Ed Westwick Cast as Serial Killer in ABC Pilot


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Have you been missing the phrase, “I’m Chuck Bass?” You won’t be able to hear that phrase again without reruns, but you may be able to see Ed Westwick’s face on TV again.

Ed, 27, has been cast in an ABC pilot, ‘L.A. Crime’, Deadline reported.

According to Deadline, the drama written by Steven Baigelman and directed by Tom Shankland is a “character-driven ‘true crime’ procedural” show.

The show will be set in significant eras in Los Angeles history and explore sex, politics and popular culture.

Ed will continue to play the bad boy, but even more twisted. The ‘Gossip Girl’ alum will play Kent, a serial killer who targets young women that have come to Hollywood to become famous, Deadline said.

Not exactly a sexy role, but I’m sure it will be a fun role for Ed to play. He can really delve into his dark side. Chuck certainly got dark at times over the six seasons that chronicled the UES elite.

According to Variety, the first installment will be set in the “rock ‘n’ roll, coke-infused revelry of the 1980s,” following two LAPD cops hunting serial killers along the Sunset Strip.

Further seasons of the show will be set in different eras and have different storylines.

The show sounds intriguing and hunting down a serial killer played by Ed has the potential to be very exciting. Will Ed be as sexy as Jamie Dornan was in ‘The Fall’? We’re not supposed to find serial killers hot, but how can you not when Jamie or Ed is playing the psycho?

I hope ABC picks up ‘L.A. Crime’ so we can see Ed terrorizing the Sunset Strip.


Chace Crawford is Heading Back to TV

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Has something been missing in your life since ‘Gossip Girl’ ended and you lost Nate Archibald? If so, you’re life is about to get a lot better. Chace Crawford is coming back to TV, in a leading role.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Chace, 29, has been cast in ABC’s pilot ‘Boom’.

The series is about the recent oil boom in North Dakota. Chace has snagged the role of Billy, “a quick-witted and ambitious hustler who travels to the North Dakota oil fields,” EW reported.

Don Johnson (‘Miami Vice’) and Delroy Lindo (‘The Cider House Rules’) have also been cast to star in the ABC pilot.

Josh Pate wrote and directed the pilot and Rodes Fishburne also helped write the pilot.

Since Chace left ‘Gossip Girl’, he starred in ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ and guest starred on ‘Glee’. The ‘Gossip Girl’ alum has three projects in the works for this year, ‘Undrafted’, ‘Eloise’ and ‘Untitled Warren Beatty Project’.

Chace was great at playing Nate and it’s hard to see him playing anyone else. His character grew so much in six seasons. I’m really looking forward to seeing him play Billy in ‘Boom’. I hope this ABC pilot ends up being a success for him.

Are you looking forward to seeing him back on TV?

The Top 5 Thanksgiving Episodes

It’s time to give thanks, eat a lot of food and pumpkin pie, and spend time with family and friends. If you need a little help getting in the spirit of the day, I have listed the best Thanksgiving episodes. There’s drama, family secrets and a lot of dinners gone wrong. It will get you in the mood for the holiday and make your life seem a lot more simple. So laugh, cry and cringe at these Turkey day themed episodes.

5. ‘Gossip Girl’, The Treasure of Serena Madre, Season 3 Episode 11

There’s always a scandal on the UES and secrets are always coming out on Thanksgiving. On Blair’s favorite holiday in season three there was a lot of secrets and many of them came flooding out at dinner. ‘Gossip Girl’ has many Thanksgiving episodes, but this one is probably the most festive of them all. Through all the scandals and secrets, friends and family still came together for a good old fashion Thanksgiving dinner.


4. ‘Dawson’s Creek’, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Season 3 Episode 8

This is ‘Dawson’s Creek”s only Thanksgiving episode. Everyone came to dinner, including Jen’s mom. There are few episodes when everyone is together it’s great when they are. A lot of people go through hard times during the holidays. Joey is missing her mom, Dawson is finding out his parent’s divorce is final and Pacey and Andie are trying to figure out how to be around each other. Through everything they have each other. If you want to get in the holiday mood, you can watch the entire episode on YouTube:


3. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, Thanks for the Memories, Season 2 Episode 9

I’m surprised ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ didn’t do many holiday themed episodes after this one. It was so much fun. Izzy tried to cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner, but everyone left her stranded. Burke came to the rescue and Cristina ran to the hospital, where Meredith had already ran off to. Meredith and Derek were both trying to run away from their heartache and ended up working on a patient together. George was kidnapped by his brother and father to go turkey hunting, till one of his brothers shot his father in the butt. George got the honor of taking the bullet out. Sounds like a typical Thanksgiving day? Maybe not. But at least you can get some tips from Burke to cook your turkey:


2. ‘One Tree Hill’, Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace, Season 8 Episode 9

Haley made way too much food, because she knew people would show up. And everyone did show up. Skills was so proud of his farm fresh turkey, but it arrived a little fresher than he expected. Victoria got out of prison just in time to spend the holiday with Brooke, not that Brooke wanted anything to do with her. Alex and Mia showed up at the same time and fought over Chase all day. Brooke tried to be domestic by cooking for Julian and his mother, but she really should stick to designing clothes:


1. ‘Gilmore Girls’, A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving, Season 3 Episode 9

This is the best Thanksgiving themed episode ever, well for dramas anyways. It ties with ‘Friends’ for best over all. Leave it to the ‘Gilmore Girls’ to do a great holiday themed episode. These girls are champion eaters and on turkey day they proved it with four Thanksgiving dinners. The first at the Kim’s, the second at Sookie’s, the third at Luke’s and the fourth at the grandparent’s. Most of the day was pretty typical. Mrs. Kim serving her tofurkey and watching Lorelei so she would eat every last piece. And yet another fight at the grandparents. But the craziest of all the dinners was at Sookie’s. Where Jackson decided to deep fry the turkey:


Happy Thanksgiving! 

Top 10 Christmas Episodes of TV Shows


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At this time of year we are all enjoying holiday films, but why not revisit old holiday episodes of our favorite TV shows. There are so many to choose from and they can all bring us a little holiday cheer.

Here I count down the ten best Christmas episodes. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Amends (Season 3 episode 10)

How can you not love an episode where it snows in sunny California. This show is all about the supernatural, so we can totally believe snow in Sunnydale. I mean everything else happens there. This is the episode where the First is trying to get Angel to kill himself by preying on his guilt. If it wasn’t for a miracle of no sun on Christmas, Angel would have been out of the series sooner than he was. This is a really great Buffy episode, but if you are looking for a holiday twist, it’s great with all the holiday festivities wrapped around a ‘Buffy’ episode.

9 Dawson’s Creek, Merry Mayhem (Season 6 Episode 10)

This episode is very late in the series. We know all of the characters and we’ve been there through the Dawson years and the Pacey years and we are just not sure which one Joey will end up with yet. Audrey is a little depressed, ok a lot depressed. She’s taking pills and her frustration comes out at the table at Mrs. Leary’s house. This is the scene that makes the episode and why this episode made my list. It’s funny and dramatic all at once. Audrey speaks the truth, mostly. Check out a clip from the scene:

8 Grey’s Anatomy, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (Season 2 Episode 12)

The doctors of ‘Grey’s’ are not all in the holiday spirit, but some of them are trying to get the rest of them in the mood. Izzie decorates Meredith’s house and it looks like an elf threw up in there and Burke is excited to celebrate his first Christmas with Cristina, but then he finds out she’s Jewish. He then is willing to celebrate her traditions, but she doesn’t have any. Derek is miserable because he can’t be with Meredith and Addison is trying her best to cheer him up. Not everyone likes the holiday’s and this is a great episode illustrating that, but it still gets you in the holiday spirit. I guess Izzie and Burke know what they are doing. Check out a clip from the episode:

7 Brothers and Sisters, Light the Lights (Season 1 episode 10)

Christmas is all about family and so is ‘Brothers and Sisters’. This is the Walker’s first Christmas without their dad and they are still dealing with the mess he left them with, a mistress and a sinking company. They manage to save the company, for now, but the mistress, Holly, is now part owner of the company. What a Merry Christmas for this family. On a happier note, Kevin is able to extend Justin’s leave to six months before he has to rejoin the army. Paige is having a crisis of faith with her diabetes and thinks if she discovers her Jewish roots that God will listen to her and make her better. This is a great holiday episode because it shows Christmas and Hanukkah. You can celebrate both in just one episode!

6 Bones The Man in the Fallout Shelter (Season 1 episode 9)

Christmas is about being around family and not the gifts under the tree. Well in this episode the squints and Booth can’t be with their family because they are quarantined in the lab. This is before they all became a family, but this might be where it began. Angela decides to make Christmas, despite them being locked in the lab. She creates a Christmas tree on her Angelator and has a secret Santa where they all make the gifts. Bones shows that even when you can’t be with your families, you can stay have Christmas. Check out a clip from the episode where the squints talk about the meaning of Christmas:

5 Beverly Hills 90210 It’s a Totally Happening Life (Season 3 Episode 16)

Remember High School where you gave out Christmas cards and had candy canes the last week of school and really not a care in the world? Well, 90210 reminds you of how much you thought you had to care about back then. Poor Donna is trying to organize a field trip to give out presents to kids and everyone backs out at the last minute, because they have more pressing things to worry about. Kelly, Brenda and Dylan are fighting and Andrea and Brandon are fighting. Steve shows up though to be Santa, even though he’s technically not allowed to come to school functions, since he broke into the school and changed his grades. But good old vice principle, Mrs. Teasley, whips them in to shape and they may not be happy, but they all show up. Somehow though everyone finds the Christmas spirit in the end. I guess that’s what Christmas is all about, putting your differences aside and finding the holiday spirit. Check out this clip from the episode of the Christmas miracle:

4 Gossip Girl Roman Holiday (Season 1 Episode 11)

It’s Dan and Serena’s first Christmas together and they both want to get each other the perfect gift. Dan brings Serena a Christmas tree, since she’s in a hotel and they are not allowed tress in the hotel and lets her read the very first copy of his story about her that will be printed in the New Yorker. And Serena brings Dan snow, in a very untypical warm New York. If only we could all be in relationships so sweet as this. Blair is not getting her own way and you know how Blair does not like to not get her own way. She was looking forward to her father coming for Christmas, but he brings his boyfriend and Blair is not happy. She does everything she can to break them up. In the end she accepts them and gets her own room in their house in Paris. What more can a girl want for Christmas. Check out a clip from the episode with Dan and Serena:

3 Veronica Mars An Echolls Family Christmas (Season 1 episode 10)

The Mars family are on the case this holiday season, well two cases. Veronica is trying to find out who stole the money at the poker game and Keith is trying to find out who is threatening Aaron. Funny enough both of their cases deal with the Echolls’ family and end up at the Echolls’ Christmas party.  As the holiday season is going on, the Mars family are hard at work finding their man or woman. But I guess that’s how we all are. Until Santa arrives Christmas morning, we still have our lives to live. Check out a clip from the episode, Veronica gets her man:

2 The Vampire Diaries ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful (Season 4 episode 9)

I love this episode because there is a lot of Christmas music and somehow the writers make it work with the drama on screen, like when Klaus kills the mayor. This is another Christmas episode that shows there is sometimes a lot going on in your life that it’s hard to sit down and celebrate Christmas. Elena and Bonnie are trying to stop Jeremy from killing Elena, Elena and Damon are trying to deal with the sire bond, Stefan and Caroline are continuing the hunt for the cure and Tyler is trying to kill Klaus. While all this is going on there is a town Christmas party happening. Elena, Jeremy and Bonnie do find a little of the holiday spirit through all the mess. Check out the promo for the episode:

Bonus! Here is a clip for you Karoline shippers:

1 Supernatural A Very Supernatural Christmas (Season 3 episode 8)

In season three Dean is going to have his last Christmas, well so he believed. And he wanted to celebrate it one last time, but not before they solved the case. The Winchesters are dealing with an evil Santa, or so it appeared.  The monster is dressed up as Santa and takes his victims up the chimney and he doesn’t care if a little kid is around while he does it. It turns out Sam and Dean are dealing with Pagan Gods. I guess it’s kind of fitting, since Christmas was once a Pagan holiday. After Sam and Dean save the day yet again, they enjoy some eggnog and exchange presents from a local gas station and enjoy a nice quiet Christmas. Check out the clip of Sam and Dean exchanging presents:

Finally a Better TV Rating System

logoNielsen has launched a new TV ratings system and it’s a social TV rating system.

The Nielsen TV Rating System has flaws. According to an article on How Stuff Works, Nielsen uses something called statistical sampling. They use a sample audience to calculate the audience for programs and then estimates the number of views for the entire population. If that wasn’t flawed enough, Nielsen counts the live watchers and same day DVR watchers, Split Sider reports. So if you watch a show on your DVR the next day or online, if you are one of the samples, the view is not counted.

downloadNow there is a new ratings system, a social TV system.

Steve Hasker, President, Global Media Products and Advertiser Solutions at Nielsen, said on the Nielsen website: “The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating is a significant step forward for the industry, particularly as programmers develop increasingly captivating live TV and new second-screen experiences, and advertisers create integrated ad campaigns that combine paid and earned media.”

“As a media measurement leader we recognize that Twitter is the preeminent source of real-time television engagement data,” he added.

Posted by Chloe Sladden, the Head of Media for Twitter, posted on The Official Twitter Blog: “As the experience of TV viewing continues to evolve, our TV partners have consistently asked for one common benchmark from which to measure the engagement of their programming. This new metric is intended to answer that request, and to act as a complement and companion to the Nielsen TV rating.”

Finally the industry is realizing in this technological age and busy lives we all live, we don’t all watch TV the same way.

So how does this new rating system work? According to the Nielsen website, the total audience of social TV activity on Twitter is measured to give a precise size of the audience of social TV. Nielsen has recently required, SocialGuide, a provider in social TV measurement. SocialGuide  measures a unique audience for each show, twitter accounts that send out at least one tweet for an episode, the number of times any tweet was seen and the total amount of Twitter accounts having at least one impression of one or more different tweets about an episode. SocialGuide captures data from U.S. programs on 234 channels in English and Spanish and more than 36,000 programs.

Obviously there are still flaws in this method, like if you don’t have a Twitter account or are not an active user. But the good news is that this is another way to calculate how many people are watching shows. Hopefully the shows we love will stop being canceled so early.

images (1)Back in December Nielsen announced its multi-year agreement with Twitter to create the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating system, on their website. This agreement is to “deliver a syndicated-standard metric around the reach of the TV conversation on Twitter, slated for commercial availability at the start of the fall 2013 TV season.”

Here are the  Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings for the week of September 30, 2013:

Rank  Program Date Network Unique Audience Impressions  Unique Authors  Tweets 
1 Scandal 10/3/13 ABC 3655.227 38434.402 178.508 712.877
2 Miley: The Movement 10/2/13 MTV 3185.221 13641.183 90.906 142.427
3 Saturday Night Live 10/5/13 NBC 3146.468 15700.444 101.932 175.773
4 The Voice 10/1/13 NBC 2619.769 5962.454 61.463 106.624
5 The Voice 9/30/13 NBC 2558.678 7441.91 75.674 134.968
6 The Vampire Diaries 10/3/13 CW 2488.369 9597.879 101.795 277.978
7 Glee 10/3/13 FOX 2270.082 7495.195 86.494 196.016
8 Dancing With the Stars 9/30/13 ABC 2092.856 6770.088 33.789 59.77
9 The X Factor 10/2/13 FOX 2038.964 9044.174 95.963 255.164
10 The X Factor 10/3/13 FOX 1802.45 6291.99 75.835 188.766

Saying Goodbye to Gossip Girl

What am I going to miss most about Gossip Girl? Where do I begin. There’s so much to love and miss about the show.

Dan successfully became one of the Upper East Siders, Blair and Chuck finally tied the knot after all the drama, Serena finally acepted herself, Nate became successful and Jack and Georgina were welcomed back into the circle.

For me, Serena and Dan are my favorite characters. Serena grew so much over the series and she also fell very far.

I loved how Dan was an outsider and working his way in. Finding out he was Gossip Girl all these years only makes me like him more. How many of us actually break into the popular group  if we weren’t already popular, let alone an elite group of Upper East Siders? He was able to pull it off.

It’s still sinking in that Dan is Gossip Girl. I would never have guessed or imagined it would be him. Jenny maybe, but not Dan.

I’m not sure which was more exciting for me, the Serena and Dan love story or the Chuck and Blair love story. They both had their ups and downs and they both did horrible things to each other. It seemed like both pairs would never end happily ever after. In the end they both got their weddings.

Jenny and Vanessa went down such dark paths they had to leave the Upper East Side for good.

Nate walked the line of good and evil only ever so lightly crossing over to the evil.

I will miss the drama, the scheming, the relationships, the fashion and the music. The writers and creators tied in everything so well.

The secret is out and I will say goodbye to Gossip Girl and six years of great television.


My Favorite Gossip Girl Episodes Number 1

1. There Might Be Blood 
Season 2 Episode 9

Jenny goes rouge and everyone but her father is impressed.

Why do I love this episode so much? Jenny’s going after her dream and Blair, Serena and Chuck are off on a mission.

Blair actually had one of her few moments where she did the right thing. She could have bribed Emma’s mother to get her way into Yale, but instead she does what’s right for Emma.

Not only did Blair resist her urge of bribing someone to get her way, she also helped Emma not make the biggest mistake of her life.

When Blair lost her virginity she had just broken up with Nate, so it didn’t seem like she had lost it to someone she loved. But who would have guessed that Blair and Chuck would be on again, off again throughout the series. I love the scene where she talks about losing her virginity to someone she loves.

Poor Nate he has dated just about every girl on the show and hasn’t found his true love yet.

After Dan’s story is read by three professors at Yale and no one wants to write him a recommendation letter, he takes matters into his own hands.  He finishes the story about Chuck and his mom.

Rufus then has a heart to heart about not using other people to get what you want. My favorite scene and quote of the episode is: “I wish I could get the two of you to understand, that success, people praising you, it goes away. And when that day comes, if you don’t like who you are, your done.”

Rufus is worried about having to reach both of them, but Dan tells him it’s “a little late for that” and Rufus goes into Jenny’s room to find all of her stuff gone.

I can’t say if what Jenny and Dan are doing is right or wrong, but they are following their dreams at all costs.

Here is a promo for the episode:

Gossip Girl Final Season, The Last Goodbye

gossip_girl_season_6_by_brucas-d52xn3gThe story behind Gossip Girl is that it was a love story between Dan and Serena.

Dan Humphrey created Gossip Girl so he could write himself into the Upper East Side so he could get a chance at being with Serena. Does it get much better than that?

Chuck and Blair may have seemed like the love story in the show, but all this time it was Dan and Serena.

I’ve seen few series finales that have truly done the series justice. The writers of Gossip Girl did the story and the fans justice in this incredible series finale. Were you in tears? I was.

We got Georgina scheming with Jack Bass for a Chuck and Blair wedding and we also got a Serena and Dan wedding!

We also got cameos by Vanessa, Jenny, Eric, Juliette, that crazy model Agnus and Kristen Bell herself.

It’s sad that Gossip Girl is over, but GG couldn’t have gone out in more style.

Let’s get back to the fact that after all this time that Dan is Gossip Girl. I never would have guessed. It’s genius though. You can’t just walk your way into an elite club.

Vanessa said he wanted to be in more than Jenny and she was right. If only Vanessa knew why he wanted to be in. For the love and affection of Serena van der woodsen.

Did the writers have this planned all along? If so this is the best kept secret. I don’t know how the writers and creators could have held their tongues for this long.

I will never look at any Gossip Girl episode the same now.

Here is a link to the final chapter that was published in The Spectator.

What did you think of the episode? Did you guess that Dan was GG? Leave me a comment.

Here’s a clip of GG being revealed:

My Favorite Gossip Girl Episodes Number 2

2. Gaslit
Season 4 Episode 10

The beginning of season four really made me mad, more specifically Juliette made me mad. Everything came to a head in this episode.

Everyone believed that Serena tried to kill herself or at least went on a bender. Dan was the only one who believed in her.

Instead of just being mad at Juliette, I was frustrated with everyone, well except Dan and Serena.

I like being frustrated when watching a show or reading a book. I may not like how it’s unfolding but it makes me feel. If everything happened the way we wanted it to, what fun would that be?

Jenny has been down a dark path and in this episode she sees the light. She even goes to Blair to make things right. At least Jenny feels remorse for her actions, Vanessa leaves town without telling a soul and all she was worried about was losing Dan.

The Upper East Side destroys the best in people.  I’m amazed it took so long to break Dan.

Dan isn’t included in too many schemes, but Blair goes to him for this one. Who else would she go to then the guy who loves and believes in Serena?

Here is some clips of the big moments in the episode enjoy!

My Favorite Gossip Girl Episodes Number 3

3. Bonfire of the Vanity
Season 2 Episode 10

This has to be one of my most watched episodes. I’m not even sure where to begin.

I guess I will start with Jenny. She’s going after her dreams and doing whatever it takes. She even considers emancipation in this episode. That is how determined she is. I like the Jenny story in this episode because not only is she fighting for her dreams but Agnus destroys all of her dresses. This is my favorite scene. Jenny has given up everything for her dream and in that moment it feels like it’s all for nothing.

Dan is motivated in this episode to go after his dream after Jenny’s fashion show, but in the end Dan choses not to expose Bart to get ahead. Maybe he should have, considering all the bad Bart has done since. Dan was still his caring self back then. This was before the Upper East Side broke him.

It’s amusing watching Bart have a heart-to-heart with Chuck now knowing Bart doesn’t have a caring bone in him.

Cyrus and Blair went head-to-head in this episode and Cyrus won. Not many people beat Blair at her own game. I absolutely love it.

Serena is starting a relationship with Aaron, but having difficulties since he likes to play the field and she likes to be monogamous.

The other great thing about this episode is the music. There are three Kings of Leon songs and these are great songs, but Gossip Girl knows how to make the music work with the scenes. And the producers do it really well in this episode.

Here is my favorite scene of the episode: