Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 8

Covert Affairs Season 5 USA Piper PeraboThere’s been chemistry between McQuaid and Annie since he appeared on the show, and I’m sure a lot of fans, me included, wanted something to happen between them. Well we got the kiss, right before we found out he’s playing Annie. I do believe that McQuaid likes Annie, but a man who owns his own company and likes to go in the field as well, he has to have his own agenda too.

Maybe Roger wasn’t as paranoid as he seemed. Maybe just constantly being in danger and watched weighs on you. He was right about dog walker, so he should be right about the information, but where is it? It seems strange that he would die with one of the biggest conspiracy theories in his possession and not the information, and as Auggie said, that wasn’t like him.

As much as I wanted to see something happen between Annie and McQuaid, I didn’t trust him. I was starting to want to trust him, but I didn’t trust him. I guess Annie will technically still be in the field, even if only in an unofficial capacity. I wonder how deep into the Chicago bombing McQuaid goes?

There use to be a time when Auggie and Annie would have confided in Joan, so why not now? They didn’t have to bring what they found to anyone else, but Joan could have worked with them and Annie would not have been suspended.

Check out the preview for next week. Annie is investigating McQauid. What will she find?


Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 7

Covert Affairs Season 5 USA Piper PeraboI was worrying about Auggie getting caught. When you’re blind, it’s hard to know who is around you. Then he decides to have an open conversation in front of his apartment building with Natasha. While I understand he was desperately trying to get her to stay, he was out in the open, for anyone to see.

I think Natasha is right to walk away. She could end up in jail and so could Auggie. Auggie could end up much worse. Auggie doesn’t even know that Haley saw them. There’s no way of knowing if Haley will know who Natasha is, but her decision to keep Annie’s health condition under wraps, may be in jeopardy now.

At least what Auggie was doing was for love, Calder is just confused. What is it about this call girl that has him so hypnotized? Maybe now he will finally walk away and stop putting his job on the line.

How careful has Annie been? Obviously she’s left a trail to be found, but that’s not like Annie. Unless Haley is just that good at her job.

It was a pretty close call for Annie and McQuaid, but did the target get out? It seemed like a pretty sure thing that they took out the target, but at the end of the episode, Auggie gets a disturbing phone call and there’s more to the story. That would have been way to easy to get rid of the person responsible to the CIA safe house bombing. I mean seven episodes in and case closed? I don’t think so.

Check out the preview for next week. Annie’s heart condition is revealed:

Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 6

Covert Affairs Season 5 USA Piper PeraboLast week I talked about things getting really complicated and this week was very complicated.

First of all, was Ivan really not going to know that Annie drugged him? It played out well for what they needed in that particular mission, but it was a huge risk to take going back in. An even bigger risk was for her to go to the Russian embassy when she’s already blown there. Is she taking too many risks now? If McQuaid wasn’t there, she would be in some Russian prison never to see the light of day again. Maybe McQuaid isn’t so bad to trust after all. Annie wants to isolate herself, but having alliances is what’s keeping her from getting in a whole lot of trouble.

Haley is investigating and Annie and after Auggie already hid her medical records, he could go down for her secret too. So I don’t think he had much of a choice, but to keep Haley close. On the other hand, Annie is one of his people at work, so he’s doing it to protect all of them too. Could Auggie’s love life get anymore complicated? He’s seeing a woman wanted by the FBI and the woman he had so much potential with, has just become his job. Auggie keeps wanting to be in the field, well now he is.

Calder can’t keep it in his pants and he may pay for that. He got spooked when he saw his hooker on a list of people to be questioned. Why on earth would he start things up with her again? He has the position of his dreams, why is he jeopardizing that over a woman he has to pay for sex?

Joan and Arthur thought they were doing something to ease the stress on their marriage. Joan has hired McQuaid because his company knows the players in Russia. This in theory means that Joan and Arthur are working together again and can discuss work, but McQuaid just confessed that he has a mole in his operation. This could lead to more leaks and more deaths. Maybe that’s why McQuaid hired Arthur. Arthur is someone he can trust to keep his secrets and if he can’t find the mole himself, he could be a big asset in hunting the person down.

