The Top 5 Thanksgiving Episodes

It’s time to give thanks, eat a lot of food and pumpkin pie, and spend time with family and friends. If you need a little help getting in the spirit of the day, I have listed the best Thanksgiving episodes. There’s drama, family secrets and a lot of dinners gone wrong. It will get you in the mood for the holiday and make your life seem a lot more simple. So laugh, cry and cringe at these Turkey day themed episodes.

5. ‘Gossip Girl’, The Treasure of Serena Madre, Season 3 Episode 11

There’s always a scandal on the UES and secrets are always coming out on Thanksgiving. On Blair’s favorite holiday in season three there was a lot of secrets and many of them came flooding out at dinner. ‘Gossip Girl’ has many Thanksgiving episodes, but this one is probably the most festive of them all. Through all the scandals and secrets, friends and family still came together for a good old fashion Thanksgiving dinner.


4. ‘Dawson’s Creek’, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Season 3 Episode 8

This is ‘Dawson’s Creek”s only Thanksgiving episode. Everyone came to dinner, including Jen’s mom. There are few episodes when everyone is together it’s great when they are. A lot of people go through hard times during the holidays. Joey is missing her mom, Dawson is finding out his parent’s divorce is final and Pacey and Andie are trying to figure out how to be around each other. Through everything they have each other. If you want to get in the holiday mood, you can watch the entire episode on YouTube:


3. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, Thanks for the Memories, Season 2 Episode 9

I’m surprised ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ didn’t do many holiday themed episodes after this one. It was so much fun. Izzy tried to cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner, but everyone left her stranded. Burke came to the rescue and Cristina ran to the hospital, where Meredith had already ran off to. Meredith and Derek were both trying to run away from their heartache and ended up working on a patient together. George was kidnapped by his brother and father to go turkey hunting, till one of his brothers shot his father in the butt. George got the honor of taking the bullet out. Sounds like a typical Thanksgiving day? Maybe not. But at least you can get some tips from Burke to cook your turkey:


2. ‘One Tree Hill’, Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace, Season 8 Episode 9

Haley made way too much food, because she knew people would show up. And everyone did show up. Skills was so proud of his farm fresh turkey, but it arrived a little fresher than he expected. Victoria got out of prison just in time to spend the holiday with Brooke, not that Brooke wanted anything to do with her. Alex and Mia showed up at the same time and fought over Chase all day. Brooke tried to be domestic by cooking for Julian and his mother, but she really should stick to designing clothes:


1. ‘Gilmore Girls’, A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving, Season 3 Episode 9

This is the best Thanksgiving themed episode ever, well for dramas anyways. It ties with ‘Friends’ for best over all. Leave it to the ‘Gilmore Girls’ to do a great holiday themed episode. These girls are champion eaters and on turkey day they proved it with four Thanksgiving dinners. The first at the Kim’s, the second at Sookie’s, the third at Luke’s and the fourth at the grandparent’s. Most of the day was pretty typical. Mrs. Kim serving her tofurkey and watching Lorelei so she would eat every last piece. And yet another fight at the grandparents. But the craziest of all the dinners was at Sookie’s. Where Jackson decided to deep fry the turkey:


Happy Thanksgiving! 


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