The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5Can Elena really be gone? I mean the writers can’t get rid of her for good can they? I won’t be happy if this is the plan. It’s not that I don’t like Katherine, but if I had to choose one of them, it would be Elena.

I was rooting for her and Damon to be together and they finally were and were about to get back together before Katherine took over her body. And the only person that knows is compelled to keep it secret and might be heading out of town.

I want someone to figure out that Elena isn’t Elena pronto, and start trying to figure out how they can bring her back.

Wait just a second, since Katherine didn’t truly die, she never went through Bonnie. So why wasn’t that a red flag to begin with?

I’m pretty happy with the roller coaster ride that the writers take us through most of the time, but I am not liking this one.

Whatever brief moment of feeling sorry for Katherine I had is all gone. Besides from stealing Elena’s body, she made sure Tyler found out about Caroline and Klaus. Poor Caroline, she wasn’t even done processing it before Tyler had to start hating her for it. Sure it’s heartbreaking for Tyler, but I’ve been wanting Caroline with Klaus. So while I’m feeling bad for Tyler, I’m also smiling on the inside.

Stefan understands only too well about sleeping with an evil person, he slept with Katherine not that long ago. And soon Katherine will be trying to win him back. If Katherine really wanted to earn the respect and love of Stefan, stealing Elena’s body is not the way to do it.

Damon is spiraling and it’s all because of Katherine, once again. I wonder what he will do when he finds out Katherine was the one who said it was over and not Elena, and not to mention she stole Elena’s body. Damon will want to kill Katherine himself, if only he can figure out how to get Elena back in her body. Speaking of which, where did Elena go? Is she on the other side? Her spirit had to go somewhere.

Check out the preview for next week, Damon is back to his old tricks:


Nashville Season 2 Episode 13

132839GROUPpre-1378848420Juliette made a bold move standing up to her haters. It might not have been her smartest of moves, but she didn’t want to be something she wasn’t. She even got a complement from Rayna, she said ‘good for you’.

I think Juliette has earned some respect from Rayna now. Rayna had a chance to take up all of her shelf space at a big store and she turned it down. Rayna wants to put the right image out there for her new label. She wants to promote artists and let them get their voice out there not turn them into money makers.

Jeff took over Edgehill records and he lost two of its biggest recording stars and signed a girl who has nothing to say. Now he’s scrambling trying to stop Rayna from selling her album. I think Rayna could sell them from her company’s website if she had to. If its got her name on it, they will buy it.

Deacon is going to make a record on his terms. I think it’s a good idea, but I do think he should do a duet or two. It will help get his voice out there and then I’m sure his solo stuff will be a hit. I don’t think the whole album should be full of duets, but he’s so good at duets, I think he should use that.

Scarlett is going down a dark path. She’s excited about her music again which is good, but why would you just take a pill without finding out what it was? There seems to be a bad history in Scarlett’s family. Deacon’s a recovering alcoholic and her mother was in and out of psychiatric  hospitals. Scarlett is on the verge of something great, she shouldn’t mess it up with drugs. Deacon was right to be worried about her working with Liam. It’s great that he’s pulled greatness out of her and has got her to create an album about herself, but he didn’t need to introduce her to drugs.

I would like to see Avery do something with his music. I hated him when he was being an idiot, but he’s learned and he’s grown and now I want him to have a second chance. The biggest storyline for him at the moment is him and Juliette being together, but this might at least mean more screen time for him.

Gunnar wasn’t being mean to Layla at all. He was just trying to help her. I think this is a real wake up call for her. She wants to be a song writer and she never even thought about what was involved before now. Maybe she will be a better artists for it and might actually gain some respect. She may be big with the tweens, but she doesn’t hold much weight with the artists of Nashville.

Lamar is getting released from jail because Tandy decided she valued her life more than seeing her father behind bars. I’m not a big fan of Lamars. I mean he’s clearly corrupt and has done some horrible things, but him and Rayna were finally getting along. It’s going to be hard for her to relearn who her father is. He’s a scary man, truly untouchable. What will be his first move when he is released?

Check out the preview for next week, Rayna learns a hard truth about her father:

Bones Gets 10th Season, Returns to Monday Night

bonesIt’s official, Bones has been renewed for a 10th season.

Earlier this month the president of Fox, Kevin Reilly, suggested that Bones would get a 1oth season and announced that the show’s creator, Hart Hanson, would be stepping down to work on his new show, Backstrom. The executive producer, Stephen Nathan, is taking over as showrunner.

The fox president said in a statement: “Over the course of nine seasons, Bones has grown from a hit crime procedural into a beloved pillar of our lineup that resonates with fans in a way that only the best of shows can. Our viewers have embraced Emily, David and the entire cast and characters of Bones as their very own, and I think they are going to love what Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan have planned for Season 10!”

The announcement of Bones being renewed Wednesday wasn’t the only good news for fans. Entertainment Weekly reported that Bones will be leaving the Friday night death-slot and moving back to Monday night. Bones must have proved it’s worth in the death-slot with steady ratings and is being awarded by leaving Friday nights.

On March 1o Bones will return to its old time slot of 8pm, taking over for Kitchen Nightmares. The cooking show will move to Bones’ current time slot of of Friday at 8pm.

For now check out an all-new Bones on Friday on Fox at 8/7c.

Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 4

downloadAnother intense episode! They may be fighting crime on the streets but they are all going through very personal issues.

Olinsky’s daughter was with the wrong guy and he took care of it. The boy was letting her take the fall for his joints and didn’t even think twice about what it would do to her record. So Olinsky went right to the source, called the boy, brought him to the station and scared him straight. He really didn’t do anything, but he was very intimidating. His daughter was furious with him. They were supposed to go to the father-daughter dance but she was suspended. She still got all dressed up and wanted to dance with her dad though. It was so sweet. Olinsky has already told Ruzek to get out his relationship, so what happened to Olinsky and his wife?

Voight’s son is out and he’s already up to no good. What are the odds that he actually wanted $10,000 for a legitimate business? I’m thinking very little. His dad is trying to give him a second chance and get him back on his feet and he’s fighting it. What did he do to go to jail? Whatever he did was too much for Voight to keep him out, but why should he have kept him out? If he did something wrong he needed to do the time. But his father didn’t do the time for whatever he was in jail for. That’s still a mystery. If Voight’s son wants to have even a chance with Erin then he needs to clean up his act. But aren’t they more like brother and sister? That seems to be how Erin sees him.

Was Erin a drug addict? She was trying to help that call girl and really got emotional when she made the wrong choice. I was rooting for the girl to make the right choice, but sadly she did not. Erin could just be paying it forward after Voight saved her life, but I just thought she got too emotionally involved for that to be all it was. I really want to know more about Erin’s past.

I assumed the boy that was murdered was Jay’s brother. I just thought since he was so emotional and angry that it had to be family. Turns out it was the younger brother of a girl he dated in high school. Him and his partner were first on the scene and found the poor boy dead. And all  these years later he still holds a grudge. I get it, I really do. It must be horrible not to be able to get that image out of his head. But he has an amazing opportunity in the intelligence unit and he can prevent crime and stop it. If he continues down this road of revenge he will end up with nothing.

Check out the preview for next week, the detectives try to save girls you have gotten themselves in very bad situation:

Supernatural Season 9 Episode 12

Official-Season-9-BTS-Poster-supernatural-35284426-796-771These boys clearly have some issues to work out.

They were on the case together, but they didn’t work together at all. Well Sam was trying to, it was Dean that was being the stubborn one. Dean is so afraid of getting anyone else killed after Kevin that he’s pushing everyone away. But he forgets that the reason Kevin died was because he wasn’t honest with him. If these boys are going to hunt together, they need to work together and be honest with each other.

Is there anyway Sam and Dean can go back to the way they were? Probably not. Too mush has happened to forget and forgive. Though Dean did forgive Sam for not trying to save him from Purgatory. Dean may have made the wrong choice in how to save Sam, but he was doing it save his life. So if I have to choose a side in this little squabble, I’m on Dean’s.

Now we know where Garth went, he got turned into a werewolf and found a nice werewolf family, well mostly nice.

Dean was right to be suspicious, but he is jaded. He didn’t treat the family with any respect, he didn’t even try and not all of the family was evil. He owed it to Garth to at least try.

Garth can’t be upset about not noticing there was something wrong, there was no way he could have known. It was only when Sam and Dean came into the picture that some of the werewolves showed their true colors.

Garth is one of the few hunters that got out and found a normal life, well as close to normal as there is.

Check out the preview for next week, Sam and Dean go undercover to find out how people are losing all their weight overnight:

The Originals Season 1 Episode 12

OrigianlsKlaus may have come across a power stronger than him. It looks like Celeste has brought back witches that have a grudge against Klaus and she has one as well.

Just as Klaus and Marcel were trying to figure out how to kill the undead powerful witch, he is used as a sacrifice and now they don’t know who the face of their enemy is.

We knew that there was some deep secret between Marcel and Rebekah, but we didn’t know what it was, until now. Marcel brought the powerful witch into town to distract or get rid of Klaus so he could win back Rebekah, but there’s more. When Marcel confessed this to her, she responded with the only thing Klaus is scared of is Michael. So they are the reason the Mikaelson family had to flee New Orleans, but if Rebekah led Michael to the Quarter, why did she flee as well? 

Marcel and Rebekah clearly have a lot of history, will these two ever find a way to make it work?

We already knew Elijah had feelings for Hayley, but this is the first time it was made perfectly clear. I was beginning to think that Klaus would be ok with the two of them getting together, so why does Rebekah think that Elijah’s feelings would destroy the family? Of course Celeste coming back is going to make it even more difficult for Elijah to confess his feelings to Hayley.

Klaus started this episode in a very good mood and we all know why. He finally got Carline to admit her feelings for him. Marcel said he should go to Mystic Falls more often and I agree. I miss him on The Vampire Diaries.

Check out the preview for next week, Celeste is declaring war against the vampires and wants Elijah on her side:

10 TV Stars to Pay Attention To

There are so many talented young actors on TV at the moment. Some of them have been around  for a while and others are just breaking into the business now, but they are all amazing and have bright futures in front of them.

So who are the actors that you should be paying attention to? Who will be breaking onto the big screen and who are going to have very successful TV careers? It’s hard to tell.

I have chosen 10 actors that I think will make it big and they are starring in shows on ABC, NBC and the CW. If you haven’t seen anything featuring these fabulous actors, then it’s time you queued up your Netflix, visited Target Ticket, headed out to your nearest Redbox, logon to Hulu or any other way you consume your TV shows and films and start watching them.

They are making waves, being nominated and winning awards, scoring film roles and fans are falling in love with them. These are the stars that you should be paying attention to.

Sophia Bush
(Detective Erin Lindsay, Chicago P.D.)

shell4270 |

shell4270 |

Sophia Bush became a huge star on ‘One Tree Hill’ playing Brooke Davis and since then she’s starred in a few big screen roles. She stunned in the film ‘The Hitcher’, a horror film where a hitchhiker is trying to kill her and her boyfriend. She plays a tough girl fighting for her life.

In 2012 she was cast in a series from the creators of Will and Grace, ‘Partners’. The show didn’t last very long, but she’s back on TV yet again in ‘Chicago P.D.’ She is once again playing a tough woman, but this time she’s fighting crime. The show’s second episode tied for number one in the 18-49 demo in the 10p.m. hour, Broadway World reported. The new series received 6.3 million viewers that evening.

If Sophia’s impressive resume isn’t enough to be a fan of hers, she’s also very active on social media and she uses these tools to promote equality and respect. She’s involved in a campaign called “I am that girl saving the world” that is trying to create change and opportunity for women in sports. She also posts interesting and influential articles.

She’s already had a great TV career spending nine years on TV with ‘One Tree Hill’ and it looks like ‘Chicago P.D.’ might be another hit.

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Emily VanCamp
(Emily Thorn, Revenge)

blubaby112 |

blubaby112 |

This lovely lady has managed to star in three TV shows: ‘Everwood’, which lasted four years, ‘Brothers and Sisters’, which lasted five seasons and she departed from the show at the beginning of the final season, and now she is on her third season of ‘Revenge’. Emily VanCamp has had a pretty successful career so far. She’s even graced the big screen a few times, in 2009 she starred in ‘Carriers’ and in 2005 in ‘The Ring Two’.

It seems she’s barely gotten started. In April she will play Agent 13 in ‘Captain America: The Winter Solider’, alongside Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Robert Redford, Samuel L. Jackson and fellow TV star Cobie Smulders. If Emily is planning to really jump start her film career, this movie could do the trick.

She will also be starring in ‘The Girl in the Book’, which is a Kickstarter backed film that is due to be released sometime this year.

Emily has had an amazing TV career so far and it looks like her film career will be very bright as well.

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Ian Somerhalder
(Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries)

cryfrog2008 |

cryfrog2008 |

Ian Somerhalder has actually been around for a while. In 2002 he starred alongside James Van Der Beek, Jessica Biel, Kate Bosworth and Shannyn Sossamon in ‘The Rules of Attraction’. This is definitely a cult classic and if you haven’t seen the film it must be added to your list immediately. Ian was only in his early 20s when this film came out and he’s just gotten sexier with age.

Ian also starred in a spin-off of ‘Dawson’s Creek’, ‘Young Americans’, with Kate again.

Young Americans wasn’t the only show he has starred in, he was also in the very popular series, ‘Lost’.

He now stars as Damon on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ playing the bad brother. He’s in the middle of a love triangle and he may or may not be the one that belongs with Elena. Fate says his brother, Stefan, belongs with Elena, but the show certainly goes against fate all the time.

Ian was the favorite to play Christian Grey in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ with tons of people on social media campaigning for him to get the role. He didn’t win the role, but he did film a movie that is scheduled to be released this year, ‘The Anomaly’. He is the lead in the film alongside Alexis Knapp, Brian Cox and Luke Hemsworth.

He’s been around for a while but he’s just starting to heat up now.

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Gabriel Mann
(Nolan Ross, Revenge)

BuddhaJ |

BuddhaJ |

If you have been watching ‘Revenge’, you are probably a fan of Emily Thorn’s BFF, Nolan Ross. No mater what he sticks by Emily’s side and has helped her through everything. They would die for each other.

The man who plays Nolan, Gabriel Mann, has been acting a long time. He starred alongside Matt Damon in ‘The Bourne Identity’ and ‘The Bourne Supremacy’. He also starred in a thriller with Katie Holmes, ‘Abandon’.

Unfortunately, he has gotten use to playing the sidekick in most of his roles, but he’s certainly showing is talent every Sunday night on ‘Revenge’. It’s only a matter of time before he snags a leading role.

Gabriel will be on the big screen this March alongside Michael Peña, John Malkovich and Rosario Dawson in ‘Cesar Chavez: An American Hero’. He may not be the leading man in this film, but acting with names like these can only help his career. Plus being in a film portraying an important figure in history is a great thing to add to his resume.

It doesn’t matter if he’s in big films with big stars, he still manages to get noticed no matter how big his part is. He’s someone to keep an eye on.

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Jesse Williams
(Dr. Jackson Avery, Grey’s Anatomy)

Skye34 |

Skye34 |

Jesse Williams is sometimes forgotten about in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ with the original cast members like Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers and McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey. But he’s one of the sexy guys too and is a great addition to the cast.

He came in with the interns from Mercy West and it’s taken sometime for the rest of the doctors to respect him. Especially when his mother gave him the hospital. But he’s proved his worth and now we are waiting to see if April will pick him when ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ returns.

In 2012 Jesse was on the big screen in the comedy/horror, ‘The Cabin in the Woods’. This film wasn’t anything special, it had a lot of gore and laughs, but it was good for his budding film career. He had a pretty big role in the movie. His first film role was in 2008 in ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2’.

Then last year he starred in the Screen Actor’s Guild Award nominated film, ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’. He played alongside great actors like, Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey. He hasn’t even been around for that long, so he’s landing some great roles pretty quickly. Plus landing a role on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was amazing, since ABC has recently announced the show will be around for a while. So if he chooses to stay with show he’ll have a job, but clearly he can start doing more films as well.

When you are watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ don’t forget about this hot young guy because he could be a big star someday and you don’t want to miss it.

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Claire Holt
(Rebekah Mikaelson, The Originals)

doggieal1000 |

doggieal1000 |

Claire Holt seems to be one of the many Australian actors that are coming to the U.S. and finding success. For three years she starred on the Australian soap, ‘H2O: Just Add Water’, alongside her ‘The Originals’ castmate,  Phoebe Tonkin. Phoebe stayed on with the show till 2010 though.

Claire first appeared on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ in the fall of 2011 playing Rebekah Mikaelson, a vampire from the original family. According to ET she was only supposed to guest star on three episodes.

Claire said to ET: “It’s so crazy. I signed a three episode deal, packed my suitcase for 10 days and I’m still here.”

It was a combination of her talent and the writers that has kept her around and launched a spin-off based upon her vampire family. It takes a dedicated and talented person to be a reoccurring character on a show for two seasons and then get their own show after only signing a three episode deal.

Hopefully she can see much more success with ‘The Originals’. She could become a big TV star. She’s already done well for herself and her talent and determination can take her anywhere from here.

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Candice Accola
(Caroline Forbes, The Vampire Diaries)

ionnsy |

ionnsy |

Candice Accola plays your favorite vampire barbie on ‘The Vampire Diaries’, but before she snagged the role of Caroline, she was a very busy lady. She starred in a horror movie in 2008 that was featured in numerous film festivals. ‘Dead Girl’ was the official selection of the AFI Film Festival and was also featured at the Fantastic Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival and the Sitges Film Festival. She also played small parts from 2007 before she was cast on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ in 2009.

She even released an album in 2006, It’s Always the Innocent Ones, and you can buy the album on iTunes.

In 2012 Candice starred in a web series, ‘Dating Rules from My Future Self’. That year she also won the Teen Choice Award for Female Scene Stealer for her role on ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

If this lady hasn’t been busy enough, in September she was hired to narrate a young adult paranormal thriller book, ‘Unbreakable’.

The biggest thing she’s been cast in so far is ‘The Vampire Diaries’, but she’s been working hard since 2007 and all that work paid off when she started on ‘TVD’, a very fan fueled show.

I can’t wait to see this talented young lady in more amazing roles.

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Sam Palladio
(Gunnar Scott, Nashville and Stoke, Episodes)

ROBERT WISDOM, CHARLES ESTEN, CONNIE BRITTON, ERIC CLOSE, HAYDEN PANETTIERE, POWERS BOOTHE, SAM PALLADIO, CLARE BOWEN, JONATHAN JACKSONThis sexy English lad is currently starring in not just one, but two TV shows. Sam Palladio plays Gunnar on ABC’s hit show ‘Nashville’ and Stoke on the British/American show on Showtime and BBC, ‘Episodes’. That makes this guy very busy. When on earth did he have time to film ‘Runner, Runner’ with Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck?

Before he won his two TV show roles, he guest starred on British shows, ‘Doctors’, ‘Little Crackers’ and ‘The Hour’. In 2012 when he started playing Gunnar and Stoke, he also guest starred on more British TV shows: ‘Cardinal Burns’ and ‘Walking and Talking’.

His first role was only in 2010 with ‘Little Crackers’ and he’s managed to snag two roles on TV shows on major networks in that small amount of time. I guess when Sam puts his mind to something, he gets it done.

Lets not forget that this lad can also sing. Sam and Clare Bowen have such great chemistry singing together, but he also does pretty well on his own.

If acting doesn’t work out he could launch a singing career, but his acting career is in high gear at the moment. I’m sure more film roles will come too.

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Patrick John Flueger
(Officer Adam Ruzek, Chicago P.D)

chicago-pd-09You probably don’t know his name, you might recognize his face, and so you should. He’s been in a lot of things, even if they weren’t leading roles. He’s guest starred on many TV shows, starred in ‘4400’ from 2004-2007 on the USA network, starred in ‘Spin’ alongside Katie Cassidy, ‘Footloose’ with Julianne Hough and Andie MacDowell and ‘Brothers’ with Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire.

He’s been pretty busy and now he’s really starting to break through. He now stars on ‘Chicago P.D.’ and ratings so far are doing well. Plus he has two films that are scheduled to come out this year. He’s starring alongside Rose McGowan on an Edgar Allan Poe inspired film, ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’. He will also star in ‘San Patricios’ with Kris Kristofferson, Austin Nichols, and Beau Bridges.

His new series on NBC is just heating up, but keep an eye on the box office for his new films. All of his previous small roles are starting to produce some great roles that could really transform his career. I think this is just the beginning of a great career for Patrick.

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Hayden Panettiere
(Juliette Barnes, Nashville)

Schwepps_2010 |

Schwepps_2010 |

You know her very well, but you may not have paid to much attention to her until she became Juliette Barnes on ‘Nashville’. A lot of people are really starting to pay attention to Hayden Panettiere now. Two years in a row she has been nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as Juliette. This role is more grown up than the other roles she’s played. She’s played the teenager, now she’s an adult.

You probably know Hayden best for her role as Claire Bennet in ‘Heroes’. She was the high school cheerleader that could heal herself. But did you know that in 2002 she was in multiple episodes of ‘Ally McBeal’?

She’s graced the big screen a few times too. She’s starred in ‘Raising Helen’, ‘Ice Princess’, ‘I Love You Beth Cooper’ and ‘Scream 4’. She had pretty big roles in all of these films as well. All of these film were playing the teenager though, so maybe future film roles will show her talent as an adult, like ‘Nashville’ is doing.

Hayden plays a complex character on ‘Nashville’. Juliette grew up in a trailer park with a mother that was never there and died from a drug overdose. She now has a lot of money and a successful career until bad choices have threatened her dreams. Juliette is a more challenging role for her and she’s pulling it off well.

She’s seen good success so far and she’s showing she’s here to stay and she wants more challenging roles.

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Grey’s Anatomy Here to Stay, Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey Sign Two-Year Contracts

danaorianephoto |

danaorianephoto |

Grey’s Anatomy is in it’s tenth season and it looks like it will be one of the few shows to go beyond 10 seasons.

According to E News the ABC president, Paul Lee, announced at the Television Critics Association panel that Grey’s Anatomy will be on “for many years to come”.

Paul said at the panel: Shonda Rhimes “is one of the greatest writers that our generation has seen. She’s continuing to write an immensely powerful show. It makes you laugh and cry every week, and what season are we now?”

Sandra Oh, who plays Cristina Yang on show, announced at the beginning of the season that she will be leaving at the end of season 10. That has left fans wondering about the future of the show.

According to TV, Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey have signed two year contracts to continue with the show until at least season 12. Ellen plays Meredith Grey and Patrick plays Derek Shepard.

Grey’s Anatomy isn’t Patrick’s only job though, he also races with co-driver Andrew Davis and they plan on racing in all 13 events in the United SportsCar Championship, the Associated Press reported. They are in the fourth-tier GTD class

Patrick said to AP: “Grey’s’ does a remarkable job scheduling around these races now, and I wouldn’t be able to do it without them. The fact that they continue to let me race is remarkable in itself, so I am grateful for that and grateful to have employment that is known around the world. It gives me a platform to come and do this type of thing, and it helps the sponsors.”

Apparently he has been racing for almost 10 years now and he finished in third place at the Circuit of The Americas and second-place at Laguna Seca and Petit at Le Mans this past season.

Ellen, Patrick, Sandra, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr. all signed two year contracts during season eight, but it is unclear how long Justin, Chandra and James plan on sticking around.

Patrick said to TV Guide: “I think it’s been very clear from ABC and also Shonda that she’ll continue on with the show. You look at ER and it went on for 15 years and a lot of the original cast was gone from there. Because [our show is] such a procedural, I think it will continue to go on.”

Bones Season 9 Episode 14

bonesThis season we have seen Brennan plead with Booth to trust her on a suspect when Booth doesn’t think she’s right. Brennan has been right and this week Sweets had to do the same thing.

Booth did not think the young man was the killer. He had an alibi for the time the second power surge happened. Plus Booth didn’t think that Sweets could figure out who the killer was through a game of chess. But Sweets was right.

This was a very interesting case. For the most part if was just a run of the mill case, but the way Sweets solved the case made it interesting. He played numerous chess players, and while he was doing that he was learning about each and everyone of them.

They still work very much as a team, but this season other people besides Booth, have been going on more than just the evidence to solve a case. They have been doing this a long time now, so sometimes I guess they don’t need all the evidence.

Brennan had a shock when a Science award was going to be awarded to Cam instead of her.

I never liked Cam when she first came onto the show, mainly because she was with Booth and I wanted Brennan with Booth. But over the years I have really come to like her. It’s nice to have someone more like Angela on the show as well. Of course Cam did join the show in season two, so it feels like she’s always been here.

Cam was very sweet to suggest the magazine honor all three of them. Angela really does need to get recognized for her great work. I don’t know what they would do without her.

Cam trying to get them all honored kind of backfired though. The magazine is now honoring 12 scientist and putting them in a calendar. Lots of businesses do it to help generate money and money is tight at the moment. So I guess in all it’s not so bad. They get to be honored and help raise money for a Science magazine. I still think the three of them should have been honored together. I don’t think there are better teams than the Jeffersonian out there.

Check out the preview for next week, Booth feels uncomfortable with how much more money Brennan is making than him:

TVD: Family Reunion on the 100th Episode

images (2)Everybody we loved and lost was packed into this episode. Some had better cameos than others.

My favorite was Klaus and Caroline sleeping together and Caroline finally admitting her feelings. No wonder she protests Elena and Damon’s relationship so much, she’s protesting her own feelings for Klaus.

Too bad these two are on different shows, I would have liked to have seen them together.

How is she going to deal with sleeping with Klaus? She said she wanted to have scandalous sex and now she has.

Tyler even came back and he had such good timing, right after Caroline and Klaus hooked up. What will Tyler think if he ever finds out?

We also got to see Rebekah for a tiny scene, saving Matt. And Vicki needs to be quiet, Matt makes Rebekah feel like a human, something she’s longed for.

It was sad that only Bonnie and Jeremy could see the ghosts. Especially when Alaric was there. Damon would probably give anything to see his buddy again.

When I watched the preview for this episode, when they were all going around saying the horrible things that Katherine has done to them, Caroline said “she did kill me” and my first thought was, but I like her better as a vampire. She went on to say, oddly for the better. It was just classic.

Just as I was feeling bad for Katherine she went and did something that reminds us why we hate her, she goes and steels Elena’s body. Elena even forgave her. For a brief moment I thought she was actually going to die, but this is one character the writers don’t want to die off too quickly.

Just as Elena and Damon were going to fight for each other, Elena is trapped with Katherine taking over her body. How long will it take Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Matt, Jeremy or Bonnie to figure out that it’s not Elena?

Check out the preview for next week, Nadia is going to have a spell done to get rid of Elena forever: