‘Revenge’ Review: It All Comes to an End

Whoever thought that 'Revenge' would end, happily ever after.

Whoever thought that ‘Revenge’ would end, happily ever after.

Emily Thorn succeeded in her revenge and she got to live happily ever after, not with out a few dozen scars though.

There was a lot of twist and turns as ‘Revenge’ came to an end. I imagine writing a series finale is very difficult. You want to do justice to the story, but you also want to give the fans a good ending too. It can’t be easy wrapping up a show in a nice little bow. This one ended well and definitely gave the fans a lot.

I was first surprised when Amanda pled guilty to killing Victoria, but then not so surprised when Nolan already had a plan in place. It’s amazing how close they were that the didn’t even have to discuss the plan, Amanda just put it in motion.

The writers and creators really wanted us on the edge of our seats for the last episode. First Jack ends up in the hospital, then he wakes up asking David for his permission to marry Amanda. Nolan then goes after Margaux and the assassin. I thought maybe he was in over his head going after assassin, but he did learn from the best. I didn’t like that Nolan’s hand had to get stabbed, but at least it wasn’t anything worse than that. Then Victoria used Louise to get to Amanda. Maybe she didn’t use Louise, but Louise finally saw through Victoria and her lies. And helped Amanda get to Victoria.

I really thought Amanda was going to shoot Victoria. She had certainly been pushed to that point. From the previews, from the clips, it all pointed to that Amanda was actually going to kill Victoria. First Victoria framed her father, then she killed Aiden and now came close to killing Jack. That would push anyone over the edge.

It was David that saved her from herself. I loved that moment. Amanda spent most of her life fighting to clear her father’s name and she was about to throw her life away just to avenge her father. David couldn’t let her do that, so he took out Victoria. He was right, there is no coming back, once you cross that line. The sweet little Amanda may not exist anymore, but that little girl’s heart still does.

Then Victoria had to get one more shot in, by literally shooting Amanda. Come on Victoria, don’t you even see how you ruined her life and you’ve deserved everything you’ve got?

The fans got a nice treat, they got to see Jack and Amanda finally married. I was always more of an Aiden fan, but I’m still very happy that Amanda got her happily ever after. Especially when I thought she was going to die.

Everyone thought ‘Revenge’ would end in death. It kind of did, Victoria and David both died, but I guess I never really believed that Amanda could have a life after revenge. It always seemed like there was no way out. David found her a way out.

Nolan isn’t out though. Amanda gave him another mission.

There was an eerie bit at the end. Did Amanda get her heart from Victoria? I guess the writers are going to leave that for us to ponder, or maybe it is just a nightmare. But Charlotte was there. Amanda and Charlotte finally found a way to connect.

A lot of people have died through out the four years of ‘Revenge’. The biggest was Conrad’s death at the end of last season. David got to kill him. David now has killed both Victoria and Conrad.

Daniel died earlier this season saving Amanda. That was an emotional episode. Aiden died last season by the hands of Victoria. Margaux’s father died because of Conrad. Emily died saving Amanda. Even Declan died in the middle of Conrad’s schemes.

Through all the deaths, there has also been a lot of great takedowns. Those are what made the show so great. The big prizes of Conrad and Victoria took a lot more work. Amanda wasn’t done with Victoria until she was dead. And pretty much the same with Conrad.

We have come to love all of these characters and now we have to say goodbye. Amanda got her revenge and she got the guy. Who knew Amanda’s story would end happily.

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Get Out Your Red Sharpie, Emily Thorn’s 5 Best Takedowns

As much as I believed that ‘Revenge’ should come to an end, I’m still sad to see it go. I’ve watched Emily avenge her father over the last four years and even got to see her reunited with her father. But I also got to see her lose her great love, Aiden. That was a high cost to pay to clear her father’s name. A very high cost. At least Aiden got to see it before Victoria killed him.

Emily has only one more person to use the red sharpie pen on, Victoria. She thought she had taken Victoria down already, but she got out of the mental hospital. So now Emily has to clear her own name and takedown Victoria, the woman who started it all.

There’s been some epic takedowns over the last four years. So take out your red sharpie pen and lets relive Emily Thorn’s five best takedowns. This should be fun.

5. Bill Harmon testified against David in the trial, so he was a major target. Emily likes to get close to her targets, she likes to get to know them well. What was the easiest way to take this man down? Leak him false information to make him bet big and lose it all and not just his money, his client’s money. Emily was sure to tell his clients what he did.

Season 1, Episode 2 , Trust

4. Tom Kingsley was the prosecutor that sent David to prison. The Hamptons wasn’t the first time Emily met this man, she’d been plotting his destruction for some time. Emily was a senior volunteer on his first campaign. She really earned this guy’s trust. Tom made this very easy for Ems. Tom had an affair, which made this takedown a piece of cake. The icing on top was that the woman was pregnant and she decided to keep the baby. This ended his political career very quickly.

Season 1, Episode 3, Betrayal

3. Robert Barnes was the judge on Emily’s dad’s trial and a very evil man. She kind of did a good dead when she took this man down. He had been abusing his wife, Patricia, and Patricia also knew the truth. Emily thought Robert’s clerk James had sent an unsigned letter to her father in prison, saying Robert failed him, but Patricia wrote the note. Emily gave Patricia the courage to tell the truth and ruin Robert’s career an reputation in the process.

Season 2, Episode 10, Power

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2. Michele Banks was the Psychiatrist that convinced Amanda that her dad committed those horrible crimes and locked her away. This was a very personal takedown for Emily. It wasn’t about her father. It was about her. For this one she not only ruined her reputation, she also set Victoria on her. Michelle recorded sessions with her patients and Emily used those to tarnish her reputation by playing them at an Annual High Tea Charity Event. Emily even played part of her session and pretended to look very embarrassed in the process. She also exposed Victoria saying Charlotte was a mistake. That wasn’t the end of Michelle’s downfall though. Ems then kidnapped her and locked her away, just like Michelle had done to her as a child.

Season 1, Episode 4, Duplicity

1. Conrad Grayson was the man that initiated the framing, plotted to kill David and killed Amanda to silence her. This was the most epic takedown of all. Not only did Emily clear her father’s name, Conrad also got exactly what was coming to him. Everything Emily had been working towards had finally been realized. Nolan broadcasted Conrad’s confession for all to see. This takedown came at a high cost though. She kidnapped her own sister to make this happen. She even had Charlotte confront him with the truth. Charlotte was already messed up enough before this. Emily has had to pay a high cost to succeed in her revenge.

Season 3, Episode 21, Impetus

Will Emily be able to takedown Victoria and clear her own name in the series finale? Are we in for one more great takedown before we say goodbye to Emily Thorn?

‘Revenge’ Review: Amanda’s Finale Plea

Victoria is alive! What will her fate be in the series finale?

Victoria is alive! What will her fate be in the series finale?

Things are not looking too good for Amanda. She managed to get bail, but then was stupid enough to think she could get away with switching the signal on the monitor. With Ben on her case, she shouldn’t have made that move. He knew she was going to do that, and got her caught.

There was no way Amanda was going to let anyone else be put in danger though. She wanted to do it alone. But David, Nolan and Jack would have easily gone in her place, David even tried to.

Her little trip did prove to her that Victoria was still alive. So Victoria didn’t sacrifice herself, she borrowed from Emily’s original plan. Amanda got enough out of Margaux to prove her  theory, but Ben didn’t want to hear it.

That is until Louise found the hoody that Margaux wore to attack Victoria. Louise being herself, brought the evidence straight to Ben and now he’s starting to believe Amanda, but it’s too late.

When Louise told Margaux what she did, Margaux spun the truth and called in some help. An assassin to kill Ben, just as he see’s Victoria is still alive. There goes Amanda’s only hope.

It really is bad luck to have feelings for Amanda, first Aiden and now Ben. Granted it wasn’t love with Ben, but still.

I was almost a little surprised that Margaux was involved, but the death of Daniel has changed her. It’s really a shame. I liked her when she was dating Jack.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Charlotte, but she’s not grieving over her mom’s death. She knows the real Victoria and she was already pondering the possibility that her mother was still alive, seeing as she’s done it before. I guess I was silly to think that Victoria was actually dead.

Before ABC announced they were canceling ‘Revenge’, I knew that was coming. When Victoria killed herself, or when we assumed she did, that was the only direction the show could go. But now that Victoria is alive, I’m worried that ‘Revenge’ won’t get the proper ending it deserves. If the writers were assuming the show would carry on another season, we may not actually get an end to the show. I really hope the writers were writing towards the end and not just reinventing the show.

Amanda’s future is looking very bleak. Her dad’s dying and she’s still determined to fight for him. Jack is ready for them, but that’s only if she can prove her innocence. The one man that can do that has just been killed.

Next week it all comes to an end. How will it all end? Will Amanda make it out of this alive? The episode is called ‘Two Graves’, will we be saying goodbye to two of them? Take a look at the last promo:

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‘Revenge’ Review: Will Victoria Win the War?

Victoria wasn't going to lose the war. She ended with a big statement and a lastly legacy only a few people will know.

Victoria wasn’t going to lose the war. She ended with a big statement and a lasting legacy only a few people will know.

There’s no official word yet if ‘Revenge’ is coming to an end, but the story seems to be heading in that direction.

Last week Victoria killed herself in Grayson Manor and you knew it had to be more than just a suicide. At first it appeared as if that was all it was, but then Louise and Margaux found forced entry into Victoria’s home and blood. This made Louise immediately accuse Amanda. Then when Amanda couldn’t get a hold of Mason, she gave the cops her car to find finger prints of Mason, they didn’t find any. They found hair follicles and blood, that Mason planted there.

Victoria was working with Mason to make it look like Amanda killed her, just as Amanda tried to do on her wedding night.

I’m feeling uneasy about this ending. While I love that Victoria sacrificed herself to win the war, I wanted Emily to live happily ever after and it’s seeming harder and harder for her to do that.

Jack just found out that Amanda chose him and was going to her, as she’s arrested for Victoria’s murder. Victoria is making her pay for what she did to the Grayson family. Only Victoria started this whole thing with framing Amanda’s father. It just an endless cycle of revenge. When will it stop?

Leave it to Victoria to send a message from the grave. A very poetic one at that. I’m worried that this revenge story will end in tragedy, but was it ever going to end any other way?

This episode was enjoyable as the series presumably plays out to the end, but for a lot of it, it just fell into place. You knew Louise would blame Amanda and it was very predictable that she would make scene at the club. She just did that with Nolan trying to get a confession.

There were some surprises. I wasn’t expecting Nolan to be dumped, because his new boyfriend is getting a baby. That was heartbreaking to watch. Nolan finally gets to move on from revenge and he has the perfect guy to do with it, but it’s just bad timing.

Though it looks like his revenge days are not behind him yet. As soon as he finds out Victoria framed Amanda for her suicide, he’ll be back on the mission. How will he clear Amanda’s name?

I thought it was off that Mason had a cold and I was a little nervous what they would find in Amanda’s car, but she didn’t do it, so what were they going to find? I wasn’t expecting Mason and Victoria to be working together. They are pulling all the Emily Thorn tricks and throwing them in her face.

Margaux and Louise were quick in jumping to murder and now Margaux is fighting back. Do either of them know or realize that Victoria did commit suicide and she framed Amanda? Will they care?

The suicide note was definitely from Victoria, so why are they so quick to jump to murder? Would Victoria have left Margaux a note if Amanda killed her? Louise and Margaux want to believe Amanda did it, they don’t want to see the truth and what Victoria is capable off.

A nice fan moment this week was when Jack found out Amanda picked him. He had no idea that Amanda tried to stop him from leaving. He had a little smile as he realized that he was finally chosen.

Next week Amanda is determined to prove her innocence and believes Victoria is still alive. Take a look at the preview:

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The Long Burn of ‘Revenge’

Is this really the last we'll see of Victoria?

Is this really the last we’ll see of Victoria?

Can Victoria’s death confirm that ‘Revenge’ is ending? Nina Dobrev left ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and while I still believe there is no ‘TVD’ without Elena, there really is no ‘Revenge’ without Victoria.

When Victoria said she was going to end it, I assumed that she would be going after Emily to end it. And Victoria didn’t really need to end her life, Emily was done. She was walking away. Or are Mason and Jack right? She can never stop.

What will Emily do when she finds out Victoria blew herself up in Grayson Manor? We saw in the preview that the house was going to go up in flames, but I never thought Victoria would be in it, sitting on her thrown. Though I think it’s quite fitting that her her thrown came back for the end, assuming this is the end.

Victoria was very defeated in this episode. She told the doctor she fell, instead of telling him that Emily attacked her to get the drive. Margaux wouldn’t let Emily get away with it and called the F.B.I. Victoria handed the evidence over before they walked out for the fire alarm, but of course Emily was there to retrieve the evidence. Victoria freaked out after Emily got the drive. Victoria wasn’t even this bad when her son died.

This led Victoria to end it. I still don’t know why Victoria dying was the way to end it. But that doesn’t mean it’s over. Louise and Margaux are set on making Emily pay. Though I don’t think ‘Revenge’ would have quite the same punch with out Victoria Grayson.

I'm guessing Nolan has always been team Jack, seeing as how hard he keeps fighting for these two!

I’m guessing Nolan has always been team Jack, seeing as how hard he keeps fighting for these two!

Victoria wasn’t the only one to made a grand exit. Jack also left. He took Carl and moved to L.A. and only said goodbye to Nolan. Nolan went to Emily and fought for the two of them. Ben walked up as they were having this conversation and learned the truth of where Emily’s heart really lies. They were both fooling themselves and didn’t want to face reality. Ben left wounded, but knew the truth. Emily now had a decision to make, but it was too late. Jack wouldn’t take her call and she got to the airport after he left.

Mason was there to greet her though and not with kind words. He was upset that Emily told the story he was supposed to tell. He doesn’t believe that she exists without revenge.

“Did you really think they’d wait forever?” Mason said to Emily. Jack didn’t wait. Nolan would have stood by her side to the very end though. She had to push him to live, so he could have a life after.

Nolan was so wrapped up in their mission and loved what they had. Now he is moving on, with Tony. Even after a rocky night, he still came back. Does anyone else question how perfect he is though? He could be as perfect as he seems, but after everything they’ve seen, it’s hard not to question someone’s motives. Nolan thought he could trust Louise, but she was easily taken over to Victoria’s side.

Emily thought she was done with the battle, but now her dad is starting his fight against Lymphoma. He didn’t have the heart to tell her. All he wanted was to see her happy and she finally was, how could he ruin that? He won’t go through it alone though. Stevie will be there, or at least till he tells Emily.

Everything is changing. Jack changed the headstone on the real Emily Thorn’s grave and Stevie changed Carl’s birth certificate to his mother’s real name. Emily Thorn as we knew her is really gone.

How will these finally episodes play out, especially seeing as Victoria is gone? And is this really the end?

Next week Emily will be looked in what appears to be Victoria’s murder. Will she be able to prove her innocence? Take a look at the promo:

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‘Revenge’: Amanda Clarke Exposed to the World

Amanda opened up to the world what it was really like to clear her father's name.

Amanda opened up to the world what it was really like to clear her father’s name.

When we last saw Emily she was announcing to the world that she is Amanda Clarke. With that one statement, Emily Thorn is no more and neither is the revenger that we know and love.

She’s turning back into the young Amanda Clarke, but we’ll have to see how much of Emily is left behind.

How much of her time as Emily will come back to bite her? David made a deal with the government that if he didn’t sue for his 20 years of being falsely accused as a terrorist, they wouldn’t press charges of fraud.

Amanda and David also had to stop everyone she ruined from coming back to seek revenge on her. This led to reminiscing about her many takedowns over the last four years.

If only that would be that. Louise is so angry at Nolan for not telling him the truth, but Emily’s secret wasn’t his to tell. Louise found the thumb drive and has given it to Victoria. This has a lot of information to take both Amanda and Nolan down.

Amanda was furious at Nolan for keeping all of those files. He wanted a memento to remember what they had accomplished. Nolan wanted to help fix it, but Amanda said she’ll do it herself.

Victoria went straight to the press, but it turns out they would rather have an exclusive with Amanda than Victoria. Amanda made a deal that she would sit down with them live and no question was off limits, but they could never put Victoria on camera.

Nolan was having a pity party for himself. He knew he screwed up. Jack told him not to beat himself up about it. Nolan now believes that him and Amanda aren’t really friends. Jack had to remind him that he is. He said they are the “dynamic duo”. They both seem to have a blind spot when it comes to Amanda. Jack said she’s just scared.

They sat and watched the interview together. The interview was very emotional. The question of how high the cost was, was a brutal question. The cost was of course high. The real Emily Thorne died protecting her. Her half sister Charlotte had a downward spiral of depression and drugs and Aiden lost his life.

She didn’t out right say Victoria killed Aiden, but she certainly alluded to it or at least that Victoria crossed the line. Amanda did say she had to physically harm people on her journey, but she never crossed that line.

Amanda has now left it in Victoria’s hands to end the feud. At the beginning of the episode Victoria was all ready to take Amanda down. She used her own hacker to break the encryption on Nolan’s files and exposed Louise to the truth. Louise now wants to take down Nolan, but Victoria said, first she was going to take care of Amanda.

Victoria tried to get Margaux on board, but she wanted nothing to do with it. Margaux confessed she lied to Victoria about Amanda pushing her. She blames herself for losing the baby. She said she was too consumed with her vendetta and if she wasn’t, she would still have the baby. She was focused on Daniel’s name being vindicated now. Margaux told Victoria that she wouldn’t stand in her way, but she wasn’t going to help.

That all changed after Amanda’s interview. Margaux was furious about the lie about Victoria killing a man when she was 15. This wasn’t actually true, her mother made her take the blame. So in records it was factual, but in truth, it was just another cover up. But it was Amanda’s intent to paint Victoria in a bad light.

Margaux wants to resurrect Victoria’s name and Victoria feels defeated.

Amanda really doesn't know what's going to happen next.

Amanda really doesn’t know what’s going to happen next.

It looks like Victoria and Margaux won’t be the people Amanda will have to worry about. From a tropical destination, her face is put in a red circle, which I can only assume is Lydia Davis. Will she come back to seek revenge on Amanda?

If you thought Amanda and Jack’s time had come, think again. Nolan tried to get Jack to go to Amanda, but Jack doesn’t believe they were meant to be anymore.

It doesn’t look like Amanda will be seeing much of Ben either. He’s furious at her for not consulting him before her reveal. He’s having to answer lots of questions and that’s not even him explaining how he closed a case she covered up.

Is ‘Revenge’ coming to an end? This episode seems to point in that direction and the preview for next week also suggests the end. Take a look at the promo:

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How do we Feel about the Amanda Clarke Reveal?

Emily Thorn is no more, Amanda Clarke has come clean to the world.

Emily Thorn is no more, there is just Amanda Clarke.

On Sunday night Emily revealed to the world who she really is. It was very exciting as we watched her take a deep breath, before saying: “I am David Clarke’s daughter. I am Amanda Clarke.” But are we really happy that Emily Thorn is no more?

Emily has been able to get away with a lot and her takedowns have been legendary, but Amanda is no Emily Thorn. Amanda is someone Emily left behind a long time ago.

‘Revenge’ has been about Emily clearing her father’s name and this season the writers have been trying to remake the show, but should it not end when Emily’s revenge is over? I’ve said this before, even while I’ve been enjoying this season, though I’ve been confused about Louise’s place in the series. I still believe that ‘Revenge’ comes to an end, when Emily is done.

Now that Emily Thorn is no more, what’s next? How can she do all of her schemes while all eyes are going to be on her. I’m sure the media is going to be obsessed with her for a while. Will she get in trouble for fraud? Will there be any consequences for her years of revenge, more than she’s already experienced?

When ‘Revenge’ started I never thought of a time when Amanda could be herself, but I always wondered how long a show about revenge could run for.

I’m not sure if Amanda should have revealed herself yet, unless this is going to be the last season. ABC has yet to announce if the series will be renewed. I think that Amanda revealing herself signals the ending of the show. ‘Revenge’ can’t be the same now everyone knows that Emily is Amanda.

If the writers are wrapping up the series, I think this is a great way to do it. Now they just need to decide whether Amanda can live happily ever after or if she needs to die or end up alone.

What do you think? Is Amanda revealing herself jumping the shark? Do you think ‘Revenge’ is coming to an end?

‘Revenge’: Emily Thorn is no More

Emily Thorn is no more, Amanda Clarke has come clean to the world.

Emily Thorn is no more, Amanda Clarke comes clean.

Not only did Emily clear Daniel’s name, she also revealed who she really is, but was that maybe a step too far? Or was that her plan all along?

How much trouble will she get in now that she’s told the truth and will the media ever leave her alone?

Will Jack and Ben feel any of the fallout?

David and Jack are very happy that she’s revealed who she really is, but Nolan didn’t look too happy and I wish we got to see Victoria’s face when she told the world she was Amanda Clarke.

We did get to see Margaux and Victoria’s face when she told the world Daniel saved her. They were in shock.

Emily was feeling really bad about Margaux losing the baby and she wanted so desperately to clear Daniel’s name. She went to Jack to asked him to change his story, but he said he would think about it. Stevie rushes out and said he will do no such thing. She didn’t want Jack to be the collateral damage, again.

Stevie even went to David to get him to control his daughter, but as David said, they aren’t kids anymore.

Jack was feeling pretty good about his no. Even Nolan agreed it was a bad idea. Nolan told Emily to live the perks of a socialite. She deserved it. But she still couldn’t get rid of the guilt.

Instead of getting ready for Ben’s celebration party, Emily was getting out her frustration on her punching bag. Ben wasn’t too happy to hear she wanted to change her story on a case he closed. She told him he wouldn’t understand and he said he wanted to. He left without Emily, but assumed she would join him.

At the party Ben’s brother, Kevin, questions the relationship between Jack and Emily. Ben assures him that they go way back and are just friends. Emily’s face is on TV at the gala with Jack by her side. Ben kind of gets the wrong idea. Jack and Emily will never be just friends, but they didn’t exactly go to the gala on a date either.

I don’t know why Jack decided to stand with Emily, he seemed to be sure it was a bad idea. Maybe he felt as guilty as Emily did. His mother is not going to be happy.

Last week I thought Margaux purposely lost the baby, but it was just a complete accident. Though she wasn’t innocent. She had put a hit out on Emily and if it wasn’t for Margaux losing the baby, Emily would have a hitwoman to take care of.

Victoria and Margaux are shocked that Emily clears Daniel's name.

Victoria and Margaux are shocked that Emily restores Daniel’s name.

Marguax found the hitwoman and called it off. The assassin is not happy that her identity has been blown. Margaux told the woman if anything happened to her, an email would be sent to interpool letting them know her identity. She’s risking her own life because she doesn’t want to lose her soul.

Victoria wanted to get prosecutors on Emily, but Margaux said no. Of course what she didn’t tell Victoria was that Emily never pushed her.Margaux told her that Lyman ended up dead when he was running an errand for her. Margaux feels responsible for his death.

Victoria looks into the matter by going to see Ben. She claimed she wanted to make sure the case was closed properly. He told her that the case was already closed by him.

Nolan told Louise he would always be honest to her, but he wasn’t. He was only trying to protect her, but that has backfired. She was very fragile when coming home from her brother’s funeral and asked Nolan for a baby. Nolan absolutely freaked.

Last week Nolan started flirting with Tony and this week he lied to Louise about hanging out with him. Tony doesn’t want to be the other man though. Because it ended before it began, Nolan didn’t think there was anything to tell. Unfortunately, there was a picture taken of him with Tony and his friends. Louise knows he’s lying.

This doesn’t come at a good time either. Victoria paid her a visit and told her she’s trusting the wrong people. Now that Nolan’s lies keep piling up, could Louise change sides? The said thing is Nolan was pretty honest to her up until Tony. He didn’t tell her all of Emily’s secrets, but those weren’t his to tell.

Nolan finally asked for a divorce out of their fake marriage. It comes at a bad time, but it was always supposed to be temporary. I just don’t know what Louise will do.

‘Revenge’ will return April 12 and Emily will be feeling the fallout from telling the truth. Take a look at the promo:

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