that they would go back for them, even though he has no plans of going back for them.

Not only is Mrs. Salvatore a ripper, she’s also a crazy woman. She let her friends rot while she drank all the blood. She claims she learned control so she could bring them back.

What will she do when she finds out she won’t be returning to get her friends? I’m a little worried about unleashing Ripper Lilly into the world. First get Stefan back and then take care of mama ripper.

The trip to 1903 had a second agenda, Bonnie getting revenge on Kai and because of Damon.

First of all I’m very happy that Bonnie and Damon are on good terms again. Damon is an ass, we all know that, but I really like their friendship.

I’m a little worried about the new Bonnie though. The old Bonnie would have never literally stabbed someone in the back. Of course now that Kai has actual feelings, this revenge will actually have an affect. That is if he survives, with starving vampires.

Can he die in this prison world? Of course he’s also half Luke. If he dies then Jo won’t be alive either. Of course if he can’t be killed, then vampires will just drain him of his blood over and over again.

Mrs. Salvatore sees her son for the first time in a century.

Mrs. Salvatore sees her son for the first time in a century.

Enzo was really peculiar this week. First he cared about Stefan and Caroline turning off their emotions. Of course in Stefan’s case it was because if he wants to upset him, he has to have his emotions on for that. That doesn’t explain Caroline though.

Then he sets Sarah free, though he slips and says Sarah Salvatore, or did he mean to slip? You never know with Enzo. While Enzo’s storyline hasn’t been great this season, I’m still very glad the writers kept him around.

We may not see Alaric fighting vampires much anymore, which will be a shame. It was nice seeing him teach Elena to fight and being a tough guy. Now he will have to stay safe for his little one.

Bonnie brought back something from her trip to 1994, the cure for Elena. Apparently Damon was planning on getting the cure for her. Now he may not want to give it to her.

Bringing the cure back into the story changes things. Who could take the cure? Both Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley have said they want to see Elena take the cure. Could that be the plan?

‘The Vampire Diaries’ returns April 16 with Stefan sees his long lost mother. Take a look at the promo:


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‘The Vampire Diaries’: Caroline’s Downward Spiral Brings Stefan Down Too

Caroline and Stefan have both turned off their emotions, let the chaos ensue.

Caroline and Stefan have both turned off their emotions, let the chaos begin.

If Caroline turning off her emotions wasn’t bad enough, Stefan has now turned off his emotions too. I get that he was trying to save Sarah, but everything he’s done to help the situation has made it ten times worse and this is like 100 times worse.

Things didn’t start out so terrible. Caroline had a chance to kill Liam, but instead, let him live. Of course that was only because it would have been inconvenient for her to kill him. This led her to make a deal with Elena and Bonnie, not to kill anyone and in return she would have one year of no pain or remorse. It was actually not a bad deal.

The catch was if anyone tried to get her to turn back on her emotions, she would retaliate. She certainly stuck to her word.

I get that they all wanted to try to get her to turn back on her emotions, but they really should have been more creative. It took Damon killing Matt to get Elena to turn on her emotions, of course Matt had the ring on so he wasn’t truly dead, but Elena thought he was. So why did Stefan think telling Caroline how he really felt was going to work? It ended up making things much worse.

Bonnie is finally back!

Bonnie is finally back!

She compelled Liam to do surgery on Sarah Salvatore. This was a lot more vindictive than just going on a killing spree. She was determined to kill the one person that Stefan had vowed to protect. Plus she was ruining Liam’s life in the process.

Luckily Stefan had a weird conversation with Liam earlier when he told him to be honest. This worked to find out where they were. Elena ran off to find them, but not before Caroline told Stefan to turn off his emotions to save Sarah.

When it seemed like Elena wouldn’t find them in time, he told Elena. “bring me back.”

Elena was able to get to Liam before he killed Sarah, but not before Stefan shut it off.

How are they possibly going to bring back Caroline and Stefan? This is going to be very, very bad.

It’s not easy bringing Stefan back from his ripper self and now we find out that it’s genetic. His own mother is a ripper too.

When Bonnie returned we found out that Lily Salvatore was stuck in another prison world, in 1903. Damon went into a deep denial and couldn’t believe that the woman in the video was his mother. He asked Kia if it was possible, he replied with a yes, and Damon still didn’t want to believe it. So he dug up his mother’s grave to find an empty coffin.

Damon was in denial when he found out his mother his still alive in a prison world.

Damon was in denial when he found out his mother was still alive and in a prison world.

Damon wanted to go to the prison world to find out the truth. Kai wanted something in return, of course. He wanted to apologize to Bonnie, but she wanted nothing to do with him. Damon being Damon, didn’t take her feelings into account and still brought Kai to her to apologize.

She didn’t respond well. She was more mad than I’ve ever seen her. She showed Damon all the things that Kai did to her, but couldn’t show him the loneliness she felt when he left her there. Bonnie has not returned the same and she’s well aware of this. She called Jeremy to tell him that she’s back, but that she’s different. She doesn’t know if the new her scares her or if she likes her, but she wants to sort out herself before seeing Jeremy.

I’m glad she’s back, but I’m also glad she’s not handling her return well. Bonnie hasn’t had a great storyline in a while and I think her dealing with this trauma could be really good for her character. It will give Kat Graham a lot to work with.

Damon ruined his friendship for nothing. Kai told him that they can’t bring his mother back because she’s a ripper. Lily turned in 1858 when she faked her death and then went a little nuts. She raked up a body count of about 3,000. The Gemini coven was able to capture her in 1903 when she arrived in New York.

Damon is absolutely devastated with this news, but how will he feel when he finds out Stefan turned off his humanity?

Next week Damon is not happy that Stefan turned off his emotions and Stefan is not getting along well with Caroline. Take a look at the promo:

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 15

The funeral was very nice. even Damon had nice words to say. It was very fitting to remember a great woman.

The funeral was very nice. Even Damon had nice words to say. It was very fitting to remember a great woman.

We really needed Bonnie to come back after the last two episodes. It was a nice win after having to say goodbye to two characters. Of course Jeremy had to leave town right before she came back.

But Bonnie came back a little too late. She couldn’t get back in time to stop Caroline from turning her emotions off. I’ve been saying lately how strong Caroline has been because she hadn’t turned off her emotions, but I was wondering just how much pain she could take before she would turn it all off.

I’m so mad at Damon. He gave the worst advice. First he tells Caroline that today won’t be her worst day, next week will be, when she’s all alone. Then he assumes that Stefan wasn’t in love with Caroline and told him to shut it down before it gets worse. I don’t know why Stefan was listening to Damon about love advice. Damon may have been successful with Elena, but not with anyone else.

Stefan got there too late to tell her how he really feels and now Caroline turned off her emotions and who knows where she is. She’s stupid to think that she will be any different. She does have the best control, but I don’t think she’ll have that same control once the emotions are off. It’s not going to be pretty. What will it take for her to turn her emotions back on?

Great flashback moments of younger Damon and little Stefan.

Great flashback moments of younger Damon and little Stefan.

As much as I wanted Caroline and Stefan to finally be together, I think Caroline was always going to turn off her emotions. They’ve all done it at some point. I think that if Damon hadn’t of told her it was going to get worse, she might have not even thought about it.

So Bonnie is finally back. I’m a little surprised she went to see Damon first. Or was she just not sure she was back yet and went to the house? I mean she had been stuck in that prison world for so long. I had a feeling that Damon’s mother might be in the prison world.  And then when we saw the woman, I thought that she was their mother. I was wondering how Bonnie was going to describe the woman to Damon and Stefan and how they would confirm it was their mother. Turns out she filmed it. But why is their mother in a prison world? Does she have something to do with the Gemini Coven? Is she a witch? What does any of this mean for Damon and Stefan?

Bonnie is back! And her first stop was a big surprise!

Bonnie is back! And her first stop was a big surprise!

Since Kai merged with Luke, he hasn’t been the psychopath that we love. He’s gone back and forward from being semi-nice to mean, but not right out crazy. Instead of just taking Jo’s magic he asked for it. Though I still don’t know if it was completely a trick. But at least she didn’t have to die and she never liked being a witch anyways.

I thought that Kai and Jo were both sick for the same reason. It made sense that Kai was having side effects from the merge, but I thought because they were twins, they were both affected. Jo is apparently pregnant. It’s about time Alaric got some happiness in his life.

Did it feel like to anyone else that a lot of the character’s stories were ending? Not that I wouldn’t love to see baby Alaric and Matt and Tyler be cops, but if felt like they were all finally moving on. That’s the tone I felt anyways. Like they get to live happily ever after at the end of the show, but it’s not the end of the show. Jeremy moved on as well last week. Things are still full steam ahead for Caroline, Stefan, Damon, Elena and Bonnie. Will we be saying goodbye to more characters this season?

‘The Vampire Diaries’ will return March 12 and Caroline is going a bit wild. She’s never been the one that loses control, so this should be interesting. Take a look at the promo:

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 14

Liz is leaving a big hole in Mystic Falls.

Liz is leaving behind a big hole in Mystic Falls.

We were told we were saying goodbye to Jeremy this week, no one said anything about saying goodbye to Liz too.

It was a great episode for Liz’s character. She didn’t want any unfinished business. She was taking care of all of her cold cases.

Damon decided to help her out and most of her cold cases were caused by him. But one case he wasn’t involved in was the car crash Elena’s parents died in. Liz has kept it open all these years wondering if there was something more to it. There were no skid marks, they took the long way home, there was luggage in the car and Miranda gave Liz a call that night and said it was urgent.

Damon said he wanted some alcohol to make their investigation more fun, Liz actually had a bottle in her draw. Damon told her that’s why she’s a bad sheriff.

“No I’m a terrible sheriff because one of my best friends is the perp in half my open cases,” Liz said.

This was a great moment. We’ve known for a long time how close these two are, but it was really nice hearing Liz say it.

It turns out though that the car crash was a complete accident. Miranda had caught Jeremy smoking in his room and made a call to Liz to scare Jeremy. There had been a storm the day before and a power line pole had fallen on the route they would have normally taken. Plus the roads were still slippery. It was all just a complete accident.

Liz wasn’t happy with this outcome. She wanted there to be a reason for them to die. She wanted someone to blame, but for once, something in Mystic falls was simple.

She was able to close all the cases before she left her badge.

Damon took Liz home and tucked her into bed. She was relieved that she would be one of the few people in Mystic Falls to have an ordinary death.

I’m exceptionally normal, she said. Caroline on the other hand “was meant to be extraordinary.”

Damon reminisced about his dying mother and how he never went to her funeral or wrote the eulogy like he promised to. Liz told him he could get a second chance by writing her eulogy.

The writers have certainly saved the best Liz and Damon moments for last.

Then Liz said she’d take that drink now, but when Damon asked if she wanted neat or on the rocks, she didn’t reply. Caroline should be happy to know that Liz had a pretty nice last moment with Damon.

But Caroline really wanted to say goodbye to her mother. She couldn’t handle that she wasn’t with her mom in her last moments. It wasn’t too late though. Liz was a sleep, but not quite gone yet. Stefan told her that she can still be with her in her last moments. It was similar to when Damon gave Rose a nice last moment. But for Caroline, she gave her mom a last memory of the two of them. Liz was teaching her how to ride a bike. It was a beautiful moment, just before Liz drifted off.

I wasn’t prepared to say goodbye to Liz this week. I knew it was coming, but I still wasn’t ready for it. I was too busy bracing myself for Jeremy’s departure.

Jeremy the graduate!

Jeremy the graduate!

Jeremy’s departure didn’t go as expected. He got kidnapped one last time before he left Mystic Falls. Damon compelled Jeremy into art school and a high school diploma. To be fair, Jeremy has had a rough time, between losing his parents and dying. Then coming back to life. He deserved that diploma, despite his failing average.

After all of that Jeremy isn’t going to art school at all, he’s going vampire hunting. And Alaric is sending him on his way. Alaric was happy that he finally found his purpose.

I know he wants Elena to think he’s safe, but maybe she wouldn’t take it so bad. I mean Elena did smoke with him, which is so unlike her. I’m proud of Jeremy though. He’s a man now and he’s making the world a safer place. Bonnie would be very proud of him.

The kiss we've all been waiting for finally happened!

The kiss we’ve all been waiting for finally happened!

With all of the sadness in this episode there was a very great moment. Stefan and Caroline finally kissed. This has been coming for a very long time and it was everything I could have hoped for. Where will they go from here? Their moment was short lived and they didn’t get to talked about what this means.

With Jeremy leaving, Matt is being left more alone than ever. Not that anyone notices when he disappears. He’s really stuck in the middle of Enzo’s revenge plot against Stefan. And he had to get hit by a car and drink Enzo’s blood. Sara has now been exposed to the world of vampires, something Stefan was trying to protect her from. But this is only step one in Enzo’s horrible plan.

Next week the tears aren’t over yet. They all say goodbye to Liz. Take a look at the promo: