‘Gotham’ Review: Let the Rise of Villains Commence

It's a new day in Gotham.

It’s a new day in Gotham.

Season two of Gotham is like a completely different show. All of the characters are in very different places from where season one left off. Gordon and Bullock were demoted down to uniform and Bullock quit and became a bartender. Oswald is the top crime boss and Selina is working for him! It’s definitely ‘a new day’ in Gotham, as Gordon said.

How exactly did Loeb demote Bullock and Gordon? They’re like the best detectives the GCPD have. Of course the whole city is corrupt.

How far down the rabid hole will Gordon go to save his city? He did a favor for Penguin and ended up killing someone in the process. Not that it wasn’t done all for the greater good. Essen is now Commissioner and she’s a much better person for the job. Unfortunately, people had to die to make this possible.

Did we really think that Gordon could stay on the right side of the line while he cleaned up the city? He’s going to have to make some sacrifices if he wants to succeed. This may end up being his new girlfriend Lee. She loves him because he has a very straight moral compass, but he’s not acting like that Gordon.

Oswald will have to be careful. There’s a new man in town and he wants to unleash a bunch of lunatics on to the city. Maybe Gordon will have wished he let go of the badge. We know he won’t, but it looks like a very scary road ahead of him with the Arkham patients that were kidnapped.

Was it just me or did Barbara actually look good in that stripped dress? She was really pulling it off right?

Barbara is a much more interesting character now that she’s crazy. She was so boring before. I’m very excited to see what she ends up doing to the city. Will she go after Lee? She’s got a split personality just like Ed has.

Ed is now talking to himself. He completely snapped. I would have liked to seen more of him in the episode. That was always my complaint last season, we didn’t get enough of the Riddler. I really like his character. If it is going to be the rise of the villains, there should be more of Ed.

Jerome has really gotten my attention. He was briefly in the first season, but he seems to be a main fixture for the second. I’m looking forward to getting to know the Joker more. And not just because he’s an iconic villain.

Bruce was looking so grown up. It’s only supposed to be a month in the future, but that month has totally made him grown. Of course that might have just been everything he experienced last season too.

We are finally in the Bat Cave and his father has left him a message: “You can’t have both happiness and the truth. You have to choose.” Thomas hopes he’ll choose happiness, unless he has a true calling. So this is where Batman begins.

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‘Gotham’ Review: The Conclusion of The Ogre

This was a scary scene. I thought for a second they were killing off Barbara.

This was a scary scene. I thought for a second they were killing off Barbara.

It’s almost sad that Milo Ventimiglia’s storyline has come to an end. I was enjoying his character. His story didn’t end exactly how I was expecting it to. I was expecting someone to end up dead, but not Barbara’s parents. And I definitely wasn’t expecting Jason to turn the tables on Barbara and ask her who to kill.

What was in that water? When she stood in front of her parents she seemed to barely be there. She hardly batted and eye when Jason and Gordon were rolling around on the floor. This was a traumatic experience for Barbara and I almost expected it to lead Gordon back to her, though I’m glad it didn’t. I’m enjoying Lee and Gordon together.

I really enjoyed Harvey going into the Brothel. As he walked in he seemed to fit the part only too well. Till he actually got into the club and he was feeling out of place. Too bad getting Harvey into the club is going to cost Jim a lot, but what will Penguin want in return?

I love Penguin. He’s a genius. Instead of killing Maroni, he sets Maroni on Falcone. He never meant to kill Maroni in the first place, he meant to start a war. No wonder he becomes the villain he does. Oswald is sitting in his club sipping champagne as Maroni and Falcone fight it out to the death, but will they both die in this war?

This leaves a lot of trouble for the G.C.P.D. though. They now have to deal with the shooting war. Usually the police are quick to stay out of it, but I guess because it’s become a full blown war, they have to get involved.

Bruce learned some interesting things this week. I thought that Bunderslaw might have caught Selina stealing his key. It wasn’t really a surprise that the safe was empty. Bunderslaw was waiting for him, to have “the talk” with him. According to him Bruce’s father and grandfather knew all about the illegal activity going in the company. Bruce’s father was against it at first, but came to accept it.

Bruce also got to meet Lucius Fox, the man that will help him with his gadgets when he become’s Batman. Lucius had a different story to tell Bruce. His father was a good man and kept the best parts of him hidden. He was a true stoic. And we start to see part of the origins of Bruce’s playboy public tendencies.

Once again the bond between Alfred and Bruce grows. Selina told Bruce not to tell anyone and he tells Alfred. He tells him the whole truth. And now Bruce’s father goes up on the wall. He’s still determined to better his company, his legacy. It’s incredible watching Batman’s story unfold.

The first season is coming to an end next week. Gordon will fight for the city. Fish is back and Bruce discover’s his father’s secret. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Gotham’: The Ogre Chronicles Continue

Gordon shows Jason the G.C.P.D. can't be intimidated.

Gordon shows Jason the G.C.P.D. can’t be intimidated.

Gordon has been going under the impression that the person the Ogre would target would be Lee. He made sure Lee was fine with him forcefully going after the serial killer, but her never even considered Barbara would be a target. But after watching Barbara and Jason together, is she more than just a tool to get back at Gordon? He’s either really into her or playing her very well. He knew exactly what to say with the last girl, maybe that’s what he’s doing now too.

In the beginning of the episode Gordon is very worried about Lee. She isn’t picking up her phone and there’s a serial killer on the lose that could be coming after her. She’s not answering he phone because she’s in the bathtub. She hears a noise and then a crash. She calls out for Jim, but he’s not there. It’s just a cat that got in her apartment. She’s about to call Jim and then he comes up behind her, but she doesn’t know it’s him, and she whacks him with the phone.

Gordon tells Lee about the Ogre and how he comes after cop’s loved ones. She wants him to go after the guy and catch him.

A killer is born.

A killer is born.

Gordon and Harvey dig deeper. They speak to the first detective on the case. He was investigating Julie Kemble, Jason’s first victim, or so we thought at that point. There was notes scratched out on his notepad. Harvey and Gordon wanted to know what was there. Eleven more girls had been murdered since he dropped the case. The girl was a nurse at a private medical clinic, a plastic surgery office.

They go check out the office, but the doctor won’t give them anything without a warrant. On the way out of the office, Jim spots a car he saw outside of the police station. He was staring right at the Ogre, but couldn’t get a good look at him. The Ogre drives forward forcing the two detectives out of the way. Gordon knows that was the Ogre, he’s been following them.

Back at the Precinct, Jason gives Jim a call. He warns him to back off or he’ll come after Gordon’s loved ones. This will be his only warning.

Gordon decides they have to show the Ogre they aren’t afraid. He talks to Lee and she’s okay with him going public with his hunt. He makes an appeal to the public for information, but also tells the Ogre, he’s coming for him.

Harvey finds out from the doctor that Miss Constance van Groot recommended Julie, the first victim, to the doctor’s office. She’s one of the oldest families in Gotham, so they assume the Ogre might be her son.

They go to her house and find the butler trying to hang himself. They also find Miss van Groot decaying in the bed. She’d been dead for years. Harvey also finds all of Jason’s pictures have his face scratched out.

It turns out Jason isn’t van Groot’s son, he’s the butler’s son. Miss van Groot did treat him like a son though and led him on. He wanted her last name and to be put in the will, but she just laughed. This is when Jason made his first kill. His father, Jacob, hid that she was dead to protect his son. Jacob didn’t believe his son could be seducing young women. He showed them a picture of his hideous son.

He went to the plastic surgeon under the name Jason van Groot to get his face changed. His picture just happened to be swiped from the files, so all the doctor could give them was a sketch. Jason van Groot or his real name Jason Skolimski are not in the system and they have no idea what his new alias is. Essen suggests Gordon think back what the Ogre said on the phone and see if they missed something. Jason had mentioned Gordon was a rising star in the press. Gordon realized the paper that came out with that headline had a picture of him and Barbara in it.

Jason had already gone after her though. He started at a bar and went back to her place, but when she said she doesn’t have a boyfriend or anyone to miss her, he backs down. She also tells him people run screaming from her once they get to know her. She tells him to let himself out. He’s very intrigued by her.

He donates $10,000 so he can go to the Wayne Charity Ball. He meets up with her there and Selina sees them leaving together. When Gordon frantically goes over to Barbara’s place, Selina is able to say that the sketched man is the man she left with.

Barbara was already at his place though and being introduced to his room of torture, but not like the other girls were.

Last week Selina made her first kill and this week she was dealing with it oddly. She was very defensive with Bruce and Bruce couldn’t handle what she did, but still needed her to finish the mission. She suggested Bruce getting her close enough to steal the key for the safe. It just so happened the Wayne Charity Ball was coming up and all the senior management would be there. Selina swiped the key and made a copy like it was nothing, but they still have to get in the safe.

Oswald was on a little mission of his own, to kill Maroni. It won’t be that simple. He hires the best gun and knife team in Gotham and they agree to do it, but before they strike, Maroni get’s to Oswald’s mother. The only thing precious to him. Instead of just killing her, he tells her the truth about her son. She is so broken hearted and asks her son not to lie to her. Penguin lies and tells her he’s just a night club owner.

Maroni sends flowers and Penguin wants to send a message to him, but instead kills the messenger.

Only two episodes left and time is running out for Gordon to save Barbara. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Gotham’: Is Gordon the Hunter or the Prey?

Has Gordon gone too far in his quest to clean up Gotham?

Has Gordon gone too far in his quest to clean up Gotham?

If we didn’t know where Gordon’s story led, we would think his ambition and need to clean up Gotham City would be the end of him. It certainly seems like he’s headed down that path. Even after finding out he was set up, he doesn’t drop the case. He’s physically incapable of letting any cases go.

Gordon thought that he was actually making a difference. Officer Moore came up to him saying he had a reputation for closing cases and wanted to be apart of cleaning up Gotham. Then Moore gave him a case of a young murdered girl, Grace. She was found two weeks ago and went missing four months ago. Moore had sufficiently stroked Gordon’s ego and of course said he would look into the case.

Lee liked that Gordon was looking into the case. The girl was from her neighborhood. Grace was last seen at a bar in South Village. The previous detectives had looked into it, but didn’t get any leads. Lee told Gordon there’s speakeasies in South Village.

Harvey wanted nothing to do with the case. They had a full case load as it was. Their questioning led them to a bartender that had seen the victim with a hot date. It wasn’t much, but Gordon was hooked on the case. He wasn’t going to let it go.

Lee did an autopsy on the body. She said it wasn’t badly beaten like most victims after missing for that amount of time. Other than stab wounds, the body was pristine. Harvey believed the girl ran away herself and it had nothing to do with her murder. Gordon didn’t believe that. He knew in his gut that she was kidnapped and held until the murderer was ready to kill.

Meanwhile Nygma was looking for the missing piece of evidence and he found it. A photo copy of a hand painted broken heart. Harvey suddenly knew who the murderer was. It was GCPD’s dirty little secret. He was a serial killer that had killed a dozen or more young girls. Most people called him the Ogre. He was known to kill loved ones of detectives that investigated him.

Milo Ventimiglia may be playing a sick villain, but he's still as sexy as ever.

Milo Ventimiglia may be playing a sick villain, but he’s still as sexy as ever.

Harvey questioned why this got on Gordon’s radar. He told him an officer brought it to him and Harvey asked which one. When they questioned Moore, he confessed that Commissioner Loeb ordered him to. Loeb knew exactly what to say to get Gordon to take the case.

Harvey tried to get Gordon to drop it. Gordon said he couldn’t let a serial killer roam free, the next victim’s blood would be on his hands. Harvey said the next victim could be Lee.

Gordon isn’t dropping the case and he told Loeb that very loudly in the middle of the police station and then he said he was coming after him. I think the Ogre will know Gordon’s on to him now.

Milo Ventimiglia has entered the world of ‘Gotham’ as Jason, a.k.a The Ogre, and we got to see exactly how he attracts his prey.

He went on a lovely date with Grace. He told her he was looking for unconditional, real intense love. This might actually be true. Of course this hooked Grace. She went back to his apartment and spent the night, but when she went to leave in the morning, he wouldn’t let her. He held her captive making her cook. She overcooked the lamb and when she started to cry explaining, he said it wasn’t working and that’s when he killed her.

We will be seeing more of Milo in the coming weeks.

Fish was planning her escape from the beginning of the episode. She scoped out the helicopter and boat, she even made it outside to find the Catchers. Then she went down to Kelly, the man she sacrificed, and said they were going to escape. She was almost caught when she stole the keys to the helicopter. She told Dullmacher she was going to slit her own throat because of the nightmare she has about the man made of various body parts. He didn’t completely believe her, but let her off with a warning.

Fish used the stone cold killers in the basement as a decoy. When she went back to get Kelly, Dullmacher caught her, luckily the gate was opening and the people attacked the doctor. They had to hurry. They got to the helicopter as the killers were being shot by the catchers. They were almost home free, but Fish was shot.

Bruce was determined to find Reggie. Alfred was going to do it, but he wasn’t well. Bruce enlisted Kat to help find him. He was looking at gun ranges, because he thought that’s what a shooting gallery was.

Kat took him to actual shooting gallery and there was Reggie, drugged out of him mind, which made him an easy target. At first Reggie wouldn’t tell Bruce who hired him. Then he told him Mathis and Bunderslaw and Bunderslaw was the man he dealt with. They wanted to know how far Bruce had gotten in his investigation. He never meant to stab Alfred, but he walked in when he was taking the documents. Bruce and Kat got the information by threatening to throw his drugs out the window. After they got the information, Kat dropped it anyways. Reggie said he would tell on them and there would be nothing they could do. The drugs were caught on the window and Bruce wanted to push him, but didn’t have it in him, so Kat pushed Reggie out the window.

Penguin is plotting his murder of Maroni. He bought a bar, just for that task. He had to get the owners granddaughter to come home and leave her guitar playing boyfriend behind. An easy task for Oswald.

On a fun note, Penguin crossed behind Bruce when he was at a gun range. This is the first time they’ve been in proximity of each other and it appeared the Penguin felt a chill or something. I love when ‘Gotham’ does things like this!

Next week the Ogre knows Gordon is on to him. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Gotham’: Everyone has a Cobblepot to be Uesed Against Them

Gordon has climbed high, but did he cross a line to get there?

Gordon has climbed high, but did he cross a line to get there?

Gordon walked a very fine line this week. He was outraged when Flass got let off and he was determined to take him down. That wasn’t going to be easy, especially when he found out that Bullock testified to clear Flass’s name.

Loeb had dirt on all the cops in the GCPD and that’s how he controls them all. Dent and Gordon reason if they find the dirt, they can control Loeb.

Dent had the idea to talk to Loeb’s old partner because of the bond partners have. It was a good idea, but they didn’t execute it very well. They were set up and got ambushed, Bullock came to the rescue. He took another shot at Loeb’s former partner and this time got some information. Loeb and Falcone were in on it together.

Ms. Kringle played with Nygma's heart.

Ms. Kringle played with Nygma’s heart.

Finding out where the files were stashed was the next step. Who else would talk to Gordon, but Oswald? He decided to use the odd relationship they’ve created.

Oswald was very easy to negotiate with. All he wanted was a favor from Jim, no questions asked, and five minutes alone with the files, and to take whatever he wanted. Not too bad of a deal, but that favor is a red flag. Gordon sold his soul to fight corruption. Will he regret it later?

Penguin led them to a farm, but what they found there was not what they expected. It was Loeb’s daughter, Miriam. A lot of people thought Loeb killed his own wife, but it turns out it was his daughter. It wasn’t her fault though, she’s not well.

Fish's storyline is intense at the moment.

Fish’s storyline is intense at the moment.

It wasn’t an ideal situation, but Gordon was able to use this information to get Flass trialled. He wanted all of the files, but the only one Loeb would hand over was Bullock’s. Not a bad compromise though. Gordon wanted one more thing. He wanted Loeb to back him for the President of the police union position. Gordon has climbed his way up, but was the price worth it?

Bullock said that you tell yourself that the one bad thing will be worth it because of all the good you will do will make-up for it, but it doesn’t. He also said to be careful of Penguin’s favor. I think Bullock was a little upset about what Gordon had to do to succeeded. He may knock Gordon for his ways, but in reality he respects him for it.

Elsewhere Bruce was figuring out why Alfred was almost killed and he figured it out really fast. He knew it had to do with his meeting with his parents’ company. He wants to track down Reggie all by himself. Cat stopped by the hospital and offered her condolences and help, but Bruce wants to walk this path alone. Why doesn’t he just tell Gordon? I get that he doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt, but Gordon is trained for this.

There will be no escaping for Fish. What will be her plan B?

There will be no escaping for Fish. What will be her plan B?

Fish was making headway of her own. I knew she wouldn’t be going back to the basement, but everything that has unfolded since she left the basement, is amazing. After she scooped out her own eye, Dr. Dullmacher gave Fish a new eye, a bright blue one.

She wasn’t done working her way out of the basement. She had to prover herself to the doctor first and she did that very easily. What she didn’t expect was that they were in the middle of nowhere, in the ocean. If she was thinking of escaping, that’s not a viable option.

It’s a good thing things have calmed down a little in Gotham, because the show won’t be back till April 13. There’s only four more episodes left of this season. You won’t want to miss them. Take a look at the promo:

Gotham Season 1 Episode 17

One of the biggest shocks of the night was Alfred getting stabbed.

One of the biggest shocks was Alfred getting stabbed.

An old friend of Alfred turns up on their doorstep and Bruce invites him to stay. The future Batman has a really good heart, but good hearts don’t survive in Gotham.

He wants to take on his parents company and find his parent’s killer, but he has ruffled some feathers and his future company may be planning an attacking on him. I know all of this will just help create the Bat, but this poor boy doesn’t deserve all of this pain.

I’m assuming Alfred will pull through. I mean the writers can’t kill him off, seeing as he’s Batman’s right hand man.

What kind of trouble is Mr. Payne in? So much trouble that he had to spy on Alfred and Bruce for money? Or has he just never shed covert operations from his resume?

The one nice thing that Mr. Payne provided was background on Alfred’s character. Though I think you can move on from being a ‘lethal war dog” as Reggie called him. But it’s nice to see who Alfred use to be and what he’s become now. Now I just want to know how the transformation happened. Was it Bruce? Alfred did say he’s a better man for knowing him.

Alfred being stabbed was one of the biggest shocks of the episode. I’m not sure which was more shocking, Alfred or Fish pulling her own eye out and stepping on it.

When negotiations weren't going well Fish decided to take her own eye out, so the doctor couldn't have it.

When negotiations weren’t going well, Fish decided to take her own eye out, so the doctor couldn’t have it.

Negotiations weren’t going the way Fish hoped. For one she wasn’t allowed to talk to the boss, Dr. Dullmacher. We’ve heard this name before, way back in episode two. Cat had been kidnapped by the doctor’s men.

Fish was forced to talk to only the manager of the facility, who we never got a name for.

The manager wants to take Fish’s eyes or kill all of the people in the basement, so Fish took out one of her eyes and stomped on it. Now no one can have her eye. That was just crazy. Was there not another way out? Now she only has one eye and will she even survive after collapsing? Will they take her other eye? Did Fish not even think about what she was doing?

Does Butch know what happened to Fish? He said she got what she deserved.

Butch has been working with Oswald to get the club back up and running. Between the bad entertainment and running out of alcohol, the club is not not doing well. Maroni is in charge of the alcohol and is not giving Oswald his orders. Maroni can’t kill him, so he’s doing the only thing he can.

Butch pulled through to help Penguin and they toasted to new beginnings. As Butch was pouring Oswald another glass, he was shaking. So Oswald brings up Fish, but he appears to be over Fish. Butch is not completely the same since the brainwashing, but does he know anything about what happened to Fish?

Red hood was introduced, but it wasn't a good introduction.

Red hood was introduced, but it wasn’t a good introduction.

The writers introduced another villain and it wasn’t exactly exciting. Three different men wore the red hood and the crew meant absolutely nothing to us. It was just another case for Gordon and Bullock to solve. And it was really over shadowed by what Fish did and the Bruce and Alfred storyline. Maybe the biggest problem was there was too many storylines going on.

There’s been a lot of great introductions, but the red hood wasn’t one of them. It could appear as just another case. There’s not much that separates it to show a future villain in Gotham. First Gordon said that the red hood could live on forever, because people can keep putting on the hood. Then at the end a young boy puts on the hood and the villain lives on.

Another storyline that was lacking this week was Barbara. Is there any point to keep putting her on the screen? No offense to the actress, but her storyline seems pointless. It appears that Cat and Ivy have moved in with her and now she wants to give them makeovers, especially Cat, but why? It doesn’t make any sense. It’s fine if the writers want to bring her back later, but they shouldn’t feel like they have to keep her around when there’s nothing going on with her.

Ever since she left Gordon, her storyline has gone down hill. Hopefully the writers have something in store for her soon.

Next week Gordon is looking into Alfred’s stabbing. It looks like Gotham is about to get even darker. Take a look at the promo:

Gotham Season 1 Episode 16

'Gotham' has now introduced us to The Joker.

‘Gotham’ has now introduced us to The Joker.

Here was an episode with a storyline that’s sole purpose was to lead to the introduction of the Joker.

Jerome is a troubled child who never knew who his father was and watched his mother have sex with just about anyone. He came on the screen acting like an innocent little boy, very upset that his mother had died. But there was one odd thing, he called sex a healthy human activity. He’s a little young to be thinking that.

It all started with a date at the circus for Lee and Gordon and turned into a fight between two feuding families. The families had been fighting since WWI over a horse. The death of the snake tamer appeared to be just part of the long feud.

There was some interesting moments along the investigation. First, Gordon let a snake out to find the victim. It was a great idea, the snake led them right to the body. At this point she hadn’t been declared dead, only missing.

Gordon felt bad about ruining their date, but Lee said: “Who gets to see a circus brawl.” This started what would be a very interesting development for her character.

The case was about to get even more exciting for Lee. A psychic, who did a side show for the circus, came into give them a message from the dead victim. Gordon wanted no part of the message, but Lee couldn’t help herself.

Gordon thought it was just a ploy to get publicity and didn’t understand the message.

Lee later figured out what the message meant and wanted to go to the bridge to investigate. Gordon was not at all happy about this.

She said that he wanted someone to share the life he’s chosen with, but really he wants them to be at home baking cookies. Gordon said no, pie.

They find a hatched with etchings of a satanist club that hasn’t been active in a long while. This is what helped Gordon crack the case.

He brought in the psychic, Cicero, and the victim’s son, Jerome. It turns out Cicero is Jerome’s father and that’s why he helped him clean up murdering his mother.

The innocent boy that appeared at the beginning wasn’t so innocent. After a fake cry, he started laughing and it was clear how much he hated his mother. I guess the Joker was screwed up from day one.

This scene would have been more impactful if we didn’t know the Joker was being introduced in the episode.

I think I like Fish best when she's getting herself out of tough situations.

I like Fish best when she’s scheming herself out of a tough situations.

Other than the Joker, this episode was really great for exploring Gordon’s new relationship. I really like their relationship so far. He can actually talk to her about work and she’s not scared by it. She actually enjoys it. He’s having a lot more fun with Lee than he ever did with Barbara.

Barbara is back in town and acting really strange. She didn’t seem to be bothered that Cat and Ivy were squatting at her place. She then enlisted them in help for finding the perfect outfit to get Gordon back. Barbara seemed pretty upset when she found Gordon kissing Lee. Not that I can blame her, but she did leave Gordon with only a note. That was pretty harsh. Plus she ran right back to the bed of her ex-girlfriend. So she doesn’t really have a leg to stand on.

Fish is working on getting back to Gotham. She rallied the other prisoners and used them to get up to the boss. I don’t think she ever planned on saving any of them and I don’t think she’ll be going back there. I really want to know who has her captured.

Bruce is starting to run his legacy.

Bruce is starting to run his legacy.

Oswald’s story was very small this week. I think it was a stepping stone for what’s next or just to show us that Butch is alive, but he’s been brainwashed. He will now do whatever you want him to do. Victor brought Butch in to help Oswald run the club. But can Butch still run a club after being brainwashed? I think business was ruined when Oswald killed a patron.

Bruce is starting to run his company, even if he’s not exactly of age to do it yet. He’s been wanting a meeting with the board for a while and they finally sat down with him, but weren’t too happy with what he had to say.

Bruce is concerned about the underworld involvement in the Arkham project and chemical weapons being manufactured at their Wellzyn affiliate. He didn’t give them the proof, he’s holding that as leverage, but is ready to take legal action if it comes to that.

Strong words from a small boy. It doesn’t seem so strange knowing what he becomes though.

There’s a lot coming up in the last five episodes before the season finale. Take a look at the promo:

Gotham Season 1 Episode 15

The Penguin and Riddler meet!

The Penguin and Riddler meet!

Gordon and Bullock really wanted to wrap up their case this week and it wasn’t easy. They had hardly any leads. They had to be more creative. Crane’s obsession was fear, so why?

They thought it might have something to do with his wife dying in a car accident. They were partially right. It had do with his wife, but she didn’t die in a car accident, she died in a house fire. And Crane was in the house at the time.

Through their investigation they discovered that Dr. Crane was trying to cure fear. Then they discovered he cured his own fear. When Gordon and Bullock went after him, with guns raised, Crane shot back at them.

Crane believed he could cure his son’s fears too, but instead of taking away his fears, he made him in complete terror. He gave his son way to much. The Crane in ‘Batman Begins’ was pretty screwed up. If this is what did it, it makes complete sense.

Alfred starts becoming like a second father to Bruce.

Alfred starts becoming like a second father to Bruce.

As well as introducing villains, the whole point of ‘Gotham’ is watching these people become they people they are in the comics and films. We’ve been watching Bruce handle things that probably help shape him, but now we are starting to see the bond we know between Bruce and Alfred grow. Sure they are close now, but nowhere near as close as they are later.

Bruce decided to go on the hike he goes on with his father. It’s tradition and he didn’t want to break it. He didn’t want Alfred to come, so he went alone. He came across his and his father’s rock collection. He just lost it. He threw the rocks and started to walk on, but slipped and fell down the hill. And hurt his ankle really badly. But this is the future Batman, so that shouldn’t faze him. He found a stick and used it as a splint. He half crawled, half climbed back up the hill. When he arrived at the top, Alfred was waiting for him.

At first Bruce was mad that Alfred didn’t help him and said he just wanted to go home. But Alfred said, don’t you want to watch the sunrise like you and your father use to. They stayed and watched the sunrise.

Climbing up that hill will certainly make Bruce stronger and he has to become a lot stronger to be the man he’s going to be. But the bond he shares with Alfred has a big part in the man he becomes. We are getting to see the great relationship bloom.

Aren't these two so cute? Gordon doesn't want any kisses at the office. Leslie says she'll be  discreet, while killing him on the cheek.

These two are so cute. Gordon doesn’t want to kiss at work. Leslie says she’ll be discreet, while killing him on the cheek.

Oswald is alive and well, for now. As soon as Falcone is out of the picture though, Maroni says he’s going to kill him. In the meantime, Oswald has his own club to run. It was so cute when he brought an invitation to Gordon. I love the affection Penguin has towards the detective. Gordon can’t figure it out though.

Oswald may be Falcone’s man at the moment, but we all know where he’s going. Falcone obviously doesn’t know. He thinks Penguin is clever, but will never be the boss. He also believes that his man is smart enough to know that. Maybe Oswald is just smart enough to work his way to the top. We know this will take awhile though. Falcone is keeping Oswald alive by kidnapping a judge so him and Maroni can torture the guy. Don’t you think someone will notice a judge missing?

No one will probably notice Fish missing, seeing as she was headed out of town anyways. But where is she? She’s imprisoned in something that looks like a hangout for homeless people. It didn’t take her long to become the boss, but if they are trapped in there, what is the point of having boss? It’s the people outside she needs to deal with. I don’t know who they are, but they took that poor girl’s eyes, so they aren’t good.

The best scene this week was the Penguin and the Riddler meeting. Of course neither of them are those villains yet, they are just Oswald and Nygma. And Ed is still such a sweet guy. Nygma seemed to be fascinated with meeting Oswald, Oswald not so much.

Next week, probably the most legendary of all the Batman villains will make an appearance, the Joker. Take a look at the promo:

Gotham Season 1 Episode 14

Fish running‘Gotham’ introduced another legendary villain, Dr. Crane. Well actually, his father, with a little glimpse at him. Dr. Crane Sr. wasn’t as scary as his son was in ‘Batman Begins’ though, but maybe that’s because we don’t know him that well. Plus it seems to be a lot of strange villains in Gotham up to this point. The city is very corrupt, with a lot of weirdoes. This villain’s introduction wasn’t as good as some of the others. I guess they all can’t be as good as the Penguin, The Riddler, Poison Ivy and Catwoman’s introductions. Besides those villains are continually on the show. But by the looks of it, Crane could appear again.

The story wasn’t so great in this episode, but there was a lot of great character moments. Nygma has an extreme curiosity and he’s super smart, but that curiosity gets him into trouble. He keeps trying to do the medical examiner’s job and this time he gets caught. Essen is forced to suspend him. He sounds so sad as he said: “But I found something.”

Ed may be odd, but he’s also very sweet and I hate when people are mean to him, like the medical examiner who called him a “gibbering loon.” Though not all the officers in GCPD dislike him. Gordon likes him and made it clear he wanted Nygma to look at the body. He trusts Nygma’s judgment. Unfortunately, he had been suspended, but Essen did say she liked him too.

This may be where we start to see his dissent into darkness. In order to get his job back, he put body parts into the medical examiner’s locker. Everyone assumed the M.E. stole the body parts and he was fired. Since the M.E. was no longer working there, Essen reinstated Nygma. It was a sick prank, but from what we’ve seen so far, he’s such a sweet guy. I’m definitely looking forward to his storyline expanding.

Oswald on the other hand, had a little bit of a set back. He can’t rise to his height of power until much later, so he will have to have set backs. He will also learn from these set backs.

One thing is for sure, he’s good at getting out of tight spots. He knew Maroni was on to him and tried to shoot him, but only to find out the gun had blanks. It seemed like things were coming to end for Penguin. He begged with Maroni for his life to no avail. What did work was using Falcone’s name to the owner of the junk yard. The name Falcone still strikes fear into people, even when they were miles away from Gotham.

Bullock and Gordon feel very different when it comes to romance. Bullock said to Gordon: “You mean to tell me this whole time you’ve been making speeches, raising hell, you have a woman? The thought of what you would do if alone is truly terrifying.”

Gordon has his head in the game all the time. Even on a date with Leslie, he uses the case as a pretext to see her. It’s the only game he has.

Bullock and Gordon differ in how they handle cases too. Bullock likes to think of things as simple and if they catch a guy then they are done, cased closed. Even Essen thought they had their man. Gordon knew there was still another suspect out there. It took a long time for Bullock to catch on when he was at a phobia meeting and the girl he was trying to impress, was kidnapped.

Gordon is in it for the long haul and wants to get every bad guy. If only he knew how long that is going to take.

One of the best moments in this episode was between Bruce and Gordon, when Bruce said to him, “I’m releasing you from your promise.” Gordon won’t so easily give up though, but Bruce has already taken the pain of Cat lying to him and focused his efforts into finding another lead. He doesn’t have faith in Gordon anymore either. If only Bruce knew everything Gordon was doing to make the city better.

Fish is out at sea and not nostalgic at all about leaving Gotham, she said she will be back soon. If no one knows where she is, who are the people who found her? The episode ends the Fish running at a man we don’t know.

The rise of heroes and villains is just beginning. Take a look at next week’s preview:

Gotham Season 1 Episode 13

Fish was one 'tough cookie' this week.

Fish was one ‘tough cookie’ this week.

Gordon hasn’t been back two minutes and he’s already ruffling feathers. I know he wants to save his city, but the depth of corruption is really bad. It’s not going to be easy. As we know from the Batman movies, he still hasn’t succeeded.

I’m not sure if you could call this a win. He was able to arrest the murderer, but he made a lot of enemies by doing so. On the other hand he’s also earned some fear. I’m not sure Gordon knew exactly what he was getting himself into when he asked Oswald for help. He said he didn’t want anyone to get hurt and technically no one did. But he wasn’t there to see the process either. This is new territory for Gordon.

I haven’t exactly been a big fan of Fish, but she is one tough girl. And she also has a little heart too. She is really worried about her right hand man, Butch. He put his life on the line to save her and now he might be dead or at least on his way to dead. There is also a lot more to the relationship between Fish and Bullock. Up to this episode it seemed like she was just his informant, but they seem to be friends.

Bullock is an interesting guy. He’s been at the precinct for a long time and knows a lot about the corruption, he also is friends with people like Fish, but he seems like a pretty good cop. He may not be as straight as an arrow as Gordon, but he’s not a dirty cop either.

It was so nice to see the little Batman back. It’s been a while since we’ve seen him. He so desperately wanted to find Cat, but when he did, it wasn’t what he hoped for. Cat really likes Bruce, but I think she’s scared. I don’t know if she really saw the face of his parents killer, but she doesn’t want to be tied to it anymore. Who can blame her, she’s only a kid. But poor Bruce had to face his first heartbreak. This may be more of what makes him become the man he has to be though. The tears soon turned into determination.

I really like Oswald’s character, but his storyline was a little predictable this week. Not that he knew that Fish escaped, but it was a little early to be celebrating. He is a double agent after all. There really isn’t a good time to get drunk on champagne when you have to keep your cool.

Next week starts a two night event where Gordon will go after a new threat. Take a look at the preview: