‘Nashville’: Season 4 Brings a Whole lot of Drama

There’s only one week till Nashville returns and the previews shows everyone picking up right where the left off.

There is no sign of Deacon in the preview at all! Rayna says something about doing a lot of letting go lately. Either Deacon didn’t want to stay with Rayna after the surgery or he’s the one that really died. The only thing that gives me hope is the new poster for season four. It shows Juliette, Rayna and Deacon. Why put him on the poster if he dies? So maybe we can stop worrying about him. Maybe just worry about our favorite couple, Rayna and Deacon.

Things are either going to get even more complicated for Gunnar and Scarlett or maybe they can finally get back together. She tells him she has a boyfriend, but he says she keeps ending up there with him. I love these two together and I hope this will be leading them back together.

Juliette looks to be coming to her breaking point. She’s having a ball with guest star Steven Tyler, but then she’s crying in the bathroom and Rayna knows something is seriously wrong. Avery is just hoping she’s happier without them.

A lot of questions are left unanswered in the promo. But when has a Nashville preview ever led us to the right conclusions? There’s always a whole lot of drama and this promo of season four promises just that.


Review: ‘Nashville’ Leaves Us With A Big Question

What is the bad news?! Are you seriously going to make us wait?!

What is the bad news?! Are you seriously going to make us wait?!

The writers are just so cruel. They are going to make us wait all summer to find out if Deacon is still alive. I understand cliffhangers, but this one is just cruel.

Caleb has some bad news. So either Deacon is dead or he’s rejecting the liver. Either answer is not good. We can’t have another season without Deacon, so he has to be okay. He just has to be. Is it Beverly? Is she the one that doesn’t make it? Is it horrible for me to say that that’s what I hope that bad news is?

This was a roller coaster of an episode. Juliette has absolutely lost it. She’s fired her manager and signed with Luke and Jeff. Can she even jump ship from Highway 65? Won’t there be legal repercussions for her? She still has a contract with Rayna.

If Rayna didn’t have enough to deal with already, she now has to deal with her ex-husband getting arrested, which they miss because they are getting news of Deacon. Rayna will also have to deal with Juliette. When Juliette does get better, how will she feel about her actions? Going to Luke is in bad taste, not to mention unprofessional. The only reason Rayna wasn’t pushing to get things done was because she knows what it’s like to have a newborn at home. She was giving Juliette time to be with her little one. Most mothers would appreciate that. It wasn’t like Juliette was actually being mistreated. To top that off she goes to Jeff, the man that almost destroyed her and Avery’s relationship. No wonder Avery is upset.

Jeff is strange. He claims he was afraid of losing Layla, so he sent the tweet and made her sign her life away. It’s just crazy. He was being so good with her and then all of a sudden Jade comes into the picture and he reverts to the Jeff I don’t like. I was really liking Jeff for awhile. He had hit a low point, but he really cared about Layla. He was being a better man. Now, not so much.

Teddy is being a better man. He was trying to get himself out of a bad situation, then that meant hurting Tandy. He was hesitant about it, but continued on, until he found out that might ruin Rayna as well. He’s finally taking responsibility for his actions, but this still affects Rayna and especially Maddie and Daphne. Please say Deacon is alright. Maddie can’t lose two fathers in one day.

I am so proud of Will. He didn’t have to come out. He could have just stuck to the script. That couldn’t have been easy with his father right there. Plus knowing as soon as he said it, his father would disown him again. But on the upside, Will was finally able to tell someone he loves them. I really like Kevin and I think they are really good together.

I wasn’t happy with Luke when he was upset that Jeff never told him that Will was gay. That wasn’t for Jeff to tell him. I think that if Will had signed with Rayna, she would have reacted with more compassion. I really lost a lot of respect for Luke in that moment. He gained some of it back when he side it was too bad because Kevin’s a good guy. That was better.

I still can’t believe we have to wait all summer to fine out Deacon’s fate. It’s going to be a long summer.

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