Where Does ‘Bones’ Go From Here?

poster-bones-season-4In the season 10 finale of ‘Bones’, Brennan left the Jeffersonian and Booth left the FBI. The stars of the show have said goodbye, but the series is coming back for an eleventh season. That means something will pull Brennan and Booth back into the game, because there is no ‘Bones’, without the two stars.

With a second baby on the way Brennan decided it was time for a change. She didn’t want her or her husband to be constantly in harms way.

Angela was having the same thought when she was day dreaming about moving to Paris. Hodgins was about to give her her wish too, but Angela put her dream on hold for Hodgins to continue what he loves. I hope when ‘Bones’ does come to an end, Angela can get her dream.

It’s going to take a lot for both Booth and Brennan to come back. They were both resolved for a change. Brennan wouldn’t even listen to the entire message from Pelant. She’s shutting the door on that part of her life.

Executive producer, Stephen Nathan, told TVLine that he doesn’t know how they will work Booth and Brennan back in yet. “Everything is up in the air right now,” he said to the website.

It doesn’t sound like Pelant will pull Brennan back in though

“We don’t want to take the easy way out,” Stephen added. “You don’t want to just go back to a well that’s running dry.

I’m actually glad to hear Pelant won’t pull them back in. That would be just too predictable. The writers have the task of coming up with something new now. Maybe a new serial killer?

There’s been some great serial killers over the last ten seasons and I think it’s about time to introduce a new one, even if it will be the last.

I think there would have to be a personal pull to get Brennan to return to the Jeffersonian and Booth to the FBI. Angela, Cam or Hodgins would have to be threatened or needing help.

Another option could be to bring them back on a consulting basis and then they remember their love for crime fighting.

The possibilities are endless. Nothing seems to be planned yet, so anything could happen in season 11. One things for sure, Brennan will be giving birth to another child. That may not happen on screen, but we will meet the new family member next season.

Could there be a wedding next season? It seems like Cam is finally considering marrying Arastoo.

How do you think Brennan and Booth will be pulled back in?

And the last question going into season 11, will this be the last?


‘Bones’ Review: This Isn’t the End

If this was the last episode ever, this would have been a great last victim.

If this was the last episode ever, this would have been a great last victim.

We started out the episode thinking Angela and Hodgins were going to leave and in the end Brennan and Booth left. Two people that you would never expect to get out. Angela has been wanting to leave basically since she got there and now she wants to stay. Well she wants to stay for Hodgins.

This episode was wrote like a series finale incase ‘Bones’ didn’t get picked up again. It’s almost a shame this wasn’t a series finale, it would have been a great one, but I’m happy it’s not over yet.

As a series finale it would have been great because we got to see a lot of the interns one last time and Hodgins got his money back! Then he gave it away. I think Brennan and Booth leaving would be a great end. They deserve to be happy and move on from all the death.

The writers will have to give us something even better when the real series finale rolls around. There wasn’t really any cliffhangers, since it was written as an ending, but there is no doubt something will pull Brennan and Booth back. But what will that be?

Angela was pulled back in because she saw how much Hodgins loves his job. Hodgins really does enjoy his job. It’s been a long time since he’s done some crazy experiment that Cam disapproved of. This time he didn’t even come up with any excuse to do the experiment. The only thin that was missing was King of the Lab.

It was a sad episode for Cam and Caroline losing their favorite people. I just wanted to say to them, “don’t worry, they will come back!”

It’s a relief that Hodgins and Angela aren’t going anywhere. There really can’t be ‘Bones’ without them, but I do want Angela to get her Paris dream one day.

I’m not worried about Booth and Brennan, because there is definitely no ‘Bones’ without them. I’m looking forward to see how the creators get them back to the Jefersonian and the F.B.I.

I want to know what Pelant said! He’s clearly made an imprint in cyber space and he isn’t done messing with them yet. Will we see him again in season 11?

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‘Bones’ Review: The Light was in the Future

We finally know Angela's real name!

We finally know Angela’s real name!

So it’s really happening. Angela and Hodgins are moving to Paris. On the one hand, I’m very happy that Angela’s dreams are coming true. But on the other hand, I don’t want to see her go. They are a big part of the show, ‘Bones’ won’t be the same without them.

We finally know Angela’s real name, Pookie Noodlin! Why on earth did her dad name her that?! Now we understand why she didn’t want anyone to know. She must have had a horrible childhood growing up with that name.

The case was really going on in the background this week. Booth’s 30 day sobriety was a big fixture. Everyone wanted to make a big deal about it except Booth. Aubrey was trying to commend him for his work with everything going on and mention his 30 days, but he didn’t want to talk about it. Booth wouldn’t even invite Brennan to go. It wasn’t until Cam said it was okay for her to leave to attend that she even realized she should be there. It was nice that in the end she went.

Booth and Brennan were getting back to a better rhythm this week. They almost forget they were separated when they were eating pie.

The big thing in this episode was of course Hodgins taking the plunge and buying the house in Paris. I don’t know which was more heartbreaking, Angela telling Brennan or Hodgins and Angela telling Cam.

Brennan couldn’t wrap her head around why Angela would even want to leave. Everything she knows is here, she said. Angela has been there through everything for Brennan and even offered to postpone moving until Booth and her are doing better. It was hard to watch. Brennan really doesn’t want Angela to go.

If Brennan’s reaction wasn’t hard enough, Cam was also heartbroken. The look on her face just crushed me.

Angela and Hodgins aren’t gone yet, maybe there’s still hope! They are still in the season finale and they will be facing an old foe. Pelant is back, but wheat can he do from beyond the grave. Booth also declares that this is his last case. So how will there be another season with no Booth, Hodgins or Angela? There must be something to pull them all back in. Take a look at the promo:

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Are Michaela Conlin and T.J. Thyne Really Leaving ‘Bones’?

Angela and Hodgins are heading to Paris!

Are Angela and Hodgins really leaving?

Last week we watched the promo for ‘Bones’ and found out that Angela and Hodgins are leaving. How can two main characters be leaving the show when ‘Bones’ is coming back for an eleventh season?

There is no official news about Michaela Conlin (Angela) and T.J. Thyne (Hodgins) leaving the series, but the preview shows them saying goodbye. Plus we already knew they were thinking about moving to Paris.

Last month The Hollywood Reporter said that David Boreanaz (Booth), Emily Deschanel (Brennan), John Boyd (Aubrey) and Tamara Taylor (Cam) signed new contracts, as well as Michaela and T.J. If they signed new deals, why are they leaving now? How can ‘Bones’ go on without them?

Brennan and Booth may be the center, but without Angela and Hodgins, who would look at the particulates and who would simulate the crime scenes? They are a big part of what makes up the show. I don’t believe there is a show without them.

Angela has always been the one guiding Brennan. Brennan doesn’t always know what to do socially and Angela helps her. We didn’t realize how much, until we found out that Angela helped Brennan write her books, well the sex scenes at least.

Hodgins has always been a big part of the comedy on the show. I still miss King of the Lab and enjoy when he brings it up every once in a while.

Angela and Hodgins definitely became the other big couple on the show early on. They got together a lot earlier than Booth and Brennan, but have still struggled. They also are a big part of the team with solving cases.

Please tell me this isn’t true and they will be returning next season. There was that one time when everyone went off for a year and rejoined. Can this be one of those times?

I guess we will have to watch and see what happens and keep a look out for the official word on if Michaela and T.J. are really leaving ‘Bones’ behind.

‘Bones’ Review: The Motive was in the Addiction

This week Booth and Brennan hardly had any scenes together and when they did, it was very awkward.

This week Booth and Brennan hardly had any scenes together and when they did, it was very awkward.

This episode definitely reminds you that you can be addicted to just about anything. The victim this week was addicted to collecting cookie jars and it’s what got her killed.

It seems fitting that they would be dealing with a case of addiction while Booth was trying to get a handle on his addiction. He claimed he was getting better, but he was just going through the motions. He was going to the meetings, but he wasn’t participating in them. Aubrey tried to reach out to him, but he just pushed him away. He wasn’t dealing with it. And that’s exactly why Brennan wasn’t letting him back home. He hadn’t done anything to deserve to go back home yet.

I don’t know if it was the case itself or watching Brennan talk about the victim’s addiction, but finally Booth decided to deal with it. He finally spoke up in a meeting. Admitting you have a problem is the first step in recovery they say. He was lying to himself as much as he was to Brennan.

This was an interesting case because not one of the suspects they spoke to during the investigation turned out to be the killer. So many times it’s the first person they talk to or at least someone they spoke to through questioning wasn’t completely honest. This time it was none of the suspects and it came down to love and addiction.

The victim got her boyfriend to steal a cookie jar she wanted because he was a locksmith. When he realized she didn’t really love him, only the jars, he tried to break the jars with a wine bottle. She lunged in front of the jars to protect them and it got her killed.

This wasn’t at all the victim’s fault though. She was shot in the head 20 years ago, which would explain her obsession. It’s sad to think that incident ruined her life and cost her her life.

Her daughter seemed very torn up about the fact that her mother loved the jars more than her. She seemed to be the perfect suspect. But all she was guilty of was almost selling her mom’s collection.

I’m not sure how I feel about Warren and Aubrey being paired together. I’v never really liked Warren, but I really like Aubrey. Of course I’ve never been a fan of the multiple interns either. I preferred when there was one. The flirting started early in this episode and ended with a date, though neither one of them is calling it a date. The writers don’t seem to be putting them together quite yet, but it definitely seems to be headed that way.

I still don’t understand how ‘Bones’ can be renewed for another season when signs of it coming to an end keeping coming up. Angela thinks their work is eating away at them and the cause of the rift between Booth and Brennan. I don’t see why these intelligent people would continue this line of work, especially when they have other options, when they feel like it’s messing with their lives. To me it just signals the end of the show coming.

Next week we finally get to know Angela’s real name! Plus Hodgins and Angela are leaving! How can we have another season of ‘Bones’ without them? Take a look at the promo:

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‘Bones’ Review: The Squints Solve a Case in the Middle East

Why doesn't it surprise me that he was taken to solve a murder.

Why doesn’t it surprise me that he was taken to solve a murder.

We knew Brennan would figure out Booth was gambling again, but I thought she would pick up on the signs. It wasn’t until his bookie came to their house looking to settle up on a debt that Brennan finally figured it out.

I really thought she would tell Angela. That’s the person she goes to, but Aubrey was the person she turned to. It shows how big of a character Aubrey has become. He helped Brennan out in a very bad situation. If the F.B.I. found out about Booth’s gambling it could ruin him and Brennan tells an agent in the F.B.I. It just shows how much trust Brennan has for him. Aubrey really has filled the void Sweets left. He’s extremely smart like Sweets. He brings things to the investigation that really help the case. It was incredible how he could tell that the people were going upstairs in the recording. It’s been great getting to know this new character and we’ll have another season to continue to get to know him.

Can Brennan and Booth get past this? Brennan asked him a question and Booth lied to her face. All he had to do was tell the truth and Brennan probably wouldn’t have kicked him out, but he lied and then continued to lie. It was heartbreaking to watch Brennan stand their as Booth left, but now we’ll get to see them work their way back to each other. It took years for them to get together and it was so much fun watching it.

‘Bones’ is having an incredible tenth season. This was another stellar case. First it seemed terrifying that Arastoo was taken by the Iranian government, but then it turned out he was taken to solve a murder. It’s been a while since we’ve had a field trip. There’s been some really cool cases that they collaborated on over Skype. This was intense being in Iran. They were operating outside of the law and working with a member of the Iranian Parliament.

‘Bones’ loves to touch on real issues. This man was killed because he rejected the Muslim way and he was working to make a democracy in his country. This man shouldn’t have been killed because of his beliefs and trying to make his country what he thought would be a better place. But this is the fear that Muslims face if they try to speak out against the government. Sometimes we take for granted in the U.S. that we have freedom of speech. If you don’t like something the government is doing, we can say so. Iranians don’t have that privilege. I hope this great story telling continues in season eleven.

‘Bones’ will return in two weeks. Will Brennan and Booth be able to work it out or are they just falling apart? Take a look at the promo:

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FOX Renews ‘Bones’ for Eleventh Season

poster-bones-season-4After seeing last week’s episodes of ‘Bones’ I was actually surprised to hear that show got renewed for an eleventh season. It’s not that I don’t want to continue watching Brennan, Booth and  the squints, it’s just that the storyline felt like it was coming to an end.

Brennan is worried about how their work affects their children as their family is expanding. She’s afraid that what they do puts their family in danger. Angela and Hodgins are also planning on moving to Paris. They are already looking at houses. They are ready to put their work behind them. This to me, signals the end of the show, not another season.

The writers can easily write something in to change their minds, but I think Angela and Hodgins in Paris would be an amazing ending for that couple. I’m not sure what the perfect ending would be for Brennan and Booth. She could teach, she could go on digs. There’s plenty for her to do, but what about Booth? Being an agent is who he is. What more is there for him? That’s something I look forward to seeing. Obviously I will have to wait for this.

Season ten of ‘Bones’ has been excellent. There’s been some pretty amazing cases, especially the two cases from last week. But maybe ‘Bones’ should end on a high? I’m a huge fan of ‘Bones’, so I will be watching it until it actually comes to an end.

Are you excited for another season of ‘Bones’? Do you think Angela and Hodgins moving to Paris is the perfect ending for them? What do you think is the perfect ending for Booth and Brennan?

‘Bones’ Review: The Verdict Was Hidden in the Victims

One small piece of evidence convinced Brennan that they convicted the wrong man.

One small piece of evidence convinced Brennan that they convicted the wrong man.

We got a double dose of ‘Bones’ this week and the second case was particularly exciting. The squints are great when they’re under a time crunch.

A few episodes ago the squints investigated a ritual killing serial killer. They found their man and convicted him, but in light of new evidence, Brennan didn’t believe he could have killed the victims. The suspect had a shoulder injury that would have prevented him from killing the first victim. This wasn’t good enough to stay the execution, because the suspect was never actually charged with this murder. Brennan had to come up with more conclusive evidence to stop the innocent man from dying.

Booth, Aubrey, Brennan and the squints got right to work trying to find new evidence. They questioned suspects again and exhumed the bodies to examine.

They even found a new victim and that wasn’t enough to stay the execution. Finally they found a mark on the bones that led them to the weapon and the killer. Booth and Aubrey were in the murderer’s house looking for the weapon with less than 15 minutes left till the execution. This case really came down to the wire and it was thrilling to watch.

After 10 seasons it’s amazing how the writers can still come up with such compelling cases and have two in a row in one night. The first episode touched on the issues of bullies and the second episode brought up the big debate of the death penalty. They were having the debate in the middle of the case. Booth no longer believes in the death penalty after this case. Two big issues we face today were written so elegantly into two great episodes. These episodes are sure to make you think about these issues.

The first episode Brennan was questioning her work and in the second episode Angela was questioning it. She even started looking at houses in Paris. She doesn’t just want a vacation home in Paris, she wants to move there. Hodgins said she wasn’t dreaming big enough and looked up some houses himself.

Could this signal the end of ‘Bones’? Both major couples are rethinking their lifestyle. There is no word yet if ‘Bones’ will get an eleventh season. This could be the writers hinting towards the end.

Next week it looks like Arastoo is taken and Cam calls Booth to save him. Brennan also finds out Booth is gambling again. Can their marriage survive his addiction? Take a look at the promo:

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