Covert Affairs has always been suspenseful, but I don’t think the individuals have been under threat in their personal lives as much as now.

Check out the preview for next week. Annie and McQuaid are working together looking for a CIA operative. When things get heated, Calder wants to send in drones, with Annie still on the ground.

Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 5

Covert Affairs Season 5 USA Piper PeraboArthur was just saying he doesn’t like to complicate things and there’s a whole lot of things on the show that are going to be complicated. For starters, Auggie’s ex-girlfriend and asset has just walked into his real life. She’s wanted by the FBI and he also has a girlfriend, Haley.

How does Auggie really feel about Natasha? We know there are feelings there, but are they strong enough that he even wants her in his real life? Maybe Annie setting things right between Auggie and Natasha was a bad idea. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone he cares about, but now things got a whole lot more complicated. It’s one thing for him to be sleeping with an asset to get what they need for the mission, it’s wrong on so many levels but it gets the mission done, but sleeping with her in his real world can jeopardize his job and relationship.

Annie is really good at completing a mission, but now she has to complicate how she ended the last mission to complete the next one. Annie didn’t sleep with her lead, but she did make him think she did. Now she has to go back for the next mission.

This guy is one scary guy with his guns, but I’ve never seen Annie play it so cool. I mean there was so many points where it could have gone really wrong and Annie played along. She’s certainly a new and improved spy in this season. Did her time going dark teach her a thing or two, or did shutting off her emotions help make her a better agent? Auggie doesn’t believe it makes her a better agent, but I think it does. If she has no connections, she has less liabilities. That can only make you a stronger spy, but Joan is allying herself with Calder, so allies are good too, but which makes you better at your job?

This is a game you must be able to play well to survive and succeed and there are so many different players, but which player is playing the game the best?

Check out the preview for next week. Annie goes back to Paris:

Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 4

Covert Affairs Season 5 USA Piper PeraboThat seemed a little too easy taking down The Postman, but I guess the agency is going to have bigger problems moving forward. Their work is going to be outsourced and to Arthur’s new boss no less.

I think it’s fair to say that McQuaid will play a big role in season five. Will he be a love interest for Annie? He sure wants to be. I’m not sure how Annie feels about him. She still loves Auggie, but she’s all about her job now and that would have been over if it wasn’t for Auggie.

Turns out that the feelings are only one sided between Calder and his prostitute. Which isn’t really a surprise, but his feelings may jeopardize his career. He was so stupid to take her into the coat closet. He’s lucky only Joan saw, but as she said, if she saw him, someone else could have too. He’s good at his job and while risking your career for love is one thing, he’s paying a prostitute for the intimacy he is receiving and that’s not something he should be risking his career over.

It was nice seeing Eyal again. It’s almost sad that the man Annie goes to for help in a time for crisis isn’t Auggie, it’s Eyal. But I guess if it wasn’t going to be Auggie, there isn’t anyone better than Eyal. I was very surprised by him saying that Annie’s heart condition was her way out. While I’m sure it’s true that many operatives want to get out before it’s too late, he’s one that loves his job and can’t imagine his life without it, just like Annie. She would have nothing left if she had to leave her job. But this heart condition could jeopardize her job whether the agency knows or not.

Now there are three men in Annie’s life that are keeping her secret. Can they all be trusted? I trust Auggie and Eyal, but I’m not so sure about McQuaid. He says he wants to do good by his country, but he’s also a business man. Those can be two conflicting things.

Check out the preview for next week. Auggie and Annie team up in the field, but their feelings may get in the way of the mission:

Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 3

Covert Affairs Season 5 USA Piper PeraboAnnie isn’t a stranger to being stuck in a country when a mission goes south. She’s done it countless times before, alone and paired up. This time around she wasn’t with another agency, she was with the private sector and they do things a bit differently.

Besides for Annie working with McQuaid, it was a pretty run of the mill episode, nothing we haven’t really seen before. There were a few things propelling the storyline forward though. First of all we found out about a mystery man, The Postman. Who could this person be? Does he work for an agency or does he just know inside information? Either way this man is dangerous. He cost a lot of people their lives.

Did I see correctly that Calder paid a prostitute for sex? He’s a good looking man, surely he can get it for free. But what’s more interesting is that he seems to be in a relationship with this prostitute, but why? They seem to have feelings for each other, though on her end that can’t be trusted. If the relationship really was true, would he have to pay her? And how could he be comfortable with her sleeping with a lot of other men? This just seems like it’s going to blow up in his face. His credibility will be totally discredited if he’s found out. How did this even start? He just decided to pay for sex one night? Couldn’t he have just gone to a bar and picked up a lady? It just seems so strange.

I think McQuaid has a little crush on Annie, but Annie’s emotions are completely shut off. It would be a complicated relationship. When Arthur had a meeting with Joan you would never had known they were married. She treated him exactly like she treated his boss, very cold and made it known she didn’t want to be working with them. Was she just being professional or was it something else?

We will be seeing a familiar face next week as they try to figure out who The Postman is. Check out the preview:

Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 2

Covert Affairs Season 5 USA Piper PeraboAnnie has teamed up with many to obtain an objective, but this time around she wanted to do it alone. Could that have anything to do with her heart condition or did something else happen to make her change her tactics.

She may not trust McQuaid, but it would have been a whole lot easier if she would have just teamed up with him from the beginning. In the end they found Boris at the same time and McQuaid got his hour with Boris and Annie is left in the dark.

Can we trust McQuaid? I hope he’s not too shady since Arthur just started working for him, but there is something about him. He’s the CEO of his own security firm, yet he goes to Venezuela to track Boris down. Does he just like being in the field or is there more to it than that?

I know that Annie and Auggie are just handler and operative now, but it’s still sad to see him moving on. I had a feeling that him and that woman would hook up. I wasn’t expecting it so soon though.

While Auggie is moving on, Annie is not. All she’s done is put a wall up and decided to focus on the mission. But why after she was so happy to be getting back to Auggie four months ago, is she putting up this wall? I really want to know what happened when she was on her way home. There was no indication of a heart condition when we last left her, so what happened?

Joan is in a really awkward position. There were always orders from time to time that prevented her from talking to her husband and vice versa, but now Arthur is no longer at the agency and is working for a person of interest to the agency. McQuaid may be on the up and up, but that’s yet to be determined and in the meantime Annie and others at the agency will be feeling him out to see if he’s trustworthy. I wonder if he has any other ties to terrorists? How will this affect Joan and Arthurs relationship? Seeing as they won’t be able to tell each other certain things, which they are use to, but this is completely different. Things could get rocky for these two.

Check out the preview for next week. Annie may have Boris now, but getting him home won’t be easy:

Covert Affairs Season 5 Premiere

Covert Affairs Season 5 USA Piper PeraboWhen we last left Annie Walker she was heading home and she wanted to go home. Now it’s four months later and her whereabouts during that time are a mystery.

Wherever she was had to have something to do with the episode she had. Her heart was racing really fast and she couldn’t breath. She had to inject herself with some kind of medicine. At first I thought maybe it was a heart condition, but it appears to go deeper than that. Being a CIA operative is a stressful job, even more so when you fake your death and go dark. So whatever her condition is, it’s understandable, but she’s not really fit to be in the field anymore. That probably terrifies her. I don’t think she knows how to do anything else.

But why not tell Auggie? Why keep the relationship professional? She was ready to go home to Auggie and now she just wants him as her handler. We may have not gotten a big cliff hanger at the end of season four, but we have one now.

Season five starts with an attack on their agency and Annie, Joan, Auggie and Calder trying to find out who was behind the attack.

Arthur also has a great job opportunity, but does this man offering Arthur the job have anything to do with the recent attack? There’s definitely more than meets the eye with this man and it’s seems odd that Arthur would take the job. He has served his country and even if a lot of people may not have not agreed with his methods, he does what he believes is right for his country and his people. It makes me wonder if he doesn’t have any other motives about taking this job.

As suspenseful as an attack on the agency and the mission that follows it is, the bigger draw to this season is what happened to Annie over the last four months.

Check out the preview for next week. They try to hunt down the one man that can lead them to who is behind the attack: